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Boy Scout Mothers

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 01

by mangrove jack©

I was eighteen my life was full of football and surfing. I had little interest in girls, other than getting horny when looking at some hot chick .I did a bit of wanking and read the required Penthouse etc but birds were not my bag.

Mum was part of a group of women whose men worked at the building game, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and so on. We lived at a booming coastal resort where the men could work day and night, as there was so much work around.

Many young bored wives were left to their own devices. Their husbands demanded that their sons be men and left it to the wives to arrange that their kids learnt male skills.

The wives decided the boy scouts with its camping and outdoor activities were the way to go. They combined to have a local scouts group formed.

Twenty young wives met regularly at our place. That was how I got dragged in to their schemes.

My mum was the oldest of the group; my younger brother was in one of the packs.

She asked if I would help out with their cake and cookie drive.

I was bored shitless so I said “ok”.

My first job was to help in the kitchen, washing up, packing boxes and helping with deliveries. Baking was done at various houses many of the kitchens were luxurious; many homes had housekeepers or maids. Busy husbands met their wives every whim with free spending wallets.

Maryanne one of the young mums had a small kitchen and always asked mum if I. could help her. She was fit and fabulous, her skirts were always short displaying to perfection a pert butt and muscle toned legs, her small bust was always on show in a range of close fitting low cut blouses and tops. Her clothes were top of the range her make up impeccable she was as they say trim taut and terrific, but she was bored and showed it...

Her next door neighbour Angelique was a 40 year old woman of Greek extraction. She dressed in long black dresses like many of the old families.

As the three of us worked in Maryanne’s small kitchen we brushed up against each other, and joked together.

Angelique was very warm and friendly and always met me with a hug and a kiss. Maryanne would kiss me on the cheek. Angelique would wrap her arms around me and kiss me on the lips.

Angelique had a great pair of extra large tits, with large nipples. When she hugged me each time I arrived or left they pushed against my chest, arousing my prick from its sleepy state.

I started to spend my nights playing with myself whilst thinking of Angelique. Standing next to her I used to rub my leg on hers and take every opportunity to touch her ample arse.

One morning when she kissed me on arrival, I placed my hands firmly on the ample cheeks of her arse and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She held me tight. The kiss lasted much longer than normal before she pushed me away.

Maryanne looked hard at me as Angelique and I broke away.

I turned and grabbed Maryanne and hugged her to me kissing her firmly on the lips. I thought she would object as we had previously only pecked each other on the cheek.

She didn’t struggle so I slipped my tongue in her mouth and she pulled quickly away with a grin saying “naughty boy”.

That morning in the kitchen was real fun as I flirted with both Maryanne and Angelique, rubbing, touching, and patting at every opportunity. I now knew what I wanted to do …. I wanted to fuck….but I didn’t know how to start.

My frustration grew over the next few days as I became more and more horny with less and less opportunities to try my plans.

At the regular meeting at our house when I looked around the room I realised there were some real spunky ladies in the group. The most magnificent, Jackie had won state and national beauty titles. She had a body only an erotic artist could picture.

Jackie wore a very short mini skirt and a tank top that made her tits and nipples stand out. This morning as I limped in from the kitchen and passed her a coffee she winked at me and ran her tongue over her lips. I was immediately erect and she noticed.

Later I was out on the patio when she left the meeting and joined me “Angelique tells me you have been getting fresh kissing and feeling her up, she says you are a horny young stud.”

“I have been watching you! You’ve been looking down my top and perving on my legs all morning”

I started to speak but she cut me off

“Let’s see what you are made of.”

With that she grabbed me and kissed me. It was a kiss like I had never had before… her tongue attacked my mouth …her hands grabbed my butt and pulled me against her. My prick quickly stood to attention… she rubbed her hand over it and pulled away

“My god you’re well hung”, “I think with a bit of training you could make my day”...

“No wonder Maryanne is jealous of you”. She whispered.

“Jealous” I asked.

“Yes! She thinks you’re wonderful”

“She has been watching you and Angelique”, she added

The meeting was breaking up. We parted but not before she rubbed my bulge again and said “I am going to see more of that”.

Next morning when I got to Maryanne’s house she was out and only Angelique and I were there.

Angelique met me with a kiss as usual ….As we kissed I moved one hand to her butt and the other to her breast …she started to pull away but I held her close and kept kissing and stroking pushing my raging prick hard against her body whilst easing her legs open with my knee…..she relaxed in my arms and kissed me back.

‘Talk to me” she said, “don’t just grab me like a whore …Don’t treat me like a sex object”

“Admire me, flatter me, love me, all women love to be loved and admired” …

I took her hand and moved it down between us until she was rubbing my bulge….she kissed me rubbing her body against me then pulled away

“Be careful. Someone might see us”.

She had said talk to me. I didn’t know what to say. So I said,

“I love your tits”.

She laughed and said “that’s a start, but you have to sound as though you mean it”.

“I would love them more if I could get my hands on them” I went on.

“Your lips would be better’ she said quietly

I pulled her roughly back and kissed her, pushing my tongue in her mouth and my leg hard up against her pussy… She grabbed me by the back of my head and returned the kiss vigorously.

“Make me feel I am wanted” she moaned.

Just then a car door slammed and we pulled apart before Maryanne entered the room. I was in Heaven, Angelique was going to be mine, Maryanne was jealous. Jackie was going to see more of my prick.

I made up my mind to take Angelique’s advice and tell each of them how wonderful they made me feel.

Mid morning Angelique was called home leaving Maryanne at the sink.

I moved over to help .As I did she turned around and said “wipe the lipstick off your face... I had to do something. I didn’t know what to do or say.

Without thinking I grabbed her and pulled she to me squashing her breasts against my chest…My mouth found hers. Without thinking of the possible consequences I ran my hand up under her skirt between her legs… I kissed her hard my tongue stabbing roughly in her mouth.

She struggled and hit out with one hand, pushing and hitting my arm and chest …”Stop it Stop it.”

I took no notice cupping her breast and pinching the nipple with one hand and fondling her butt and legs with the other.

“Oh shit she cried we mustn’t its wrong”

I held her tight as she struggled, kissing her as my hand ran up to the mound in her panties. My hand was now rubbing against her clit through her panties; my tongue was slipping in and out of her mouth whilst I flicked my fingers against her nipple.

Gradually I could feel her relax. Her legs parted slightly. Slowly she started to kiss me back... Her tongue slipped between my lips, then her mouth opened to suck my tongue deeper into her throat

“I want to fuck you” I growled.

I moved my hand to the top of her panties and pushed them down; she grabbed my hand to stop me. Then she changed her mind and moved her legs to allow them to drop. I felt her kick them away. ..

Having never got this far before my hand wandered aimlessly for a moment over her lush bush …but she was very moist and my finger found its wet mark, I heaved a sigh as my finger entered her.

She shuddered and trembled at my touch.

“No! No! We mustn’t! I’m married, I can’t not here” Maryanne cried.

She struggled to push me away, but my blood was up, I was like another being, her cries spurred me on. I worked one finger then two inside her.

“Ohm… No! No! No!” she cried,

And then with my two fingers buried in her my thumb hit a small hard lump at the top of her pussy.

I flicked my thumb up and down.

I felt the walls of her pussy tremble and her body relax.

Her tongue started to work harder in my mouth and her fingers dug into my back.

“All right you young bastard” she said, “fuck me”, her body opened to me, “come on fuck me now!”

She backed up onto the kitchen table Threw her legs wide, wrapping them around my back, her hands struggling with my belt and trousers. They slipped to the floor still around my ankles.

“Come on give it to me, fuck me” she moaned as she bit me on the lip...

Her hands found me …feeding me into her warm wet wonderful hole. I felt myself sink into what I now know to be a most wondrous warm silky place...

I could feel her soften and relax … but my urge was not to be denied. I had never done this before. I wanted to fuck and bugger the niceties. My animal instinct took charge

I thrust and thrust… In, Out, up, down,

Grunting and groaning as I experienced for the first time the magic of fucking a hot and sexy woman.

Her thighs held me .I felt my cum rising I tried to hold back.

She was crying my name, her head back on the table, her mouth open.

I came and came, as my knees went weak. My legs grew tired but on an on I thrust.

Today I know that when you are young your sexual stamina makes one wonder why it’s wasted on the very young, for without stopping, I rose again hard and stiff.

My prick continued to batter her. Her body jolted against the table I was nipping her lips and neck and pinching her nipples through her blouse.

Yes her blouse was still on it was bunched up in a tight roll ….I had been too busy to even try to remove it.

I didn’t know whether she came or not as I continued to empty my sperm into her hot moist hole. Slowly I collapsed on top of her she lay still with my mouth glued to hers.

We lay quiet for a while and then a torrent of words…

“We shouldn’t have done this” she said with a sigh

“It’s wrong! “We must not tell anybody”…..

As I started to panic she went on speaking softly now

“Don’t worry I am on the pill”

“My god you were marvellous. … I had forgotten what it was to have someone be so anxious to fuck me ….It was like being raped... ….. I know its wrong… but deep down I wanted to ….. I thought you were only interested in Angelique.”

At the mention of Angelique, we both realised that she could return at any minute and quickly broke apart. As she bent to pick up her panties I studied openly for the first time her pussy and arse.

I pulled her to me kissing her and running my hands over her butt, slipping my finger between the cheeks and pushing lightly on her rosebud she shivered and took my face in her hands drawing my head down to her breasts.

I tried to open her blouse.

My actions provoked a flow of words

“No!!” she cried, “we must talk” “I love my husband I don’t want to hurt him”

“What we have done is wrong! Wrong!” Then she seemed to change

“We must be careful”.” No one must know” She cried as she stroked my face and lips.”

I moved to kiss her neck, she pushed me away. She was worried and panicky.

“What we have done is wrong! Wrong!”

I started to protest. She placed her hands on my lips saying “shush” “we must keep this secret” “you can not tell any one, if you do we will be in big trouble” promise me that…

Angelique cut off all further conversation by calling from the back yard that she was back... We quickly straightened ourselves up before she came into the kitchen. As we worked I couldn’t help but look at the kitchen table that had been the scene of my first sexual adventure still dazed at what had happened.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 02

by mangrove jack©

The cookie drive was drawing towards the weekend delivery time. All orders around the nearby suburb were to be delivered by car with a helper to take the cookies to the door.

The ladies met again. Mum told me that Jackie had asked for me to be her helper. Sunday morning Jackie picked me up in her Mercedes coupe. We drove to Maryanne’s where we were to pick up the cookies. Maryanne and Jackie talked together in the kitchen whilst I loaded the cookies; Angelique was nowhere to be seen.

Jackie had told me she wanted to see more of my prick but I was too timid to start anything. We delivered cookies and chatted .Her mini skirt rode high up her legs as she drove but she was talking and acting prim and proper.

I wanted to lean over and kiss her legs but was too scared for fear she would say no or worse still I would lose any chance to fuck her.

As the morning wore on her skirt rode higher and what looked like a “g” string panty was on show each time I returned to the car.

I licked my lips and stared, she grinned opening her legs wide. She lolled back running the tip of her tongue around the edge of her lips, teasing me

When I came out of our last delivery the top of the coupe was down, she was just ending a mobile phone call. She was visibly angry talking to herself

“That fucking bastard I’ve had enough of him and his bullshit” as she spoke she stared hard at the lump in my pants.

“I’m going to drop by a bar and get some gin, you wait outside”, she barked,

“You’re underage”.

She went in the bar and stayed for quite a while then came out, talking to two foxy ladies, and pointing to me she called with a slur in her voice,

“Its time I took him home.”

At her home we drove into her garage and the automatic doors closed as we got out of her coupe.

I had to walk around the bonnet to get to the door that entered the house from the garage.

Jackie stepped in front of me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me vigorously.

She smelt heavily of liquor. I returned the kiss with my tongue, wrapping my hands around her butt. We settled into an enthusiastic session of kissing and touching. My prick grew rock hard.

Jackie broke away and peeled off her shirt, freeing up the most magnificent set of tits I had ever seen. Later I recalled that they were the only set of tits I had really seen. Through later studies I can still say they were magnificent. They were suntanned firm and fully packed, with nipples that stood out like golf tees, not a blemish or crease marred their perfection.

“Come here “she said as she pulled my head down onto her breasts.

“Suck baby, my tits need loving”

I didn’t need any urging. I took a nipple in my mouth and the other in my fingers and bit down on the nipple.

Jackie squealed and called me a rough bastard. Grabbing my hair, pulling me off. She cried “go steady or I will bite your prick off you rough bastard”.

She held my head tight in her hands looked me straight in the eye and said “My boobs need loving…… be gentle”.

I started to suck those perfect tits, using my tongue to roll the large nipples in my mouth. Jackie responded by undoing my jeans and pushing them down along with my jocks until I was spread across the sloping bonnet of her coupe, my prick erect like a car mascot.

She peeled off her mini slipped that g string down around her legs and tried to mount me, but the bonnet was too low the slope meant that I was sliding towards the floor

As she straightened to try again and I slid further, I found my face buried in her cunt.

Jackie said “lick it”. I did as I was told. Licking from bottom to top using my tongue like I would love to use my prick. Then I lapped her cunt juices, licking along her cunt lips, rolling my tongue around her protruding hard slick clit.

“Oh fuck! I love it when a big tongue’s in my cunt” she sighed.

She held my head in her hands and guided me and my tongue where she wanted it

“Come on Lick there”.

“Use that Tongue”.

“Suck my clit…. Suck…fuck you suck”.

She was holding my head roughly, pushing her cunt into my face until I could hardly breathe, she cried out

“Stick your tongue right in…do it now ... now”,

Then she moaned. I felt her body jerk as she came.

Her legs closed on my ears.

“Don’t be so rough,” she whispered “suck my clit gently between your teeth”.

I could not help notice the change, one moment she was demanding and ordering next she was pleading for me to be gentle.

I responded enthusiastically to her instructions.

She bucked. ”Oh shit, that’s good, keep it there”.

“My god I’ve forgotten how good this can be” she cried as she pushed her cunt into my face.

I could feel her growing excitement, tremors rippled through her body.

Her juices flowed and her cunt contracted on my tongue and nose. I couldn’t control myself. I pulled her cunt hairs and lips apart and bit and licked the folds and lips. She bucked and moaned swearing at me, but demanding more.

Jackie wanted to fuck and the bonnet didn’t suit our purpose. She grabbed me by my prick and led me around to the driver’s door. She leant over the door to get something from inside; as she did her cunt was displayed right in front of my rock hard dick.

I drove forward and after some fumbling impaled her.

She squealed and bucked for this wasn’t what she had planned. But I was in and driving, the more I pumped the further her head settled on the seat. Every time I drove into her, her stomach was flattened against the top of the door and wind was pushed from her lungs with a whoosh. She threw her head back and groaned as she struggled to get up.

As her arse and cunt tipped up to me, I put my arms around her thighs pulling her on to me and drove hard .One of my fingers found her clit and I started to massage it , “fucking hell”, she screamed .

I told her she was like a mare in heat and I was the stallion pawing over her arse. I lent forward and bit her hard on the back of the neck as I had seen the stallions do at the local stud.

She reared back forcing me in to the hilt I rolled a magnificent nipple in my hand as Jackie came in torrents. A trail of cum trickled down my leg. I felt my blood rising and emptied myself in her.

At eighteen recuperation is quick. I was able to keep on and on, my stomach was slapping against her butt. She was being pushed further and further over the car door until her feet left the ground and her face was pushed down into the seat.

Jackie eventually seemed to swoon away .She went very quiet. I became worried and slipped out of her turning her over. I wiped her brow, cradling her in my arms.

Her eyes fluttered open,

“My god!!!

What a fuck!!

That was awesome!!

“The best…..I really felt like a mare in the hands of a rampaging stallion”

She smothered my face with kisses. I pulled away to get a good look at her body. Only the slash of pink of her open cunt, shiny with cum, marred the perfection of a body that was daily oiled exercised and pampered.

I marvelled at my first real look at a woman’s body when aroused.

I vowed to always spend a minute to enjoy the sheen and aura that a woman’s body displays after love making.

I ran my hands over her, hardly believing what had happened….. This was a body from playboy perfect in every way. How did I get so lucky?

Jackie proceeded to tell me that the phone call was from her husband who had promised to come to the party tonight. He had called to say he was busy.

“I will give him fucking busy” she said,

“In future he only gets me if you are not available, you better be available” she added.

“He is the richest bastard in the state, he married me when I won the state surf girl title for my body and now neglects me for that underage stuff”.

“I married the stuck up bastard for his money. From now on you can have for free what he has paid for”….

Suddenly the flow of words stopped. She licked her lips ran her hands over my body and said

“Come her you horny young bastard you can suck me while I lick that great dick clean”

A couple of hours later tired and very relaxed we headed off to the mums end of cookie sale party.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 03

by mangrove jack©

The party to celebrate the success of the cookie and cake drive was held at my mum’s home. The twenty mothers were there. Only three men turned up. The formalities were over early with an announcement of a substantial sum raised.

A local supermarket had agreed to take regular supplies of fresh cookies and sell them on their behalf. The wives gathered around congratulating each other.

Maryanne gave me a small gift on behalf of the “cookie wives” and kissed me. “You are the only man who has helped” All the others followed her lead. I was smothered in kisses.

At the end of the presentation the three men quickly made excuses and left. I retired to the kitchen making coffee and bringing out drinks from the bar.

Shortly after the men left a tall strikingly beautiful big boobed brunette, named Darlene started blasting the husbands for not even turning up to enjoy their wives success. It grew into a general bitching session about husbands and their neglect.

Many spoke of the lack of affection and sex.

Most reported that when their husbands came home from work, they were so tired that all they wanted to do was eat and sleep.

On a few occasions one or two mentioned how nice it was to have me around .It was agreed that if their husbands didn’t do it, I could do the pick up from their homes and the delivery of cookies to the supermarket

With my newly acquired interest in sex, the number of ladies bitching about their sex life, or lack of it kept me entertained and of course informed. I knew two of the husbands Darlene’s and Jennifer’s through their drunken performances with the cheer squad at our football games.

I thought both were shits. The others were unknown to me.

The party broke up and a few stayed behind to clean up. I headed up to my room. An hour or so later all had gone quiet. I strolled down in my shorts to get a cup of hot chocolate. Mum was sitting talking to Darlene and Jennifer so I told them what I was up to and headed into the kitchen.

A few minutes later tall sleek Jennifer joined me saying “they don’t need me”. I’ll make myself a coffee”.

Jennifer went over to the bench and bent down to get some coffee , she asked where were the new coffee grains , taking me by surprise because I had been studying her long legs and tight arse as she bent in front of me .

I went over and knelt beside her to look, without thinking I put my hand on her butt to steady myself. She immediately placed her hand over mine holding it there and looked around at me .I leant towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She sighed and leant against me saying I was “cheeky.”

“You’re beautiful you have very very sexy legs”. I replied

As we stood up I pulled her towards me and tried to kiss her on the lips. She pulled away pointing to the room where Mum and Darlene were sitting ……My heart skipped a beat.

I led her to a stool and sat her down whispering

“Show me those, wonderful long sexy legs”.

She blushed saying “stop it they’re nothing special”.

“They are very special’ I said as I tried to run my hands up her thighs under her skirt.

She quickly brushed my hands away…….

“I want to see all of them, every inch, I want to kiss them all over” I said.

I leant forward and kissed her on the lips. She did not kiss me, but this time she did not pull away,

I kept talking, as I ran my hands up towards her thighs

“You are very beautiful” …

” I am going to call you “legs” in future because I have never seen “a more magnificent pair of long sexy legs.”

“Do you really think so” she asked, stretching them out for me to see.

“They are the greatest”, I replied. “What I have seen of them drives me crazy”

“If they have a beautiful legs competition this summer down at the beach I will nominate you”

All the while I had been peppering her mouth eyes and neck with tiny kisses caressing and stroking her legs and her pert little butt.

Gradually she opened her mouth to admit my tongue.

“Show me those luscious legs” I asked again,

“Lift up your skirt so I can see all of them.” “Let me kiss you there”.

“No,” she moaned, as I kissed and caressed her mouth ….. My hands were busy, my prick felt as though it would burst. I moved my hips in a slow fucking motion, pushing and rubbing against Jennifer, I kissed and crooned, how lovely she was and how I wanted her.

Much later, she suddenly stepped back placing her finger to her lips, to hush me, and stepped out to swirl her skirt around …

“Do you really think me beautiful?”

“My husband used to think so but he never tells me anymore.”

I told her in words, in actions and by the lust in my eyes…. what she wanted to know…. that she was wanted needed and loved

She was beautiful, so vulnerable, and so timid …

I wanted her bad. I wanted those long legs wrapped around me.

“Show me those legs” I whispered licking my lips, pointing my tongue out at her suggestively ……..

With both hands she slowly raised her skirt a few inches, stopped and smiled shyly at me ………

“More! More!” I urged. She blushed and laughed, but the skirt slowly rose higher. …….

Her eyes concentrated on my face. I let her know with my eyes and mouth how excited I was... I urged her to lift the skirt higher. …..Finally I could see a dark patch through the sheer white panties. As I looked closer a moist patch appeared. She was wet.

“Take off your panties”

“Oh! No! ” she cried

“Oh …yes” I replied

Her face was flushed ….she was very excited and started to talk anxiously “I have never done anything like this! We could get caught! Your mother!” She stopped when I went down on my knees covering her ankles and lower legs with kisses continuing to run my hands higher and higher up and up her horny legs ….

“You’re very nice” she whispered.

I protested.

She went on, “really you are!! “You are making me feel so special.

No one has ever made such a fuss of my legs before”

“They are truly magnificent” “I want to kiss them all over” I said holding her skirt up

She sighed looked deep in my eyes... Stood and slowly, very slowly, edged her panties down and stepped out of them …

I picked them up, put them in my pocket

Not wanting any interruption, I called to mum asking did she want anything…. when I heard no answer… I looked and found they had gone out on to the front patio.

When I returned Jennifer still blushing had sat back on the stool and dropped her skirt. I went over and knelt in from of her raising her skirt and pushed on her knees to open her legs…

“I am going to eat you”. “Then I am going to fuck you”


She blushed“ Ohh nooo, we can’t” she moaned, dropping her eyes as her tongue ran over her lips.

I pushed her knees apart, lifting her legs over my shoulders and leant forward to lick her cunt lips….. She moaned and grabbed my hair ….her position balanced on the stool allowed me to force my tongue in to her warm wet hole.

My fingers gripped her butt.

I rubbed my nose against her hard little nub.

I fucked her with my tongue. My tongue roamed everywhere.

Her body perfume filled my nostrils.

My prick was struggling to escape my pants

Her legs tightened around my ears.

Her juices were flowing… she was making little mewing sounds and whispering “be careful”

Gradually Jennifer relaxed and laid back, allowing me to kiss and suck at will.

Inserting my finger I ran it slowly in and out, in and out, in and out….

“Oh that’s beautiful, beautiful”, she whispered

She started to have little shuddering orgasms I could see little jolts shaking her lower body, her eyes glazed as her head jolted up as she came.

“Uh!! uh uh!! .oh yes! Oh my!! ohhh” she moaned, now fully aroused.

Her juices filled my mouth and trickled down my throat ….

I was in heaven again… I leant her back further against the bar. Her brown rosebud was displayed for my enjoyment

I moved my finger around its outside and drew it back and forth between her two holes, then pushed hard as my finger entered her arse ….

She bucked and whimpered

“Careful darling don’t hurt me”

I withdrew my finger raised my face to hers and whispered “ I will never hurt ypu.

Then I slowly replaced my finger in her moist pussy, kneeling quickly to have my tongue join that finger in caressing her pussy.

.As my finger found its mark I continued to lick her clit…I ran my tongue around in little circles .I used my tongue to lap her cunt, as a cat would lap milk

She had her tongue in my ear and was whispering “I love you … I love you”

“No one had been so sweet to me in years” Jennifer moaned, as I rolled my finger in and out of her cunt.

“Please! Oh please! Please! Love me!!! I want you in me”

“Love me” she cried “I can’t wait”!!!!

“Tell me you want me to fuck you” I demanded “Yes! Oh!!!! Yes!!!! Fuck me, fuck me,” she replied quickly

I moved to remove my shorts when we heard noises in the next room... she quickly dropped her skirt and I made for the bathroom to button up, on my return she asked,

“Where are my panties”?”

“I am keeping them until we make love”… she smiled, blushed and said
“I’d like that.”

Hearing more noises we went in to join Mum and Darlene.

It was hard to concentrate knowing Jennifer was sitting over there wearing no pants, with a pussy full of cum. My cock was rampant in my shorts and hard to hide. I saw Jennifer looking and blushing.

Darlene caught her eyes, looked over catching me straightening my shorts smiled and gave me a wink.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 04

by mangrove jack©

Mum told me the next morning that the ladies would give me a mobile phone so they could contact me to deliver cookies to the supermarket. Jackie had said that her husband had an old truck I could use when they needed it.

Within minutes of being given the mobile phone Jackie rang to ask me to come over and inspect the old truck. “Ron, my husband wants to talk to you and he will wait here for you.”

He wanted to talk to me … My mind rushed into a panic … ..Had she told him? Did he know? Were we seen? I jumped on my bike and hurried over.

Ron was at the door of their magnificent mansion. He mumbled hello, grabbed me by the arm saying “come around the back”...

Jackie appeared. She was dressed in a plain black tight fitting business suit that displayed her magnificent body to perfection.

Ron was used to ordering people to do what he wanted. He smiled at me and said “I hear you have been looking after the ladies.

Christ; I thought he knows everything, but he went on to say “I really don’t have time for all this Boy Scout bullshit, so you’re a godsend” “I have talked to Jennifer’s husband and a couple of others and we all agree you are what we need.”

“Jackie says you need transport, you can’t carry cookies on that bike” .He went on. “She suggested the old pickup but that’s not for you. You can use the jeep”... “I don’t get a chance to use it much these days”.

“I’ll get all the husbands who work with me to throw in a few bucks so you won’t need a job while you are still at college….. Your job will be to keep our wives off our back, keep them happy and busy.

I agreed readily.

“Good boy” he said patronisingly as he shook me by the hand “look after Jackie for me”. “See she gets what she wants”.

He hopped into a top of the range Mercedes sports and drove off.

Jackie looked at me and said “not even a peck on the cheek for me”. “I’ll bet that fucking bimbo secretary gets some at work”.

She grabbed me by the arm and led me into the house dragging me up to the top floor, into a magnificent bedroom with a large round bed, in the middle of a plush mohair carpet.

“He said your job is to look after Jackie, come here lover; and let’s launch your job right here and now on the bastard’s special bed.”

She threw herself down on the bed pulled her skirt up, raised her knees spread her legs and Said in a sultry voice “look after Jackie.

For the first time, I realised she had not worn anything under her suit. My prick jammed tight in my trousers. I stared at her neatly trimmed cunt. She stared right into my eyes, licked her fingers and placed them on her cunt. She started to rub around in circles, her finger disappearing into her cunt then reappearing to continue to run circles, round and round. As I watched she quickly brought herself to a shuddering orgasm.

With her beautiful legs lewdly splayed apart, her knees bent, her moans ringing in my ears, my eighteen year old prick couldn’t stand it any more… it erupted like a volcano. The only trouble it was still in my pants.

Jackie burst out laughing and jumped up to undo and drag my gear off, my spunk was still oozing. She pushed me on to the end of the bed. She took my still oozing dick in her mouth. She ran her tongue around its head, and sucked it deep into her throat

Speaking with her mouth full, she said “Don’t waste this I want every bit you can give me”.

After what seemed like an eternity she looked up and smiled, “I’m leaking too; you had better learn what a sixty niner is right now.”

She positioned me in the centre of the bed and then moved so her magnificent body was over me and her mouth was massaging my cock

“Suck! Baby… just suck!” She moaned, as her cunt lowered on my mouth. She was very moist in fact very wet and I loved it. Her cunt`s aroma filled my nostrils.

I grabbed a hold of the cheeks of her butt and pulled her down with my nose in her arse. My tongue and fingers entered her cunt.

I was in heaven again

I don’t know how long we sucked and played with each other. I explored her cunt with my fingers, my nose, my tongue, my lips and my teeth, I studied it and licked its lips .I poked it, pinched it, played with it,

It was a new toy. I had never had an opportunity to spend so much time so close to a woman’s cunt I was mesmerised. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Just to look along between our bodies and see my prick rampant again moving in and out of her mouth was enough to set me alight and start my tongue working in her magnificent cunt.

At first she felt tight and did not seem to relax… but as I kept licking sucking and fingering her soft delicious cunt she melted. She started to make small mewing sounds, crying my name, her legs settled back, her nipples stuck out and her breasts shone with sweat.

.I kept going. She weakly tried to push me away, but I loved it and locked her clit in my teeth. I inserted first one finger, then two, then three, and moved them like I was scratching in circles.

My body was covered in sweat; the bed clothes were wet and sticky. We had tugged our remaining clothes off and our bodies stuck to each other from the exertion of our love making.

My prick was soft, my balls dry, my mouth and lips sore, I could faintly remember many roaring pricks and an equal or more number of flabby ones throughout the day as I explored her magnificent body.

I pulled her down to the end of the bed. Pushed her legs wide in the air inserting my fingers one, two, finally my thumb was half in ….. As I turned my hand to try to insert another finger it pushed against her rosebud. I pushed up in her arse. I started frigging her with two fingers in her cunt and another in her arse telling her she was fucking beautiful and I loved her.

All of a sudden she started to cum again and again…. it flowed like water the bed was wet… it wasn’t just cum, a puddle of urine sweat and cum grew and spread. She had lost control. She moaned and cried and turned around to pinch my nipples hard, causing me to jump and squirm. My blood rose but my prick went soft.

Finally she fell back on the bed moaning my name. “I ‘m fucked” “my god I have never met anyone like you.You’re a young fucking machine”. “Look at the time”. “We have been here for hours!” “Every bit of me is fucked. I don’t think I can stand up”…

I told her she was raving on … but as I tried to get off the bed I slipped and fell on the floor. She roared with laughter and rolled off the bed on top of me. We giggled and played with each other, talking of what we had done to each other and what we would do to each other.

Jackie said “that arsehole of a husband of mine doesn’t kiss cunts.” “I love your cunt it’s beautiful I could kiss it all night” I responded

Imitating her husband’s voice she said “no decent man would do that.”

We must have drifted off to sleep for it was late in the afternoon when I awoke with my fingers in her cunt and a nipple in my mouth. We were both still naked on their bedroom floor. I looked down at her perfectly formed, beautifully darkly tanned body, and wondered what an eighteen year old boy had done to deserve this.

I rode home on my bike grinning as I remembered the wild an uninhibited Jackie and the promise of more days and nights in her exotic company. I struggled to keep my bike on an even keel. I finally knew what they meant when someone said they were rooted.

I could hardly make it home.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 05

by mangrove jack©

At home there were two messages on my message bank from Darlene and messages from Jennifer and Maryanne.

I told mum I had been working on the jeep and took off to my room.

As I lay on the bed the phone rang, “I love you “a voice whispered. It was Jennifer, beautiful long legged Jennifer.

“You are beautiful” I responded…

She whispered “he’s home but I couldn’t go to sleep from thinking of you”, “will I see you tomorrow”….. Then before I could answer she quickly said goodbye and rang off in a hurry.

I lay on the bed and took stock .In the matter of a few days my life had changed dramatically.

I had just spent all day in bed with a raunchy beauty queen

I had fucked mums best friend Maryanne.

Jennifer loved me

Angelique could be mine for the taking.

Darlene was ringing looking for me.

Best of all those well off husbands were going to employ me in a part time job, which would force me to spend a lot of time with their wives.

It took a day to set up the plans for different homes to prepare the cookies. I suspected that in most cases the housekeeper would do the cooking

I arranged to call on each of the wives to set up my roster for pickup and deliveries.

Maryanne was my fist port of call.

I knocked. When there was no answer I went around the back to the kitchen. To get to the kitchen I passed the garage where I could see someone under a truck cursing and swearing.

Maryanne opened the door whispering “He’s in the garage”

“Yes I know” I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her. She kissed me back pushing me away at the same time. “Get out of here you horny devil we can’t, not now, it’s to dangerous we’ll get caught”

I knew she was right, but I kissed her again and again, before she finally forced me out of the door.

I walked out saying “good day” to her husband before heading back home horny and frustrated.

At home Darlene had called and left more messages on the machine. It was mid morning as I set off for her house.

The maid met me and showed me to an office sitting room. A few minutes later Darlene flowed in. Flowed is the only word I can use to describe her entry.

She was dressed in a long white low cut form fitting outfit, that fitted her like a glove, her long jet black hair was piled high on her head, her make up was perfect, she was a picture.

Her large breasts were dramatically outlined by the cut of her outfit. My prick jumped to attention.

Her deep red lipstick glistened and shone as she licked her lips and the tip of her tongue poked through. This was one real spunky lady.

“Hello daaarling! Even the way she welcomed me made my prick harder. She moved to greet me with a kiss.

Trying to behave I pursed my lips for a chaste kiss. As our lips met the tiny tip of her tongue slipped between my lips, I opened my mouth and a vigorous snake like tongue followed.

I wrapped my arms around her and responded with all the skill and vigour I could muster.

One of her hands was running through my hair the other drifted down on to my butt and ran up and down the crack of my arse through my slacks.

I followed her lead and ran my fingers over her butt and pushed a finger cloth and all into her arse, my other hand grabbed a magnificent boob.

She grunted, moaned and sighed. Breaking away she took my hand and headed for the settee.

As she walked in front of me I pulled my hand from hers and brought both hands up to her breasts pulling her back against me. I buried my mouth in her neck and my rampant prick tried to bury in her arse.

I reached for her zipper pulling it down and pushed the straps from her shoulders. A wiggle disposed of any obstruction as the dress slipped to the floor.

Her hands found my prick

My hands returned to tease her nipples.

My tongue filled her ear.

My prick caressed her rear.

As I looked up, I spied a full length mirror. I swung Darlene around so she faced the mirror and moaned. . She had not worn any panties or bra but had worn a white garter belt and white stockings.

Her jet black hairy box was striking...

With both hands I grasped her cunt lips and pulled them open.

We both stood there stunned at the beauty of her sexually aroused body. As we watched a trickle of her love juices dropped on to my hand.

That ignited me. I pushed her roughly down on the couch and fed myself between her legs. She took me in hand and fed my surging dick in to her warm moist cunt.

“At last” she cried “A young fat hard cock. “Give it to me, fuck me hard, and make me come”.

I had not stopped to remove my clothes. We did not want to waste a minute. Nor could we .Our blood was boiling.

Lust was king.

We fucked each other hard and fast, our bodies hitting and slapping, her hair spread out, her breasts bounced up and down as I pounded into her. We grunted and moaned striving harder and harder.

I was trying to push up into her chest through her cunt. She was biting my shoulder scratching my back. Suddenly she pushed a finger in my arse.

That single act brought me to a most devastating organism... I blew and blew, my balls were draining dry.

At the same time Darlene was coming in little grunts, again and again, her legs crashed around my back, her tongue rolled out of her mouth, as she groaned and gasped.

Her molten eyes stared at me, her nostrils flared, she moaned loudly. She thrashed and thrashed until we were both wrung out.

I rolled over on my back and she swung up on top as we stayed glued together. Her magnificent boobs swung before my eyes. I bit down on one. She squealed, shuddered and came again, and then collapsed on me breathing heavy.

Slowly we started to move. I had wilted and slipped out. She picked me up and licked and chewed my red helmet. I returned the favour.

We had spoken very few words all morning.

It had been pure lust.

We met, we kissed, we fucked, we were like wild animals.

I ran my hands over her lush horny body again and again. I turned her to look in the mirror; her hair was down, her lipstick smeared all over her face. Her make up had virtually disappeared, cum had splattered on her thighs, her cunt lips hung open, the sexual energy shone through.

She was what I would later describe as a “Great Fuck.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 06

by mangrove jack©

Jackie had told me Ron wanted to see me at his office. When I arrived Jackie was there. His office staff consisted of young beautiful girls two of them were the cheer leaders for my footy team.

Jackie grabbed my arm when she saw me staring and hustled me into Ron's office.

Ron's plans for the parents to chip in and build a den for the Boy Scouts were laid out for inspection .A couple of other fathers were there as well as Angelique and a mum called Melissa.

When the business was completed Jackie asked me to join her for coffee down the street .As we settled in the booth Jackie pushed me in against the wall and sat beside me.

Jackie was really upset, she was mouthing off about the "bimbos in Ron's office" "he will get himself into trouble" she predicted. Meanwhile she had undone my zip and was rubbing my boner which was standing up straight, when the young waitress arrived to take our orders.

The waitress eyes widened and she blushed as Jackie did nothing to hide what she was doing. The head of my cock was sticking out the top of Jacky's hand.

When the waitress left she bent down and started sucking loudly, I noticed the waitress looking back but I was too far gone to care' I grabbed her face and held it as I came in her mouth.

Jackie stuck out her tongue to show me my cum. I groaned out loud as she licked me clean and tucked me away.

I was still glowing as I walked to my car. To be sucked off by the wife of one of the town's richest property developers in the cities best coffee shop, where the waitress and possibly others could watch was a real turn on.

I liked taking chances.

I had been talking as often as possible to innocent long legged Jennifer.

When ever I could I would ring her mobile, when she realised it was me she would immediately become agitated I would tell her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted her. In a little more than a whisper she would tell me she loved me. She was so beautiful, so timid, yet she was ready for me.

"I want you alone with no interruptions and you know why" I told her. She would become flustered, giggling, and delaying until finally I was able to call on her when her two young sons her maid, her mother and her husband would be absent.

She was blushing bright red when she ushered me into their home. I took her in my arms and gently kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, her ears and her lips.

I stroked her and held her in my arms as I whispered quietly to her what I was going to do to her and what she was going to do to me.

"I'm going to make love to you. I'm going to fuck you." I'm going to kiss you all over we are going to devour each other."

"I'm going to slip my prick into your mouth then into your pussy, and Your arse"

"You are going to suck my prick, lick my balls and tongue my arse" "You are going to do everything I tell you."

She was nervous and worried "Don't hurt me darling" "I have never done this before."

"I am 38 years old I'm a little scared."

"I was a virgin when I married; I've never had another man." "I have always been true". "I know he spends Friday nights with Jacky's husband, and those bimbos at his office, but I haven't played around."

Words were flowing from her mouth as I stroked her tits and pinched her nipples.

"Let's go up to your bedroom" I urged. "Oh!! No. no! Not there!" She whispered. "Yes" I said firmly "I am going to fuck you on his bed" After some indecision she led me to the stairs.

As I followed I ran my hand up under her skirt, brushing her thong aside I pushed my finger against the rosebud of her arse. I swear she pushed back as she swayed her delicious rump in a wanton fashion. We continued up the stairs with my finger circling her rosebud.

As soon as we reached her room, we both turned with an urgency driven by passion, we fumbled with buttons and zips, our arms and hands became entangled as we kissed, stripping clothing from each other at the same time.

I made her stand so I could study her. She tried to cover up but I pushed her hands away. "Your mine and I want to see all of you" I ordered.

My god her legs were wonderful. "Do you have any of those stiletto high heel shoes?" "Get a pair of black stockings" I ordered "Now put them on."

"Nothing else. I just want you in stockings and stilettos." "Stand in front of me so you can see yourself in the mirror" I directed as she returned. She looked magnificent. The high heels and stockings showed off her legs to perfection.

My eyes devoured her. "You are magnificent fanfuckintastic."

I held my highly excited cock out for her to see, "this is yours all yours"

She stared and her mouth fell open. My cock started to erupt. I hadn't stroked it; my cock had reacted to the erotic images and ideas flashing through my mind as I thought of what was to come.

Yes! I was coming just from the sheer erotic beauty of shy timid Jennifer in stockings and heels completely under my control.

I ordered her to stand and pose till I could stand it no longer. "Keep your heels on and come over here on the bed "I groaned.

She came pushing me back, crouching on her knees and lowered herself down on my pulsating prick. She leant forward, her shiny hard tits swung in front of my mouth .I sucked and licked with gusto.

Running my hands lightly over her back, I slowly caressed her butt; licked her nipples kissing then, sucking them like a baby looking for milk.

She moaned and cried out "Oooh….…..that's wonderful so wonderful" "I don't know what's come over me." "I've been wanting you and dreaming of you since that day at your mothers." She kept moaning continuously as I worked my tongue and lips around her extremely aroused nipples.

"My goodness, oh my, oh. Oh. Your mouth will make me come if you don't stop." That spurred me on to greater efforts. She came once and shuddered again, she was gasping and shuddering in what I thought were little orgasms.

I gave up counting as we rolled over allowing me to ride on top. I put my hands behind her knees and pushed them back until they were beside her firm hard tits.

Raising myself on my knees I proceeded to give her a fast rogering. I slowed down, pushed right in and then slowly pulled back, until I was nearly all out. Every time I pulled out to the brink and then slowly pushed back in, she shuddered, and cried out my name.

I stood up pulling her backside up off the bed. I had more purchase as I withdrew to her rim and then slowly reinserted my well oiled tool. I enjoyed toying with her, long slow strokes out to the rim, rubbing against her clit, then slowly all the way in. over and over. She was crying out, grabbing me and pulling me down hard, until I was buried to the hilt.

"Oh fuck" I said as I lost control, my tool burst in to flood.

My juices spilled out and leaked down her arse. I rubbed my fingers in our juices and inserted one in her tight anal passage. She groaned. I pushed her legs up and out over her head slipped my prick out of her cunt and tried to ease it in her arse.

She screamed out loud "My god I never had it there before". I pushed through the obstruction and gradually filled her arse.

She moaned my name crying 'I love you. Love you". Sucking the fingers of my other hand into her mouth. I started to slowly move back and forth as her muscles tightened and then relaxed. Gradually she started to move with me. She cried in pain "it's hurting"

I rolled her over lifted her on to her knees pulled out and re entered her pussy from behind. This had became my favourite position It allowed me to play with their boobs, touch and tickle their clit, bite their ears and the back of their necks, whilst still controlling the pace.

Jennifer might have been timid before, but not now. She was pushing back, ramming on to me, moaning out loud that she loved me. When I tried to finger her cunt she was already doing it. Best of all she was talking sex.

This sweet shy leggy lady was moaning and groaning "Fuck me. Push hard. I want all of you, give it to me, Fuckmeeee, fuckmeee." Louder and louder "pleeasee fuckmeeee"

She came again, and I responded as we collapsed in each others arms.

We lay together. She kept repeating she loved me. She kissed and licked my body as I licked and took the opportunity to study her breasts .Where Jackie had nipples like golf tees, Jennifer's were large brown and flat .As my tongue sucked them as I would suck a grape they grew in my mouth.

My Boy Scout Mothers were great fucks; they were using me as I was using them. Jennifer was different she was mine she told me in both word and by her actions that she would do anything I wanted; I had my first personal and private love slave.

I ducked down and washed her cunt with my mouth and stuck my tongue in her arse. She started to come again. There was not a part of her that I did not lick or kiss. All the time talking to her, sometimes loving and soft, other times raunchy and hard.

This was a session of love. My first session, where I worried about my partner. I felt good when I finally moved to say good night at the front door.

I made Jennifer escort me to the door nude except for stockings and high heels.

Her stocking hung around her legs like school boys socks. "Someone will see she moaned." Those fucking legs in high heels and the sluttish stockings were driving me crazy. I wanted to see her from behind whilst walking in high heels.

I grabbed her and pushed her towards the front door

I wanted to see her from behind whilst walking in high heels.

The sight of her arse cheeks moving seductively, with glimpses of her cunt lips appearing between her legs, coupled with those magnificent legs, was too much.

I pushed her back and lifted her on to the hall table; I grabbed her knees pushed them wide then up towards her head until she was open to my surging cock. Without any assistance I hit the mark. I slammed into her deep and hard. I was on fire. I came within seconds She was startled by the suddenness of my assault looking at me with a question in her eyes.

"One for the road" I said.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 07

by mangrove jack©

As well as the cake and cookie work, College and football kept me busy, my academic results were not marvellous but getting better. My running and fitness had improved until I was seen as a valuable member of the squad. I had several highly successful outings with the team. My reputation was growing.

One by product of my new lifestyle was a new self confidence. A sense of well being that was noticed quickly by my peers. I was stoked when one day after a hard game our football coach remarked how I had matured and how that maturity had strengthened my game.

Girls smiled at me and went out of their way to stop and say hi.

After nearly every game or practice some of the most popular cheer squad beauties stopped to talk to me giggling and flirting skittishly.

One evening when the new cheer squad gathered around the jeep looking for a ride home, their middle aged manager trainer, a spunky muscled blonde, invited me to join her jogging sessions.

Things had changed. I was keen to take advantage of every opportunity.

Later I lay on my back on Angelique‘s queen sized bed whilst she inspected what she called my love tool. “My god the women will love it” she cried. “When you learn to use it properly you will make many women very happy.” she explained, as she admired, then licked, sucked and massaged my balls.

Ever since the cookie run started I had tried hard to get Angelique alone, all to no avail. We had finally found an opportunity and made up for lost time.

Now as we lay recovering she finished inspecting my cock and told me “You need lessons” “You must always give a woman what she wants especially if you want her to come back for more” “Stop being so rough” “Be kind and gentle” “Love my pussy, stroke it, lick it tenderly, gently suck and swallow my juices.” “Don’t call it a cunt that’s a rough word.”

“Its true some women like you to talk rough and dirty” but most ladies will respond more to loving gentle words, than rough rude man handling.

They want to believe that they are the best. That you find them special.

“By all means, tell them that you are going to fuck them.” “But do so after your actions and your words; have made them believe that they and they alone have made you horny.” “Make them believe its special, that it’s not just any old port in a storm,” she added with a wink.

She caressed my cock as she went on “Men like to think that they are the only ones who want sex. Women want it too.” “Yes we need it too; we get horny, we frig ourselves. We really like to have a lover who loves us for ourselves, who doesn’t just want a quick poke.”

“The old wham bam thank you mam is bullshit”

“We want to be seduced.” “We want you to last,” “We want lots of foreplay.”

“If you learn to kiss properly, you will fuck us all.” “Your kiss must exude sex, it must stir my juices, make me melt, make me horny, make me want to fuck”

“I will teach you how to kiss a woman so she will melt in your arms” “It is the best skill any man can have.”

Angelique and I spent many hours together as she taught me what she called the art of seductive kissing.

Angelique was the oldest in the cookie, club her body could not compare with the hard pampered manicured suntanned slim bodies of the rich Boy Scout wives. She was big all over.

She had an earthy oily skinned Greek body.

Her big breasts and thighs had just engulfed me in a session that I would never forget. She was the ultimate sex mother.

“Experience counts” she explained.

As I lay sucking on her extra large brown nipples, I asked why she was teaching me things that most young men never had an opportunity to learn from a woman.

“You’re the son I never had” she explained, as we laid and stroked each other.

“You are unique in this community because at your age you appear so innocent.” I started to speak but Angelique went on.

“Don’t try to bullshit me; I know you are not innocent any more.” “I know what you are up to.” “Don’t get caught, remember the woman will be the big looser.”

She waved a finger under my nose “Remember Jennifer really loves you.” “Don’t hurt her!”

“For that matter don’t hurt any of them.”

“Darlene and Jackie are two sex pots,” They must have thought they had struck gold when they found you. They can have your young hard cock day in and day out without getting caught.”

“They would have been quickly caught, divorced and discarded if they tried to get off with any of the local businessmen or the other husbands.” You raise no suspicion because their husbands want you to look after their spoilt wives.”

“The others, and there are many other mums you can have if you put your mind to it, are bored and neglected. If you are discreet you will provide them with a sexual diversion that for a while will make their dull boring life fantastic.”

She gasped as I slipped my finger down from her pussy into here arse. She pushed back up against my hand. Her muscle moved and clamped my finger tight. “I love that” she said, “when I was young, every young Greek boy spent more time trying to finger my backside than my pussy.”

“I love a hot cock in my arse.”

The hairs around her cunt were wild long and bushy. A patch of long hairs grew around her arse. I licked and tongued her fat cunt lips, my tongue running down to her arse, finally lodging in her spacious arsehole.

She shuddered, her body tensed, and then she grew soft as her body completed its climax. .To make a mature woman come from my tongue in her arse, was too much for my prick which exploded, my come finishing up all over the place.

Angelique laughed when I pulled my head away gagging on her hairs. She spent a few minutes giggling and teasing as her cum soaked fingers cleaned the hairs from my mouth tongue and teeth.

Sex with Angelique was frantic leaving me drained.

After lunch the next day, Ron invited me down to his office to meet a few fathers. I would like you to tell us what you have been doing. Are the women happy? Give us a full report on your activities.

My god the last thing I want to give them is a full report, I thought to myself.

When I arrived they were sitting around having a drink. Five or six young school girls in very short mini skirts and tight tops were serving drinks and savouries.

“We always have a few drinks at the end of the week”. Ron explained. “The girls in the office hire some of their school friends as hostesses to help out; it gives them some pocket money.”

“Friday afternoon down here is very popular, the girls add to the fun as they are easy on the eye”. He added with a wink.

Ron introduced me as the lad who is keeping our wives busy, I answered a few questions, but it was obvious that I was not the major attraction so I declined a drink, saying I was going down to the supermarket to see the manager.

Ron saw me to the door and said “not a word to Jackie about this”. I nearly said about what but I was not that dumb.

At the supermarket I finished my business and met Darlene as I was leaving .After a few public pleasantries she said she was going to the movies and asked me to join her. It was a major cinema complex with many theatres.

To this day I do not know the name of the movie. The theatre Darlene led me into was dark and empty at four o’clock in the afternoon.

She chose seats mid way back away from the aisle. As we reached our seats she neatly stepped out of her panties picked them up and shoved them in her handbag. We sat in the darkness. .She opened my trousers letting my near bursting cock stand free. She leant over kissing me, then stood up lifting her skirt, and took me in hand.

Holding my prick firmly, she rubbed it up and down against her clit. Darlene then positioned it so her warm wet pussy sank down over me. She sat down on my lap. She sat still for a moment, then using her legs she started to bounce up and down.

I pushed up her top and dragged one of her massive tits out of its flimsy brassiere, tweaking and massaging the nipple in my fingers. She started to moan. I moved to put my other hand over her mouth. She sucked my fingers and bit down on them.

She rode me up and down; my balls were squashed against the seat, our juices were spilling out. We were starting to make more noise grunting and groaning as the seat started to squeak. Thank god the cinema was nearly empty,

It was a wild ride. We were panting struggling moaning and groaning. Darlene was getting extremely noisy. I put both hands over her mouth cutting off some of her moans.

I looked around and whilst we had been fucking someone had moved into a seat across the aisle. It was a woman she was watching us. I looked again; she was clearly playing with herself.

Darlene was riding me hard, gathering pace bouncing up and down. My excitement rose, I tried to hold back but to no avail. I came and she joined me. Her orgasms shuddered through her body. We gradually grew quiet, relaxing and enjoying the last draining of our spent muscles.

Our stranger had gone. She has probably gone to finish herself off in the toilet, I thought as I looked around.

I pushed Darlene off my lap. Without a word I led her to the other side of the near empty theatre, well away from where we had been sitting.

As she sat down I knelt lifted her skirt and lapped our juices from her wet hairy cunt. I was jammed between the seats. A hair stuck in my throat and I started to gag. She put her sweet tasting cum covered fingers in my mouth to find the hair.

Her top was still up over her magnificent boobs my trousers were still undone and her other hand was fondling me.

I straightened our clothing and spoke for the first time since we entered the theatre. I told her about our watcher who had returned and was in her old spot many rows in front of us.

Darlene said “don’t worry.” Remembering Angelique’s warning I said “we must be careful,” “Forget her she wouldn’t have seen much” “she won’t know who we are.” I persisted,” We can’t get caught.”

Darlene started to protest I grabbed her head with an ear in each hand, looked her directly in the eye and whispered

“Listen to me bugger you, I would be proud if all the men in this city knew I was fucking you. I would shout it from the roof tops, You’re fucking magnificent”

I went on. “If we become a public item, we would be finished your family and friends would not understand. The scandal would destroy you and finish us.” “We must protect your good name; you have a reputation to uphold”

She realised I was serious and kissed me warmly, “Are you worried about me?” She asked

“Yes, of course I am” “I don’t want you to get hurt” I replied

She joyously hugged me and kissed me hard.

“That’s beautiful you really are something special.”

Her eyes glistened with tears “I thought I was just a quick fuck.”

She was right she had really only been a readily available fuck, but somehow after Angelique’s talk, and the marvellous sexual treats she had given me, she was special.

I didn’t think of her as a quick fuck anymore

What a change a few words had made. We had only spoken very few words at our first encounter and only a few more today. From pure lust and hard driven sex we had melted until we were holding hands and cuddling like two lovers.

We left the theatre and went to her car. As we said goodbye I was still trying to remove her hair from my mouth and throat .She could not do anything as the car park was full of people some of whom we knew .But as she drove off she said

“We will have to do something about those hairs”. “Don’t worry I protested” Darlene responded” I have thought many times about shaving, but they say it gets itchy”, “You’re very special; I will do it for you”. “Come on out to my place, you can shave me”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 08

by mangrove jack©

As football training finished my mobile rang, it was Darlene, and her voice was slurred.

“Come on over, I am waiting for you to shave my pussy, I have opened a bottle of champagne so we can celebrate, no more hair.”

“Hurry, I can’t wait.”

My prick shot up hard in my tight training shorts.

“I have to drive some girls home first,” I said as a couple of giggling cheerleaders studied my rising lump closely.

I drove the cheerleaders to the corner of their estate, as they were getting out the mobile rang again,

“Where are you” she slurred.

“I’m on my way” I replied quickly and hung up.

One of the girls was clearly listening. She licked her lips and grinned

“It sounds as though someone can’t wait.”

She went on “You don’t remember me do you?”

“No I don’t think so” I replied.

“I work as a waitress at the local coffee shop” she said, as she hopped out with the others.

Bloody hell. It was the girl who waited on Jackie and me when Jackie was making a public display of sucking my cock.

I studied her as she walked away. Her skirt swung bewitchingly into that cock twitching motion that only sexy young bodies seem to acquire.

I was about to follow when I remembered Darlene.

Darlene’s house was busy with people. A young maid gave me a knowing look as she opened the door. Looking me up and down, she led me to the top floor.

Darlene was waiting, she had that I am ready to fuck look. Her gown swung open providing me with tantalising views of her marvellous nipples and her more than adequate tits as she struggled to her feet to welcome me.

I had taken quite a while to get there. One champers bottle was empty and very little was left in the one in her hand.

I was worried “There are too many people around, we can’t do anything here, and I had better not stay.”

She took my hand and led me into her bathroom. “They won’t come in here; my maid really protects me she knows we do not want to be disturbed.”

I started to ask about the maid and what she knew

“Don’t worry; the only one who will get past her is my arsehole of a husband. He won’t come home until he is finished what ever they do every week with those bimbos down at Ron’s office.”

I watched her struggle to open a new bottle of champers and laughed as the cork shot high in the air spewing champagne into the bath.

Darlene’s face was flushed from the exertion of opening the new bottle or from the substantial amount she had obviously consumed

She poured what was left of the champers into a glass and drank it down.

She slipped out of her gown, leaving me gasping at her sheer beauty.

She ran her fingers through her hair and held it up off her neck. With her arms high holding her hair, she slowly turned to show me that all she wore was very high heeled black stiletto shoes.

My mouth went dry.

This was one dam fine woman, whose pose was designed to drive a man crazy.

The pose was working.

I could feel my cock unfold and struggle to expand within the tight confines of my pants. The curve of her back down to her magnificent butt, plus the extremely high heels that displayed the muscles of her legs to perfection all combined to show her at her erotic best.

She had combed the lush hair around her pussy.

“This is special daaarling, I have never even trimmed my box before, now, right now, and I am waiting for you to shave it.”

She giggled like a teenager” No! More hair in your teeth.”

She fell to her knees in front of me.

“Let me satisfy this monster first”.

She took me deep in her mouth, then deeper as I held her hair back and saw my cock disappear. Her hands worked my balls. She withdrew her Mouth until it was licking my head, then quickly pushing forward,

In and out

Deeper and deeper,

She gasped for air. Gagging as she moved her face back and forth.

With both her hands around my balls, and her long hair in my hands I lost control. I fucked that mouth hard like it was a cunt. She took it all, gasping and groaning at every stroke.

She kept pushing me right out. She would gasp for air, and then her mouth would dive back, taking me all the way, swallowing it down until it touched the back of her throat.

Each time it did, she gagged again, gasping for air. I watched in awe at what I now realise was my first deep throat.

Oblivious to my amazement she continued, pulling her head back to start again. She kept it up as my cock grew and grew.

Looking up at me, her eyes rolled each time she took me in to the hilt.

I held her hair away from her face so I could watch.

I started to hold back so the head of my cock just entered her mouth.

I fucked that mouth. Not deep, just running my prick in, then slowly out,

I don’t know what stirred me most, watching my cock go in and out through her dark red lips, or the joy of fucking the mouth of the 40 year old wife of that high flying bullshitting arsehole husband of hers.

She was snorting and struggling breathing through her flared nostrils. My sperm boiled and spewed into her. I shoved forward as hard as I could.

Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead, juice was leaking from the corner of her lips.

She grunted. Hitting me in the stomach pushing me away. My spewing cock broke free, spraying what was left of my cum over her eyes and face.

I was completely mesmerised by her wanton mouth and her fantastic eyes, I drained and dribbled on her tits.

She grabbed me pulling me back into her mouth. She kept sucking until there was nothing left. I wilted and my knees went weak.

We sank to the bathroom floor. I moved to kiss her between the legs “no!” she cried,” shave me then kiss me. Kiss me, and then fuck my freshly shaved cunt”

I slowly recovered my strength. I studied her black hairy opening it was slick with her secretions, I pulled the lips open, running my finger around the folds fingering her clit.

Darlene filled our glasses again; I had never drunk champagne before. The first glass was giving me a glow the second glass was adding to my happiness.

We were still on the bathroom floor .She took me in hand, picked up a set of shaving gear and pulled a magnificent old English chair in front of the mirrored wardrobes.

She sat down with her legs wide open staring at her reflection.

I stared too! She was a magnificent animal, her long black hair magnificent legs and stiletto heels, made my prick jump back to attention. Her cum splattered face drove me to distraction.

She emptied her glass; stroking herself slowly as she watched me drink mine. She was waiting for me to begin.

I took a large pair of scissors and started to trim around the outside of her hairy box. I sprayed copious amounts of shaving foam, using my fingers to spread it.

Holding her skin tight I started to shave. I quickly uncovered the fat black lips of her cunt. I fingered and played with them as I worked.

Time passed quickly, Darlene kept drinking, continually holding her glass up for me to join her .To shave all the hair away, was a lot harder than I imagined. I resorted to putting my fingers inside her warm and inviting cunt.

Darlene relaxed and let me continue.

My fingers acquired a mind of their own, whilst I continued shaving they had found her clit, rubbing the nub softly, round and round, I became hard and excited.

I continued to stroke and probe. Darlene became wetter as I continued to shave an active vibrant cunt. More than one finger was now being used to hold her cunt for shaving. My standing cock was caressing my navel, dribbling cum down my stomach.

Darlene finished off the bottle announcing that she thought I had done a great job. I was enjoying the job and didn’t want to stop.

“I am not finished; the front is ok but what about the back.” I argued.

She stood up, put her hands on the mirror and bent over placing the magnificent twin orbs of her butt before me for inspection. I looked and saw for the first time the two well formed lips of her cunt pouting back between her legs. I grabbed her roughly, and rubbed my leaking cock up and down between those lips.

I pulled her cheeks apart with my hand. Her head fell forward as I reared and pushed my throbbing prick in as deep as I could go. At the same time I grabbed both tits as they hung down swinging and bouncing.

I pulled the nipples and tweaked them hard.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement. I thought I saw a glimpse of her young maid.

I glanced back and saw that Darlene was looking towards the side mirror watching my prick slipping in and out.

I could see in the mirror that she was licking her lips and smiling at our performance. I kept rutting away, grabbing her hips I started to bang her back against me.

In the mirror I watched her mouth open and her tongue roll out, mouthing words that I could not hear.

Then she reacted violently. Moaning out loud, crying my name. Her tits were hanging down, swinging in time with my thrusts. I cradled them stroking her nipples, massaging her tits.

The mirror show was driving me to distraction. I watched my cock shining with cum disappear, my balls slapping against her arse.

Darlene was watching me.

I moaned “can you see us fucking”

“Yes! Oh yes, I can’t believe how hot it makes me, I could scream.”

Watching my cock enter Darlene’s jerking body made my temperature rise, I was devoured by lust, but I still could not come.

I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back up until she was standing with her back bent still impaled on my prick.

She turned her head and made to kiss me. We could just reach each other. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She bit down hard. I came with a rush as the pain of her teeth made me wince and cry out.

Still her teeth hung on. I felt her reach a shuddering climax. I let my weight fall on her and she crumbled to the floor letting my tongue go at last. My mouth was full of blood. She sucked on my mouth. Calling me her “sweetheart.”

We rolled over, her tits and nipples against my chest. I forgot my mouth as I rolled her nipples in my fingers pulling them out as far as I could.

I rubbed my knee between her legs and felt the mess of our juices.

My prick was stirring again, so I pushed her down to her knees and emptied my cock into her mouth. She didn’t take long to suck him dry.

Darlene opened another bottle and we settled in each others arms. I do not know how much time I spent studying the results of my nights work. It was the first fully shaved pussy I had seen. I studied its many facets. I stroked it; I ran my fingers up and down playing in our juices.

I took the bottle of champagne and poured a drop into her belly button and licked it off. She raised her legs .I filled her cunt intent on using it as a cup.

“Bloody hell” she screamed as the champagne bubbles frothed up in her cunt.

I drank it out and poured more in. I tried to do it in her arse but it was to tight spilling out over the cheeks and down her legs.

I wormed my finger in her tight brown arsehole. Then as she started to open up I inserted a second finger. I ran some champagne down the finger into the hole. She freaked as it bubbled in her arse.

I dropped the bottle licking the sticky brew from her cheeks and arse.

I fingered her pussy at the same time fingering her arse. Working both hands, I tried to feel one finger with the other through the thin membranes that separated her cunt and her arse.

My prick grew hard as Darlene bucked and groaned.

I slid into her arse. She convulsed and shuddered as I rode her.

I pumped towards a frantic conclusion. In the mirror I watched my prick pounding her arse and her fingers rubbing her clit. I swang her around, grabbing her by the ankles, pushed her legs wide apart, pulling back I sprayed my cum over the freshly shaven area.

Her anus relieved of my cock, was a wide open hole coated with cum.

I watched it slowly close, before she relaxed in my arms.

She was relaxed and well fucked but I still wanted more.

I traced my fingers down the deep cleft between the cheeks of her butt. I licked under her boobs running my tongue around the dark brown area surrounding her nipples. I rolled her nipples with my tongue nipping and sucking.

“You have the most magnificent tits, your nipples stand out long and straight, and they are perfect” I told her as my prick gradually grew hard.

“They cost my husband enough for cosmetic surgery” Darlene replied with a giggle.

I looked around and spied four or five empty champagne bottles and realised that we were drunk

Kneeling with my knees on each side of her chest, I slipped my hardening prick between her round hard tits. She raised her head and looked down with a grin.

“A titty fuck?” she asked lowering her face until her mouth nearly reached my prick.

I slid him forward to enter her mouth then withdrew to between her tits. We did this for several minutes, until he slowly squirted into her mouth and over her magnificent nipples.

She truly was a wild sexual animal. I had kept telling her this all night and she loved it.

She stood up and proceeded to pose bending over to show me those thick protruding cunt lips, holding her cunt wide open, pulling her nipples erect.

She lay on the floor and wriggled her body into dozens of erotic positions it was pure porn.

I could stand it no more. I pulled her to her feet and started to kiss her.

She wrapped her legs around my hips forcing me to carry her weight as she positioned me to enter her.

I jammed her back against the wall, slamming into her like a man possessed.

But fucking and holding her up was beyond my drunken capabilities and we slid down to the floor in a tangle of legs and arms. Some how we kept on slamming at each other.

She cried “oh fuck I’m finished.” Her fluids flowed as my well used prick dribbled its last.

We rested before I looked for my clothes and started to dress.

As I dressed I told her. “Your fucking poses were fantastic I have never seen anything like it in so called men’s magazines. What you did to your body and how you posed, wriggling into those positions makes me come just thinking of them.”

“They were mind blowing. If we had that on tape it would be the number one seller in all porno stores.”

She looked over at me. “I would never pose for porno for sale but I would like us to have some private tapes.”

“Next time bring a camera”.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 09

by mangrove jack©

I was day dreaming in class thinking of my Boy Scout Mums. I started this day dream by wondering how many of them were bored and frustrated.

Then as the class got more tiresome my dream developed into an idea.

If Jackie, Darlene, Maryanne and Jennifer had become so shit off with their husbands that they were willing to cheat with me, how many others may be prepared to do so. Would I be able to fuck them all?

My minds eye started a parade of potential cheating mums and their sexiest features.

I am sure I must have been drooling as my day dream turned to the 20 mums and their best bits. I had seen very few with their clothes off, but they were a wonderful collection of mature women.

In my dream I remembered big tits in tight sweaters, little tits in singlets, low cut or unbuttoned tops that showed hard tits, soft tits, in fact all sorts of tits. Skimpy tops that let me identify brown nipples, pink nipples, long nipples, I remembered long legs in high heels well muscled legs, tanned legs, white legs, lips, bottoms, the parade went on and on.

If I wasn’t drooling I most certainly was awkwardly erect, when I was brought back to reality by the sound of the bell ending class for today.

I gathered my books quickly rushing towards the door when I was stopped quickly by the words” stop there young Man.”

I stopped dead in my tracks hoping against hope that Mrs Caruthers didn’t mean me. Mrs Caruthers was known to one and all as the “Bitch.”

She fully deserved that reputation having earned it by the many and varied forms of mental torture she had devised to torment her classes.

She was looking straight at me, “yes I mean you, come back here I want to talk to you.”

The room emptied quickly, quite a few gave me sympathetic glances. thought it was clear that they were delighted they weren’t the one to fall foul of the “Bitch”.

As I sat down, I thought I am glad Caruthers is not a Boy Scot Mum; her sour aggressive attitude could spoil a great group. Christ she didn’t even have a best bit.

Mrs Caruthers was over 6 foot. She always wore long skirts down to her ankles. She never wore a top that accentuated her tits; in fact with the clothes she wore it was hard to know if she had tits. She had no bum to speak off, her backside being flat without so much as a contour. Yes I was glad she wasn’t a Boy Scout mum.

My study tour of the Caruthers anatomy was abruptly stopped as she demanded “what were you dreaming of in class this afternoon.” Christ, what could I say? So I mumbled “nothing miss.” Don’t Miss me, I `m Mrs Caruthers and you know it.”

When she said “Don’t miss me” I laughed.

I thought Mrs Caruthers was going to explode, “you stupid boy what are you laughing at.”

Without thinking I told her the truth, repeating the joke that had caused me to laugh.

“A young man says to the chemist, Give me a dozen condoms miss.” When the chemist’s wife not wanting to be called “Miss” said, “don’t you Miss me.” He replied. “Well make it 13.”

She smiled as I finished, “Young man, your mind is full of sex and foolishness. In recent days you have shown a surprising glimpse of emerging maturity, don’t loose it.”

“I was very disappointed this afternoon to find you sitting in class with an obvious erection, an erection that couldn’t possibly be caused by the class subject. Now, when I challenge you, you think of a joke.”

I spoke up “I think you enjoyed the joke, it was just a play on words.”

“Yes it was smart” she replied.

A smiling Mrs Caruthers was displaying a softness that I had never noticed before. As she watched I ran my tongue around my lips letting it slide out of my mouth. She blushed, squirming slightly in her seat.

My God was she showing a hidden untapped side or was I just imagining it. “Tell me about the Boy Scout den, they tell me you are playing a leadership role,” she asked changing the subject.

I told her that I was being paid to help the group of ladies that had become known as the Boy Scout mothers. I explained that I should be down at the library right now, where a committee was being formed to run a number of fund raising dinners and parties.

“I have to go to the library myself. So we will finish this session by reminding you that I will be watching you In future,” She said finalising my detention.

As I collected my books I remembered that I had never seen her drive a car to work.

“Can I give you a lift?” I asked. Smiling she replied, “Yes that would be wonderful.”

Remembering Angelique’s advice I displayed my best manners, opening the Jeep’s door, helping her into her seat. When we reached the Library parking lot I hurried to open the door and help her out.

“Thank you” she said as we parted. “It is nice to find a young man with good manners, opening the door is very nice, but I really don’t need help to get into my seat. “I am only 44 not 84 she said with a grin.”

Inside the library the meeting was in full swing. Felicity Goldberg the wife of our cities top banker had offered her home for the first of a number of weekly dinners or cocktail parties to widen support and raise more money.

The plan was for a form of progressive dinner. Instead of moving from house to house for each course all on the one night, they would plan six weeks of functions one a week at different locations, with different fare.

I arrived just in time to hear my mother say “Richard is paid to help, so he should work with Felicity and Alma as a three person team to run the first evening.”

Alma a middle aged no nonsense management consultant was all business, ordering me to go to the photo copy room and run off multiple copies of her timetable and list of invitees.

The copy room was down the back away from the main library behind the office. It was now early evening the office was empty. Office staff were manning the front counter.

As I drew near the copy room I could hear a woman’s voice raised in anger.

“What a pile of shit, the fucking thing is stuffed” Mrs Caruthers was waving her hands in frustration at the paper jam.

Well! Well! Mrs. Caruthers certainly was a surprise packet. Students in my business class thought her cold and super efficient. Today I was seeing a different side of this lanky raw-boned teacher.

She jumped, as I entered the room quietly, and moved to free the jammed paper. She went red in the face and started to explain.

I silenced her, “I won’t tell anyone you curse when you can’t operate a photo copier, if you don’t tell anyone about my classroom indiscretion.” I whispered.

We worked together to free the jam and sort fresh paper. When the machine started to work I told her to do her copying first, adding that I would come back, and do mine later.

Back at the meeting the formal business had been completed. Mrs Goldberg had brought a half a dozen bottles of expensive red wine, so the group could enjoy a relaxing drink after the meeting. Many mums left early leaving half the wine unopened.

I was closely studying the magnificent Mrs Goldberg when her large fat bald headed husband called to take her home, leaving me to clean up and finish the photocopying. The librarian, whose wife was one our mothers, told me to finish up and pull the door closed when I left.

I opened one of the remaining three bottles of wine deciding to drink from the bottle rather than dirty any more glasses.

The library was empty and quiet as I rolled down to the copy room taking the left overs with me.

Mrs Caruthers was in the middle of another paper jam. “Bloody hell I thought you would have gone an hour ago” I exclaimed. She was down on her knees poking around in the machines innards. “It hasn’t worked properly all night,” she cried.

I helped her up and sat her on the sorting bench, giving her the bottle of red, while I again worked on the machine.

She tilted the bottle up to her thin lips and drank freely, telling me between swigs, “That’s a great red.”

I turned to look at her, she was grinning, “It’s been years since I drank good red wine from the bottle. Years ago when I was a student, I worked on a grape farm in the valley, we drank from the bottle and by the bottle after work.”

She went on “A good red and a good bed and someone to share it with was our motto.”

“That’s a bloody good motto,” I said as I sat down beside her. We shared the bottle and opened a second. “Your copying is finished. If you like to stay while I finish mine I will drive you home.” I offered.

“Thank you, that will be great, I live just past the end of the western bus line and the busses don’t run this late.” she said. We stayed after the copying was over to finish off the second bottle of red. She drained the last drop into her mouth, stood up, grabbed my arm and said take me home.

In the jeep she started to fall asleep. When we passed the bus terminal, she was asleep. I badly needed to empty my bladder, she seemed fast asleep so I found a dark private spot under a tree, and stood enjoying a sweet relief while trying to direct my stream onto the tree.

I was thinking I’d had too much to drink, when an arm went around my waist. To compound the surprise, Mrs Caruthers giggling asked me what I was doing. I got such a surprise the last of my piss wet my legs. She burst out laughing “can’t you control that thing.” “I’ll control you “I said with a groan.

I grabbed her roughly, “I ought to put you across my fucking knee and tan your hide for making me piss myself.”

“Promises, promises,” she laughed, swinging away. I lunged and caught her, flopping down on the ground dragging her across my knee. She struggled laughing, but seemed to settle under my hand.

I held her in the middle of the back with one hand. The other pulled her long skirt up till her white silk panties were showing. She started to buck; I hit her a good hard smack on the arse. She didn’t cry out, so I did it again, and again, I was starting to enjoy myself.

She stopped struggling and squirmed her cunt down on my erect cock. “Do it again, go on hit me again” she urged.

“These bloody things are in the way,” I said as I tore her silk panties down. Her arse was bright red; I gave it three or four more hard smacks, then leant down to kiss it.

I ran my tongue over her hot red skin, nipping and licking, then slipped it into her hole. She bucked “oh that’s lovely” she cried.

“Please lover, fuck me;” “Oh please, fuck me in the arse.” She was pushing her arse back on my tongue, moaning and squirming, pleading “fuck me, fuck my arse.”

I pulled her hard skinny arse up until she was on her knees with her face buried in the grass.

Her cunt was wet so I dipped my cock in to grease it, She reacted pushing me away, “not there my arse.”

“Your arse is dry it will hurt,” I said, as I spat in her arsehole. “I don’t care; I want it, give it to me.” “Please do it, please.”

She was on fucking fire as I drove in past a slight blockage, on in to the hilt, pushing her forward, forcing her head down into the grass.

She immediately banged back against me grunting out loud, “Oh yes! Yes! Thank you, thank you.”

She was bucking back wildly as I moved my hands to grab her clit rubbing her nub, massaging it in time with my thrusts in her arse. “That’s beautiful. Oh my goodness, keep it up.”

She didn’t stop talking, moaning and crying, “Fuck me hard, oh, please give it to me.” “Ram it in fuck you.”

I did as I was told grabbing her hair, pulling her head back hard and banging into her as hard as I could.

“Cop this you bitch this is for all the shit you create for me and my classmates,” I said as I tried my best to poke right through her.

We fucked down on our knees on the side of the road.

All her words along with her anal muscle control brought me to an abrupt conclusion. My cum poured into her arse. My knees began to buckle. I kept slamming as I sank lower and lower, finally I slipped out and turned her over to kiss her.

We lay cuddling in each others arms, we were fucked.

Her hair was a mess, her skirt was covered in grass stains her knees were scratched.

I realised with a shock that we had been fucking outside the gate to her home, if her husband woke up she would have had no chance of explaining her condition. Even now, if he saw us he would know what we had been doing.

She wasn’t worried. In fact she was excited. “I have always wanted to do that.” “To be fucked in the arse in a moment of passion, was one of my long standing dreams. I will never forget this night,” she said kissing me and patting my but.

Mrs Caruthers picked up her torn panties, as I took her hand and escorted her up the path to her door.

“We must be quiet my husband might wake up” she said holding a finger to her lips. Now at the last minute she’s worried I thought.

She turned and kissed me “I can still feel you in my arse.” “You were magnificent. We will do it again.”

As I walked away she whispered, “Call me Helen.”

What a night I had smacked and then fucked in the arse the teacher known as the bitch. What’s more the bitch said “we will do it again.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 10

by mangrove jack©

Melissa thought back over the past few days

She had been stunned when her husband George had announced

“He was coming out.”

“What do you mean coming out.” she demanded.

I’m gay. I’m coming out of the closet and declaring my love for Charles,

No more secrecy. No more sham marriage. I want everyone to know that I’m gay, and proud of it.

“What about our 14 year old son? What about him? What about me? She had shouted.

George just ignored her questions slamming the door as he left.

She didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, finally ringing Darlene who rushed over to console her.

Darlene held her in her arms stroking and caressing her, encouraging her to forget the bastard. “I won’t be able to show my face in public” Melissa cried “it’s so humiliating to be dumped for a 50 year old man.”

“I’ll be treated as a joke.”

“You’re no bloody joke” Darlene assured her.

I’ll ring Jackie, by the time we’ve finished with you every male in this city will be saying, “George is a fuckwit.”

Darlene explained to Jackie, “George has come out and good riddance to him, now Melissa’s going to come out from behind that mousy image that suited George’s wife.”

Over a 24 hour period they changed Melissa from a mousy housewife to what Jackie described as a “hot item.”

They had stripped her, while checking her out. “Good tits.” Jackie exclaimed as she slipped Melissa’s blouse away. Jackie hands wandered from the blouse to stroke and pinch the long brown nipples.

“My god they’re beautiful, look at the way they stand out” Darlene cried, as she lent down and sucked one in her mouth.

Melissa cried out pushing her away “For god’s sake Darlene I’m not gay”

Darlene responded “neither am I but like to suck a good tit.”

They bathed her, changed her hair colour, massaged her, oiled her, and shaved her, leaving what Jackie described as a thin landing strip.

Jackie organised Manicures, pedicures and facials. They went through her wardrobe discarding clothes shoes and underwear.

They decided her best features were her flat hard tummy and her magnificent arse.

“Hipster jeans are the best way to display tummy and arse,” Jackie said.

Darlene over rode them, “we want them cut lower, they must be skin tight, she should never wear flat heels, all shoes must have heels to show those long legs. I would wear six inch stilettos.”

When they were satisfied, Darlene lit a smoke as she sipped a coffee, ‘We are doing another make over tomorrow. Young Richard needs updating to suit our new image; come along it will be fun.”

Jackie, Darlene and Melissa told a Boy Scout Mothers meeting “it was time Richard’s wardrobe was updated in keeping with his new found standing in the community.

My protests, that my clothes suited me, were brushed aside.

Three lively ladies took me shopping.

They escorted me to an expensive men’s outfitter. It was in an area where I never shopped. The upmarket boutique was well out of the reach of my personal finances. “Don’t worry we’ll pay” Jackie said when I complained. “It’s not every day we get to dress a young dude.”

My escorts were full of fun. Their clothes were impeccably cut to show off their fine figures. Lots of suntanned brown skin was on display. Skirts were short, jeans tight, tops cut low.

They created a sensation. Men turned to eye them off as they passed. The ladies loved it.

So did I.

This was the first time I had been out with Melissa.

I was captivated.

It was obvious she wore no bra under the tiny top that hung from her nipples. The top finished so short it barely covered her perky tits. A large diamond stud shone in her belly button.

Her jeans were cut low on her hips exposing a stretch of perfect flesh.

The material in her jeans was stretched so tight, they appeared to be moulded to her gorgeous ass and legs

I stood staring, she turned and caught me, “what are you staring at boy.”

Before becoming involved with the mums, I would have blushed and ran for cover. Now I grinned, licked my lips, and replied.

“I am staring at your long legs and your tight ass

“You couldn’t possibly be wearing anything under those jeans; they’re moulded to your pussy.”

She laughed, “You’re a cheeky young bastard aren’t you.”

Darlene winked at Melissa, “I warned you about him now you know what I said was true.”

I asked “what did she tell you.”

Melissa gave me a shove. ”That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Richard looked over at Melissa, who was staring off into space thinking of George. He stretched his hand out to touch her “you were miles away; I would like to be the guy in that dream.”

“I am sure you wouldn’t” she answered quickly.

Moments later her mood changed, as the ladies inspected Richard’s outfit.

‘We have got to get him out of those daggy jeans,” they agreed as we entered a cool cavern of shining stainless steel and neon lights.

The sales person was overwhelmed by my three beautiful fast talking escorts. He retreated to watch as they took over his job, sitting me down, pulling off my shoes, top and jeans, leaving me sitting in the middle of the showroom in my boxer shorts and nothing else.

I looked up to see two young female assistants peering around a display stand. My prick stirred with interest.

Jackie pushed me into a changing room.

The three joined me, making it very intimate and crowded, especially as my boxers were quickly removed and discarded.

Melissa left to gather more clothes.

Jackie was barking out instructions, “Only the top brand names please.” As she spoke her hands caressed my prick.

Laughter spread from the changing room to the sales assistants outside when they loudly discussed for all to hear whether my prick should hang to the right or left.

Reaching no consensus Darlene then demanded that there be no pockets, “so there would be nothing to distract from the primary object.” They settled on “no underwear.”

Jackie finally adding she would get me a “pouch” at an adult shop.

I had to struggle to get in an out of the tight fitting gear. Melissa pointed out that “his over excited member is the problem.”

“You mean his dick that’s no problem,” Jackie said.

Dropping to her knees, she proceeded to vigorously suck my prick deep into her mouth, massaging my balls until I came.

Jackie then called for a cloth and sponged me. “We can’t have cum stains on the new gear.” she explained

My horn diminished, but not quick enough for Darlene who had came back with a glass of ice water, she sucked two or three small ice cubes into her mouth and wrapped her mouth around my prick. That produced the greatest downer of all times as my prick disappeared back into its foreskin.

I left the store resplendent in a new outfit. It had cost a small fortune, more than I had ever spent on clothes before.

Melissa carried bags of shirts slacks and other gear. They dumped the outfit I had worn in a charity bin.

Jackie announced loudly “Now, off to an adult shop to buy him a thong for his dong.”

The adult shop was another riot. Jackie and Darlene spent most of the time obscenely playing with dildos of all shapes and sizes.

Melissa brought the house down when she called out

“These are not husband sizes, where is the little soft dribbly one like my husbands.”

When they thought I wasn’t watching the three made purchases

To the delight of the shop assistants and one elderly customer, they announced, I was to be fitted with a pouch. Each of my shopping partners then took a personal interest, in my measurements.

They asked one another should they fit the pouch when I was bold or cold, or as a giggling Melissa put it, was it made to fit both blimp and wimp.

All this time Darlene with my prick in her hands was trying to lift her skirt, preferring to see it was snug and comfortable

After much touching pushing pinching and measuring, I stood with my pants around my ankles, wearing my first pouch.

As we left Melissa said “I have never been in one of those shops before.

I would never have the courage to go there on my own.”

I responded “I think its ok! but a lot of funny characters hang around this area, it’s probably better if you take someone with you especially at night.”

“I think it’s quite safe.” Darlene said with a laugh, “The dirty old men hanging around are all wankers.”

“Don’t worry your husband won’t find out, husbands don’t take their wives there because they might run into their girlfriends.” Jackie added.

Melissa coloured as she sighed “what about their boy friends.”

Darlene broke the silence, “The underclothing if that’s the word to describe some of it, is designed to display a woman’s figure in the most erotic fashion.”

Jackie became enthusiastic,” They are the only shops, that have truly erotic women’s clothes, some of it is so beautiful that you feel sexy just thinking of wearing it,”

It’s designed to turn men on.” I find it really turns me on.”

“You should check it out Melissa.”

“You don’t have to go on your own. Richard can take you.” Jackie added.

I looked at Melissa, she licked her full sensual lips, gave me a funny look replying,” I might just do that.”

Late in the afternoon the by now very warm and cuddly escorts drove me home

Darlene and Jackie called on Melissa after dropping Richard home. “You were a “wow” today. Richard couldn’t keep his eyes off you.” Darlene told her.

“Yes you were hot, what you need now is a long nights loving,” Jackie added.

“Richard has been fucking both of us for weeks. He thinks each of us doesn’t know about the other. He’d be surprised at what we know.”

“He’s a great fuck, young and virile with a horn that keeps coming back for more. What he lacks in experience he makes up in vigour and enthusiasm. He’s just what you need to make you forget George.”

Melissa started to object, but they waved away her objections, “look it’s up to you, give him a ring tomorrow, and ask him to take you shopping.”

“We can assure you the young bastard’s discreet.”

The next day whilst I was having lunch in the college cafeteria, Melissa rang. It took less than a minute for me to dump my evening at the gym and agree to pick her up at seven and take her shopping.

Melissa stepped out of the bath, smiling as she recalled the fun she had had with Richard and the girls yesterday.

“What a difference a day makes” she murmured as she caressed her slim brown body with the warm towel.

She couldn’t believe that she had asked Richard to take her shopping especially after what Darlene and Jackie had told her.

She turned to the mirror letting the towel drop away. Not bad for a 38 year old she mused.

She watched her reflection as she ran her hands over her hips and up to her breasts, pushing up to rub the nipples between thumb and finger.

“Yes, oh yes” she whispered, “I want to be loved.”

Wandering naked around the house wearing only the new six inch high stilettos for practice, she poured herself one, then two, stiff scotch and sodas.

Moving into her bedroom she slumped on her bed, thinking of Richard.

Slowly she ran her finger down past her belly button and the new sparkling diamond stud until her finger entered her pussy.

“Yes I want to be loved, oh Richard, I hope you will want me,” she cried, as her finger entered her wet pussy.

Richard arrived right on seven to find Melissa waiting for him.

He whistled, when she opened the door “My god Melissa, you are fantastic, I wish I had my camera so I could capture how beautiful you look standing there.”

Her low cut silk hipsters defied description; they fitted her like a glove moulding her magnificent ass.

Her top was cut very low to reveal her magnificent cleavage. He couldn’t take his eyes off those mouth watering nipples

His adoring look made her nipples tingle.

As he followed Melissa into the hall, he studied the swing of her ass, made all the more tantalising by her stiletto heels.

I’d like to fuck that tonight he murmured to himself

Once inside Melissa turned asking? “do you want a drink or will we leave it to later.”

Richard, who was unaware of her discussions with Darlene and Jackie, much to her disappointment said “let’s go shopping first.”

Behind the wheel he drove straight to the adult shop. “Where are we?” Melissa asked,

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, “I’m sorry, I thought that you had rang me to keep Jackie’s promise that I would bring you back here.”

“We don’t have to go in if you don’t want to” he added blushing furiously.

She grabbed him by the arm “let’s go”

“I’m anxious to see the nightwear that Jackie said turned her on when she was only thinking of wearing it.”

They were met by a young blonde Hostess, who looked them over before suggesting a private room.

Seating Richard on a lush red couch, she told Melissa,

“We have many items designed to tease and titillate your partner, hundreds of styles that will show off your most exciting attributes, every colour imaginable to highlight your natural beauty, materials from furs and leather to silk and cotton, you name it we have it. We pride ourselves that we can provide everything to help you add to the enjoyment of your body.”

“Look around, find your size, try things on, and make up your mind at your leisure, if you need any thing ring that little bell.”

I hope our clothes will stimulate both you and your partner to greater sexual satisfaction.” She said as she hung an “in use,” sign on the door, pointed to a mini bar and its charges and left.

I broke the stunned silence, by going to the mini bar and pouring two quite heavy scotches, before returning to sit beside Melissa.

To break the ice, I pointed to an item on the wall “is that the cat and nine tails?” Melissa giggled “if it is you are not using that on me.”

We strolled around drinking and looking at the displays. Gaining some courage from the alcohol, I slipped my arm around her, pulling her close, “Why don’t you try something on?”

She looked at me grinning, “Not those ugly crutch less panties,”

Spying a presentation box that said Indian maid, I gave it to her. “With your new jet black hair you’d look good in an Indian outfit.” I suggested.

She took the box, and moved behind a screen.

I was taking a swig at my scotch when she eased back into the room. I gulped in surprise, my scotch went down the wrong way leaving me spluttering and coughing as I stared at the most fucking fantastic sight.

The Indian outfit consisted of a top made of a one inch tape with only a mini fringe in front that allowed her magnificent nipples to poke through;

The bottom was a skirt six inches in depth if it was that, it had a wide open area on each side, allowing my eyes to study her from the side with only two one inch straps at breast and waist level to impede my view.

The closer I looked the smaller it seemed, in reality it was just two pieces of material covered in Indian signs, that hung like flaps front and back.

“Turn around” I cried through my splutters.

As she swirled around, her pert brown ass came into view, followed by her pussy. I looked again, yes, and it was bare except for a small strip of hair.

I fumbled with my slacks as my enlarging prick became entangled.

I dropped my glass, took her by the hand and pulled her to me. Our lips collided as my hands moved up under the fringe to tease her cold nipples.

Looking into her eyes I realised she was scared.

I kissed those scared eyes shut holding her tight.

“Love me, oh please love me, she moaned.

I led her over and laid her on the couch, “don’t be scared I won’t hurt you.”

I’m going to love you, yes love you, until you scream for mercy,”

“I’ll scream for more” she whispered with a little laugh.

She was right, she kept asking for more, more of my prick in her mouth, more of my tongue in her pussy, more of my prick in her arse, in fact she was still asking for more, when hours later the hostess knocked on the door to tell us they were ready to close.

My god Melissa said. “What will we do, we have only tried one outfit.

“Keep it on I want you to wear it home.” I whispered as I bent once more to nibble her bottom lip, while my hands caressed her nipples

Down at the cash register I explained “Only one item, and my sweethearts wearing it.”

Our blonde hostess grinned knowingly, “It’s done its job by the look of it.”

When we reached the jeep I opened the door to lift her in. She bent over as she stepped up and her sweet brown arsehole came into sight. I quickly leant forward and licked its rim pushing my tongue in as far as she would let me.

She swung around kissing me, wrapping her legs around my waist.

I fumbled around until she took my prick and fed it into her sopping wet pussy.

There in the car park we started again, my moans turning to groans as her finger nails clawed my back, ripping my thin silk shirt.

My balls were slapping against her arse as I stood on the ground besides the jeep, when the blonde hostess drove past tooting the horn. “Come back again soon,” she called with a laugh.”

Three times on the way home we stopped to complete fucks that had become impossible when driving.

At some time in the early hours of the morning, I remember lying on the driving seat, my legs hanging out the door, my fingers working her arse while she licked me clean.

A car load of college kids sped past, then circled back to drive closer and slower, when they spied what we were doing. We didn’t stop to listen to their suggestions.

“Come on we have got to get home so I cam fuck you in privacy” I cried as the last of my cum dribbled from her mouth down her chin.

The milkman stared, when as the sun came up, he spied me escorting Melissa, wearing six inch stilettos and nothing much else to her door.

Melissa, who he had called mousy Melissa just days ago, stumbled, “I’m fucked” she said loud enough for him to hear.

I picked her up in my arms, “the day’s just beginning you will be fucked as soon as I get you in the door.”

He spilt the milk. I wondered what else he spilt later.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 11

by mangrove jack©

Darlene’s husband had political connections. Under pressure from the mums he had arranged for the State Governor and his wife to be Guests of honour at a Gala Ball and to open the new Scout den.

The Governor’s wife, who was widely recognised as the boss in their partnership, loved ballroom dancing especially waltzing.

The Boy Scout Mothers asked me to make special arrangements for their husbands to attend ballroom dancing lessons.

Classes were held every evening. We joined a group that had started a few days previously. Most of the wives attended the dancing classes. Most men claimed they were busy.

After the first three or four nights, I was the only male from our group. I took turns dancing with Jackie, Darlene and four other members of our group. Their husbands realising that they were in trouble for not attending picked them up after lessons.

I started dropping in on Angelique. She loved dancing and had offered to improve my performance. We settled into a routine where we always had a quickie first.

She would help me as I pushed up her skirt to bend her over the back of the lounge. We had discovered that in this position, I could enter her ample arse while playing with her hairy pussy or her large soft hanging tits.

With my cock firmly embedded in her hairy arse, I would lean forward to lie on her back, and then with one finger frigging her clit, I would milk her nipples. Within minutes Angelique would takeover.

She had a unique anal technique, where she worked her interior muscles and her body, to bring me to a point where there was nothing I could to do to stop myself from pouring into her.

The wonder of Angelique’s earthy body, especially her large willing arse, excited me more and more, no matter how many times we fucked.

Because time was short, it was always what she called “a quick butt fuck.” “That’s the type of performance I like” she would say as she straightened her clothes, “now let’s fix your other performance.”

We would waltz to her music collection, and practice my kissing until her husband Con, came home. He would join us dancing. With their help I learnt what Angelique called the “Foreplay” side of ballroom dancing not just the formal steps.

Dancing cheek to cheek with our bodies close, Angelique told me “modern dancers don’t know what they are missing.”

She whispered instructions “Move your body to the music, very lightly roll your cock against my pussy. Massage my breasts with your chest, again just a faint movement not to obvious, but deliberately use your hands to feel me and stroke me, All the while you must make sure that anyone watching would not realise what you were doing... It has to be subtle, calm on the surface but trying to start a fire underneath. “With a good partner this is the closest thing I know to public foreplay.”

Nodding at her husband she whispered “we used to get each other so hot we could hardly wait to get off the floor.”

I was determined to try out her technique at our next dancing lessons. The response was immediate. My partners became more relaxed, their bodies pushing closer to my ever willing bulge.

Sonya, a well endowed blonde of Scandinavian extraction, asked would I dance with her.

As we swirled around the floor, I deliberately pushed back so I could stare down at her breasts which were glued to mine. Her breasts were enormous, but it was her nipples that drew my attention. I remember thinking that they stood out like spikes on a wartime sea mine, and were probably just as dangerous. We were pressed so close together that when I moved my chest trying Angelique’s technique, one nipple was nearly forced out of her boob tube.

She had been singing quietly in my ear. I rolled my hips bringing my rampant prick to a position that allowed it to innocently massage her pussy. As the slow romantic dance continued, I did everything but fuck her with her clothes on. The movement of that prick stopped her singing in mid word. She turned her face to mine and I swear she shuddered and came.

“You” she started to say and then seemed to change her mind; she pressed her pelvis tight against me, poked her tongue out erotically and licked my lips “My god if this is dancing, I should have taken it up years ago.” “We should do this more often.” She whispered. “I can’t wait,” I huskily replied, as I returned her to her seat.

Before the husbands turned up to check on progress and pick up their wives, I had to repair to the restrooms to clean up the wet spot on my slacks. Our group stood talking and joking together for some time before they all finally left.

I returned to the now dark car park to find Sonya waiting beside my jeep. She had worn a long skirt and a long boob tube at dance class, but now she only wore the tube. “We have 10 minutes,” she said huskily,” my husband is expecting me.”

With that she grabbed my zip, slid it down, dropped to her knees, and took me deep in her mouth. “I love a hot cock in my mouth,” she said speaking with her mouth full, “I had forgotten how hard a young cock can get.”

Later that night at home on my bed, all I could remember was the urgency of the milking of my prick.

Sonya’s long fingers massaged my balls, whilst her head bobbed up and down as her thick lips encircled my cock, taking it all in, No gagging. No gasping for breath, Just a hard driving in and out until I blew.

Sonya snorted through her nose swallowing it down. She looked up at me rolling her eyes. She smiled, opened her mouth and allowed a small amount of cum to dribble out the corner of her mouth

I didn’t want it to finish, I ran my fingers down my prick squeezing the last of my cum down her throat As it dribbled its last drop, I moved to help her to her feet. “Come here I want to see these beauties.”

Sonya rolled her top down around her waist, lifting her breasts out of her bra. They were enormous…Massive but not sloppy.

“Do you like them” she said as she took them out, and stepped back holding them with her hands underneath. “Do I bloody like them,” I said, “I fucking love em.”

I kissed her, biting down on her lower her lip, “take you hands away I want to see them without support.” She withdrew her hands, her massive breasts sagged but they swung free. “They are fantastic,” I said, as I dropped my head to take one of the enormous nipples in my mouth.

“They are much larger than they appeared,” I groaned as I pulled them up to suck in another mouth full. “The bra helps hide their size,” Sonya moaned. “I am embarrassed by them sometimes, so I keep them under control.” “My husband calls me a cow and makes fun of my size. He doesn’t like to go out with me unless I strap them down.”

I pulled my head back to look again. I stroked and massaged them “Don’t be embarrassed.” I told her as I bit down on an enlarged nipple.

“I’d love to go out with you. I don’t want you to strap them down.” “I have never seen tits this big and beautiful before. I want to tell my mates about you. When I do they will think I’m bullshitting, they won’t believe a beauty like you would go out with me until I show them your magnificent body.”

“Lets have coffee tomorrow after college. There is a coffee shop just outside the front gate.” “Are you sure, do you really want to be seen with an old lady like me out in public?” she asked.

“Are you kidding?” “I want to see you, and be seen with you, I want the whole college crew to be jealous.” “Really?” she moaned as my mouth returned to her nipples and my left hand found her dripping cunt.

She had not only removed her skirt but her panties too.

I was excited and rough, pushing one finger after the other into her cunt. It was large and soft. It seemed to open up, as all of my fingers fought to enter.

It only seemed like seconds, before I was able to insert my whole fist. With my hand deep in her cunt, I slowly opened my hand, palm up, then Just by opening and closing my hand I tickled and stroked inside her cunt.

She grabbed my wrist and pulled away saying “take it easy.”

All this time we had not kissed. We soon made up for lost time kissing and stroking each other. As our juices leaked from our bodies, I pushed my fist back wriggling to get it in again. “Ten minutes is all I can spare,” she said pulling away. “I will pick you up from college tomorrow.”

She walked away her backside twitching “Sonya” I yelled, “Remember Don’t wear a bra tomorrow. Wear something sexy.”

When I left college the next afternoon, Sonya was waiting. She wore a tiny black leather mini skirt, an even smaller leather top, black stockings and high heels. Her breasts and nipples strained against the half opened zip.

She looked magnificent. She greeted me with a kiss. “No bra” I asked. She nodded. “Yes.” “You’re fucking incredible” I exclaimed

Some class friends joined me .They were hanging around wanting an introduction. Sonya kissed them on the cheek holding them tight so they could rub against her tits.

Some of the cheerleader’s squad strolled past chattering. None of them could hold a candle to this “hot momma.” She was more than twice their age, and in the sexual excitement stakes left them for dead.

Sonya was hot. She really stopped the traffic as my mates slowed their cars to say “good day” or to park and dive in for a kiss. She was every cunt struck young mans idea of a hot fuck.

She revelled in it. In the car as we drove away she was hot and excited.

At the coffee shop I could not keep my eyes off her tits. They were fantastic, straining the zip of her small leather top. I remembered from dancing that one of her nipples was wayward and again a nipple was edging out. I spied it and my prick hardened until it was uncomfortable in my pants.

Raising my eyes to look directly into her eyes I said earnestly, “I don’t want to share you any more.” “I want to fuck you.”

“Where can we go?” she asked.

“Let’s just get out of here before I go crazy” I replied

As we drove I was trying to think of a place to go. These days I spent my “making out time” in bedrooms. In the meantime Sonya drove into a new housing development, drove to an area of unsold land and parked under a large tree looking back over the estate.

I hopped out and went around opening her door. As she stood up, I kissed her, nibbling her lips, using my tongue. I reached for her top, but she beat me to it pulling the zip open letting her giant tits fall free.

Her extraordinary nipples stood out before my eyes, I couldn’t believe their size. My cock was struggling to rise in the restriction of my pants. But my mouth was not constrained. I licked and stroked her soft sweet tits, nibbling at her nipples, all the while I could not help moaning how beautiful they were.

“You are beautiful, I love you breasts, I whispered with my mouth full, as I sucked a large nipple into my mouth.”

“My fucking cock will burst if I don’t get to fuck you now.” I cried.

She turned around bending over with her hands on the bonnet of her car. Her tits were now completely in my control hanging down into my hands. I pulled and pushed the nipples like you would milk a cow.

“Fuck me” she moaned, “fuck me, and fuck me.” I took one hand from those mountainous tits and ran it down over her more than ample thighs. Pushing her thong down out of the way my fingers entered her moist cunt. She moaned, arching her back pushing back.

I had seen stories of fisting in books; I was determined to try it. I pushed all my fingers in and then my thumb until I had gradually pushed my fist inside. I rammed my fist in and out.

She screamed .Oh! Oh! Oh my god that’s great,” as I continued to ram my whole fist in and out. All of a sudden she pushed back, then pulled away, “Fuck your hand I want your fat cock,” She cried as she turned offering me her arse.

I dropped my slacks down around my ankles and slammed my cock hard into that fantastic arse. She in turn slammed back into my stomach nearly winding me. Grunting and puffing I kept up a steady assault. The muscles of her large arse gripped me as though it was virgin territory. I could feel them massaging and holding my prick as my foreskin was pushed up and down. Bloody hell I whispered, “Your arse is really fucking my prick.”

She threw her head back looking at me over her shoulder, what did you say? She asked.

Returning my hands to her tits, pulling her nipples out as far as I could, then pinch and twisting them. I told her, “You have an educated arse its fantastic.”

I don’t know whether educated was the right description, but it was the largest I had fucked, and yet it was close and tight as it milked my dick.

“Stick with me and you will get a real education, she laughed, Bucking and pushing back harder and harder.

Grabbing one of my hands Sonya stuffed it down and into her cunt. Before I realised what was happening, she quickly pulled my slippery wet hand out, slipped it between her lips, and sucked it deep into her mouth.

Sonya was hollering. “I love it I love it.”

In my unthinking passion, I sucked love bites on her back and shoulders. “Don’t mark me” she cried. “Oh shit sorry: was my response. Her cry was too late she would wear my marks for days, creating reaal problems at home.

Our bodies slapped together, sweat pouring down, making our bodies slippery. We were grunting, groaning, moaning swearing and cursing as we fucked and fucked.

A building gang drove past, saw us locked together, slowed and gave us a cheer. We were too far gone to care. We kept going, On and on, on and on, slipping and sliding, our temperatures rising, until we came to what I thought was a conclusion.

Not yet done, she pushed me away, turned around, grabbed my well used prick and inserted it again this time in her cunt. Slower now we worked our bodies to a peak as we kissed and cuddled, “I love you,” she whispered, “You make me feel like a real woman.”

“Please,” she was begging and pleading “don’t forget me.” “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Ring me anytime,” “I want to be your fuck toy.”

With my fist again deep in her cunt I promised.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 12

by mangrove jack©

The day of the governor’s visit finally arrived.

The Mayor and local politicians had arranged a full program .A line of limos waited whilst we met the Governors entourage.

I was allocated to ride with the governor’s wife and her private secretary. We were to go directly to the resort hotel.

The governor and official party were to go direct to his first function. The Governor’s group were assigned to a number of individual bungalows in the hotels resorts style grounds.

On entering her bungalow the governor’s wife threw off her jacket calling as she entered the washroom “get me a drink”

Maureen her prim and proper secretary was busy so I opened a bottle of red wine and poured a glass. On her return she asked,

“What do we call you?”

“Richard” I replied, “but most people call me Dick”

“You can call me Jan,” “when we are away from the public”.

She slumped down in a chair completely relaxed. .I now had time to study her. She was six feet tall with a swimmers broad shoulder. Her hair was blonde, piercing blue eyes, large full lips, her tits were small but perky, her hips broad, legs graceful and long.

Her body displayed the strength and muscles of a very fit athlete. There was not an ounce of fat to be seen .She was not a playboy model but a middle aged hard bodied former champion swimmer who took great care of her body.

She was quite a woman, a vibrant healthy athlete that obviously loved a drink. She consumed glass after glass of what she murmured was “a good red”.

I went to leave, so she could have a rest before preparing for the ball. “Stay” she commanded. “Talk to me tells me about you, tell me about these women who have created this den”. So I stayed.

I told her about college, football, and the cookie drive, the booming building economy. She kept asking questions about Jackie, Darlene and company. She knew that most of the men whose wives made up the group were very rich and getting richer, due to the property boom.

“What do the women do to fill in their time” she asked

I replied “I don’t know.”

“Oh I thought the way you stuck together at the airport that you were close to them,” she said with a sly look. I steered the conversation to her swimming career.

Later I asked what it was like to be the governor’s wife. She took a mouthful of wine and said “boring”.

She was a very interesting woman but I wanted to getaway. Friday afternoons were my regular time to see Jennifer alone.

Later as I left Jennifer’s, Jackie called to angrily report that the governor had paid close attention to the cheer leaders and ignored anything over 20.

The wives were far from impressed. He may be governor, but as far as they were concerned he was just a dirty old man.

It was ball time. As I knocked on the door of Jan’s bungalow I struggled to straighten my clothes. My soft prick could be easily seen as a firm ridge in my skin tight, black silk tuxedo trousers. Jackie’s pouch was a mistake. I looked and felt as though I had an erection.

Maureen opened the door looked me up and down and gave a quiet whistle. I returned the compliment as I studied her deep blue evening gown cut low to draw your eyes to two lovely tits. I ran my tongue over my lips. Maureen flushed pulled back and said “the governor’s wife is waiting.”

Jan rose to her feet as we entered. She wore a sleek black gown with two long side slits to show off her legs. At six foot two inches she towered over Maureen.

The governor joined us.

Let’s go he said nodding at me.

We walked through the grounds to the ante room situated between the two venues for the night’s gala event.

One thousand five hundred tickets had been sold, forcing the wives to hire both available venues and erect a large marquee in the grounds for supper.

At the entrance we were greeted by a fanfare from the band and escorted along a red carpet into the main hall. The welcoming speeches were quiet brief. The governor’s reply was shorter still and was met with warm applause.

The governor and his wife were asked to lead off the first dance. As they passed I realised that he was three or four inches shorter than Jan and danced awkwardly. Maureen and I joined in as the floor became crowded with dancers. We circled the room.

I marvelled at the beauty of the wives they were fantastic .They were the belles of the ball.

I danced with each in turn .By the time I finished my prick was trying to burst my zip.

The only thing that stopped me from being charged with indecent exposure was my jacket and the fact that whilst dancing, I held my body tight against my partner. None of the wives objected.

Maureen suggested that I ask the Governor’s wife for a dance, as she had been left alone with some older ladies.

“Thanks for rescuing me” she said as we joined the crowd on the floor. She was a very good dancer. We soon lost our selves in the music and the crowd. As we danced I forgot she was the governor’s wife and following Angelique’s teaching held her closer and closer. When the music stopped we moved apart.

I asked.

“Do you want to keep on dancing?”

She whispered “yes”.

The next bracket of numbers was slow and the lights dimmed. I took her in my arms. We were dancing cheek to cheek I sang the words of the songs as we danced. My prick had not subsided. I completely forgot I was dancing with the Governor’s wife. I danced as taught by Angelique, my hands moved over her back sinking lower and lower until I was rubbing her butt.

The music stopped .she took my hand and led me back to where the official party was sitting, “Thank you, you are a fine dancer,” with those words I was dismissed, as she joined the conversation.

I stood there flatfooted when I spied Maureen sitting away from the group. I slipped her a wink, and mouthed silently “let’s dance.”

Angelique’s teaching was used to the full as I squired Maureen through one and then a second and third item. Prim and proper Maureen was proving not to be so prim and proper away from the governor’s wife.

I had practised with Angelique the dancing foreplay technique and had mastered it until I could always feel the woman stiffen as she first felt my erection massage her pussy.

Maureen didn’t stiffen she didn’t miss a beat, her hips and pussy massaged me back, her tits moved slowly against my chest. She danced with her leg massaging my prick. Half way through the second dance I was over the moon, panting and pawing, ready to rape, I was so horny.

I crooned in her ear telling her she was the horniest girl in the room, while my prick massaged her pussy through her clothes.

I danced her into the less lighted part of the floor, and dropped my hands down to her near perfect rear pulling her into me. Her body was a delight.

Maureen led me as we danced towards the darkest corner near a door. “Where’s that bloody prick?” she demanded.

Still on the dance floor, she lowered my zipper freeing up my rock hard prick and took it in her hand.

The hour of sexual excitement and frustration boiled to a head. Cum poured out into her hand onto her dress and my pants. She tried frantically to stop it, to no avail, as the mess spread.

“For fuck’s sake let’s get out of here,” she cried.

We slipped from the dance hall through a side door.

Spying the resorts swimming pool rest rooms, she pulled me into the women’s toilets, found the mothers room, pushed me in and locked the door.

“Take off your pants!” she ordered.

Maureen slipped her dress down, and then used paper towels and water to remove the excess cum.

I sat and stared.

To say I was stunned would be a massive understatement.

In my randiest moments, I would never dreamed of sitting watching prim and proper Maureen, with her dress draped over the bench wearing only panties stockings and high heels, cleaning up my spunk.

I reached for her. “Come here” “I’m going to fuck you.”

She came willingly.

I slowly started to lick and kiss her neck, her shoulders, down her back, along her spine, down to the split in the perfectly rounded cheeks of her arse.

She was purring like a contented cat. Her body pliable to my ministrations,

“Don’t fuck about, do it now, I’m as horny as hell,” she cried.

She turned away as she pushed her panties down; grabbing the opportunity I licked and tongued her arse, inserting my tongue slowly, gripping her hips as she moaned a series of “ohs” oh, oh, oh, oh.

I turned her around and fastened my lips on hers.

Then to slow things down and try to regain the initiative, I slipped my lips along her chin, nipped and tongued back to her lips and up to kiss her eyes. Her mouth was open, her tongue moved restlessly.

“Tell me what you want” I asked

“Just fuck me!” …she thought for a minute, “make me cum, lick my slit,” she stopped and said, “Oh fuck it; just fuck me hard.”

I was determined to make her beg. I moved to kiss her ears, then down to her neck, slowly progressing down to her firm hard tits.

“If I was married to you, I wouldn’t let you wear clothes around the house; I would suck these beauties morning and night.”

She moaned “oh come on, hurry up, please, just fuck me”

I licked around and under her tits, rolling her nipples with my tongue. Sucking like a baby trying to draw liquid from them,

Using my teeth I nibbled on her nipples, slipped lower to her belly button and down to her thighs.

“For fuck`s sake hurry up. Fuck me you bastard, come on fuck me.” She moaned angrily as her body bucked.

She tried to pull my head and tongue to her fiery wet hole.

I resisted and licked and kissed on as she hissed,

“Suck me… suck my cunt you fucking tease… milk me… fuck me”… begging as her voice rose.

Just then a group of women entered the ladies toilets talking and laughing about men, sex and booze.

One said quite loud and clear well I won’t get a fuck tonight but those cheerleaders better look out if Ron and his gang get their chance.

Maureen stiffened in my arms at the mention of Jackie’s husband.

I quickly inserted my tongue in her cunt using my thumb beside it to rub her clit. Running the fingers of my other hand around the rim of her arse, I made her spread her legs and stand up straight, as I dropped to my knees.

She was flowing copiously, my face was wet. Rolling my fingers in her juices, I moved one hand back to her rear and slowly inserted my finger. I started frigging her arse, whilst my tongue was frigging her cunt.

She was moaning softly whispering my name.

Her moans grew louder “oh fuck Richard! You have a fantastic prick” she cried out loud

“My god, your kisses are more dangerous than your prick, your lips are making me cum.”

I was forcing my tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt.

We were so busy and noisy we did not hear the ladies leave the next room or others come and go.

I threw our clothes off the bench lifted her up and laid her back. I stood beside her head and shoved my prick in her face.

“I want to watch you suck this and swallow my cum,” I ordered.

I stood there as she took me in her mouth and proceeded to milk my balls with her hands. I did not last a minute before I came.

I held her head as she swallowed.

“That’s right drink it down” I said as the public address system announced supper.

“Christ we’ve got to get out of here” she cried. “We are part of the official party we have to be with them at supper”.

“Fuck supper” I growled.

Champagne and wine were being consumed in copious quantities and only Jan seemed to notice as we rejoined the official tables. Maureen steered me to a seat beside Jan. Jan nodded towards the governors group “they’re talking politics” and went on “Where have you been”. “We missed you.”

“Sorry” I mumbled, “I was with friends.”

“Friends eh”! Jan smiled, arching an eyebrow.

Luckily Maureen intervened pouring more wine.

The conversation thankfully turned to tomorrow mornings jogging session.

I moved over to join the Boy Scout Mum’s group. They made a place so I could sit amongst them .One after the other they gave me a hug and a cuddle complaining I had been neglecting them. We were making a lot of noise laughing, flirting, touching and patting . I could not keep my hands to myself. I noticed Jan studying me as I flirted with Darlene.

Darlene looking deep into my eyes said with an obvious wink, “I have bought a Polaroid and a digital camera so you can take my photo.”

Everyone was listening, so I responded by promising to take photos of their best features for my album.

“What best features” they chorused

“I won’t know till I see you all in the nude,” I said to roars of laughter.

“I will tell you all individually what are your best features but I will have to see all of you, and I mean all.”

Time flew as I danced with each of the wives.

The governor was dancing with one of the young cheerleaders, as I led Jan on to the floor. I pulled her close slipping my hand down to her ass. I was hot horny and breathing hard. She was smelling of liquor and did not object.

“Why don’t you dance with the young girls” she asked.

“They don’t interest me,” “I like a real woman with experience not a kid.” I replied.

I pulled her close kissed her on the cheek and said “you are a beautiful dancer.” She smiled, “You must be discreet,” but did not pull away.

With my hand down low in the middle of her back I pulled her body closer to mine .I knew she must feel my prick pressed against her, but she danced on unconcerned.

I kissed her ear; she pulled back whispering, “stop that”

We danced many times. Each time we ventured into the less illuminated section of the dance floor, I got more adventurous. As the evening wore on she allowed more and more little liberties, but always stopped short; if I persisted she would lead me off the floor back to the tables.

I was frustrated. I was in great demand by the Mums, dancing every dance getting hornier every minute. Some of my partners were women I had never really taken much notice of before; one of my surprise partners was Jill the supermarket manager. Her petite Asian figure enchanted me; I vowed to have more than coffee with her soon.

The cheerleader’s trainer commandeered me for a dance, as we danced she pulled me close and told me. “I’m called Marion, Richard that’s your name isn’t it?” When I answered “yes” she went on “I thought it was you, but I couldn’t pick your partner in the mother’s room. What were you doing with those lips to make her scream so loud?”

Attack seemed the best form of defence so I said “just give me a chance and I’ll show you.” I pulled her butt hard so her crotch was flattened against my rock hard prick and swirled her around the floor. She didn’t pull away leaning her head on my shoulder.

I escorted her back to the table where the cheerleader squad was entertaining the governor. As we walked my hand rubbed the ridge of her arse, she squeezed my hand, looked back and winked, as I thanked her for the dance and left.

Alcohol was still flowing freely. Ron was drunk, wanting to talk but not making much sense. “We are going to take the governor to the club for a drink, you look after her,” he said pointing at Jan, who I noticed for the first time was slightly flushed showing the effects of many different alcoholic drinks.

It was announced the official party was leaving .They were escorted to the entrance where the men broke off and left .All of the wives joined our group. We strolled through the grounds until we reached the pavilion, where Jackie rang for coffee.

“The fresh air is wonderful,” said Jan, taking my arm, “Lets walk.”

We continued along a gravelled garden path. The gravel under her high heels made Jan stumble and I grabbed her to stop her falling .One hand cupped her small breast, I didn’t do it on purpose but I didn’t pull away. She looked me straight in the eye.

“That was convenient” she giggled.

Keeping that eye contact I tweaked her hardening nipple.

“Oh” she whispered

I leant forward and kissed her. She looked around, making sure that no one was near. She then grabbed me by the ears and kissed me. She held my head tight; I was being kissed by a woman who knew what she wanted.

Her kiss set me on fire; I had become more and more sexually frustrated as the ball wore on so I needed no encouragement.

I wanted to fuck her till she cried stop. My hands were all over her. The fact that she was the governor’s wife didn’t make any difference.

Her lips left mine; she grabbed me by the shoulders

“Steady!! Control yourself we must be careful there are too many people around”

“Let’s walk,”

As we walked straightening our clothes, she spoke calmly, telling me that she knew I was a discreet young man.

“Your dancing has been marvellous tonight”

“When I was a swimmer, I always liked to make out after dancing and drinking”

“I am a walking advert for the saying candy’s dandy but liquor’s quicker.”

I was amazed. Here was the governor’s wife talking like this to me. I made to embrace her but she pushed me away.

She asked where I was sleeping. I told her in the bungalow next to hers.

We rejoined the ladies. Jan poured herself a glass of wine.

She gave as well as she got when they teased her about slipping away with me. We sat drinking coffee, laughing and teasing, until finally Jan said she was going to retire.

The den mothers good night kisses pats and pinches sent me to bed with my prick fully extended.

In my room I left the door ajar and the sliding window open.

I was like a bride on her wedding night. I showered quickly, decided to shave, finally throwing my self down on the bed naked with my prick in my hand.

I waited and waited. I dozed off waking as a clock in the hall struck 4 am.

“She’s not coming the prick teasing bitch,” I said aloud as I stood naked looking out the sliding window.

“I’m a bitch, am I?” she said from behind me .She had come in through the back door.

A hand grabbed my prick; she had not come to talk.

Her grip tightened until I could hardly stand it, then she relaxed and started to slowly move her hand up and down. Her lips fastened on to my mouth, locking my tongue in an indescribable painful, yet highly erotic kiss. My prick doubled in size, it was a raging monster.

I dragged her towards the bed. My hands tried desperately to remove what ever clothing she wore. In the dark I did not know what it was nor did I care I just wanted it out of the way.

I ripped it away as we fell on to the bed locked together.

Her small tits stood out white in the moonlight. I dropped my head to kiss them.

She had not loosened her hold on my prick. She rubbed it up and down outside and inside the lips of her cunt. so that it lightly touched her clit.

She moaned out loud “Fuck that’s good.” “You have a lovely hard prick.”

She positioned my prick ready, I held back as she struggled to pull me down and force me to enter.

She grabbed my head, pulling it down and fastened her mouth over mine biting down hard on my lips, we struggled breaking apart

“Give it to me, fuck me! Come on do it now! Fuck you. Do it now!”

“Beg you bitch beg,” I urged.

“I want to hear the governor’s wife begging to be fucked.”

“She smacked me hard across the face.”

“I‘ll scream she yelled”

All of a sudden she quickly changed

“Please fuck me, oh come on, please, please,” she growled.

I couldn’t hold out any longer.

She moaned with delight, as I plunged into her thrusting deeper and deeper.

I was brutal. She was groaning and crying out loud.

Her head was flat on the bed, tossing and turning as she groaned under the strength of my attack. Attack it was, as I tried to drive deeper, pushing harder than I had ever done before.

She became extremely agitated, she bucked pushing her cunt up to meet my thrusts. Her hand gripped my shoulders, then my arse, then my ears, she was working desperately.

After a series of little shudders, her whole body relaxed, her legs splayed open flat on the bed.

She moaned “that was beautiful, beautiful!”

I slipped down the bed and buried my tongue in her cunt. I tried to take it all in my mouth nipping and licking the large fat lips.

Inserting a finger I started to finger fuck her. I looked up towards her head past her small hard tits .She had her fingers in her mouth sucking loudly.

We struggled to a sitting position on the end of the bed. I pushed my prick towards her mouth. She fell to the floor on her knees and licked the head rolling the foreskin back and forth licking it all over.

My god, it’s hard and big again”

“I love your young hard prick.”

Then she started to deep throat.

“Bloody hell” I cried out loud as she took me deep in her throat. I could feel her tongue, the back of her throat, her tonsils. The sensations were fantastic.

Right in, then right out. She would look at it, then up at me, then take it right in again and again.

I held her hair aside so I could look down and watch the governor’s wife giving great head.

“You’re the greatest I cried, what a champion cocksucker.”

She pulled her head away and laughed “would you say the same if I wasn’t the governor’s wife”

I pulled my cock down between her tits as I started to cum.

Not satisfied with that she pushed me down, inserted my prick in her cunt bucking hard.

I turned her over, positioned her on her hands and knees, inserting my finger in her cunt and my thumb in her arse and proceeded to frig her. I bit her hard leaving a love bight on her arse cheek.

“You bastard you marked me” she cried as she shuddered and came again I’ll fucking mark you all right, I want you to remember me, because I’m not going to forget you,” I moaned.

My prick was half soft. I pushed it towards her mouth.

“Make this hard so I can fuck your arse.”

As she sucked and licked my cock it grew and grew.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?” I asked

She just looked up at me rolling her eyes. I watched as she ran her finger along my balls squeezing them gently. I could feel my prick responding my prick stood to attention in no time.

You have a great arse I exclaimed as I sought her butt.

“Yes…Fuck my arse” I haven’t had a hard one there for years,” she yelled.

I rubbed my fingers in our juices and inserted one, then two, in here arse. She moaned aloud “oh! Oh! Ohhhh” as I met some resistance. She took my prick in her hand, shoved my fingers aside, pushed back and eased my well oiled prick deep into her arse.

We were becoming wild, boisterous, and noisy, our moans grunts and groans drowned out by the squeaking bed which seems to bounce up and down on the floor, and the slap slap as my stomach smacked against her arse cheeks.

I leant forward and grabbed her clit squeezing it softly and running my fingers round and round its hard nub.

She bashed her arse back against me rearing and crying out.

We continued in our frenzy, rutting like two wild dogs in heat.

Finally we were drained and collapsed in each others arms.

I had hoped this night might turn out as “The night I fucked the governor’s wife.”

I lay in her arms and realised “This was the night the governors wife fucked me.”

Daylight was breaking outside.

Jan lay in the early light with her legs splayed open, her finger rolling around on her clit, her eyes were glazed her breathing heavy. A series of small shudders racked her lower body. Her face was flushed.

“My joggers are on your back porch get them please”. She whispered.

As I collected the sports bag I looked up to see Maureen staring at me through the window of her bungalow. I waved.

I joined Jan in the shower. She was running her fingers through the hairs of her cunt, slipping them inside fingering herself. Her tits shining in the water looked like two over ripe pears hard small with fine stems.

On my knees I took over and washed, fingered, and then kissed her cunt.

Standing I washed and massaged her tits and nipples.

We sought each others lips. Our kisses grew more and more urgent. Locking each others heads with our hands, our tongues battled in each others mouths.

Nothing was said, the only sounds were the shower and our mutual moans and groans as increased sexual energy flowed through our bodies.

I could feel her massaging my prick with her fist.

She pushed back against the shower wall, lifted her legs and wrapped them around my back. There was no room. Locked together we struggled out of the shower.

I hadn’t penetrated her, but we were fucking on the outside, rubbing my prick against the top of her cunt.

She took me in hand and fed me urgently into that hot vibrant hole.

The governor’s wife proceeded to fuck me.

I stood holding her weight.

My hands were under and in her arse, as she bucked and rode my prick.

Her body rode up and down on my foreskin.

I tried to stop xumming but it was not to be.

Once again I came with an intensity that amazed me. I felt the tremors up my spine. My stomach churned, my legs weakened, my breaths came in short grunting bursts.

I kissed her.

“Don’t go jogging” I said, “stay with me.

“I’d love to,” she replied …. “But I must not create a scandal. We must be very careful.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 13

by mangrove jack©

The programme for the day after the ball provided separate events for the governor and his wife. She was to go horse riding, he to the football.

I waited at the country club to see that the commencement of the horse riding programme went smoothly

The country club was crowded when the governor’s wife arrived. Her Skin tight black jodhpurs moulded her legs, highlighting a fine arse. They hid the love bites I had put on each of the cheeks of her ass this morning.

Her small pear shaped tits were hidden by the bright red jacket.

Jackie looking like a million dollars was hostess; Bernadette was in charge of the horses.

Riding outfits moulded the figures of the women who were to join the governor’s wife on the morning ride.

I spent my time studying their form .Many outfits moulded cunts so tight, that the only thing I missed was the colour of the pussy hair. I had never seen so much pussy on display. I played ‘pick a butt’ as I watched them climb in the saddle.

I was left behind to prepare for the football match. Our team was keen to win in front of the governor, and the states leading citizens. We were hyped up and ready to roll.

At the ground, coach issued last minute instructions, as the cheer squad warmed up the crowd. The long legged busty cheer squad in their new red and white uniforms. were introduced to the Governor.

The game was dour and tough, neither side giving any quarter. On more than one occasion only a last ditch effort prevented our opponents from scoring. As the game reached the final ten minutes, I sensed that the players marking me were tiring. I didn’t plan any heroics. I whispered to our half back that we could break through in a drive up the middle.

Their players weren’t the only ones getting tired, for on the very next play we dropped the ball. The game appeared over. The disappointed groan of our home crowd made up my mind, to give the last few minutes my best shot.

I could only explain what happened next by claiming divine intervention, or at least the support of my fairy god mother. On their first play I bored in hard, and to my surprise, I easily intercepted their half backs long lazy pass.

I was the only one moving against the flow of the game, and took off for the line. The only two players, who were in a position where they might catch me, were the ones I had sensed were tired.

By the time they overcome the shock of my lucky interception, I was scurrying for the line. They stood flat footed, before turning to chase me, far too late. Seconds later, I crossed the line to the cheers of an amazed home crowd. The kick was successful, pushing our score further in front.

It was straight out of a “B” grade Hollywood movie, the home side pulling it out of the hat in the final minutes. But this was no movie it was still minutes before the final bell. Our opponents threw everything at us. We hung on for grim death desperately repulsing drive after drive.

When the final bell rang, our team of walking wounded looked more like losers than winners. I had never felt so tired in all my life. Cramps hit me, I could hardly stand. I sank back to the ground and was grabbed by my overjoyed team mates.

The official proceedings went past in a blur. We milled around waiting for it to finish. As I watched the official party leave, I noticed Jan had joined the governor.

By the time we got back to our rooms, I could hardly walk. Many of our players had not joined the celebrations as they were receiving treatment for their injuries. As a result, the over stretched support staff, had co-opted the assistance of the cheerleader’s trainer. As my problems were not serious, I was told to go to her shed for my rub down.

I was last in the queue. I threw a towel over my hips and lay on a spare bench to wait. I must have dozed off, for I woke with a start, when a warm hand started to rub my leg. It was Marion, the cheerleader trainer.

“We will have to get those legs working so you can go dancing, I hope you haven’t damaged those lips.” She said with a grin.

Her soothing hands worked on my legs and gradually moved up to my thigh.

I studied her closely, short blonde hair, blue eyes, probably thirty five to forty years old and fit as a fiddle. She was a picture of good health. She wore a white uniform buttoned up the front with the top buttons open.

I could see that she wore no bra. Her fleshy tits hung down swinging as she moved. From time to time, I could see right down past her tits to the top of her white panties. Under the towel my prick started to move, I could feel it growing.

People were moving in and out of the room. Our coach came to see if I was alright. A group of cheerleaders stood by the bench talking excitedly about the game; the place was busy, full of cheerleaders and staff.

Marion’s hands were now right in my groin, with people all around; my prick decided it was time to stand up. Marion casually draped another towel over my stomach hiding my extended member. I was just thinking how discreet she was, when her hand that had been massaging my groin grabbed my prick. I was taken by surprise and jumped.

“Oh you poor thing,” exclaimed one of the cheerleaders, “your hurt.”

Marion pulled my prick down flat so it pointed towards my knees. That was fine, but with my prick between thumb and finger she was milking it.

My senses reeled. Here I was lying on a table a few feet from some of our college’s most beautiful cheer leaders, with a hard bodied blonde trainer milking my prick between finger and thumb. To top it all off the girls had gathered around, asking questions.

Marion winked at me and told them “He’s muscle’s tight and hard but I will soon loosen him up.”

“Will he be alright” one of the girls asked anxiously.

“Of course” Marion replied with a grin, “just let me work on him for an hour or so and he will be ok”

An hour or so. Holy hell, I’ll really be stuffed.

All the time they were talking, she was gently but firmly milking my prick.

I struggled to keep my cool as her hand left my prick, massaging my balls as it passed, to run her fingers around the rim of my arse.

“Oh shit” I exclaimed involuntarily.

Susie a blonde who worked in Ron’s office said, “You’re hurting him,”

“Don’t worry I’ll soften him up” Marion said with a sly smile.

Soften him up she did, as I started to ooze cum up on to my stomach.

She closed her hand around my prick squeezing it hard until it was quite painful.

“Go and shower, clean yourself up,” she ordered.

With the towels wrapped around my waist, I moved through the crowded room to the shower. The crowd didn’t know what I had to clean up.

As I showered, I became hard again. I thought of the risk Marion had taken, giving me a hand job in front of a room full of people. Those thoughts made me even harder.

Marion came in as I finished showering, speaking quite loud so people outside could hear, “here’s your clothes,”

“Fuck the clothes” I whispered,

“I want to fuck you, come here”

I pulled her roughly to me, fastened my lips on her mouth, pushing my hands inside her uniform to massage a soft tit.

Marion didn’t need an invitation. Her hand wrapped around my prick. She started to work her hand up and down vigorously, she ran her other hand across my wet butt, and tried to jam a finger in my arse.

Whilst her hand was rapidly moving up and down on my prick, her mouth sucked my tongue deep inside, her teeth nipping it gently, then suddenly biting down hard.

I could feel my cum flowing up my prick. I jerked and bucked under her hands. “I’m going to cum,” I gasped, as I lost control. I was embarrassed as I started to empty it all in her hand.

“Don’t worry? I won’t waste it, she moaned.”

She casually leant down, sucked and licked it up, transferring her mouth to mine depositing some of my come on my tongue.

“Taste that its yours, I only wish it was mine. I can’t wait to have your tongue in me.”

“Remember I know your tongue’s reputation,” she added with a laugh.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” I thought as I kissed my way down and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked as it hardened, and then I nipped it hard between my teeth. Marion squealed and pulled away .She headed for the door doing up her buttons.

“We will have to finish another day” she grinned as she left.

Outside Susie was waiting. “Ron said I was to wait and give you a lift to the celebrations” she explained.

“Why don’t you come to Ron’s Friday afternoon drinks?” Susie asked as she sped down the road. She looked great; her very short skirt rode up revealing more than it covered.

“I have a regular job on Friday afternoons that I can’t miss,” I replied thinking of my Friday sessions with “Legs.”

“You could always drop in and see us during the week, most days I am on my own, sometimes Tammy works with me.”

“Why are you are always with those old women?” she asked.

I could have said because they are great fucks, but I replied. “Ron and the husbands pay me to look after the cookie club and the scout group.”

I went on to say “They are not old.”

She pouted, “We think they’re ancient.”

I decided to ignore her, as I didn’t want a debate about the Boy Scout Wives.

She became more direct, “Don’t you like me?” she asked.

She slid her skirt higher, and slouched back in the driving seat, one leg pushing across to show a wider and wider gap.

“Of course I do, you are very horny exciting babe.”

“Rubbish!” she cried, as she quickly turned off the road.

I hadn’t been watching where we were going and was surprised that she pulled into a popular making out spot. She got out and walked over to a picnic table. She sat up on its edge.

I joined her. She pulled her skirt up, opened her legs wide, turned to me, and growled huskily, “Come here, kiss me.”

I stood between her legs, took her head in my hands and kissed her, using all the skills and tricks Angelique had taught me.

Susie relaxed in my arms pushing her cunt against me, rubbing my prick. Minutes later she pulled back from my mouth,

My goodness,” Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

I could have told her from one of those ancient ladies, instead

I pushed her back on the table, lifted her legs and dragged her slopping wet panties down with the help of my teeth.

I transferred my lips to her cunt. I was acting without feeling, mechanically using my tongue to excite her clit.

To my surprise, I started to feel Susie coming to a peak quickly.

Her hips were shuddering in my arms, her body jerking and bucking.

I could feel her legs jumping and quivering against my head.

She came with a scream.

“Oh fuck! That’s marvellous, that’s the first time I’ve cum from a tongue, oh shit, I can’t believe it, do it again, please do it again.”

I couldn’t help being a smart arse, “Don’t tell me Ron hasn’t gone down on you before?”

She blushed, “They only want the girls to suck them, they have this ante room they call “blow job alley.” he’s not interested in me; I’m too old at twenty five.”

I was getting angry, not to old to suck his prick I thought.

“Bullshit! I snapped, don’t give me that crap!”

Susie slapped at me, and then put her hand up to my mouth.

“Stop it; stop it, why won’t you believe me, For god’s sake what have I done to make you so hateful.”

I don’t know why, but I was angry, I pulled her off the table, turned her round, bent her over pushing her face down, with her head and shoulders right up on the table.

I jammed my finger in and out of her sopping cunt, then rimmed her arse.

“I’m not rich, I’m not Ron, and I don’t want you to suck me.”

I’m going to fuck you in the arse.”

“Oh! No. no. no. Not there, that’s dirty, it’s what gay men do,” she cried.

I was hot. I was angry that Ron’s money allowed him to use women like Susie.

I wanted to dominate her.

I wormed my finger around the rim of her arse.

She was crying, “No don’t, you’ll hurt me.”

I kept wriggling my finger until it pushed in up past the knuckle.

I manipulated her clit with my other hand.
She was still crying “no. no not there, I’ve never had it there before.” “You, you, will hurt meee,” she stuttered.

Remembering Angelique’s days of lessons I settled down and tried to be gentle, whispering soothing words in her ears.

“I won’t hurt you,”

“You will love it,” I said, as I started to slowly insert a second finger.

She was still resisting, but I held her tight, as the second finger joined the first.

Gradually, as I kissed and licked her body wherever I could reach, and my finger continued its exploration, she relaxed.

I withdrew my fingers, rolling them in her cunt, covering them with her juices.

Using her juice I slipped them back in her arse.

They went in easier this time. My free hand took my rock hard prick and shoved it in her cunt, rubbing it hard up against her clit.

“Oh yes, yes, do it there” she cried.

I slipped it out; at the same time I withdrew my fingers from her arse. Before she could object I pushed my prick hard into her now lubricated arse, it slowed, I pushed harder. I swear I heard a pop as it went fully into her arse.

I started to move it slowly, leaning forward to stick my tongue in her ear.

She was moaning and crying “no! No! No!”

“Oh fuck its big! You will split me” she moaned.

I whispered in her ear, “I won’t hurt you, you’ll love it.”

I went on “If you don’t we won’t do it again.”

“If you do, this is where I am going to fuck you in future.”

“Whenever you see me, you will remember, that I was the first in your arse.”

“Whenever you think of me you will know, that I will always want to make love to your tight brown arse.”

My mouth roamed over her shoulders and face, my tongue entered her ear as I bit her earlobe, then kissed and bit the back of her neck, making certain that I did not leave a mark.

I was easing my prick in, and then trying to ease it out as far as I could without withdrawing, when I felt her starting to move her body in time with my thrusts. Together we gradually increased the speed of our coupling, until she was pushing back hard. giving as good or better than she was receiving.

I pulled back too far and fell out. She screamed, “Oh shit put it back … oh, put it back.”

I turned her over, lifting her and laying her on her back on the picnic table. With her legs held high in the air, I rammed my prick back in her arse to the hilt.

“Oh Christ that’s good” she cried, “that’s great” all the time bucking her body back against my prick.

Still fucking her arse, I fingered her cunt, rubbing my finger and thumb around her clit, pushing a finger in and out vigorously. I could feel her cunt walls contracting. A jolt ran through her body, her head was jerking up from the table; she was moaning my name as she came.

I couldn’t hold back and sprayed into her arse.

As I pulled out the last of my cum spread round her arsehole it was open and big enough to take my thumb and finger. I rolled them in and reamed her arse hole, as she sobbed my name.

As we straightened our clothes, I started to apologise, “I’m sorry if I was rough, I’d never deliberately hurt you.”

She brushed my apology aside, “My god that was awesome,” I didn’t believe that I could take your fat thing in my arse.

I loved it,” she said as she showered my face with kisses.

Fully dressed and back in the car, I marvelled at her appearance, I told her “you have that well fucked look.”

“You should talk” she giggled.

“If I was asked to describe how you looked,” what should I say? I asked.

“Sexually satisfied” she responded.

We arrived at the after game celebrations just as the speeches were ending. I was escorted by my cookie club wives to the official party. Everyone was shaking my hands, congratulating me, asking how I felt.

I soon escaped from the main table and went looking for “legs.” She was nowhere to be seen.

Bernadette took my arm and introduced me to a group of business people. As we walked away she said, “Now you have met the money behind the governor don’t neglect them, they run this state.”

We found a place to sit on a porch out of the wind. I was rubbing and stretching my leg when Jackie, Darlene and Angelique joined me. They decided to take me to my bungalow, so I could rest. Suffice to say I didn’t get much rest. After they left I lay on the bed and dozed off.

Bernadette kept coming back to check up on me. I watched her as she moved around the room .She was small just over five feet but she was built, and I mean built. Even dressed very conservatively, the dress could not hide a small hard body.

Bernadette’s hair was done in a style that always made me think of someone who had just crawled out of bed. Watching her move I was wishing that she had just crawled out of or maybe into my bed.

Her tits looked large and hard, she had a small tight arse, her legs had the muscles of one who worked out. She would look great in one of those skin tight gym outfits.

“What are you looking at” she asked with a grin.

“You know.” I replied licking me lips.

“Are you ok, is your leg still stiff?” she asked innocently.

“The pains gone but the stiffness has transferred here,” I said rubbing my prick.

“Behave yourself,” she replied.

“I’d rather misbehave” I said keeping up a light banter.

“I know you would your incorrigible,” she replied.

She bent over to straighten my pillows. I placed my hand on her back and pulled her close.

I sat up and kissed her softly.

She did not respond.

I opened my mouth and took her lips into mine.

I nibbled on her lips running my hands up her back, lightly trailing my fingers. She relaxed ever so slightly.

She withdrew slowly, “That’s enough from you for today,” she whispered.

I had tried to get into her pants before. Each time she had ignored me.

“For today,” sounded great.

I did no more than take her hand and kiss her fingers. She stood and watched me but did not pull away.

“Can I give you a ring” I asked.

She didn’t reply but walked away looking back smiling.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 14

by mangrove jack©

The Governor and his wife dropped in before retiring to their bungalow. He invited me to join a small group that were going to have dinner in the resorts private dining rooms. Following Bernadette’s advice, I accepted. I showered shaved and spruced myself up before making my way to their rooms.

Jan was looking great as she welcomed the guests. She had that look that successful women develop. They reach a stage, where they know they are beautiful, and the worlds at their feet.

The dinner guests were some of the business leaders that Bernadette had introduced me to that day. Their wives well preserved older women.

Bernadette and Jackie were the only wives that were clearly younger than their husbands. Bernadette told me she would introduce me to the most important pair in the room.

She went on to explain that 60 year old Robert was old money and power. His marriage to 45 year old Rebecca was a marriage that joined the states two oldest and most respected political and business families.

When we joined them they were with the Governor and his wife. The talk immediately turned to football and my game that afternoon.

I studied Rebecca. She was real old style quality. She was genuinely interested, asking questions, and showing a keen interest in my replies. Robert listened intently, and joined in to make the conversation lively and challenging.

When the conversation slowed, the Governor turned to his wife, and asked, “Will you pick the wine?”

“Jan knows her wine, I really don’t know one from another,” he explained.

I watched as Jan and Jackie discussed the wine list, with Ron and the cellar master.

Jan was leading the discussion and ordered a number of costly top quality reds and whites. I looked over to see Jan sampling the first red, yes, I though “Candy’s dandy but liquor’s quicker”.

I was intrigued by Rebecca .She was dressed impeccably. Her outfit would have cost a fortune, perfect grooming not a hair out of place. But there was an air about her that was challenging and intriguing.

Jackie sat next to me at dinner, she delighted in teasing me. Her hand never left me alone. If she wasn’t grabbing me under the table she was turning and leaning forward to talk. She knew by doing this that her magnificent tits were on full display.

My prick was hard throughout the meal.

The talk centred on Robert and Rebecca’s family business and the major local and interstate industries they controlled. They had married late, had no children. They pointed to the lack of suitable locals, who were interested in staying and developing local industry.

The point was made that most young smart men and women headed off to the big cities or overseas. Bernadette, who was sitting on my other side, squeezed my hand, whispering “Tonight may be your great chance, make sure you don’t miss it.”

After dinner, we adjourned to a music room where a string quartet entertained. Jackie asked for waltz music and the governor and Jan danced together. I danced with Jackie .When we returned to the ladies Jackie announced,

“Richard is a very good dancer”,

Jan said “that’s right he is very light on his feet.”

“I love dancing, but find most men are not really interested in ballroom dancing” Rebecca added.

Those dancing lessons were the best investment I had made.

I danced with each of the women in turn. Finally only Jan and Rebecca were left. I swirled Jan around the tiny dance area gradually pulling her closer. She ran her hand up my back whispering “My god I must have you before we leave.”

As the room was small and there were few dancers I was being careful, trying to hide my growing erection. As we turned away from the group I pushed my groin hard against her, “I could fuck you right here and now, you make me so horny.”

My erection was as usual, in an awkward position. It was painfully caught up in my tight pants. When the music finished I headed for the toilet. There were three restrooms. As those closest to the music room were occupied, I headed to the one in my bungalow. I had my prick out, when the door opened and Jan entered.

“I told them I was going to my bungalow to get some medication.” she whispered.

She grabbed me roughly by the prick, adding with a laugh “this is the medicine I want, give me an injection,”

The danger of being caught wasn’t given a single second of consideration, as we threw caution to the wind.

Her lips locked on mine; as she pushed me down to sit on an Elizabethan sofa. “Watch my clothes,” she mumbled into my mouth,” I want to be fucked, but I don’t want to look like I’ve been fucked.”

She lifted her dress, slipped off her panties, pulled me forward on the edge with her legs wide; she took me in her hand, feeding me into her warm wet cunt.

She grabbed me by the shoulders holding me tight, “Sit still,” she groaned, as she proceeded to rise up and down. I tried my best to sit still, while she worked her cunt vigorously up and down my prick.

I pushed a hand between our bouncing bodies and rubbed around her clit. Her knees tried to tighten around me but the sofa made it awkward.

I grabbed her by the arse and tried to stand up. She never missed a beat, grunting and groaning as I stumbled and finally stood

“Oh fuck! That’s great! Pinch my clit again, ohhh! Ohhh! I’m going to come.”

I was standing holding her up by the cheeks of her arse.

I couldn’t pinch her again; neither could I hold her bucking body.

I slipped back on to the sofa, pushed back by the power of her thrusts.

She kept on, her feet on the ground, our bodies slapping together. She moaned “I can feel you’re cum rising. Oh fuck, I know you’re ready to blow! She stepped up the pace, “hang on, I’m nearly there.”

Her body trembled... her thighs were wet … a sheen of sweat appeared on her brow.

I tried to hold back but it was to no avail.

I was gone. I felt my cum rush from my balls and empty into her.

Her hands clawed my back as our cum oozed out, between our now slowing bodies.

“My god I can’t get enough of your lovely young cock,”

“I’ll have to find a way for you to sit on one of the Governors committees, so you can visit me discreetly.”

Discretion had not been one of our stronger points at the moment. We hurried to dress, clean up and leave.

I left first. Outside I ran into Bernadette, who was looking for me. We were lucky she was not a few minutes earlier, or she would really caught me with my pants down. As it was, I nearly gave the game away, when I pulled Jan’s panties from my pocket to wipe my forehead.

Luckily Bernadette didn’t realise what I was using...

To hide my confusion, I slipped my arm around Bernadette and kissed her. To my surprise, given her previous responses to my efforts, she kissed me back.

“I was looking for you,” she said as she removed my hand from her breast, you must suck up to Rebecca, she is looking for a male personal assistant to train for greater things in their company. It could be the gateway to future jobs.

“Fuck the job.” “I want you,” I whispered.

Pushing me away… “Stop it! Behave,” was her only response.

Rebecca danced beautifully. As we moved around the floor I could feel her relaxing, I eased her closer into my body. Holding her in my arms as we danced I took the opportunity to study her closely.

Her hair was cut and styled short. She had one of those mouths that lit up her face when she smiled. Her tits were large; her bra pushed them up, allowing her dress to display them nicely. She had a small waist. Her backside let her down, in that it was slightly large in proportion to the rest of her body. Her legs, what I could see of them were a little heavy.

“Well do I pass” she asked with a smile.

Caught out I could only own up.

“Beautiful! Very beautiful!” I answered

She laughed out loud.

I was upset that she laughed at me.

I pulled her closer as we moved effortlessly around the room.

“You are a very mature young man for your age,” she said as she eased her body away from my erection.

“When you refer to my age you make me wish I was older,” I replied

Why older? She asked.

“You don’t take me seriously, because of my age.”

“When I said you were beautiful you didn’t accept my word,” you laughed.

“I laughed with pleasure” she replied.

I pulled her closer moulding my body on hers. We danced on to the end of the number in silence.

We stood and waited for the next dance to start. As others joined us on the floor, she moved into my body. My erection was trapped tight against her. She sang the words to the music quietly in my ear.

I didn’t realise at first that she was no longer singing, she was whispering, “I am looking for a discreet, smart young man, to work with me, you should call on me soon.”

As the evening started to draw to a close, Robert took me aside “Young man I like your style,” “Thank you” I replied.

“Rebecca will contact you and invite you to talk about your future.”

“Would you be interested in a career here in our city, or are you one of those who can’t wait to leave?” He asked.

I responded by saying, “It depends on what sort of career.”

“Rebecca will be in touch” he said.

When the maids bought in a light supper, I decided to explore the other private rooms that were the exclusive preserves of the rich.

Lush furnishings and thick carpet caught my eye, when I entered what was obviously a retiring room for those bored with the more formal proceedings in the adjoining rooms. The carpet deadened my footsteps as I moved into the room. I locked the door quietly, as I spied Bernadette standing looking out the glass doors on to a balcony and garden...

I crept up behind her, moved my arms to enfold her, with both hands on her breasts. She didn’t jump, or cry out, she just leant her body back on mine.

“I knew it was you I could see you in the glass doors.” She explained as I kissed the back of her neck, moving my extra hard prick slowly in an out against the cheeks of her arse.

When my mouth tried to swallow her ear, and my tongue searched the ears inner depths, she shuddered and moaned.

“Richard, this is wrong, I’m married, I have three teenage kids. This is wrong.” She moaned softly, but did not push me away.

My hands partially released her dresses zip, and pushed her bra down. Immediately a more than ample breast and nipple escaped their prison. Her large hard breast sagged slightly. I pinched, pulled, and played, with the erect nipple, whilst my other hand manipulated her bra catch, letting the bra slip away. Pretty good with one hand I thought to myself.

Now my both hands were full. I cupped those large hard breasts, using my fingers to lightly stroke her nipples; all the while my prick was massaging her arse.

We mustn’t, I’m old enough to be you mother!” she cried as her objections grew weaker.

Her mouth was saying “no, no.”

Whilst her body was responding. The cheeks of her ass were rubbing back hard against my prick. Her head was moving with my mouth, rolling back to get more of my kisses.

I whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you,”

She straightened immediately, grabbing my hands,

“No! That’s it! This has got to stop.” She pushed me away.

As she turned, I took her face in my hands, held it so she looked straight in my eyes and told her,

“I am going to fuck you.”

“If not now, if not tonight, tomorrow or the next day.”

“I am going to come to your home, if we don’t do it here.”

“We’ll do it in your bedroom, where I will undress you slowly, one piece at a time.”

“1`m going to suck your nipples.”

“My tongue is going to make love to your beautiful pussy.”

“You are going to beg to suck me, and then fuck me.”

“I want it, and you know you want it.”

“No! It can’t happen” she cried, pushing me away.

“It will happen, believe me.” I said with as much conviction as I could muster.

As I kissed her, I could feel her start to give in, so I moved my hands from her back, down to her arse, slowly drawing her dress up with one hand, as the other massaged her backside.

My hand was on the silk of her panties, when someone rattled the door handle.

“It’s locked” a woman said.

Another man’s voice responded, “don’t worry we can go around and open it from the balcony.”

Bernadette started to panic. She pushed me away straightening her clothes. I opened the balcony door, and led her out over the balcony to the darker adjoining terrace garden.

I moved behind her placing one hand on her hip, the other moved to her hair, running my fingers up so the back of her neck was free for my kisses.

She was cooler now, “This is very stupid. I’m older than your mother. She’s a very close friend.”

“My god! I have son your age. You’ve got to stop this nonsense.”

Her voice kept telling me No, but her body kept responding. Kissing her neck and shoulders was turning her on. My hand returned to her curvaceous arse and the other moved over her breast tweaking her nipple. Her low groan of delight made my prick jump...

Easing her dress up I again felt the warm silk of her panties.

My hand caressed the firm bare skin of her arse, my fingers searching and finding a way under her panties.

Her body was pushing back on my hand, but she was still very quietly repeating the word no, over and over, No!

I felt her legs ease apart, allowing my finger to move past her rosebud to her cunt.

She was still moaning, “No! Oh don’t do this,” as I eased her a few feet further into the dark garden, pushing her body forward on to a marble railing.

I kept murmuring how beautiful she was, as her dress piled up on her back and her panties slid down around her ankles.

She was starting to protest loudly, when the group that had tried to enter the room appeared on the balcony. She heard them and went quiet. They were at the other end of the balcony looking in the opposite direction. Bernadette did not know this, so I whispered in her ear, “be quiet or they will hear us,” I took advantage of the situation by pushing one, and then two fingers in, to finger fuck her from behind.

She moved, so her legs opened wider. Her cunt became wetter. Seizing the moment, I ripped down my zip, and as my erection sprung free, replaced my fingers with the real thing.

I felt her object and stiffen, as I pushed in impaling her on my roaring erection.

The people on the balcony had moved closer, not more than thirty feet away in the dark as I started to fuck her.

They stood smoking and talking, as Bernadette’s body gradually relaxed and joined the fray. Our bodies made slurping and slapping sounds as we drove at each other, but our visitors didn’t seem to notice.

Eventually when thevisitors drifted off, Bernadette and I were lost in our own erotic world. We fucked on vigorously, until she moaned out loud when my spent prick slipped from her cunt.

“My god Richard, what have we done, oh my god, I shouldn’t have let it go so far.”

I quickly turned her round, and kissed her, “That was wonderful,” I whispered, as I stroked her breasts and fingered her sopping cunt.

“You and I made love” “We did it because we wanted and needed it.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Taking one hand from her breast, I held her head “look at me, kiss me.”

I kissed her mouth, lips, nose licked her cheeks, bit her ears, as I tried to calm her down.

“You are wonderful. Making love to you was great, just great,” as I spoke I again moved my fingers to stroke her clit.

“Come on let’s find a room and do it again.”

She pulled away, laughing at last, your bloody mad, your incorrigible, don’t worry she added,

“I loved it.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 15

by mangrove jack©

Mum had been out of sorts for a couple of weeks, but this morning she was up bright and early. I heard her singing in the kitchen as she prepared breakfast. “What’s made you so happy?” I asked.

“Jackie and Darlene are taking me shopping; I’m buying some new clothes for the house party at the Goldberg’s.” “They said its time I had a make over.”

“Speaking of the Goldberg’s, you had better get over and see her. She has been complaining that you have done nothing, with the first house party only days away.”

As I was waiting to meet Mr Goldberg, the maid advised me, “Only call on Madam when her husband is home, or when someone else is with you, he is very jealous.”

“She is a lovely lady to work for, but Mr Arnold is a very hard man.”

I listened to her advice while studying her fifty year old boss’s body across the room. Mrs Goldberg Jewish body was firm, wrinkle and fat free.

There was no way you would have guessed her age. Her extra fit figure, her hair coloured to hide any grey hairs, her impeccable makeup, all combined to hide her age and the fact that she had two sons aged 17 and 14.

As I studied her, I recalled that her oldest son was a mate of mine.

Her husband Arnold attended most meetings of the sub committee, especially those to plan the first function at his and her home.

He was ugly; obscenely overweight, a real pig with no manners and full of shit. As the city and probably the states top banker, he was a natural to chair the finance committee.

Because they lived out of town on a rural estate, he suggested major meetings be held in the city in his bank’s boardroom.

Mrs Goldberg always attended these town meetings and sat beside or just behind him. I generally sat at a small work table across the room.

From the first meeting, I tried to flirt mildly with her.

I had found that my Boy Scout Mums responded to a little harmless flirtation. In fact they sometimes responded better, when it was not so harmless.

I was playing a little game at every meeting, trying to make her blush, or at least respond positively to my show of interest in her body.

She sat close to her husband, well away from me, but always in a position where I could study her. After the first couple of days, her eyes kept returning to check out what signals I was giving. It was becoming clear to her, that I was finding her more than interesting.

The first time I realised that she may be responding to my flirting, was one hot day. I had hurried up the street to be sure to be early, and was sweating. I was not used to wearing a coat, but had done so because Arnold wore one to the meetings.

I was looking at her when I took off my coat, and undid a number of buttons opening my shirt displaying my chest. She was watching me, so I mouthed the words “it’s hot.”

She looked directly into my eyes and very deliberately undid the top buttons of her blouse. Shit I thought, she’s responding but nothing further happened, so I thought she was just feeling the heat

At the next meeting in his board room, I again studied her body, licking my lips, day dreaming as I listened to the business men argue loans and interest rates

Mrs Goldberg’s hair and make up was impeccable, she was dressed in a tight black skirt; her white top looked like a man’s shirt. One or two buttons were undone, allowing the shirt to hang a little.

I jumped to the conclusion that she was not wearing a bra, as her tits moved freely under the shirt, seemingly without impediment.

As the meeting progressed, I kept my eyes on her tits, but my mind was elsewhere.

I was off in space thinking of Melissa and Jennifer, my two favourite mums. My mind was reliving the great sex I had had with each of them. I dreamed on, causing my prick to expand, in turn, forcing me to make adjustments to my pants.

I was unconsciously making the adjustment, while my eyes still studied Mrs Goldberg’s tits. I looked up to her face, noticed a half smile, and saw her squirm in her seat. Shit, I thought, as I sat up to hide my half erection, she thinks I’m hard from looking at her tits.

Arnold said we should meet at lunch time each day for the next week. It suited his business arrangements; it suited my study times, so the ladies agreed.

Mrs Goldberg and I took the same seats at lunchtime next day. Clearly more buttons were undone on this outfit. She leant over my work desk to discuss the responses to her invitations, displaying an eye catching cleavage that nearly took my breath away.

I licked my lips, as my mouth formed an “O” in preparation for what I would like to do to that large soft package.

Without thinking my hand automatically went down to straighten my pants. She cleared her throat. I tore my eyes away from her chest, to find her smiling at my predicament.

Flirting with Mrs Goldberg, while her husband Arnold was running the meeting was great fun. Each day I couldn’t wait to start. I was always early.

Mrs Goldberg also started to arrive well before the start; she would always come over to talk to me. To my mind she would deliberately lean forward with a cheeky smile, so I could look at her tits.

Each day her outfits became a little more revealing, not sluttish, not over the top, but discreetly showing a little more leg and most certainly more tit.

The mouth watering display of a pair, of what appeared to be near perfect tits, would always occur at a time when her husband was watching, but never really seeing what she was doing.

It had become a game, each day something new. She was enjoying teasing a young horny lad, as much as I was enjoying teasing my mate’s mum.

When I knew she was watching, I used to tease her by sucking my finger. I would slowly push a pencil suggestively in and out of my mouth, while pretending to be deep in thought. Before each meeting, I made sure my pants were tight, and that my prick was placed so it would be noticed.

Yesterday she hitched up her skirt, crossed her exquisite legs displaying a side view of her stocking tops. More and more of her firm thigh, and a hint of black undies, went in and out of my view, as she swung her leg.

She was watching me, so I lowered my hand to my pants, taking my time to rub my bulge ever so slowly. Her mouth opened, she licked her lips.

Arnold was such an arsehole that the thought of poking his wife became all the more enjoyable.

Having made up my mind that I would try to seduce her, I tried to force the pace. There were only a few days to go before the house party at their home, after that the meetings would probably cease.

Our teasing was becoming more and more obvious. But other than an occasional near miss, Arnold and the others never noticed what we were doing. They sat up to the table, estimating profits, discussing sponsors etc

Mrs Goldberg and I were really an unnecessary part of the process.

Today, she had positioned her body so she could sit with her legs apart. Gradually her skirt crept up, her legs opened wider and wider, until I was sure she wasn’t wearing panties.

I dropped my pen and dived under my work table, looking across at her legs. She knew what I was up to and eased them further apart. Yes! I was right; it was dark but was it her cunt?

I now had a raging horn. Bursting to relieve it, I asked for the washroom,

Arnold was angry at my interruption, he turned to his wife tossing her a key, “he can use my personal rooms, you will have to take him, tell Miss Jamieson that I said its ok,” he said dismissing her like he treated his servants.

She started to object that he could ring Miss Jamison to let me in, but he cruelly told her to “do as you’re told.”

The bastard, I thought as I followed her down the corridor, her ass twitching bewitchingly.

I couldn’t help myself “My apologies Mrs Goldberg but your husband is a real shit.”

She swung round and put her fingers to her lips to shush me, addressing Miss Jamieson, “Arnold asked me to show Richard to his executive washroom.”

When we were safely in his office, she put her finger to her lips, stepped up close and rubbed her open hand over the bulge in my pants. Again signalling to be quiet, she beckoned me to follow her into the restroom.

I didn’t move, I was stunned, did she rub me or did I dream it. As I stood confused, she turned again, signalling me to follow the voluptuous curve of her ass, as it slipped through the door.

I opened the door to find Mrs Goldberg had pushed herself up to sit on the wash basin counter, her legs were splayed apart. She was opening her blouse one button at the time.

Her large soft breasts fell forward as she pushed the blouse open. She looked at me through those long eyelashes and whispered, “Quickly we only have a minute.”

She pulled her skirt up around her waist. “You’ve been teasing me for weeks, now fuck me.” With those words the action began. She reached out and pulled me to her, wrapping her legs tightly around my hips.

It was a wonder she didn’t do my standing prick some damage, as she roughly ripped the zip down, releasing it from the confines of my pants.

As she fumbled to straighten it, I rammed it at her hitting her stomach forcing her to gasp, then she gasped again as she helped me find the mouth of her cunt.

I rammed straight in to the hilt. She jerked her hips back, slamming them forward to meet my thrusts; we grappled together on the edge of the wash basin.

“Fuck him! I’ve had enough! I can’t take any more of his shit!” “I’ll teach him.” She was quietly moaning as we fucked. Then her head came down; she bit into my shoulder hiding her moans.

I couldn’t last. As I started to spasm, her fingers gripped the cheeks of my arse, her nails raking my skin. We grunted together as she joined me in a mutual moan of satisfaction.

I wanted to continue and dropped my mouth to her magnificent soft tits, sucking hard. But she was all business.

She pushed me away, slid down off the wash basin, pulled on her blouse, straightened her skirt, studied her hair in the mirror, and whispered as she kissed me lightly.

“Thank you Richard that was lovely, but we won’t be able to do it again.” She quietly left the room. Leaving me thinking I had just been used to get even with Arnold...

When I left the washroom, I was stunned to find her sitting with her husband, smoking, whilst he studied a bunch of papers. “Are you all right now?” she asked. Arnold didn’t even look up from what he was reading.

She didn’t have to ask, she knew I was fucking O.K...

The house party at the Goldberg’s was in full swing, when I decided to look their mansion over. I was heading back to the room where most of the mothers had congregated, when Arnold shouted “listen you bitch it will be done my way or not at all.”

A door slammed, and he stormed past me brushing me out of the way. I stood watching his fat figure waddle down the hall, when I was grabbed and pulled into the room. “Mrs Goldberg!” I exclaimed when I saw who it was. I went on to ask “Can I help?”

Dragging me by the hand she replied. “Yes you can,” “Yes you can.” come with me. We headed up stairs, where she led me into a magnificent bedroom.

“We didn’t have much time the other day, but we have all the time in the world now,” she said, as her mouth and tongue attacked mine.

“I don’t want another quick fuck! I want you to make love to me, here on his bed, in his house, while all his lousy friends are partying downstairs.”

“What if someone comes in, what if someone catches us?”

“Let them” she cried as she wrestled with my zip. I slipped away to try and lock the door. I never got there. She stopped me.

Shit I thought what if we get caught, “Please let’s talk about this.”

All thoughts of talk disappeared, as I watched her strip her dress away, to stand there in a black garter belt, black stockings, a sparkling jewelled thong and high heels.

Her nipples were stiff. She slid her hands up over her breasts then down over her bare belly to her thong, dropping it down till it caught on her shoe. She flipped her foot like kicking a football and the jewelled thong flew in the air. I caught it; put it to my nose to smell her body’s perfume.

Her body moved in a little dance that any burlesque queen would love to copy. Her tits bounced and jiggled.

Placing her foot on a low stool her hands moved to the hair that hid her sex.

While I stood frozen watching her show me what a real teasing session was all about, her hands smoothed the hair away and her fingers eased the swollen lips apart, to show the pink and red of her cunt.

Still moving her body suggestively, she eased back the skin to let her finger stroke her nub, pinching and rubbing until a shudder passed through her body.

My prick took over as my brains flew out the door.

I moved to hold her so I could watch, while I stroked this angry fifty year old mother’s cunt.

“Mrs Goldberg, You’re beautiful, my god, you’re magnificent,” I whispered, as my fingers dipped in her tight warm hole.

“You like calling me Mrs Goldberg while you have your fingers in my pussy don’t you?” she asked. “It turns you on to know you have another mans wife begging you to fuck her in his bedroom, Doesn’t it?”

I started to stutter a reply. Pulling me hard against her body, she went on, “well it turns me on, having a young man the same age as his son, fucking me on his bed.”

My prick surged through my open zip, as I ran my hands up from her thighs to lift her pendulous breasts and tweak her nipples. Her beautiful brown eyes stared at me, her tongue wet her lips.

She moaned quietly, “Now love me, please make love to me, be kind, be gentle, I might be another mans wife, but you’re my first lover, just love me.” Her lips sucked my tongue back into her mouth.

I led her to the bed and tried to lay her down. “No!” she cried. Struggling she sat back up and proceeded to remove my pants. I helped, stripping off my shirt and tie as her sense of urgency took over my body.

I kicked my pants free of my shoes, when she took my penis in hand and proceeded to kiss it lightly and lovingly.

Both my brain and my prick registered dozens of warm wet little kisses. I watched mesmerised, as her long wet tongue moved in and out of her mouth to lick around my prick

I couldn’t believe the feeling that tongue and her long fingers transmitted, as they softly massaged my balls. Her luscious lips reached my stomach, as she slowly swallowed my rampant prick right down.

Many mothers had sucked me, and deep throated me, Mrs Goldberg didn’t, she made sweet love to my prick.

She teased my prick with her flicking tongue, slipping the end between her lips, just keeping the head in her mouth. One hand moved to my balls, the other took hold of my shaft, moving back and forward as she sucked.

Without warning, I came and came, as my prick responded. It loved her gentle warm mouth.

A shudder shook her, to her toes.

She pulled her head back, her eyes rolled, she stared wide eyed as her mouth filled, then she swallowed. She gently held me in her hand, while she licked and sucked me clean.

I was over the moon. My prick stayed hard, and grew harder. Breathing heavily I kissed my way down her body, from her neck, over the top of her large soft tits, to her trembling nipples.

I spent some time nipping and sucking those wonderful nipples, first one, then the other, until she was moaning and squirming in my arms.

A sheen of perspiration appeared on her smooth slightly rounded stomach and attracted my mouths attention. I licked her sweat and inserted my tongue, mouthing her belly button, before moving on down to her thighs.

Her legs moved apart as my tongue approached. Her trimmed pussy hairs were covered in her secretions. Her beautiful fifty year old body welcomed my mouth and tongue with a shudder, and a tightening of her thighs around my ears.

The smell and taste of a highly aroused cunt filled my mouth and nostrils, I loved her salty taste.

Quickly finding her now erect nub, I proceeded to suck and nip it between my lips and teeth. Her clitoris pulsed and throbbed, it grew softer and warmer, her hips moved with my fingers. Mrs Goldberg was moaning aloud. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s beautiful, oh that’s wonderful.”

I don’t know how long I laid there kissing and playing with her cunt. I am sure she loved every minute; I know I did. My tongue was finding little places that made her legs jolt and her body shudder. I could feel her arsehole move, in what I believe were little orgasms...

Every shudder excited me to more action. All my worries about being caught had disappeared. I would have stayed there all night sucking and licking, while her fingers stroked my head and face, until the door flew open.

Jackie and Darlene spied us, “Jesus Felicity, do you know what a fucking chance you’re taking,”

Turning on me, Jackie cried, “I should have known it would be you, you young bastard, get your fucking clothes on and get out of here.”

We lay there stunned, my head still between Mrs Goldberg’s legs... Then moved quickly when Jackie cried softly, “Hurry up Arnolds showing off his mansion to some of his cronies, he’s been calling for Felicity, he’ll be here in a minute.”

Mrs Goldberg was blushing and trying to explain when Darlene exclaimed, “I can hear them on the stairs.”

Jackie pushed me into a closet, herding Mrs Goldberg into the bathroom. “Clean yourself up, I will tell him we have been sitting here talking, and you just went to freshen up.” “Run the hair dryer or something noisy, so he’ll know your there.”

I held my breath in the closet as Arnold introduced the ladies to his guests. After some small talk he left saying, “tell Felicity she must be downstairs later to farewell our guests.”

My heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour. I wanted to get out, get away, I tried to open the closet door. “Stay there you stupid young bastard,” Jackie whispered “he’s still on this floor and might come back for Felicity.”

Mrs Goldberg joined them “Hell what a mess, I can’t believe my husband nearly caught me naked in the arms of a boy my sons age.” I’ve never cheated, never looked at another man, yet here I am doing everything I can to get Richard to have sex with me.

What a mess, Arnold never makes love to me, he doesn’t love me as a woman, I’m just a possession, like his cars and his properties.” She sobbed.

“Richard has made me feel like a woman again.” “He’s been flirting and teasing me, it’s been wonderful, I’ve been like a young girl responding and flirting back.”

She sounded happier as her voice rose, “These last few days have brought excitement into my very boring life.

Excitement took over her voice as though she had just realised what she wanted. “Oh yes! I do want Richard; I want him to love me.” “The truth is I wanted him to fuck me.”

Jackie told them to be quiet as I could hear. “His bloody ego’s big enough as it is,” she explained My ears burnt as they moved away continuing to talk about me.

I am sure they waited until the last minute to release me from the closet. I moved to console Mrs Goldberg, but Jackie and Darlene told me to wait.

All three gave me a kiss and escorted me downstairs.

As I left them I spotted a vision in a little black dress. She turned as I moved towards her, it was mum.

My god, I thought another one of their fabulous makeovers. Darlene and Jackie had transformed her into one sexy lady, she’s beautiful.

I didn’t get to tell her, as she introduced me to Charlotte, a new member of the Cookie Club. “I have promised that you will call on Charlotte at lunch time tomorrow,” Mum said as they wandered off.

Standing in the foyer I wondered what to do next. The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed a fuck. I was horny, and my balls were full and aching.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied Darlene signalling to me to go in to the library. Inside the library Jackie was waiting.

Jackie kissed me thoroughly, my hands automatically grabbed her tits, she pushed me away, “Listen fuck you,” “Don’t stuff around.”

“Darlene and I want you to fuck Felicity tonight.” “Yes,” she said when she spied the look on my face. “All your fucking dreams have come true.” We want you to fuck her here in her house with that arsehole of a husband nearby.

She didn’t even give me a chance to reply. “Darlene will fix Arnold.” “You just do as you’re told.”

Later, I watched as Darlene collared Arnold: “Let’s have a drink and relax.” She took him by the arm and headed him away from the library. He resisted. Darlene wouldn’t take no for an answer. She suggestively rubbed her magnificent boobs against his arm, “come on sit with me, let’s have coffee.”

He again started to protest mentioning the guests.

“The most important guests have gone; let Felicity look after the rest.” She added, as they wandered off down the hall.

A group of mums and husbands were standing around talking, when Jackie told him with a wink, he was needed in the library.

“Bloody hell” he thought, Jackie and Darlene were unreal. When they make plans things really happen.

He was amazed, as he turned the corner and saw Mrs Goldberg heading for the library. He caught up with her as she entered; closed and locked the door.

She offered no resistance as he took her in his arms from behind, squeezing her breasts and rubbing his roaring roger against the cheeks of her arse.

“Oh my, that’s wonderful,” she moaned, as he turned her round in his arms and kissed her with all the love and affection he could generate.

She was melting in his arms, when she shook herself and cried, “wait.”

“Richard, I need to apologise.” “I have never done this before.” “The other day in the washroom was terrible. I used you like a whore to take out my anger with Arnold.” “ Forgive me,I am so ashamed”…

He stopped her with a long kiss, holding her head with both hands. He directed her to look into his eyes. “Don’t be ashamed.”

If we’re confessing, you’re entitled to know, “I started out to tease and flirt with you because you were Mrs Goldberg, Arnold’s wife. Things have changed, he doesn’t count anymore I want you, just you.

“Oh thank god,” she cried kissing him.

Then shaking his shoulders hard, she demanded.

“Stop calling me Mrs Goldberg.”

“I’m Felicity; I want you, not to get revenge on him, but for myself.” “I love the way you make me feel. You treat me like a lady. Your eyes tell me I’m lovely.”

She wrapped her arms around him pulling him close and kissed him, her tongue and mouth all over his face. “The last few days have been marvellous.”

“They have been marvellous for me to” Hetold her. ‘I will never forget the moment upstairs in the bedroom when you dropped your dress.” “You were so sexy standing there in nothing but your high heels, your garter belt, and this silvery shining thong.” She gasped as he took it from his pocket and sniffed her warm odour.

“I can’t describe how hot you were. You moved so wonderfully, making the cheeks of your arse and those fabulous tits jiggle in that fucking erotic dance.”

He pushed her away holding her so he could look at all of her. “My god you’re magnificent, I am going to strip you, one piece at a time, so I can know every inch of you.” He kissed her again as he started, his fingers fumbling with excitement As each piece of clothing dropped away he kissed what it uncovered.

Felicity was becoming more and more excited; her anticipation grew as he moved slowly down her body. The sensations his slow and loving progress was creating made her pussy ache.

Her hard nipples were demanding attention, her pussy started leaking, she was moaning and writhing at his every touch.

Finally when she was standing wearing only her pumps, she could take no more. She pulled him close, “Come on, Fuck me… Oh please fuck me… I want you now… please… please… no more… no more…”

He laid her gently on the floor. Splaying her legs open and raising her knees. Taking control she helped him to enter her without delay. Their bodies slammed together as they worked away their frustrations, in a frenzy of love.

Lying together afterwards, they could not get enough of each others bodies, touching and stroking each other to another frenzied fuck.

Jackie called quietly outside the door, suggesting it was time to move.

Richard dressed her one item at a time, in a reverse replay of his earlier strip. Leaving little love bites in places she would discover in her shower, or when she dressed.

When she bucked as he bit her in very intimate places, he told her, “They are to remind you of me.”

“I’ll never forget this night as long as I live,” she told him as they moved down the corridor.

“You’ve been neglecting me,” she scolded. “I’ll remedy that right now” I replied. I tried to roll her dress up over her arse, “wait take it easy,” she said, as she opened a zip on the side that allowed the dress to rise freely.

Slipping my hands under the loose side of her dress, I massaged her hard firm athletic tits, and steered her over to the sofa. “Get on your hands and knees on that,” I directed.

“My hands and knees” she asked. “Yes if you do, I can get up behind you.” She drew her dress up, climbed on the sofa on her knees. She moved her legs apart wriggling to get comfortable. I climbed up to wipe the head of my already leaking prick up and down in the mouth of her cunt

She moaned and grunted, as I inserted the head, then pushed it home hard. She squirmed wriggled her body back until we settled into position. I was determined to make this last, drawing my prick right out until it nearly fell out, then slowly reinserting it until it hit bottom.

Her body worked back against me, she became more insistent, her body bouncing back to speed my thrusts. I reached around to grab the hard nub of her clit, rolling it between my fingers.

She was bucking and moaning as I grabbed her hair, pulling her back on to my now desperately thrusting prick.

The door rattled but this time I knew it was locked.

My sweat dropped from my face on to her back, as I emptied my sperm into her cunt. Marlene cried “keep going I’m nearly there.” I hung on till she came with a jolt. Dishevelled and fucked we lay together until the corridor was free and we could leave the room.

These weekly parties were going to be the death of me.

I drove home a much wiser young man. I had been minutes from disaster. A disaster that would have destroyed my future in the district, and caused untold hurt to those I love.

I had been lucky, saved by the two women who had come to be my best friends, as well as my lovers.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 16

by mangrove jack©

Early next morning, I sat at the breakfast table trying to work out a programme or time table to cover my extra sexual activities, plus my study, as well as my regular call on the cookie mums as part of my original job.

This job paid for by their husbands was proving a major test for my body...

I was now fucking three mums on a regular basis and having casual but semi regular sex with five more. My stamina was improving but it was becoming apparent that I was too greedy.

In addition a few promises to call for coffee, or drop in and have a chat, had to be kept ……..Mariko with the hard Asian body at the supermarket, Rachel with her job offer, the cheerleader trainer, Darlene Jackie and some of my favourite mums for the photo session. In addition there were some of those who after we had fucked asked for more.

Mum had my prick twitching as she made breakfast, Jackie and Darlene had obviously created a whole new mum complete with a wardrobe of exciting clothes.

This morning she wore a nightie that would create traffic jams if ever worn outside our door. It was so short that I spent most of breakfast admiring the cheeks of a very fine arse.

“My god mum that makeover has revealed some hidden sides of you I never knew,” I murmured aloud.

Mum turned from the fridge to catch me staring at her arse, she frowned saying nothing but her looks gave me the “stop that you dirty young bugger look.”

“You promised to visit Charlotte today.”

“Gee mum, I’m busy can’t I get out of it?”

“No you can’t. She’s one of my very best friends. If I’m not mistaken she would be one of the cities top business women. Charlotte has built up her own business, I think over one hundred women work for her. I told her all about you. I promised you would have lunch, so you have to go.”

Another promise made at the ball came back to haunt me Darlene rang. Five moms wanted to be in the photo shoot.

“Bloody hell,” I complained, “you and I were going to take porno shots of you for our own use. Not invite the mob.”

Darlene quickly turned the tables, “Well you opened your big mouth at the ball and quite a few want to have a photo afternoon.”

A few minutes after Darlene hung up, Jackie rang with an idea for the photo shoot, “remember those sexy calendars produced by some sports women and firemen, well what about a glamour mum’s calendar.”

“What will you call it Mums and Mammaries” I asked.

“Don’t be silly we can have fun and invite them all, think about it.”

The idea quickly developed. Harriet Moore a very pregnant mum had been a professional photographer for a top woman’s magazine .She rang to say she had the photographic equipment; she would be able to take the shots if I was willing to be her helper.

In the mean time mum rang Charlotte, who suggested we meet at the town’s top Chinese restaurant for lunch.

Charlotte took my breath away as she climbed the stairs to meet me. She was a striking redhead with sparkling blue green eyes.

I guessed she was about five foot eleven, more in her high heels.

Her outfit screamed money, especially the perfect cream silk skirt and jacket. The skirt was short but not to short, it was tight over her arse, and her stockings shimmered with a sparkle in their material. A low cut tight blouse under the top displayed a very small, but far from disappointing set of tits.

Lunch was Yum Cha. Charlotte had booked a private room.

Charlotte was direct and in control, you could tell from the way she questioned me, ordered food, and took charge, why she was one of the cities top business women

“Have you had yum cha before she asked?”

I had to admit I hadn’t and that I was not very good with chopsticks.

She ordered plate after plate of hot delicious food from the food trolley; our table filled with dishes, enough dishes for twenty not two.

Your mother tells me “You are becoming quite a young man about town” she said as her chopsticks worked transferring food from the dishes to my plate. I struggled with my chopsticks.

“Sit over her next to me.” She directed. “Lean over.”

Looking directly into my eyes, using her chopsticks she started to feed small tasty morsels of food direct into my mouth.

What a turn on, my prick jumped in my pants as she continued to supply food to her own mouth and then mine. A small amount of liquid ran down my chin, she leant closer, wiped it with her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

She continued to feed us both our face inches a part; we gorged ourselves in a way that reminded me of the food pictured in roman orgies.

The private room the mass of food and the intimacy of being fed succulent exotic foods by a beautiful forty year old was having a dramatic effect on my body under the table

My eyes were continually drawn to her small hard tits. They did not seem much bigger than large nipples.

“I’ve been talking to Angelique about you, she tells me you are just the young man I’m looking for.”

Her hand dropped to my lap and sought my prick. Her hands bold move to my prick took me by surprise.

I jumped; her reaction was to grip it lightly through the cloth.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No” I exclaimed

“I didn’t think I hurt you, it feels excited to me, she said as she continued a light tantalizing stroking.

“I’m married to a sixty year old man.”

“I will never leave him.”

“I’m forty and horny, I need sexual release, I want discrete no strings attached fucking.”

“I want someone who will keep his mouth shut. I will protect him. I will give him wild uninhibited sex.”

“In the bedroom he can do what ever he likes with me.”

She rubbed my now highly excited prick hard through my pants, “I will be his slut, his fuck bunny. As long as he satisfies me I will be a generous lover. but that’s all we will ever be lovers.”

Now she had my fly open and was stroking my rampant prick. “Lets stop beating about the bush, Angelique says you are the one I want,” her last words were more a question than a statement.

She wasn’t going to get no from me .My hands moved to her tits squeezing them through her blouse. She pushed me away, “Wait lets go to my apartment.”

Her apartment was in a major city high rise. “This is a business apartment my husband and I never stay here,” she explained as she opened the door.

Inside we stood facing each other, and then we both moved at once, it was like we were hit with an electric charge.

Our hands were all over each other, our mouths clashed. She moaned out loud as our tongues fought for supremacy...

That moan turned more into an animal like roar, as she broke free and ripped my pants down, stripping off my clothes discarding them by throwing them away.

There was no stopping her, she took my prick in one hand and pushed her mouth down over the head easily taking it in to the hilt.

Loud slurping sounds emanated from her mouth as she vigorously rammed her mouth up and down. Her shoulder length red hair was becoming wet from the sweat around her forehead and neck. I held it away so I could watch the cities top business woman suck cock.

She must have sensed I was about to cum as she pulled her head back looked up at me, to suck lightly around the eye of my prick.

My hips bucked and jolted emptying my sperm into her mouth. She didn’t hesitate just sucking it down, with a mouth action reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner, drying me right out.

I don’t know how long she held my prick studying it. Licking it, biting my balls, but I do know it rose again hard and ready.

I pulled her to her feet, and leant down to suck her tiny tits, she brushed my head away sitting back on a sofa, “I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard, ram it into me.”

She was getting louder and louder, “I never get it hard, it’s always part soft and the fucking`s soft, fuck me hard, come on rape me, make me do what you want.”

“I’ll fuck you hard if that’s what you want” I grabbed her roughly pulling her from the sofa and slamming her down on the floor. “You want it rough, you’ll get it fucking rough,” I swore at her as I ripped away the last of her clothing leaving her in stockings and heels.

She lay there eyes blazing, her red hair splayed out on the floor. The fiery red hair around her box standing out from the white of her body,

This woman didn’t tan, there were small freckles scattered over the pearly white skin.

Her lip puffy from sucking my cock were shiny with the last of my cum. She was moaning and groaning “fuck me, come on bugger you, fuck me”

I pushed her legs wide shoving my fingers roughly into her cunt finding her nub and pinching it hard until she screamed.

Holding her knees wide, I let my body slam down hard knocking the wind out of her, as I inserted my prick straight into her cunt.

I fucked in and out as roughly as I could.

Angelique had taught me to be gentle; being rough wasn’t turning me on.

Trying to be rough I pulled out, slammed her over and pushed her up on her knees. Opening her arse with my thumb I lined up my prick and pushed straight in. “Oh shit that hurts” she screamed.

That fucked me.

I didn’t want to hurt her; it didn’t give me any joy. I pulled out turned her over on to her back and lowered my head between her thighs. Her scent was strong she tasted of cum.

I kissed her cunt making love to it as gently but as raunchy as I could. I kissed down from her cunt to her arsehole and licked and kissed the red area that probably came from my attack.

She went crazy grabbing my head and smothering my mouth with her sodden cunt. Her movements stirred me to more urgent action my tongue pushing deep inside both her cunt and her arsehole.

I swung my body around so my prick was in her face. She took the hint and swallowed him, my prick sinking into the heat of her mouth.

Her fingers massaged my balls, her lips sucking with out letup until I was drained.

Her mouth left my prick and moved to my balls licking them and trying to take them in her mouth.

My prick responded and rose again from the dead.

“Let me put it in you,” I gasped, as I struggled to free it from her hands and tongue.

“Yes, yes, I want you in me.

“Oh yes fuck me” she moaned.

She pushed me down on the floor and rose over me facing my feet, lowering herself until I slid into her channel.

She moaned loudly as my prick hit home. I reached out and brought my hands up around her thighs until my fingers found her clit.

As she rode my erect prick I moved my fingers in circles around the top of her cunt my fingers joining my prick in the hunt for her nub.

I struggled to find an angle where my prick would rub her clit on every stroke, as we fell into a wild bucking rhythm that brought us to a jolting conclusion.

Much later I pulled her up to lie in my arms. “Charlotte your one hot lady, I love fucking you.”

“I could fuck you every day, but I can’t hurt you, if you want it rough, I don’t think I am the lover you want.”

I kissed her mouth sucking her lip and tongue, “You are so beautiful, so bloody hot, I just want to suck you.”

She sensed I was troubled, and set out to prove that she wanted me, and I could do what ever I wanted with her body.

She threw her legs wide grabbing her knees spreading them to display her cunt, open an unprotected. “Richard darling,” she moaned. “Suck me.”

I could not help myself my fingers moved back between her legs, to her slit.

“My god you’re beautiful” I groaned, as my hand pushed as much as it could into her welcoming cunt. I licked along her inner thigh and tongued the alley between her cunt and arsehole.

After a while she pulled my head up so she could look at me.

Darling, I’ve had a wonderful afternoon.

My husband never goes down on me; I haven’t had any one do that for over twenty years.

The last hour with your head between my legs and your gorgeous prick in my mouth was just marvellous.

“You are what I’m looking for; no strings attached no ties sex.”

Bloody hell I thought as I drove home I’ll have to draw up a fucking roster.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 17

by mangrove jack©

The photo session was organised for Wednesday after noon. Jackie rang early, “Come over before lunch.” “I’m as horny as hell.” “Hurry up, get here before Darlene arrives.”

Jackie had organised the isolated guest wing for the photo session.

She was waiting and she meant business. Grabbing me by the arm, she dragged me through the door, straight over to a large sofa. Without a word of warning or welcome, she swung me around and pulled my head down to her mouth.

“Darlene will be here soon, hurry up,” she mumbled against my face, as she kissed me vigorously. One hand held my head, while the other struggled to free my prick from my trousers. Then she changed her mind. My prick was left waving in the air, as she pushed me down, to sit on the sofa.

Moving quickly she lifted her skirt up around her waist. The hand that had been holding my head pulled me forward from the sofa, while she rammed her cunt up to my mouth.

My fingers stretched her thong to one side, so my tongue could lick up her leg and find its mark in the warm wet folds of her cunt.

“Oh Jesus that’s nice” she whispered, as her hands ran through my hair, pulling my head tight against her body.

My position was awkward, her cunt was not high enough, my neck had to be bent low, so my tongue could lick her cunt from top to bottom.

Sensing my discomfort she pushed me down off the sofa until I was sitting on to the floor. She then stepped up to stand with one leg up on the sofa, her skirt held high before she dropped in over the back of my head...

She was now in a controlling position, where she could move her cunt over my nose and tongue, to bring herself off.

“Where’s the fucking camera now?” I thought as I knelt and stretched up with fingers and tongue, to plough the tight moist hole of this former beauty queen.

Jackie was rocking her cunt backwards and forwards, talking and moaning, some words soft, others loud, some I could not understand. “Oh Richard, Richard, that’s wonderful, fucking wonderful.”

“Don’t stop bite my nub, oh shit, I’m going to come.” She was going on and on.

With her cunt bashing against my face, her hands came down to grab me by the ears, and work my head rapidly back and forth, up and down, until she finally bucked, and came.

The smell of her body, the taste of her cum and the sweat off her thighs washing my face, brought my hair trigger prick to an eruption. Thank god it was swinging around and not in my pants

Sex with Jackie was always exciting, today was no exception. We dressed each other leaving little bites in intimate places, as we tried desperately to return to normal before the others arrived.

The afternoon photo session was completely different to the one I had originally planned.

Instead of Darlene and I having an uninhibited afternoon, doing our own porno shoot, I was now going to assist a very pregnant mum to take photos, of a room full of mothers.

Mrs Harriet Moore, who had less than a month to go with her pregnancy, brought all her photographic equipment. Darlene brought toys and clothes.

Harriet was one of those women who always seemed to be in a dither, but always got things done. She wore a short dress that highlighted her extremely swollen body.

She complained of being hot, using any thing she could find as a fan, waving it to create a breeze on her face neck and breasts.

She grew tired quickly, when she did, she slumped into a chair, her legs splayed, flapping the loose material of her skirt to create a breeze on her lower body.

I poured her glass after glass of cold water, eventually soaking a hand towel so she could refresh herself. It was hot in the wing Jackie had provided. The camera’s floodlights added to the heat.

At eighteen I had no experience with pregnant women. Not knowing whether she was ok, or whether her flushed face and chest was from the heat, or her pregnancy, I fussed over her, taking the wet towel and wiping her face neck and shoulders.

She opened the front of her dress and I dribbled cold water from the cloth down over her tits. Her dress became wet and stuck to her large full tits making my horn stir.

When she was ready, we worked together, setting up her equipment. As we did I studied her closely. She looked younger than the other mums, but must have been in her mid thirties. Her skin was milky white, without any apparent blemishes. My mum would have described her as an English rose.

She wasn’t very tall, wearing flat shoes probably made her look smaller. Her short stature allowed me a tremendous view down the front of her loose dress

My mouth watered at the sight of her substantial breasts, which seemed to be held in a flimsy bra, designed more to carry the weight of her obviously full breasts than highlight them as a beauty feature.

Jackie and Darlene helped set up, but they were more interested in fun. They produced copies of men’s magazines. Darlene called out their names as she threw them on the bench, “Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, and Mayfair.”

“Where did you get those?” Harriet asked. “Out of our son’s rooms,” they laughed together, “they’ll have to wank over something else tonight.”

“Look at this,” Darlene said, handing Harriet a magazine with a story and photographic display of two women masturbating, “We can do that, Can’t we Jackie?”

Whilst we were talking Jackie had stripped down to bra and panties. Swinging around with a noisy fanfare,

“Tarraaa, Taraaa, we can do better or worse than that, what ever you want sir.” She ended her little performance, by bowing to me and whipping off her bra.

Moving to kiss Jackie’s wildly swinging tits, Darlene exclaimed! “We can do wonders if Richard gets his gear off and joins us.”

I decided to ignore that request, turning to Harriet to seek her advice on how we should start. She was flushed and seemed to be panting or at least breathing very heavy.

I panicked, pulling her close, holding her around the waist. Her breast was heavy, and seemed hot against my arm, as she stumbled into my arms. Darlene rushed to help; we took her weight, and led her to the sofa, where I urged her to lie down.

She protested, “I will be ok. Let me rest for a while.” Darlene used some pillows to prop Harriet in a semi sitting position, handing her a magazine to use as a fan.

She overrode Harriet’s protestations, “just lie there, we will make sure you can see what we are doing”

I tried to reassure her, “leave it to me I’ll try taking some shots with the digital camera.”

“We can hook it up to the computer and you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

Harriet finally agreed, telling me to set the video and the digital cameras up on tripods so they would not move.

After advising on how to set timers, she looked up from the couch and winked, “You will need to use the timers so you can personally get into the action, rather than just watching.” That’s of course if you want to.” she added with a sly grin.

Jackie, nude to the waist was dancing to the beat of some hard driving Latin beat, from the CD player

Her body movements were nothing less than pornographic, her dance steps and her perfect body creating an instant erection that was as usual caught up in my pants.

Noticing my predicament she danced over.

“Let me do that big boy,” she said in a sultry voice straight out of an R rated movie.

She unzipped my fly, took my prick out, leant down and kissed it on the head, then placed it back in my pants closing the zip, and danced away.

Through all this I had stood flatfooted; eventually turning my head to see if Harriet had seen what was going on. She hadn’t missed it; in fact I thought I saw her lick her lips as Jackie danced away.

Stripping down to her bra and pants, Darlene said lets get some fun shots before the others arrive.

“Get your gear off Richard,” she ordered.

“Like hell” I whispered, “not in front of Mrs Moore.”

Jackie danced over to Harriet, her body swaying seductively to the music. We want some sexy shots before the mums arrive, will you take them? She asked

Harriet wanted to know “What sort of shots?” “Just the three of us in bikini bottoms dancing stroking and kissing, no fucking” Jackie said, as she wriggled her boobs right in front of Harriet’s face. Harriet struggled to her feet. “All right it might be fun, let’s do it.”

I wasn’t asked. I was just given a small parcel and told “change into that.” Jackie and Darlene rummaged around in the box of toys and clothes Darlene had brought.

Jackie selecting a pink heart shaped piece of material that seemed to adhere to her body shading her cunt.

Darlene picking a half inch wide thong, which because of its width, seemed to disappear up both her arse and cunt.

My outfit was a doozy, a string around my waist held this see through net that forced my prick to stand up.

We stood around sniggering at each others outfits. Gradually our excitement grew.

The hard driving Latin music was compelling, forcing your body to sway to its beat.

Jackie produce an alarm clock, “twenty minutes and then we must get ready for the other mothers,” she announced.

She slammed her body against mind grinding her hips and tits wildly while Darlene took up a similar position at My rear.

Harriet’s eyes were sticking out of her head; she was rubbing her nipples as their attacks on my body increased, until I erupted, my cum running down my legs.

The two half nude boy scout mums laughed, rubbing their fingers in my sperm and licking each others fingers noisily.

It only seemed seconds before the alarm went off. The three of us were bathed in sweat, as we raced for the shower.

A shower with those two magnificent mums was an erotic experience in itself. But I was worried about Harriet, and hopped out of the shower.

“What’s happened to Harriet” I asked as I started to dry myself off. I was drying my prick and balls, when Jackie, nude and dripping wet, led Harriet into the bathroom.

“She’s bloody hot get her into the shower.” she ordered. Ignoring her protests, Darlene stripped Harriett, and bundled her in to the shower.

I dropped my towel and stood rubbing my balls staring at the first nude pregnant woman I had ever seen. She was beautiful. Motherhood and pregnancy give a woman an aura that is just magic, her full body shone in my eyes, I was mesmerised.

Jackie yelled at me “Get some bloody clothes on; I can here some mothers arriving.”

When I stood staring at Harriet and didn’t move she threw me a towel. “Look if you can’t take your eyes off her, leave greeting the others to me, you just look after Harriet.”

She stormed out leaving Harriet and I alone and naked.

Harriet had not said a word through all this. When I climbed back in the shower with her and started to wash her body all over, she shuddered and relaxed as if she was surrendering to me.

As the shudders shook her stomach, I looked up at her face wondering if I should go on. She just nodded her head side to side slowly signalling “no,” but her body leaned in to accept my caresses.

I slowly slid down to my knees as I continued to move my hands over her warm soft tits, slipping them lower over her extremely hard belly, slowing to feel for a baby’s pulse of life, then moving on until my fingers were playing with the curls of her cunt. Her extended belly button drew my mouths attention, sucking it deep.

She spoke for the first time, “milk me.”

I quickly moved to suck as much of her left tit into my mouth as possible. She ran her fingers through my hair, moaning quietly, “Gently, gently, that’s it, nibble my nipple.”

Holding my head she gave directions “just light bites, that’s it just suck like a baby, make my milk come.” Then, “yes. Oh yes,” as some fluid started to fill my mouth, “that’s it milk me, be my baby”

I loved being her baby. I could have stayed there all day, moving from one tit to the other.

She shook me,” Sweetheart I will have to sit down my knees are buckling,” she whispered, as we sank down in the shower.

Her knees could hardly carry her weight as she tried to get out. Realising she was stumbling; I held her up and moved to towel her dry. As I ran the towels up her back and around to her tits, I helped her to the bathroom bench.

The bench was not very long. Laying her back I lifted her legs with the knees up to allow them to rest on the end. I noticed that her sweet cunt was now on display.

Pushing her knees wide with my hands, dropping my head down between them, I sank my tongue into her cunt, searching for her nub.

It was if my tongue had injected new life into her body. She bucked and moaned grabbing my head hard. Her back arched, her body pushed up swallowing my tongue, as her thighs tightened on my ears.

“Yes …Yes…Yes.” She whispered.

My mind raced, worrying first about someone coming into the bathroom. Then my mind raced on to much more important things.

“How much further will Harriet let me go,” I wondered, would she let me fuck her now. Would she get cold feet and stop me.

With my mouth and tongue slurping wildly in her hot moist cunt, I decided there was only one thing to do, keep going until she said no.

My hands massaged her big belly. I thought I could feel movement in there as I lashed her clit from top to bottom with my now slippery tongue. My forehead was pressing hard against her low slung belly, my nose bumping the top of her cunt.

She was letting me do what I wanted, “why stop now,” I thought. Taking her hand I pulled it down to my prick then pushed prick and hand towards her cunt.

“No! Not there” she cried squeezing my prick hard. “Oh shit, so near, and now she says no,” I though as I stood up.

She could tell I was angry and disappointed “Stop sulking” she said as she quickly stood up and bent over a chair, “I don’t want your weight on my belly.”

My prick didn’t need a road map or invitation. My knees nudged her legs apart, my fingers found her sopping cunt opening it wider until gently I pushed my prick into her sloppy hole.

“Oh my, Oh my, what a beauty.” she cried as she pushed back grinding her body on mine. We hit a slow rhythm, our bodies slapping and slurping together. The extra weight she was carrying caused her to sweat profusely; sweat was running from her body down her tits wetting my hands.

Lovely, oh this is so lovely, oh yes, give it to me,” Harriet started to moan out loud.

Suddenly, in the quiet of the room, the door opened and Darlene slid in. “Shit! Don’t stop!” she exclaimed when she saw what was happening. I looked around. “Keep going don’t stop!” she urged. “I’ve been sent here to keep Richard entertained, while the ladies try on some of Jackie’s porno outfits. They want to be properly dressed when you come in to take their photographs.”

“My job was to keep Richard here for fifteen minutes.” Walking over to stand beside me, she put her hand on my butt as I plundered Harriet’s cunt. That hand pushed me over the top, the shudder of approaching cum hit me. I struggled to hold back.

Sensing my growing excitement she patted me again fingering my rear,” I can see my real job will be to get you to leave her in fifteen minutes.” “Fifteen minutes be fucked,” I thought, I `m coming now.”

Harriet was too far into our fuck to be fazed by Darlene’s entry; in fact she was becoming more articulate as my cum spewed into her. “What a fuck, my god what a fuck, what a great fuck.”

Looking towards Darlene. She explained. “Being pregnant has made me extremely bloody horny.” “That stupid fucking old man of mine, has lost interest in sex with this pregnant body.” I haven’t had a good fuck in months.”

“My god, I would have never thought of cheating, but this was great” She grabbed me and kissed me thoroughly. “This has been fucking great; you were wonderful I loved it.” “I want to do it again and again.”

She was already starting to plan ahead. “Darlene drove me here you can drive me home.” “We can work on the photos in my darkroom tomorrow.” “Oh this is going to be great.”

“Fucking great.” I thought. “I will really have to start that fucking roster.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 18

by mangrove jack©

Darlene had asked me to return a package to the Adult Shop. I was keen to go, as I hadn’t been back since my night with Melissa.

Remembering that I had promised to call and help Harriet in her darkroom, I left it until the afternoon, just after lunch.

At the adult shop, the elderly woman behind the desk was a picture of mature womanhood. My eyes were drawn to her immaculate business suit and of course what was in it, as she stepped out from behind the desk to greet me.

She took Darlene’s package, opened it and read the note, then looked up at me, as I asked.

“Where’s the blonde lady I think her name was Dorothy who looked after me before?”

“Oh now I know who you are” she exclaimed, Dorothy told me about you and your lady friend, she smiled as she added “she gave you a great wrap.”

“I remember her telling us at lunch the other day, that after a night upstairs in a private room, she spied you and your lady friend at it again in the car park, ten minutes later.” If I remember correctly, “she described you as a young gentleman” adding with a laugh “a man of stamina.”

I’m sorry, Dorothy’s off work now, will I do, she said as she appeared to pose provocatively. She had no need to pose to tease me; I had been quietly studying her whilst waiting.

I liked long hair. She had long jet black hair that shone as it hung loose down her back, nearly reaching her waist.

She appeared to be of mixed parentage, probably an Asian African mix or may be from somewhere in South America. Her skin was the dark gold of treacle, her body had seen many years but it had been well preserved, it lost nothing through the way she dressed. Her clothes highlighted her best bits including a pair of old legs to die for.

The phone on the desk rang, she turned away to answer giving me another view, this time of her back and well rounded arse.

She spoke quietly, her voice rising as she talked of the need to have something delivered today, then hung up abruptly. Coming back to me she was mumbling about deliveries. “Can I help?” I asked.

She looked hard at me, asking “what do you mean help?” “Well I could drop something off for you if it will help.”

“Thanks” she replied shaking her head, “It’s not deliveries from here; it’s having promotional material delivered here.”

Noting my interest she went on to explain. “The woman who does our photographic work is pregnant; she has stopped work but has a few pieces we need.

Pregnant photographers wouldn’t be plentiful in our city, so I asked the obvious question “Harriett Moore?”

“Do you know Harriet?” she asked in surprise.

I nodded my head “yes,” Oh yes I knew Harriet alright I thought to myself.

I’m sure I was blushing slightly, “As a matter of fact I was planning to help her in her darkroom this afternoon. Maybe I could drop your material back after I finish.”

“That would be great, especially if you could do it today, we need them tomorrow morning early.” Are you sure it won’t be too much trouble?” she asked

“Not at all, if you want it quicker, I can give you a lift over to get it, and you can get a taxi back, or I’ll do it, what ever you like.”

We agreed to leave it to me. She rang Harriet to make the arrangements.

“When you come back, ask for Tammi, I’m the owner,” she said with a warmth, that indicated I was no longer going to be treated as just another customer.

Alerted by the phone call Harriet was waiting, ushering me up stairs to her bedroom, not the dark room.

“At eight months, my body needs comfort,” she explained, one hand holding her extended stomach.

She kissed me and started to remove my clothes. I tried to slow her down, but quickly understood her sense of urgency when she explained “My husband will be home early today. He goes to lodge tonight:”

The scent and taste of an aroused pregnant woman is to my mind the greatest turn on of all. Her body extended with motherhood drew me like a magnet. I opened button after button of her dress until with a shake of her shoulders the dress fell down around her lovely legs.

My mouth couldn’t wait to kiss those milky breasts. She talked quietly, holding my head back to keep my mouth away.” Go steady; my nipples have become sensitive during my pregnancy. They were sore when I got home last night.” She sat back against the pillows “Let’s get comfortable, I can’t stand for long without getting tired.”

I hesitated not wanting to hurt her magnificent breasts; Harriet didn’t hesitate, pulling me down, to kneel where my mouth could reach their goal. My tongue shot out, as a little milk dribbled and ran down her large white breast.

“That’s it, be my baby, drink my milk, love me gently,” she crooned, her hands around my back and head.

As I sucked and nipped each nipple in turn, her body started to move ever so slightly in a fucking motion. Her bodies’ movements acted as a spur to my already inflated prick. It too started to leak.

After a while she pushed my head away, “that’s lovely, but they are so sensitive you’re starting to hurt.” “Leave them for a little while.”

She was moving my head down, clearly wanting me to Lick between her legs. I moved my mouth from her leaking tits. Easing her legs open wider and wider allowing my head and mouth to follow my fingers.

Those lucky fingers had entered her sopping wet cunt and were pinching and flicking her bud.

She lifted her legs, laying them on my arms, and then my shoulders, tightening them on my ears and cheeks. This position made her cunt more accessible.

I worked my tongue in and out like it was my prick, and I was fucking her. Her body responded moving in and out with my tongue. I licked her cunt from top to bottom, my hands played around her arse. My finger just probing not really entering.

Harriet was making little groaning noises. “Oh yes, yes, that’s wonderful, your so gentle, so loving, you’re making me cum and cum,” she moaned, as she ran her fingers through my hair, pulling me gently closer and closer to her highly aroused cunt.

“I haven’t stopped Cumming, since you first touched me,” she whispered, as she struggled to lie back. I loved the taste and smell of her cum and her cunt, it overpowered all other senses.

She rolled on her side with her back facing me, pulling her legs up towards her tits, her cunt fully exposed. “I want you to fuck me now, I can’t wait any longer.” Let’s do it. Come on lets do it.”

I lay behind her holding my prick, wiping it up and down from her arsehole to her cunt, pushing and working until it was all in.

I had never fucked in this position before; the new experience adding to my excitement, as we fucked slowly and fully for what seemed like hours.

I lay stroking Harriet’s hard full belly, cradling it in my hands. In this position I could feel her cumming and then cumming again and again. We cuddled together whispering and laughing, as I tried to describe to her how I felt about her pregnancy, her scents, her taste, and her swampy cunt.

Harriet was a proud mum; she held my head and moved it around urging me to listen for her baby. When I said I couldn’t hear it; she made me lay still waiting for the babies’ movement.

I was awe struck as I stroked and kissed this extended belly. Within days the baby I could feel would be born. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be able to lay here and feel life in a mother’s warm hard belly.

Later as I drove back to the adult shop to deliver her photographs, I couldn’t help rubbing my prick, as I relived those moments, with Harriet folded in my arms as we fucked. Just thinking of her hard smooth belly and the time I spent massaging creams and oils all over her wonderful body, made my prick buck and leak.

Back at the shop, Dorothy greeted me like a long lost friend, squiring me upstairs to one of the private rooms, where Tammi was waiting, bourbon in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

She stood and walked over to me, “I want to thank you for doing that little favour for me. Dorothy was right you are a young gentleman.”

“I will have to see if the rest of her references are spot on.” “But we will get to that later.”

“Have a drink, see he gets what he wants,” she told Dorothy who had moved to the bar. Dorothy poured me a heavy scotch, “shit,” I exclaimed, “watch it, I have to drive home.” “Don’t worry, we’ll get you home, but I can’t promise when.” Tammi said with a grin.

Tammi had obviously been drinking since I left; she was in a happy frame of mind. When she went to the rest room Dorothy whispered to me “she really likes you.”

She’s rapt that you offered to do something for her and never asked to be paid.” “What are friends for, I like her too,” I volunteered.

Tammi had returned and overheard our conversation

She was wound up,” People who run adult shops are not high on society’s ladder. We don’t get much free help or support.” “If we want any help we have to pay for it.” Standing at the bar pouring more drinks she went on “Most people, who use our products, don’t want to have anything to do with us.”

She turned and smiled warmly, “I was down in the dumps today, but you gave me a lift.” “To have a clean cut young lad like you prepared to help me, and be friends, was marvellous.”

She put down her drink and very deliberately walked over, took my head in her hands and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and led my tongue a merry dance.

As we kissed my hands automatically move around her body, one hand rubbing her beautiful hard backside, the other coming up to cup a tit and try to pinch a nipple through her blouse.

She did nothing to stop my wandering hands. In fact her kissing intensified. I was immediately lost under the seductive influences of her molten mouth.

Tammi’s kisses could set an iceberg on fire. Her body moulded mine, raising my blood pressure substantially, especially between my legs.

I eased her blouse out from her skirt and ran my hands up her firm body to her tits. She moaned as I pushed a tit up out of its bra and rolled the nipple between my fingers.

Dorothy was leaning with her elbows on the bar, watching as we struggled to remove each others clothes.

Tammi stripped, was every young mans desire. A mature woman with a young hard body.

Her tits were perfect, the fact that did not sag and in fact were perky, made me realise that some work had been done to this hard bodied dame to produce such a perfect result.

Her backside was a sculptors dream. I was to learn as we talked later that Tammi ran, swam, and worked out for hours every day to keep her self in trim. Her efforts were worth while. She was not carrying an ounce of excess weight; her legs were a lightly muscled delight.

Money and time had been invested wisely, maintaining a body that had my quick fire prick leaking in anticipation.

Tammi took control, she didn’t want foreplay, she wanted to fuck. She pushed me down on the sofa, stood up over me and lowered her cunt to swallow my prick.

She’s done that before, I marvelled as she leant her body back so her nub rubbed hard against my prick. When she found a position that excited her, her cunt walls closed and held me, wrapping me in her warm tight box.

Her cunt started to stroke my prick, slowly at first, gradually building up until I grunted, “fucking hell careful or I’ll cum.”

“Don’t worry” she whispered “we’ve got all night”

She laid further back, her hand came round to squeeze my balls in such a way, that I could immediately feel my prick’s tension subside.

Leaning forward her hand left my balls and joined her other hand both pinching and playing with my nipples.

“At last,” I growled as her changed position let my hands cup those perfect pair of tits. Her nipples were black stiff and hard, I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them. Grabbing her by the arms, and then the shoulders, I pulled her forward so my mouth could lick her breasts and suck those fantastic nipples.

“Bite them. Go on bite them” she urged, “bite them hard,” as her pace quickened and her cunt muscles again brought me to a climax.

This time she ignored my warning. Grunting as my spasms hit her. Seizing the opportunity, I took her whole tit in my mouth, and ran my teeth roughly over it, biting hard on her thick hard nipple.

She kept moaning quietly, her head jerking as I discharged my load with a jolt into her bucking cunt.

I tried to relax but Tammi had other ideas, before my prick could subside, she lay her body down on top of mine, her head ending in a position where her mouth could nibble my nipples.

This change of bodily position was achieved while her cunt muscles keeping me tucked inside. Her mouth and tongue on my nipples ensured that my prick lost none of its interest.

Tammi welded her body to mine, just bumping her cunt up down and around, like a hoochie coochie dancer, moving against me lightly, until a second orgasm wracked my body.

Even in my more sane moments, when I think back to the nights proceedings, I can not work out how many times we fucked. I do know that there is not a single position that we did not try, most of them more than once. Tammi never let me rest, leading me and encouraging me to greater efforts, time after time.

“What a lover, you are fucking fantastic,” I told her, over and over, as the night flew by.

Tammi loved to be on top, in control, her favourite was to place her feet firmly either side of my thighs, squat down and ride me.

“Sex between excited partners is great.” “Its rat shit if you find it a chore, you both have to be excited and full of anticipation,” she told me as she got up and poured another stiff drink.

Returning with her drink, she kissed me running a little alcohol over my lips and into my mouth

Richard, what would you like me to do to make you happy, just ask, I’ll do anything” Leaning over she kissed me again this time on the forehead, “I love to fuck with a good partner. You’re good; I want you to remember me and this night forever.”

Come on tell me how, on your back? Side ways? Standing up? Bent over a chair? Sitting on you lap? I’m happy with any position, although I find it best on top.” She giggled in my ear like a school girl, as she climbed back on top of me.

She worked hard at making me happy, again and again inviting me to choose. “What do you like best,” she asked, as she finished deep throating my prick.

When I said “dog fashion” she went down on her elbows and knees, so I could lie over her back, with my prick buried in her cunt. She wriggled finding me a good position, groaning as I banged into her. “Put your arms around me.” “Rub your fingers around my clit.” “Keep rubbing “she yelled as she rammed her arse back into my body.

Suffice to say, that finally no matter what she did to revive me, my prick decided it had had enough.

During the long night Dorothy had closed the premises. Before she went she returned standing by my side, leaning over to kiss me on the butt, telling Tammi “I told you he was a man of stamina.”

Tammi lay in my arms as I poured oil on her tits, and started to again massage every inch of her body. “Tell me about you,” I asked her as she lit a cigarette.

“You wouldn’t want to know.”

I kept asking because I wanted her to talk, and give my prick, balls and body, time to recover.

“I want to know everything about you where you’re from, how you got into this business, are you married. You’re a very interesting woman.”

While I was talking, my hands and lips had travelled all over her body, from the tip of her toes to her head, my fingers now resting on her butt.

I pushed her on her side placing her in a similar position to Harriet earlier today, I them proceeded to ream her arse one finger, two fingers, listening to her little grunts, as I pushed in and out hard. With my mouth nibbling at her shoulders, I asked again, “come on tell me about yourself?”

“You have lovely dark brown skin; let’s start with where you come from?” “I’m from South America,” she moaned in what can only be described as a shuddering whisper, pushing her arse back on my fingers.

All of a sudden she sat up, “your not going to give up are you?” She leant over picking up one of the packages Dorothy had left.

“Here use that while we’re talking.” That was a vibrator in the shape of a bear sitting on a log. It was fitted with batteries, its controls on a long lead. She rubbed some oil on the log, before sliding it into her already wet cunt.

“Sit up here beside me,” “If you place your head on my tits you can watch as you manipulate the golden bear in my box.”

Taking my hand she instructed “Move him so his head vibrates on my clit, and the log moves in and out.” She laid back, her legs splayed; knees bent, and proceeded to tell me about her life.

“You won’t want to know me, after I finish telling you,” she said. “I’ve been a prostitute, and made a lot of money... I didn’t just do it for money I love sex

She started to buck and groan as I pushed the nose of the vibrating bear hard against her nub, increasing its speed.

“Oh shit that’s lovely.” Her voice drifted away in to a series of little moans and grunts, as her back arched and her hips bucked.

I slowed the speed using the log as a prick allowing her to continue. “I became a high priced callgirl. I was exclusive, I was known as the best. You would be surprised if I told you the names of some of my customers.”

“Push it hard again,” she whispered kissing both my eyes. “I love sex, I can’t get enough, I’m not a nympho.” “I can give it up for months.” “When I start I don’t want to stop.” You’ve opened the floodgates tonight, she added, as she crushed me in a hug, rubbing her perfect tits in my face.

I sped up the bear’s vibrations, my hand moving it in and out quickly, using it like a prick. Operating the controls I increased the vibrations to high speed. It was now throbbing, as well as moving backwards and forwards, getting larger and smaller to a regular beat.

Her body shuddered and kept shuddering. I’m sure she was coming, as her cunt was dripping wet.

“My god that’s wonderful, you are a naughty boy,” she whispered pulling my head up to kiss me. ”I can’t get enough of you.”

From time to time, my prick recovered, and I rode her again from behind whilst her cunt walls milked me quickly. When I was spent we returned to the bear.

Every time my prick raised its head, the bear was discarded. Gradually I was spending more time working the golden bear and his log.

She was fantastic; she never complained or asked me to stop. Her body was in a constant state of excitement. Her mouth and hands worked my body so that I was always being stroked kissed or fingered.

I punished her cunt with a series of high speed vibrating assaults until finally as day broke she was using her mouth to lick me clean, when I spied the time.

“I’ve got to get home” I explained as I tried to push her away. “Don’t go, stay, we can have breakfast, and then go up to my room, let’s spend the day together.” she pleaded

My prick and balls were sore, my mouth tender, I was tired, and I was fucked. She had been marvellous. My will power was wilting as I kissed her perfect nude body all over, nibbling her nipples, and patting her arse before I escaped out the door.

At home mum was waiting. She was angry. “Where have you been? What kept you out all night? I was tired. I was in no mood to be diplomatic.

“I’ve been with a woman, a prostitute, she’s older than you, and she’s fucking fantastic,” I replied, as I stormed off to bed.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 19

by mangrove jack©

“You can’t spend the rest of your life being a gofer for a group of spoilt mums. This is a golden opportunity, you have to go.” Bernadette told him sternly.

Bernadette was lecturing him while she lay on the desk at our Boy Scout den, her skirt crumpled up around her waist, her top pushed up around her neck, her bra and panties on the floor.

A sheen of sweat shone on her stomach as Richard’s tongue licked down from her tits to enter her hot moist cunt.

“Oh Christ that’s lovely” she moaned, “Can you taste both our juices?”

Richard’s mouth was full so he didn’t answer.

Bernadette grabbed a handful of his jet black hair and pulled his head up,” listen to me you young bastard.”

His mouth wet with their combined secretions and a gleam in his eye he answered,

“The mixture down here is positively fabulous, the smell and taste of your well fucked cunt, must be the worlds greatest aphrodisiac.” With that his head pulled away as he again stuck his face between her legs.

“Oh you young bugger,” she laughed. “I meant talk to me about the possibility of a job with Rebecca and Robert.”

Within seconds her complaints were quickly forgotten, She started to buck and moan, for he had captured her erect clitoris between his teeth, and his tongue was lashing it lovingly.

Later as they looked around for their hurriedly discarded clothing and got dressed, she told him, “This opportunity with Rebecca is one in a lifetime.”

“They don’t have kids. He’s old and drinks too much.” “There’s no one to take over the business when they retire.” “After meeting you during the governor’s visit they think you may be the young man they need.”

She turned to unlock the office door, “Robert has offered you a three weeks trial as Personal assistant to Rebecca and himself. When you go there today, tell them you will be pleased and proud to work for them.”

“If it doesn’t work out then you’ve lost nothing.” “Don’t worry about the scouts; I’ll look after your work with the mums for you.” “So go for it.”

Seizing the opportunity as she fumbled with the door, he ran one hand around her waist and the other up under her skirt pushing her thong aside and fingered her welcoming bum.

She threw her head back, turning so he could kiss her,” My god you’ve changed my life. “I think I’m becoming a nymphomaniac.”

He laughed, working his finger harder.

“Really I can’t get enough of you.” Bernadette said, as she bucked back against his finger. “You’ve got me dreaming of you every day. Even my husband’s starting to wonder what’s come over me, when I’m horny every night.”

Later as Melissa took his prick deep in her mouth sucking the last of his dwindling cum down her throat, Richard mused, “Bernadette won’t be able to look after the Boy Scout mums for me.” .

His regular visits to a number of mums to check cookie production and to collect cookies for distribution provided both he and the mums with opportunities to enjoy regular uninterrupted sex.

The mothers made sure his visits were timed so that their husbands or kids were not around.

Seeing the husbands were paying him to “look after the wives,” he had devised a roster that ensured that he had a number of opportunities for blow jobs before and after college.

He licked his lips in anticipation as he approached his last call before lunch. His prick stirred, as he thought of the big earthy Greek body of the woman who had taken him under her wing, and taught him how to pleasure women.

Angelique did not fit the mould of a rich bored Boy Scout mum. Her body was not that of a fashion model. Hers was that of his big earth mother.

Locked in her arms, tight against her big brown body, he had learnt much about women, sex, and love.

This morning her nose twitched as she sniffed the air on his arrival, “you’ve been fucking.” Taking his hands while she kissed him, she stopped him from fingering her. “It’s a big day today, we don’t want you reeking of sex especially some other woman’s sex,” she said as she sucked his straining prick clean.

“Now remember,” Angelique warned much later, as she pushed him out the door, “be on your best behaviour, remember your manners, treat her like a queen, and make her believe she is the most beautiful woman in the room.”

Richard was waiting in the lobby talking to two of his younger mums when Rebecca arrived. He introduced them and felt a chill in the air as they said their goodbyes and left.

Rebecca in her tight wool skirt, neck high white silk blouse and double breasted reefer jacket complete with gold buttons looked magnificent.

He took her arm, proudly escorting her to her seat at a table on the first floor overlooking the city square.

As lunch progressed Rebecca responded to his questioning opening up about herself and Robert.

“My early days were spent in all girl boarding schools, my parents had no time for an only child as they developed a thriving business,” she told him without any rancour.

“Robert’s much older than me; he too is an only child from much the same background, with parent’s busy making money, he too was left to tutors and governesses, or boarding school.”

“We regularly met before we were married, because his family and mine owned the states top manufacturing businesses and sat on boards and government committees together.”

“If they went to conferences during holiday periods, when we were home from school or college, we were dragged along.”

“We naturally drifted together; our marriage was strongly supported by our parents, for it cemented their businesses into one major group.”

She was very direct, questioning him at length about his family, his studies and .his sports.” “What else do you do with yourself,” she asked “what about a girlfriend.” He blushed thinking how do I answer this, “No girlfriend, I don’t have time with my other activities.”

He was becoming embarrassed “I don’t like very young girls and the girls at college seem immature.” he explained

Rebecca noticing his discomfort went on “I asked those questions because my personal assistant will travel with me and work rather odd hours.

I like to pay visits to our factories throughout the state and visit the farms that sell their produce to our plants. I generally visit in the afternoons staying overnight before returning.

Back at her office building, she introduced him to her staff before telling him,” Let’s give it a three weeks trial, if you shape up we will talk long term commitments.”

Rebecca was pleasant to work with, she was efficient, knew the business intimately, telling him about the management structure, as they travelled around the city to visit factories.

“I run the business, Robert plays golf, drinks scotch and gambles on the horses, he leaves business to me, and I love it,” she said as she spied him studying her legs and straightened her skirt.

“I love the trappings of power, the privacy and convenience of our chauffer driven limo, our private jet, my city apartment.”

“I love dancing and fine dinner parties, Robert doesn’t dance. He hits the scotch bottle too hard to enjoy dinner parties.” “Part of your work will be to accompany me to official dinners, especially when we visit the state capital this week.”

As the first few days passed Richard found himself drawn to her. Under the facade of a super efficient business woman in full control, he sensed a different more fragile Rebecca, one that responded to his good manners and his flattery.

Their visit to the States Capital involved extremely busy days and a string of evening social engagements. Each night after the official functions they would return to their hotel. “I’m taking you dancing tonight,” he told her after their dinner party ended early. “Our hotel has a night club, I’ll be at your door in thirty minutes,” he said as he headed for his room.

Right on time he knocked on the door of her suite, holding a small corsage behind his back. She opened the door inviting him in, walking ahead of him to the couch.

“I don’t feel like dressing up again,” she said as she turned and saw the corsage. “Oh how sweet” she cried. Richard watched as she raised the orchid to smell its scent, before moving to kiss him on the cheek, “you really are a lovely young man, you make me feel special the way you care for me.”

He turned his head so her kiss ended up on his lips. Her mouth opened slightly in surprise as his tongue flitted quickly in and out. He could have sworn that she was going to kiss him back,

Regaining control, she pushed him over to the settee asking.” Can I get you a drink?”

While she was getting the drink he went to the suites TV and music system. “They have CD and DVD players so there must be some discs,” he said as he opened a cupboard under the sound system.

“Yes here they are, Golden oldies, wartime hits with Glen Miller and his band, or what about this one called The Waltz, that should be good to dance to?” he cried.

Rebecca returned with the drinks, “what are you doing?” she asked “If you don’t want to go out dancing, we can slip our shoes off and dance on the carpet or over there on the tiles.” He explained as he wrapped his arms around her a swung her round the floor.

“Stop it, you’ve made me spill the drinks,” she said laughing at his antics.

Since the night of the Governors dinner he had had an idea in the back of his mind that he could seduce Rebecca. Dancing after the dinner party she had told him she wanted a discreet young man. From those and other words plus her body language, he had gained the impression that she might be looking for a fling.

Tonight as he went back to his room he had to revise that idea. She had talked business incessantly, creating a situation where he never had a chance to change the subject, let alone lay a hand on her.

What a difference the next evening. “Let’s go to the night club” she suggested when their limousine arrived at their hotel “I’ll get changed, pick me up in an hour.”

In the night club she was full of fun, deftly evading a couple of older guys on the make, whilst Intervening to drag Richard away when ever a hot young body interested him.

Richard danced with a number of younger women one asked “what are you doing here with your mother, your not a mummy’s boy are you.”

“Yes she is, that’s my mum and I’m going to try to fuck her,” he answered with a laugh. “Bullshit” she laughed. “When she goes to bed look for me, ill be waiting,” she called as the dance ended.

Richard, who had dropped Rebecca down his list from possible to no chance, couldn’t believe the change a day had made.

She was dressed to tease. Whilst you could say her dark red knitted top covered her neck and shoulders, it was also more than true Richard observed, that it emphasised her substantial breasts.

Her skirt was split right up the front. It could be worn conservatively, with a row of buttons that could close it as far, or as little as desired.

Tonight Rebecca wore it with most of the buttons undone. She was flashing tantalising glimpses of thigh high stocking tops and bare flesh, as she swirled around on the dance floor.

Between them they had consumed a bottle of good red wine, Rebecca drinking more than her share.

She danced nearly every dance with Richard, very rarely accepting invitations to dance from other men. Finally when the band played it last set of slow sexy numbers the lights were turned down they moved closer together.

He made the most of the opportunity, pulling her heavy butt close, so his erect prick was able to follow Angelique’s foreplay method of dancing. The slow tantalising movements she had taught him were designed to excite.

Excite they did. She laid her head on his shoulder and allowed him a number of small liberties with her body.

He stroked her breast taking one hand from her butt to squeeze and pinch her nipples.

While he danced and his hands were busy, he kept whispering in her ear, “You’re beautiful; you are the most exciting woman in the club tonight.”

“Did you notice how those men could not keep their eyes off you?” he asked. She danced in close offering no objection to his caresses or his words.

In the lift they stood arm in arm as it sped to her top floor. “Let me escort you to your door madam,” he announced with a flourish causing her to laugh out loud .At the door when he moved to kiss her she turned her head and gave him a peck on the cheek,

“See you at breakfast” she whispered, blowing him a kiss as she closed the door.

His prick that had been erect in anticipation would not cool down as he waited for the lift. When the lift arrived it was full of girls from the night club. They greeted him like a long lost friend.

“We’re off down to the coffee shop; the night’s young join us,” They chorused. Safety in numbers made them cheeky. Even though the lift dropped quickly to his floor, he was groped and kissed before he was able to escape.

When the lift door closed a short plump blonde was left standing with him. What room are you in?” she asked as she fumbled for her key.

“Yours” he replied as he took her key and let her into her room. As the door closed she wrapped her arms around him, kissed him and asked, “Are you going to fuck me?” “Fucking oath I am,” he replied

His frustrations with Rebecca had completely disappeared an hour later, as he returned to his room.

He did not know the plump blonde’s name, but he did know that he had left her well and truly fucked, sprawled across her bed naked, with cum smeared on her lips and cunt.

As they ate breakfast next morning Rebecca asked. “Where did you get to last night? “I rang you room a couple of times but you never answered.” “Did you?” he asked, “I’m sorry I went down to the coffee shop for coffee.”

In the ensuing silence, he asked “Was it something urgent?” “No it will keep,” she replied.

“Well I’m certainly not flavour of the month” Richard thought to himself.

Working together that day was difficult. As it drew to a close, he asked. “are we dancing tonight?” “No, I don’t feel like dressing up,” Rebecca replied, as she went off to her room.

Left to his own devices he decided to have a drink and see if the girls were there tonight. His doubts about their being there were quickly dispelled when he heard a husky voice call. “Hi remember me I’m Marcia,” it was his sex partner from the previous evening.

She grabbed his arm and turned to the others with a girlish giggle, “this is Dick, and what a Dick, he sure knows how to use it.”

“Thanks a lot for the intro” he said as she pushed him down on a seat and dropped on his lap.

Later when he returned to the room with Marcia hanging on his arm, he found a note under the door to, “ring Rebecca.”

The plumb blonde had stripped off her dress and was removing his pants as he stood waiting for Rebecca to answer.

When there was no answer Marcia who had dropped to her knees and taken his prick deep in her mouth said, “Fuck her let’s go to bed.” “Let’s go to bed and fuck you,” he replied.

A long night in the sack with a horny drunk young broad did nothing to help his mental or physical performance at breakfast next morning.

Rebecca was all business. She quickly and forcibly made it very clear that she expected to be able to contact him whenever she wanted, and not have to deliver notes under his door.

Things had not improved by the time he escorted her to the lift at the end of the days work. In the crowded lift they were forced right to the back.

Thinking of his young blonde playmate, he unconsciously slipped his hand down on to her butt and stroked it slowly. When she did not respond, he continued squeezing her cheeks, running his finger to form a hollow in her skirt following the contours of her arse.

She took his hand as they left the lift “let’s get room service we need to talk privately.” He followed her as she entered her suite and moved through to her bedroom. She threw her jacket on the bed. He threw his jacket on top of hers and moved over near her.

She slipped her arm around him and kissed him, her tongue like a snake entering his mouth. “I’ve wanted to do that all day.” She sighed.

Overjoyed, he ran his hands up and down her back, finding the buttons of her blouse he undid them slowly, one by one, pulling the blouse forward until she shook it and it fell off her arms to the floor.

Still feeding his tongue in and out of her mouth, he took her hand and placed it on the hard lump in his pants. Her breathing became agitated, her face flushed, as his hands still on her back, undid the clasp of her brassiere.

Her large soft tits spilled out, his mouth left hers and dropped to take a mouthful of tit and nipple and chew lightly.

Rebecca was moaning out loud now, her body was moving to his touch, her cunt muscles contracting with excitement, as dozens of little spasms hit her and her juices started to flow.

His hands roved over her back as he continued to kiss her breasts. They found the zip at the back of her skirt and loosened it sufficiently for him to ease it, so she could wiggle her hips, allowing it to slip to the floor.

The soft curve of her buttock entertained his hand, slowing its progress, before it moved to her cuntal mound, pulling and playing with its trimmed hairs.

Rebecca, her face flushed with excitement groaned in anticipation, her body trembling as his hand grew near. Feeling her heat, his fingers moved to run circles around her clit. She gasped and spread her legs, thrusting her hips forward, keeping them moving in an attempt to achieve more pressure.

Moaning and whispering unintelligible words, she was fucking her hips vigorously, her hands gripping hunks of flesh on his back.

When Rebecca’s knees started to buckle; he picked her up and laid her on the bed slipping to his knees so his tongue could join his fingers in her cunt.

His long tongue flicked forward teasing her, then as her legs moved to close on his head he licked in a long stroke from her arse to her clit. “Oh hell” she moaned her hands clawing his back, grunting with pleasure, as he did it again and again.

He could feel her clit standing out rigid, protruding further than he had experienced before.

Her cunt seemed to open wider, she was moaning twisting, inviting him deeper. Grunting guttural sounds escaped from her lips, and then she screamed out loud, “Oh my god! I’m coming, I’m coming.” “Oh its lovely, can you feel it? She whimpered

Her body was convulsing, arching up from the bed, to push harder against his mouth and fingers.

“Yes! I can feel it, in fact I can smell it,” he responded, “I can feel your cunt jumping, your juice is on my tongue” it’s beautiful.” “You’re so fucking hot; I’m Cumming in my pants”

Rebecca shuddered as her orgasm made her weak; her body slumped back across the bed.

She lay slack on the bed as her breathing slowed. Her hands stroked the back of his head still buried between her thighs, pulling his hair she moaned, “Come up here and lay with me.”

Richard’s mouth was sucking on her flooded cunt; her nub was standing out like a beacon so he took it between his teeth, nibbling at it while his mouth continued sucking. Rebecca bucked wildly, arching her back groaning loudly, her legs gripping him round the ears.

Using his tongue to enter her as far as it could, he continued to use it to fuck her. His finger traced the leaking cum back to her arsehole, which jumped at his touch. He ran his fingers around its rim and pushed in to the first knuckle. She screamed “oh my god! What are you doing to me,” her body bucking wildly.

This time she succeeded in pulling his head and hands away. “lie with me I’m exhausted. No more No more”

He quickly moved his mouth to hers “Taste you cum he whispered” as he transferred it via his tongue. “You are indescribable “she moaned “that was the most exciting evening I have ever had in my whole life.”

“My only partner has been Robert and we have never done what you did to me tonight. I can’t believe it; I’m still oozing, still horny from your tongue and fingers.”

“It’s not over yet,” he claimed, “it’s just started.”

He directed her to kneel on the bed with her body over his erect prick. He took her by the waist “Now you can control how we mate,” he said.

His words triggered a response in Rebecca entirely different to what he expected. She seemed to hesitate then jumped up off the bed, and started to walk back and forward across the room.

Richard lay back watching wondering what was up. She turned to face him, legs apart, hair askew, her face and chest covered in sweat, her lower body shiny with scattered splashes of cum.

She was a sight that would stir any lover. Richard responding to her erotic pacing and now her erotic stance, started to get up. “No stay there, I want you to listen.” she cried, running over to push him back and sit beside him.

“I want you to do something for me.” “Anything,” he started to say, as his hands found her tits. She pushed his hands away, “Wait, wait, this is serious.” “Listen to me, just wait, I want you to listen.”

“Robert and I are desperate to have an heir.” “We have tried for weeks and months without success, Robert won’t take tests so we finally asked our doctors for help.” “They offered some clinical solutions, surrogate mums, adoption, and artificial insemination like a cow.”

He thought he saw a tear run down her cheek as she said, “I want a baby, my baby, a natural baby.” “I want it to be conceived with love and passion.” “I want it to be a love child, not some ones cast off.” “I want to carry it, knowing the father, and remembering how and when we mated.”

Looking deep into his eyes she pleaded, “Please Richard, I want you to make me pregnant, I want you to father our child.”

Richard had become more and more excited as she spoke. He had been ready to push her down and fuck her, now he was overcome with emotion. The thought of being a father, making a woman pregnant made his heart beat faster. “A father,” he thought, “she wants me to be a father.”

Rebecca was raining little kisses all over his face; her tits were squashed up against his chest, as he pulled her over to lie on the bed beside him.

His mind was racing, he couldn’t think straight; finally getting his words together, he sank down off the bed pulling Rebecca’s body around so he was between her legs. He bent forward preparing to lick her cunt.

“Rebecca,” he said looking up into her teary eyes, “I would love to be a father, oops sorry, let me say that again.” “I would love to be the father of your child, Oh shit of our child.” “Oh hell, why can’t I say what I want.” “I can’t seem to get the right words, but what I want to say is.”


Rebecca was laughing overjoyed at his response, “Oh that’s wonderful, “I have wanted to ask you all week, but didn’t have the courage.” I’ve been worried, you would say no,” she cried.

H started to protest but she stopped him, “listen Richard my love, it’s the right time of the cycle for me to conceive we’ve should try now.”

“We will do it right now,” he yelled as he pulled her to her feet and danced her wildly around the room.

His hands moved over her body, his lips locked on hers, in a long passionate kiss. She threw her arms around him kissing him back, his hard young body exciting her, she cried “yes let1s do it now, I want you now.”

“Don’t worry” he chided “you’re going to have me all night.”

Laying her on the bed he looked deep into her molten eyes, licking his lips as he spreadeagled her on the bed.

She started to speak but he silenced her with a kiss. His tongue crept into her mouth, her lips softened and relaxed, sucking him down as her passion soared and overwhelmed her. He pulled away so he could study her as she lay completely under his control.

He spread her legs further positioning himself as his fingers opened her womanhood to his gaze. Her white skin shone with perspiration, her pink nipples erect.

He stroked his prick in his hand, gradually easing his body down, until he could slip his prick up and down her cunt lips.

He slowly pushed the head in and out dipping it into her moisture, and then withdrawing, to run it up and down her pulsing cunt lips, again and again.

A whine of pleasure and frustration escaped from Rebecca as her head thrashed on the bed, her tits growing harder, her nipples so erect they hurt.

“Oh come on, hurry up, I want your baby, fuck me pregnant,” she moaned, her cries getting louder and louder.

Slowly he leant down inserting the end of his now over excited prick, at first inch by inch, then removing it. Then starting again, he pushed it in slowly, a bit at a time, until with one long lunge he rammed it in until he reached bottom.

They lay together not moving as they both felt the fullness of their mating.

Rebecca cried out as he slowly started to stroke In and out, her hands grasped his hips, her fingers digging into his flesh, as she felt this hard young prick entering deeper and deeper into her body.

Now Richard was gathering pace his thrusting more vigorous. His balls were slapping against the mouth of her cunt as he started to angle his thrusts to rub her clit, making her shiver and buck on every stroke.

Rebecca was moaning her body was alive, squirming and struggling to take him in further, and further.

“Please oh please let it happen now, makes me a baby.” She moaned.

He placed his hand on her heaving belly, “this will hold our baby very soon” he declared, as he bent to kiss her. Her lips sucked and held his, as their kiss grew more and more passionate.

His hands under the cheeks of her arse were lifting her up to receive his prick, he could feel his balls start to throb and grow. He knew he was filling her as his hips pushed forward and his cum flowed.

“Oh yes Richard, yes,” she screamed as she too reached her peak and slumped back on the bed.

Richard lay for what seemed an eternity before he pulled out and grabbed a couple of pillows, lifting her by the hips to place them under her arse.

Then positioning his now revived prick, he pushed it in, penetrating her till he hit bottom. With a grunt of satisfaction, he started to slowly move on her.

Rebecca gasped as she felt his prick push back into her cunt; in this new position she could feel his prick filling her, pushing her cunt lips wider, hurting a little as it forced its way.

To Rebecca this was a new sensation. It was impossible to lay still. “Oh yes” she moaned, “This position is incredible,” “Oh my god your prick is bigger its splitting me.

“This is it,” he whispered,” This is it.” He could feel every inch of her cunt as it moved in and out. His cock appeared to become more sensitive, it was throbbing. His balls were ready to explode, this was an orgasm that he could tell would be different, this was it; he truly believed that this eruption would make her a mother, make him a father.

Rebecca could feel her body changing, she could not describe the changes, yet she felt them.

Their lovemaking had reached an unbelievable tempo, she could feel Richard reaching deeper and deeper, she started to spasm, grunting as she felt his hips shudder and his body stiffen.

His life creating cum was spurting into her deepest cavities. She lost control as she felt her orgasm building and explode.

Rebecca knew he would make her pregnant tonight. She had no doubt it would happen. She could feel it in her body as it opened to him, her tits appeared to be harder and if anything bigger.

Those large creamy white tits with their two pink nipples protruding were driving Richard wild. They seemed more pronounced, sexier than before, “the thought of pregnancy must have aroused them,” he mused.

She shuddered as he wet his fingers in her cunt and rubbed them lightly across her nipple. “My god your tits are a delight to feel and touch,” he told her.

Richard wanted to talk; he felt the need to express his feelings “Tonight will change our lives forever.” He told her.

Running his finger over and around her nipple he went on, “When you become pregnant, your body will change as you start to swell to make room for it to grow.” “Your breasts will gradually grow full and hard. As the months go by, they will become firmer and heavier, as the months go by and the baby grows

He fondled and kissed them, “your nipples will grow longer and fatter, as they get ready to supply your milk to our baby.” “You will change for the better you will be all woman.”

“Watching those changes as you move from a woman in heat to a mother, will be a wonderful life changing experience for us both.”

“I can’t find words to describe how I feel.” He groaned as more cum leaked from his prick.

“Excited? Yes. Thrilled? Yes, but they are only words they are not enough.” He kissed her deeply, and then looked deep into her again teary eyes. “This sounds terrible, but it’s the only thing I can think of, I must say it.”

“I can’t thank you enough for letting me share this wonderful experience with you.”

She kissed him holding him to her breast, running her hands through his hair. “You’re lovely,” she whispered, “You have made me so happy, I could cry.”

Early next morning their room service breakfast replaced the evening meal that had laid cold and ignored outside their door. They had fucked and talked, and fucked again.

Her cunt was awash with their combined sperms as he finally led her to the shower and washed her all over. Patting her belly down with the towel, he kissed her between her legs, “look after our baby” he whispered.

“Sweetheart, why are you so certain I am pregnant,” she asked, “I just know “he answered as they kissed and snuggled together.

He acted surprised months later when Bernadette told him Rebecca was pregnant. He smiled to himself as he thought of their first night and the many nights since then, when they had loved one another.

“That Robert is a sly one, I didn’t think he had it in him,” Bernadette said as she zipped up his fly.

“Neither did I, neither did I” he grinned, as he thought “I know who had it in her.”

“My only partner has been Robert and we have never done what you did to me tonight. I can’t believe it; I’m still oozing, still horny from your tongue and fingers.”

“It’s not over yet,” he claimed, “it’s just started.”

He directed her to kneel on the bed with her body over his erect prick. He took her by the waist “Now you can control how we mate,” he said.

His words triggered a response in Rebecca entirely different to what he expected. She seemed to hesitate then jumped up off the bed, and started to walk back and forward across the room.

Richard lay back watching wondering what was up. She turned to face him, legs apart, hair askew, her face and chest covered in sweat, her lower body shiny with scattered splashes of cum.

She was a sight that would stir any lover. Richard responding to her erotic pacing and now her erotic stance, started to get up. “No stay there, I want you to listen.” she cried, running over to push him back and sit beside him.

“I want you to do something for me.” “Anything,” he started to say, as his hands found her tits. She pushed his hands away, “Wait, wait, this is serious.” “Listen to me, just wait, I want you to listen.”

“Robert and I are desperate to have an heir.” “We have tried for weeks and months without success, Robert won’t take tests so we finally asked our doctors for help.” “They offered some clinical solutions, surrogate mums, adoption, and artificial insemination like a cow.”

He thought he saw a tear run down her cheek as she said, “I want a baby, my baby, a natural baby.” “I want it to be conceived with love and passion.” “I want it to be a love child, not some ones cast off.” “I want to carry it, knowing the father, and remembering how and when we mated.”

Looking deep into his eyes she pleaded, “Please Richard, I want you to make me pregnant, I want you to father our child.”

Richard had become more and more excited as she spoke. He had been ready to push her down and fuck her, now he was overcome with emotion. The thought of being a father, making a woman pregnant made his heart beat faster. “A father,” he thought, “she wants me to be a father.”

Rebecca was raining little kisses all over his face; her tits were squashed up against his chest, as he pulled her over to lie on the bed beside him.

His mind was racing, he couldn’t think straight; finally getting his words together, he sank down off the bed pulling Rebecca’s body around so he was between her legs. He bent forward preparing to lick her cunt.

“Rebecca,” he said looking up into her teary eyes, “I would love to be a father, oops sorry, let me say that again.” “I would love to be the father of your child, Oh shit of our child.” “Oh hell, why can’t I say what I want.” “I can’t seem to get the right words, but what I want to say is.”


Rebecca was laughing overjoyed at his response, “Oh that’s wonderful, “I have wanted to ask you all week, but didn’t have the courage.” I’ve been worried, you would say no,” she cried.

H started to protest but she stopped him, “listen Richard my love, it’s the right time of the cycle for me to conceive we’ve should try now.”

“We will do it right now,” he yelled as he pulled her to her feet and danced her wildly around the room.

His hands moved over her body, his lips locked on hers, in a long passionate kiss. She threw her arms around him kissing him back, his hard young body exciting her, she cried “yes let1s do it now, I want you now.”

“Don’t worry” he chided “you’re going to have me all night.”

Laying her on the bed he looked deep into her molten eyes, licking his lips as he spreadeagled her on the bed.

She started to speak but he silenced her with a kiss. His tongue crept into her mouth, her lips softened and relaxed, sucking him down as her passion soared and overwhelmed her. He pulled away so he could study her as she lay completely under his control.

He spread her legs further positioning himself as his fingers opened her womanhood to his gaze. Her white skin shone with perspiration, her pink nipples erect.

He stroked his prick in his hand, gradually easing his body down, until he could slip his prick up and down her cunt lips.

He slowly pushed the head in and out dipping it into her moisture, and then withdrawing, to run it up and down her pulsing cunt lips, again and again.

A whine of pleasure and frustration escaped from Rebecca as her head thrashed on the bed, her tits growing harder, her nipples so erect they hurt.

“Oh come on, hurry up, I want your baby, fuck me pregnant,” she moaned, her cries getting louder and louder.

Slowly he leant down inserting the end of his now over excited prick, at first inch by inch, then removing it. Then starting again, he pushed it in slowly, a bit at a time, until with one long lunge he rammed it in until he reached bottom.

They lay together not moving as they both felt the fullness of their mating.

Rebecca cried out as he slowly started to stroke In and out, her hands grasped his hips, her fingers digging into his flesh, as she felt this hard young prick entering deeper and deeper into her body.

Now Richard was gathering pace his thrusting more vigorous. His balls were slapping against the mouth of her cunt as he started to angle his thrusts to rub her clit, making her shiver and buck on every stroke.

Rebecca was moaning her body was alive, squirming and struggling to take him in further, and further.

“Please oh please let it happen now, makes me a baby.” She moaned.

He placed his hand on her heaving belly, “this will hold our baby very soon” he declared, as he bent to kiss her. Her lips sucked and held his, as their kiss grew more and more passionate.

His hands under the cheeks of her arse were lifting her up to receive his prick, he could feel his balls start to throb and grow. He knew he was filling her as his hips pushed forward and his cum flowed.

“Oh yes Richard, yes,” she screamed as she too reached her peak and slumped back on the bed.

Richard lay for what seemed an eternity before he pulled out and grabbed a couple of pillows, lifting her by the hips to place them under her arse.

Then positioning his now revived prick, he pushed it in, penetrating her till he hit bottom. With a grunt of satisfaction, he started to slowly move on her.

Rebecca gasped as she felt his prick push back into her cunt; in this new position she could feel his prick filling her, pushing her cunt lips wider, hurting a little as it forced its way.

To Rebecca this was a new sensation. It was impossible to lay still. “Oh yes” she moaned, “This position is incredible,” “Oh my god your prick is bigger its splitting me.

“This is it,” he whispered,” This is it.” He could feel every inch of her cunt as it moved in and out. His cock appeared to become more sensitive, it was throbbing. His balls were ready to explode, this was an orgasm that he could tell would be different, this was it; he truly believed that this eruption would make her a mother, make him a father.

Rebecca could feel her body changing, she could not describe the changes, yet she felt them.

Their lovemaking had reached an unbelievable tempo, she could feel Richard reaching deeper and deeper, she started to spasm, grunting as she felt his hips shudder and his body stiffen.

His life creating cum was spurting into her deepest cavities. She lost control as she felt her orgasm building and explode.

Rebecca knew he would make her pregnant tonight. She had no doubt it would happen. She could feel it in her body as it opened to him, her tits appeared to be harder and if anything bigger.

Those large creamy white tits with their two pink nipples protruding were driving Richard wild. They seemed more pronounced, sexier than before, “the thought of pregnancy must have aroused them,” he mused.

She shuddered as he wet his fingers in her cunt and rubbed them lightly across her nipple. “My god your tits are a delight to feel and touch,” he told her.

Richard wanted to talk; he felt the need to express his feelings “Tonight will change our lives forever.” He told her.

Running his finger over and around her nipple he went on, “When you become pregnant, your body will change as you start to swell to make room for it to grow.” “Your breasts will gradually grow full and hard. As the months go by, they will become firmer and heavier, as the months go by and the baby grows

He fondled and kissed them, “your nipples will grow longer and fatter, as they get ready to supply your milk to our baby.” “You will change for the better you will be all woman.”

“Watching those changes as you move from a woman in heat to a mother, will be a wonderful life changing experience for us both.”

“I can’t find words to describe how I feel.” He groaned as more cum leaked from his prick.

“Excited? Yes. Thrilled? Yes, but they are only words they are not enough.” He kissed her deeply, and then looked deep into her again teary eyes. “This sounds terrible, but it’s the only thing I can think of, I must say it.”

“I can’t thank you enough for letting me share this wonderful experience with you.”

She kissed him holding him to her breast, running her hands through his hair. “You’re lovely,” she whispered, “You have made me so happy, I could cry.”

Early next morning their room service breakfast replaced the evening meal that had laid cold and ignored outside their door. They had fucked and talked, and fucked again.

Her cunt was awash with their combined sperms as he finally led her to the shower and washed her all over. Patting her belly down with the towel, he kissed her between her legs, “look after our baby” he whispered.

“Sweetheart, why are you so certain I am pregnant,” she asked, “I just know “he answered as they kissed and snuggled together.

He acted surprised months later when Bernadette told him Rebecca was pregnant. He smiled to himself as he thought of their first night and the many nights since then, when they had loved one another.

“That Robert is a sly one, I didn’t think he had it in him,” Bernadette said as she zipped up his fly.

“Neither did I, neither did I” he grinned, as he thought “I know who had it in her.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 20

by mangrove jack©

Ryoko that's a pretty name Richard thought as he sat drinking coffee waiting for the manager of the town's largest supermarket.

"You are becoming quite famous" Ryoko said as she sat down to join him. "Our visiting Japanese doctor who is lecturing in the capital city university is visiting me at present and asked about you."

"Apparently the governor's wife heard she was coming down here and asked her to look you up."

"She has leased an apartment just down the street, so if you like I'll drop you down to see her later."

Ryoko intrigued Richard. She had a typical young Asian women's figure even though she would be nearly forty.

Her waist and hips were half the width of the average local women of her age. She was five feet nothing in height; she had a pair of tits a little larger than a pair of lemons. Her skin was flawless not a wrinkle, her hair always tied up in such a way that it drew his attention to her face and her long shapely neck. She was to his mind a classic Japanese beauty.

Ryoko right from the first day of his cookie deliveries had always appeared as soon as he arrived. Bowing in welcome, she talked to him as she checked the numbers of fresh Boy Scout cookies each day.

After the governors ball she had become more outgoing smiling at his jokes in her shy Japanese way. Her elfin features would light up when she spied him, inviting him into her office for a cup of green tea or coffee.

Richard's new found confidence as a result of his success with a number of Boy Scout mums made flirting easy. Each time they were in the office alone he quite deliberately became a little more openly sexy in his conversation.

One morning Ryoko closed the door to the office and asked "Master Richard why do you spend so much time with older women like me. Why are you not interested in Yuki my daughter who likes you?" "She is eighteen same age as you, yet you ignore her."

Richard stood up and took her hands in his, "I like Yuki she is a lovely girl, but you have something special that interests me."

"All of my studies and all the books I have read have made me interested in eastern culture."

"When I see you wearing traditional dresses and costumes you create in my mind a picture of the traditional geisha."

"I hope I don't offend you but you are my picture of an oriental beauty, your face and hair intrigue me, your slim body and you're shapely figure excites me."

"Looking at you stimulates me, you are very beautiful."

He watched her face, but it showed no reaction to his words, so he gently pulled her towards him and lowered his mouth to kiss her. He was disappointed when Ryoko moved her head to the side to avoid his kiss reaching her lips.

Richard took heart from the fact that she did not pull away. She stood quietly with her body against his, as he kissed her on the cheek.

Continuing to kiss Ryoko lightly on the cheek Richard let go of her hands. He slipped his arms around her, lowering his hands from her hips to stroke her flat bottom.

For a moment Ryoko let him draw her body close, until he was sure she felt his erection. Quietly with out any fuss, or even a word, she took his hand led him to a seat and sat him down.

"You want coffee or green tea" she asked as though nothing had happened.

As Richard drove to the next delivery he thought back to the scene in the office he was nonplussed, "she didn't get angry. She didn't react; she just acted as though nothing different had happened.' "Bloody hell that woman makes me horny," he exclaimed as he straightened his hard prick in his pants.

Maryanne was surprised by the urgency of Richard's love making. Little did she know that she was not the cause of his urgency. The slim Japanese body of Ryoko had created a heat that he had to extinguish. Extinguish he did, with Mary Anne helping to put the fire out on the floor just in side her front door.

Richard watched with pride the way Maryanne's head thrashed from side to side as he emptied a load of cum into her pulsating pussy.

Her hands came up to hold him by the hips, "Hang on hang on" she cried as she felt deep in her stomach the start of a mind shattering orgasm.

Puffing from the exertion of that strength draining eruption within her pussy, Maryanne cried, "My god you're fucking horny today" as he continued to stroke into her long after they both had cum.

Richard had not said a word as she opened the door. He had just grabbed her. He had immediately started to kiss her passionately, while his hands rapidly undressed her.

She loved the way Richard treated her, even in the urgency of today's lovemaking he was remarkably kind and considerate, never trying to just use her body as a fuck hole.

She marvelled at the fact that even when he was showing his sexual excitement through his body actions, his gentle vigour coupled with his heat and energy made her melt. She could feel or sense his need for her.

That feeling that she was needed, was a trait that Richard had that she had never experienced with her husband.

She knew her husband loved her. Their love live was routine, lacking excitement but never the less her husband loved her. She never felt that she was his special need as she felt now with young Richard.

Her mind wandered to the many loving episodes with Richard as her body squirmed to his touch, his mouth now devouring her tits, sucking like one of her baby's years ago.

Maryanne pulled on her nipples keeping the feeling going after his mouth left her tits. He had pulled her legs up on to his shoulders and was now fingering her arse. "Oh god that's great" she gasped as his finger entered and left her arsehole waiting in anticipation.

His finger continued to prowl, slower and slower pushing right in, then slowly withdrawing until it nearly slipped out, only to return slowly, deeper and deeper.

"Bloody hell Richard, you are very horny this morning, what's got into you" she gasped as she felt her heart beat accelerate faster and faster as a second orgasm shook her body.

Richard loved the way Maryanne's body responded to his. They were a good couple, their sex was hot. Maryanne was a great partner; her fit muscular legs gripped him on the back of his legs, her firm hard tits rubbing against his chest.

Her grunting as each of his thrust reached home was too much, he flooded into her, as his body slumped down on hers. "You're fantastic: he said as he lay on her trying to gather his breath.

After a few minutes Maryanne struggled under his weight "get off you big ox, your squashing me," she laughed. "I've got to go to tuck shop and I'll be late."

She kissed him, "I'll be happy to be late every morning if you drop in like this," she groaned as she started to straighten his clothes and push him towards the door.

Ryoko`s husband and family worked in the supermarket, in fact most employees were Asian mostly Japanese exchange students. The family had bought the business some time ago and had developed a 24 hour seven day a week trade.

Richard didn't know Ryoko`s husbands name. He never spoke much to customers. Richard had only heard him talking Japanese.

He had never spoken to Richard in the weeks he had been delivering cookies, leading Richard to the conclusion that he was arrogant or shy.

As Ryoko warmed to his efforts, Richard started to think that her invitations might eventually lead to his dream of an Asian lover. He flirted outrageously with Ryoko whenever she came to the jeep to help with the cookies.

In the store room when packing the cookies in the cold environment he would complain of the cold and ask for a cuddle to warm him up. Ryoko would turn and look at him but did not respond in any way.

Her response was as cold as the room and yet he sensed she liked him coming on to her.

So he kept it up.

Out the back in the alley where her husband couldn't see he would lay his hand on her rear as she leant into the back of the jeep. At first she would pull away quickly, slapping his hand.

Gradually things changed, his hand would linger longer before she slapped it away. The slaps were getting lighter and she was taking longer to react.

Gradually day after day she came to accept Richard's uninvited familiarities. She never said a word, never indicated that she was encouraging him, but his persistence paid. She no longer slapped his hand away.

Ryoko`s twin daughters were on the cheer leader's squad and were in Richard's class at school, her husband never become involved in community activity leaving it all to Ryoko.

Most evenings when Ryoko came to collect the girls after school sports, Richard would make a special effort to talk to her, placing his hand on her arm, opening the car door for the girls, before seating her in the driving seat.

"Good evening Ryoko, You are looking more lovely every day," he whispered as they bowed on meeting.

"That dress is a wonderful colour it highlights your eyes," he told her as he opened the car door for her.

Each day he added to his compliments by helping her, taking her hand or arm to assist her.

Ryoko was initially embarrassed when he started to pay her compliments and started to touch her when ever they met. Gradually as the days went on she started to privately look forward to and welcome his attention.

Long hours of work, getting the business properly established had left little time for social life. Her life had always revolved around the business and their customers.

She had very little social life other than the governor's ball and a few similar functions. She attended those functions as a duty to support good customers rather than as a social outing.

As she drove her daughters' home, she thought of Richard. She still couldn't believe the attention he was paying her.

She had married very young. Her husband never paid her compliments. He had become morose as he grew older, growling at the kids as they became more and more western and less Japanese in his eyes.

He spoke very little English. He was a typical Japanese man. Women had to keep their place. She was made to walk several places behind him and defer to him at all times.

After the birth of the twins he had showed little interest in her. Each week they had sex, he fucked her roughly, pinching pulling and slapping her viciously, he got his kicks through his dominance. Sex was a tool of control not love.

Ryoko had never had any man treat her as kind as Richard was treating her. She had gradually changed as he continued to flirt and pay her little compliments; her confidence grew, as Richard's attention made her feel attractive to men.

She spent more time on her make up and her appearance, she was responding to the first acts of love, of innocent sexual interest in her life.

"He is a fine young man," She mused.

No matter how she tried, when she looked at the beautiful young western girls his age, she could not understand or believe the interest Richard was showing in her.

"I'm nearly forty, Yuki is eighteen, she is beautiful, but he seems to only have eyes for me," she dreamed on, as she drove home.

At home as she prepared the evening meal she wet her lips and smiled as she thought to herself how the highlights of her day now revolved around Richard's visits.

The phone rang interrupting her thoughts. She gasped when on answering she heard Richard's voice.

"Hi Ryoko, I don't know how to say this, but here goes. "I was sitting at home thinking how much I enjoy your company. I just had to ring you and tell you how happy I am when we meet." he explained.

"I'd really love to meet with you on our own where we can talk together. Can you get away to come for a drive with me," he pleaded.

Ryoko was stunned, her first reaction was shock "no, oh no," she whispered "I couldn't do that"

"Please" he whispered down the phone.

Ryoko looked around to see if anyone was near and could hear her.

Why? She whispered

"Because I can't get you out of my mind." I'm so excited when I'm near you, I can't think straight. When I leave, I think of things I should have said and done. "I want to be with you."

Ryoko`s legs were trembling, she could feel her body growing warm, she looked again to see if anyone was near.

"I can't: she whispered. We mustn't." "It would be wrong."

Richard's words were exciting, her mind was a jumble of ideas all her training and upbringing all her culture was urging her to say "no!" but her body was tingling she wanted to say "yes!"

She started to think "what excuse can I give to meet him," when her years of submission to her husband and family took over.

"I've got to go and serve dinner," she said and quickly hung up. Slumping down in the chair she wiped her brow. She was hot and flushed, she knew her face was red "what's happening to me?" she moaned.

The evening meal was over, her husband was watching TV, the girls were in their room and she was in the office doing the accounts, when the phone rang again.

"It's me, can you talk," Richard asked

"Not really" she responded "Don't hang up, listen for one minute," he pleaded

"I want to be with you, if you want to be with me, wear that beautiful yellow dress that does so much to highlight you beauty when you pick up the girls tomorrow."

"I'll be there, if you don't wear the dress I'll know you won't meet me. If you wear the dress, I'll work things out so we can meet."

Ryoko put the phone down and sat back in her office chair. Her body was wet with sweat she was excited beyond her wildest imagination. "What's happening to me" she mused. "A boy young enough to be my son has my life in his hands." "He has me thinking of cheating on my husband endangering our marriage my family and our business."

"I can't do this what he asks, its madness" she thought as she joined her husband in bed.

Lying in the dark she tossed and turned as she went hot and cold on the idea of meeting Richard. Her tossing and turning woke her husband.

He got up turned on the light and went to the toilet. On his return he looked down at her and grunted"let's do it."

As usual without any foreplay, not even a kiss, he pushed her down on the bed pulled her clothes aside and entered her roughly. She was not wet and his entry hurt .She screamed bringing a smile to his face as he thrust hard pulling her nipples viciously.

Ryoko lay back under his attack not moving as he shot his load into her and rolled off. Within minutes he was asleep leaving her more confused than ever.

"What am I worried about this pig for," she cried as she washed her sore pussy and rubbed cream on her tender breasts. "That's not love that's rape," she moaned as she returned to lay beside him, sore and hurt.

In the morning in the shower she though of her life and her family, and decided it was time to change things .She dressed in the yellow dress and went down to drive her husband to work.

"Take that off! Go and get changed" he ordered. "You will want working clothes today; we have to clean the storeroom."

At school Richard watched Royko deliver her daughters, she was dressed in overalls dashing his hopes that she might respond to his pleas.

That evening Richard finished footy practice and walked despondently over to the area where the parents picked up their kids.

As he wandered along Yuki came up to him "Richard we have a lift with the coach down town to get new shoes, will you tell mum not to wait, coach will drive us home."

"Ok" Richard replied "what a fucking opportunity this would have been" he though. If only she had worn the yellow dress I could have had her to myself tonight."

The supermarket delivery van was parked in the shadows at the edge of the car park. As he approached Ryoko got out and walked towards him. His knees went weak, his mouth dry, she was wearing the yellow dress. Her face was lit up with a beautiful smile as she said, "Hi Richard."

He took her by the arm back around to the far side of the van, where he leant down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"No no!" she groaned "the twins will be her soon."

Richard pulled her close explaining that the twins would get home themselves. "We have an hour," he whispered as he stroked her arms and leant forward again to kiss her lightly on the lips.

The bench seat in the van allowed them to sit close together. Ryoko was scared; her only experience with men had been with her husband. As far as she could find out from talking to other Japanese women, sex with him was typical of their society. The man dominated and the woman submitted.

Within minutes her fears disappeared as Richard treated her like a queen, touching and loving her gently, whispering how lovely she was, laughing and thanking her for wearing the yellow dress.

She was overjoyed it was a new experience to be treated kindly.

More than a half and hour later she marvelled that Richard had not tried to penetrate her. He had spent all that time kissing her, holding her face in his hands looking into her eyes. All the time he kept talking to her, telling her how beautiful she was and what they were going to do together.

She could feel her heart beating madly; she was sexually excited for the first time with a man. She was wet down below; she could smell the heat of her arousal. Her heart beat in anticipation.

She jumped when Richard's hand slipped through the buttons on her dress and stroked her waist's bare skin, and then moved to her breasts. "I'm sorry they are not big like western women" she moaned as he undid her bra.

Richard pushed the top of her dress down to her waist "they're lovely" he whispered as he discovered her elongated nipples.

Ryoko was amazed at what his mouth was doing to her breasts and nipples. Her husband had never put his mouth on her breasts.

Her husband was not a gentle person. He had hurt her many times pulling and twisting her nipples as he did last night. He derived his sexually pleasure from hearing her cry in pain.

Richard was just the opposite, gentle and considerate, licking and sucking, creating feelings like she had never had before. His kisses drove her wild.

With her nipples between his teeth he sucked hard moving from one to the other. Richard was mumbling with his mouth full as he took one, then the other breast completely in his mouth. Ryoko`s very small hard breasts were a mouth full.

Ryoko could feel her love juices starting to leak between her legs, she could not keep still as she squirmed and wriggled, gasping at the feelings racing through her body.

She was moaning aloud now, as his hand moved up under her dress seeking her cunt. "Oh no I'm wet I'm dirty" she cried as she tried to pull her body back from his fingers.

Richard stopped her words with kisses. He laid her back on the seat pushing her knees up to allow his head to reach between her legs.

"Oh, no, oh what are you doing "she cried "Loving you, loving all of you" he replied as he lifted her hips and removed her panties.

Within seconds Ryoko shuddered and came, at the first touch of a man's tongue on her pussy. The feeling was so intense, so new, that she lost control of her body. Her hips bucked up towards his invading mouth, trying to take all of his mouth and tongue deep inside her.

She tried to raise her head to look down and see what he was doing, as she did another wave of intense feeling washed over her. Her head fell back on to the seat

She could feel saliva dribble from her mouth as it fell open and a whine of pleasure came up from inside her.

She tightened her knees around his head, grunting in time with his tongue as it lashed her clit Oh, oh, uh, uh, oh, oh, Master Richard that's lovely," she moaned as she experienced the most exciting tingling sensation deep in her belly.

When he took her clit between his teeth and slowly inserted a finger to join his tongue in her pussy, he hit her most sensitive spot. She went berserk bucking and kicking and squealing in Japanese, coming for the second time in as many minutes.

"No more, no more" she cried, pulling Richard's hair. "I can't stand it. It's too much. Please, let me rest, my heart is beating so fast I can't control it; I'm not used to such loving."

Richard knew he should let her take control; he licked along her inner thigh, raining little kisses on her pussy lips, his finger still curled up inside her, moving slowly as she came down from her peak.

Her body started to relax, she was crying. "Don't think I'm upset" she told him, "I'm crying because I'm so happy, you have made me a real woman, you have given me what my life has missed."

Richard whispered in her ear, "I have not given you anything; we have only just started to share each other." "We have more to share."

"I want to make real love to you. I want to be in you tonight, not in the car but in a bed where we can enjoy each other" His voice showed his disappointment, "right now we will have to get you home, you are late already."

Ryoko lay back along the seat stroking Richard's head. Her heart beats were slowing, but her pussy was still leaking. Her feeling for Richard was still climbing.

"I've got an idea," she cried, "my friend Asuka, the doctor has an apartment near our place we could visit her." Richard wanted to get her to a place where they were alone where they could make love." How will that help?" he asked.

"Well we could tell my family when we got home, that we had stopped off there to introduce you; it will stop questions about what I have been doing tonight."

He could think of no better plan so they called on the doctor.

The doctor was a striking tall Japanese lady. He estimated her age as slightly older than Ryoko making her possibly 45.

She too had what Richard called a classic Japanese figure, jet black hair an angular but beautiful Japanese face, small waist and hips, and in her case longer legs and slightly bigger boobs

She welcomed them and ushered them into the lounge speaking quickly in Japanese to Ryoko.

They spoke for while before Ryoko turned to Richard and took his hand in hers, "I am sorry, I must apologise for speaking Japanese in front of you its bad manners."

"Asuka knows my husband she doesn't like him she describes him as an ugly stupid pig."

"She asked me as soon as we arrived if you were my lover." "What did you say?" Richard asked excitedly.

"I told her no."

Asuka came back into the room, as he slipped his arm around Ryoko and kissed her. Out loud he said "You should have told her I'm your lover. I am going to be your lover."

"Ah that's good," Asuka cried rushing over to kiss both of them. Turning to Richard, Asuka said, "Ryoko has a bad marriage she needs a man who is kind. I hope you are such a man."

Turning to Ryoko she added "he is young and handsome you are very lucky, take him into the room while I ring your family and tell them you will be home shortly"

Ryoko was embarrassed, standing shyly inside the bedroom as Richard took her in his arms and kissed her. Don't worry we won't do anything to embarrass you, we won't do anything you don't want to," he promised.

She was quickly overwhelmed by his kisses and his words.

Before she knew it she was standing in the nude as his hands traced a pattern following his kisses. Richard had sunk to the floor in front of her. His mouth and tongue had once again brought an instant shudder of delight.

Standing he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

He stripped as she lay and watched his cock, shaking her head at its size. He too stared at her virtually hairless pussy and its neat tiny lips. "My god she's small" he thought "I will have to be careful."

He lowered himself on to the bed, placing a pillow under her hips before entering her slowly. She cried out as he inch by inch pushed forward, and then pulled out. Waiting a second or two he made her take his cock in her hand before rubbing it up and down on her clit. With both his and her hand controlling his cock, time and time again they moved it in only an inch or two before again fully withdrawing.

Dropping his head to kiss her on the lips, he moaned "I can't keep this up. I need to be in you before I come."

"Please Master Richard," she pleaded, "Oh please stay in me."

It was too late; Richard felt his balls and cock growing, ready to empty its sperm. He cried out "sorry" as he came, his hips jolting against her, before his body collapsed on to her slim frame.

She caught him in her arms and wrapped her small legs around him kissing him madly. "Wonderful, wonderful" she cried as she felt his cock pulsing in her pussy.

"So wonderful" she crooned in his ear. Her happiness was catching. He no longer felt embarrassed because he had come so quickly. They laughed as they clung together, his cock still hard, moving slowly deep inside Ryoko.

The door opened and Asuka entered. "Time to go," she ordered. Studying Richard's muscular bottom as it moved on Ryoko, she sat on the bed beside their heaving bodies.

Laying her warm hand on his buttock and running her fingers along the sweaty slopes, she kissed Ryoko on the forehead looked at Richard and said "You are a fine young man come back again, the bed will always be available."

Asuka left the room urging them to hurry and dress, "I'll make coffee," she said as Richard helped Ryoko to her feet.

Finding her yellow dress he lifted her arms and dropped the dress down over her body. "No! No! She protested "my bra, my panties."

"Leave them off." he whispered as he sank down on his knees in front of her. Lifting the hem of her dress he dropped it back over his head. Hidden by the dress, he held her away so he could study her tiny dripping cunt.

It shone with their combined cum, its lips seemed to have closed together. He couldn't resist, his tongue flicked out and licked along its lips, again opening her up to his mouth and tongue.

Ryoko was moaning and crying, pulling his head under her dress into her cunt. Her thighs trembled and her hips bucked as she started to come.

Richard under the dress did not know that Asuka had returned and stood watching. A jumble of Japanese escaped from Ryoko`s lips, as she came again and again.

Richard jumped under the dress when he heard Asuka ask Ryoko "is he making you come with his tongue?"

Ryoko replied "oh Asuka it is so marvellous, what a beautiful feeling. I have never had an orgasm before. This wonderful man has brought me to come so many that, I'll never forget this night."

As Richard pushed back and his head came out from under Ryoko`s dress, he was delighted to see that Asuka had opened her long kimono style dressing gown holding it back on her hips.

She was completely nude underneath. She stood with her slim legs wide apart and beckoned to him to come over to her. He shuffled around on his knees until he was directly in front of her cunt. It appeared bigger than Ryoko`s, it didn't appear to have been shaved but it was completely hairless.

He slid his hands up on to her rear, she had a shapely bum where Ryoko was flat, her skin smooth and flawless was covered in goose bumps.

She flinched as his hand touched her shivering skin, she stood stiff, unsmiling. Asuka was scared.

Richard looked around at Ryoko who nodded agreement as he shuffled around on his knees. He flicked his tongue forward to lick along the light brown lips of Doctor Asuka`s cunt. Asuka stood like a statue; she was fearful, "what I am doing" she thought. She had never allowed any man near her body. She was a forty five year old virgin.

Japanese men didn't excite her. Her reputation and qualifications as one of the worlds top brain surgeons meant she met very few eligible men in social situations. She was known as a very smart but very cold woman.

Watching Ryoko screaming with joy as Richard's tongue licked her private parts had made her excited, turning her on.

She wanted to join in, she could let him touch her and reject him if she didn't like it. No one would know.

"Why not," she thought as she stood waiting. Her skin was tingling with a mixture of fear of the unknown and excitement.

Richard's eyes devoured her; she was much more beautiful than Ryoko. There was something about her, the way she stood, the way her long legs shivered as he ran his hands up towards her cunt that made his prick twitch.

She sucked in great gulps of air as his fingers ran up her legs along past her cunt and fingered her anus. An involuntary shudder ran through her body, as a most exquisite feeling of anticipation brought a flush of joy to her brain.

Her body was not used to sexual stimulation, she didn't even masturbate, she didn't know what to expect other than from what she read in books

Richard was enjoying himself, he couldn't believe that the person he had described when he first met her, as cold aloof Asuka, was standing with legs open wide seeking his tongue.

His lips struggled to open her cunt lips. He was forced to take one hand from her arse, wetting his finger in his mouth; he used it to open her cunt for his tongue.

All this time Asuka had stood with her hands on her hips holding her clothes back to allow him to reach his target.

When his tongue licked up to her clit her fears instantly disappeared, a thrill swept over her, she moaned and cried as her cunt became wet, and she grabbed Richard's head and pulled it hard into her hips.

Her legs started to buckle, her weight for a minute rested on his shoulders as she seemed to faint away falling gradually to the floor.

Richard never lost his grip on her arse through all this. His tongue was interrupted for a few seconds, before he again buried it along with two of his fingers in her cunt.

Her body was twisted on the floor lying half on her side as his fingers explored her front and back passages.

Not another sound escaped from her lips for a minute or two, whilst her body convulsed at his touches. Then she seemed to come around, her legs slapped tight around his ears. She screamed out loud.

It was as though her tongue had been released, a flurry of Japanese and English followed as she jolted in a series of little comes. Richard felt her juices flow on to his face.

Asuka legs shot straight out, her body jolted wildly, bashing against his face. Her passionate response to his tongue was new to her; her actions were uncontrollable as her body responded to its first orgasm.

Asuka knew she was coming, she knew what it was, she had read about it. Now on the floor of her apartment with Ryoko sitting watching, this young foreigner was bringing her barren body to life. He was creating the most erotic experience of her life.

Time passed, Ryoko had kissed them both and gone home. They were still on the floor beside the bed; Richard was still fingering and sucking her now open and flooded cunt. She was feeling tired, completely relaxed when he licked his way up to her lips and kissed her.

"Another first," she thought as his tongue led hers back into his mouth. She had never had a man's tongue in her mouth before. She had never dreamed anyone would use his tongue like Richard in her cunt, in her arse and now in her mouth. "It's not very hygienic," she thought as she responded to his kisses," but it's wonderful."

He lifted her head up and peeled her dressing gown away, stopping in admiration as her small flawless tits with their extended black nipples came into view.

His mouth sucked one, then the other, nibbling on her nipples until she felt her juices start to run down her legs once more.

Her mind struggled to accept what was happening, "How many times" she thought. "How many can I give, how many is my body capable of giving."

"He just keeps going and going. I'm letting him do what he wants, and I still want more, what will become of me."

Richard interrupted her thoughts "lets get on the bed, I want to fuck you," he whispered.

Asuka panicked pulling away from him "I've never done it" she stammered.

"Never" he asked in astonishment.

"Yes Richard," she cried, "Never, I'm a virgin."

Asuka could tell he was finding it hard to believe a woman her age was a virgin so she rushed to explain. "You are the first man I've ever sexually kissed." "The first I've ever held in my arms." "The first I've ever allowed to touch me, let alone do all the things you have done to me tonight."

Richard was stunned. "A virgin, Christ she was more than twice his age, an international brain surgeon and she was still a virgin."

"Asuka would you like me to make love to you, to fuck you," he asked.

"I'm scared" she moaned. "I want to do it with you but I'm really frightened."

He lifted her up and led her to her bed, "I want to love you, it will be beautiful, I'll be gentle," he replied. "We will stop if you say so."

He stood beside the bed and held his prick out to her; he rubbed his fingers in her cunt and spread her juices on his prick. "I'm going to lie down on the bed and you are going to climb on top of me:" "That way you will be in control and you will be fucking me."

Asuka made up her mind "I want to do it."

She squatted with her feet on the bed each side of his hips. Richard held his prick up directing it at her hairless passage. She squealed quietly as it entered and slowly lowered herself down .He took her hips in his hands, "stop" he said, "Let your body get accustomed to it."

Asuka had made up her mind; she grimaced as she pushed down and without any drama accepted his prick fully in her cunt. She collapsed forward kissing him on the chest. "Don't move" she commanded. Richard lay still. He could feel her cunt moving to accommodate him.

Gradually she started to move, holding her tits against her chest in one hand, so she could look down and watch his prick moving in and out of her cunt.

Within minutes she came, crying out loud as Richard now used his grip on her hips. to bounce her up and down on his prick.

Asuka was no longer scared; she was excited, playing with his prick and balls, nibbling on his nipples. She was a forty five year old kid with a new toy.

They stroked each other and talked. She told him of her childhood, how she had become one of Japans top brain surgeon. In between telling the story of her life, she climbed all over Richard, kissing, fucking, and sucking, crying out in delight at every new position.

Daylight came causing Richard a moment of panic. "Shit what will I tell mum." he asked as Asuka rubbed him down after they had soaked together in the unit's hot tub.

"Tell her you're moving in with me," Asuka giggled as she licked his balls. "Sex has sure changed you," he laughed as he headed for the door. "I'll be back this evening to change you some more"

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 21

by mangrove jack©

At breakfast that morning Richard’s mother questioned him about staying out all night. When Richard started to explain she laughed.

“Don’t give me those silly excuses; you must have been with a girl you wouldn’t have stayed out all night if you weren’t.” “I don’t want to know who it is, but if you are sleeping with her be careful you don’t get her pregnant.”

“She won’t want to join the club” she added with a smile.

“The club?” he asked.

“The pudding club” she exclaimed.

“You know Rebecca and Felicity; well they have both fallen pregnant.”

“You would have thought they were past it at their age, it must be the season.”

Richard turned away so his mother could not see his face. He had fucked both Rebecca and Felicity, a number of times. {See previous chapters}

Rebecca would be pleased, she had pleaded with him to make her pregnant. Felicity married to a pig of a husband on the other hand might not be pleased and would undoubtedly blame him.

Richard rang Rebecca as soon as he left home.

“Yes Richard we did it, I can’t describe how I feel. I’m floating on air it’s marvellous.” She was so happy he could feel it in her voice. She was giggling like a schoolgirl. “I can never thank you enough.”

It took him longer to reach Felicity Goldberg, the maid telling him that her boss was sick. “She’s suffering from morning sickness, she’s going to have a baby,” she announced. Richard could hear the amazement in the maid’s voice. Eventually Felicity came to the phone. “You sound tired” he said.

She perked up at the sound of his voice. “Oh Richard I’m glad you rang, don’t worry darling boy, I’m pregnant and I’m happy it’s yours.” “I want it; it will be my love child.” Then her voice changed as she said, “let me hang up as I need to go to the bathroom.”


Asuka dominated Richard’s thoughts as he set out to deliver fresh cookies to the supermarket. He had taken no precautions with her last night .She had not had sex before, so she wouldn’t have been using any contraceptives. If two of his lovers were pregnant he would have to take extra care in future with Asuka and Ryoko.

In a short period of time his sexual experience had grown from nothing to now where he quickly recognised the signs that signalled a woman might stray if given a discreet opportunity.

All of the mothers who had loved him were women with sexual experience, some more than others. They had all taught him in different ways, how to love a woman.

Asuka was different. Completely innocent, 45 years of age, but still a teenager as far as sex was concerned. His cock pushed awkwardly in his pants as he thought of her innocent enjoyment last night.

Ryoko met him as he arrived at the supermarket. As usual she followed him to the rear loading area where they were hidden from prying eyes while they unloaded.

Richard pulled Ryoko to him as soon as they were out of sight, holding her in his arms he whispered, “last night was fantastic.”

“Thank you Master Richard,” she moaned. “My body is still happy from you loving.”

Ryoko spoke quietly, “Asuka has rang me a number of times this morning she is besotted with you.”

“You are a very kind man, she can never forget you.”

“I don’t want you to forget me,” Richard murmured, as his hands played with her tight flat bottom and his hard cock rubbed against her stomach. “We will make love many more times.”

Ryoko blushed and whispered, “I am married and should not commit sin, but Asuka says it’s not a sin when husband so bad.”

She smiled happily and asked shyly,” May I tell Asuka you will call?

“Of course that’s a good idea; we can arrange to meet again at her apartment this afternoon.”

Richard smiled as he drove down the road, “besotted eh, that’s a word you don’t hear very often.”

Richard found it hard to concentrate throughout the day, his thoughts kept returning to Asuka. “I’ve got it bad” he mused, “I can’t get her out of my mind.”

He couldn’t believe she really was a virgin. As a doctor she would have learnt all about sexual reproduction. She would have studied the male anatomy. It was hard to believe that she had never tried to experiment.

Her girlish enthusiasm and innocence, when compared with some of the bored sophisticated mothers in the cookie club excited him, making him squirm as his cock became rigid within the confines of his pants.

“Master Richard” she whispered excitedly when he arrived at the door of her apartment. “I have been waiting all day for this moment.”

She took his hand, kissing it, “thank you, thank you” she sighed as she backed inside and led him to where Ryoko sat drinking tea.

Ryoko jumped to her feet and sat Richard down, squatting down to take of his shoes, whilst Asuka brought a robe, and slippers.

“Asuka bough you this robe today so you will be more comfortable,” Ryoko explained cutting off his protests.

“She wants to bathe you and make you relax so you will enjoy her company.”

Gradually Richard succumbed to the old world charm of these two fascinating ladies. They led him to the spa bath, undressed him and joined him, washing his body all over.

Asuka used the bath time to run her hands over every inch of his body. She inspected him from head to toe as Ryoko sat back and issued instructions.

After assisting him from the bath, Asuka laid him on the bed. Quietly she proceeded to massage baby oil over his chest and back before moving to his thighs and his erect cock.

Royko stood near Richard’s head telling him about Asuka.

As he listened he put his hand out to find she wore nothing under her dressing gown. Without thinking he ran his fingers down her stomach moving her legs apart to enter her moist pussy.

She shuddered and came immediately.

“Oh Richard not me,” she moaned.

“I’m married, I want you to love Asuka, she needs you.”

She took Asuka by the hand and drew her up to stand in Ryoko`s place beside Richard as he laid on the bed.

Richard turned on his side and looked at them both, his finger was still playing with Ryoko`s now sopping wet pussy. Ryoko gently took his hand, pulled Asuka gown apart and placed his hand on Asuka`s hot cunt..

Asuka flinched, “I’m sorry Master Richard she moaned, Asuka still a little sore from first time sex.” She turned to Ryoko and burst into tears speaking urgently in Japanese.

Ryoko whispered to Richard, “She is worried you will be unhappy with her because she is sore.”

“Don’t worry,” he replied, “I have just the medicine she needs.” He slipped off the bed and dropped to his knees. Holding Asuka by the hips he licked around her inner thigh and took as much of her pussy as he could gently in his mouth.

His tongue flicked lightly along the red areas of her pussy lips. It quickly grew moist from his saliva and her secretions, allowing him to sink his tongue slowly into her hot moist cavern.

Richard became concerned when she moaned out loud in Japanese.

“Am I hurting her” he cried pulling his head away.

Ryoko placed her hand on the back of his head pushing it back towards Asuka`s swampy cunt, “No! Oh no! She’s saying that’s wonderful, it hurts a little but she wants you to continue.”

Ryoko again stood with her body touching Richard, her hand stayed on the back of his head as his tongue returned to its gentle loving of Asuka`s hurt pussy. Richard could not believe how kind and considerate Ryoko was to Asuka. She was standing right beside him whilst he sucked and licked her friend, making no demands of her own or showing any jealousy.

He moved his left arm slowly up under Ryoko`s gown to stroke her backside. Her body responded and turned slightly towards him allowing his hand to reach her pussy where he inserted a finger.

A gasp of surprise from Ryoko caused Asuka to ask “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, oh nothing.” Ryoko moaned as Richard started to finger fuck her.

Within minutes Ryoko shuddered and came, groaning as she gasped for breath under the intensity of her orgasm. Asuka who had been standing dreaming, as Richard applied his tongue to her pussy found Ryoko`s bucking orgasm too much, and joined in as her body fluids smeared Richards face.

My god Richard whispered as he slumped back on the floor, “you are two very horny ladies,” what am I going to do with you.”

“We will eat together, then you will let me go home to my family” Ryoko said.

Asuka sat close to Richard as Ryoko served the meal, then joined them to sit close to him on his other side. “This is the life Richard thought,” as they both plied him with food, rubbing their bodies against him as they placed tit bits on his tongue with their fingers.

“Master Richard, will you stay the night with me?” Asuka asked as they escorted Ryoko to the door.

“Yes stay with her Richard” Ryoko urged. “She wants to tell you about herself and ask your help.”

Time sped by as Richard lovingly massaged, oiled and loved Asuka`s pussy and arse.

Her body was in a constant state of arousal, She moaned and cried as his fingers and tongue sought and found areas that responded to his touch. Later, while his fingers rubbed cream on her hips, belly and bottom, he sucked on her nipples, licked her neck, bit her ears and nibbled her lips, until she cried “no more, no more.”

“I must talk to you, but I can’t while you touch me.”

“I can’t concentrate. I forget what I am saying,” Asuka moaned as she pushed him away.

Asuka became highly agitated. She stalked up and down on the carpet in front of him, her gown flowing out behind her displaying her fine long legs.

“My good friend Ryoko would have told you that I came to your country to lecture and train doctors.”

“Next week I am going to a major International conference in the capital where I am keynote speaker.”

“The conference has 3000 delegates and lasts ten days.”

She went down on her knees in front of him, her gown open displaying her hard firm body and weeping pussy.

“I want you to come with me as my partner and escort.”

“Please say yes” “I love you Master Richard; I want you to be with Asuka.”

“Ten days shit, who would do the cookie run, what would mum say.” “Bloody hell, who cares,” Richard thought as he looked into her pleading eyes and was lost.

“I’d love to” he whispered, as she threw herself on him like a teenager, kissing and screaming, “thank you, thank you.”

“Sit down mum,” Richard told his mother as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down at the breakfast table.

“Yes, I have been sleeping with a woman.” “Yes she is much older than me.”

“Yes she is Japanese.”

“Yes I am going away with her for 10 days.”

“Yes I love her, but I’m not thinking of proposing marriage.”

“I’m eighteen and I know what I’m doing, so settle down and help me arrange the cookie club and the deliveries, I’ll be ok.”

Richard quickly became aware how important Asuka was to the conference, the delegates and officials waited on her every word. She was the star attraction.

The fact that her partner was young and good looking created some minor interest, especially when Asuka demanded he accompany her to every event. “He is my partner and I want him to enjoy the conference,” she told the ladies who had been appointed to be her guides and mentors.

In their room he kissed her, lifting her off the floor, grinding his hard cock against her belly. “You are magnificent” he said. “Watching you stride through the conference to the applause of thousands of international delegates, my heart fills with pride.

“Most people here know you as a serious highly skilled doctor, if they could see you operating on me,” he joked, “the applause would be far more generous.”

She laughed, and tried to stop him as he started to clap, “I would award you a gold medal in the fucking event,” he shouted as she jumped on him and kissed him warmly.

The nights with Asuka after the conference concluded each day were a delight. Her happy enthusiasm was infectious. “What would you like to do tonight?” he would ask her at breakfast each morning. She would blush, drop her gaze and giggle, “fuck and suck.”

That response followed by her regular early morning cuddle, where she sat on his lap kissing him deeply, playing with his nipples until nature took its course, generally made her late arriving at the conference’s morning session.

At night they would laugh and play with each other until they drifted off to sleep. During the night who ever woke first would stroke and kiss the other until they achieved a response.

Asuka had gone out and brought every available illustrated sex book, which were produced when ever their love making slowed. Kissing him in her newly acquired expert fashion, she would laugh as she jumped up and raced to find a book. Bringing it back to bed she would lie on her back with her legs bent at the knees, her body erotically open to him, and invite him to “try this new position.”

If Richard failed to be excited with the new position she would curl up in his arms like a baby and proceed to suck and play with his nipples, her hand rubbing his but and teasing his arsehole until he could no longer say no.

Richard quickly learnt that she loved to be on top, he could easily get her to forget the book by rolling her over on top. Holding her up by the hips he would steady her as she lowered herself on to his ever hard tool. “This is position number one, our position” he would tell her as their pace grew and their juices flowed.

Late one afternoon Richard was sitting in the foyer of the hotel, when he heard voices behind him discussing Asuka. “She’s a lot softer this year” he heard one woman say. “She is dressing more elegantly. She looks happier than I have seen her in the past.”

Another woman said “why wouldn’t she be, look at her young boyfriend.”

“Christ he must be good in the cot to unfreeze her frozen fanny.” A much deeper voiced woman added.

“You’re right; I have never seen her ever take any interest in men.

Another voice chimed in “that’s all changed; when he comes near, she positively glows.”

“Good luck to her,” the deep voice responded . “I wouldn’t mind getting him alone and find out what he’s got.”

They giggled, “You wouldn’t.”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind. These bloody conferences are boring. A little bit of hanky panky could make them more exciting.”

Well I must say he’s the first fuckable addition to these conferences in years.” a quieter voice added

The group stood up and moved to walk past Richard.

He could hardly contain himself as he hid behind his newspaper, so they did not recognise him.

“You’ll never get him away from Asuka she just dotes on him.” A tall blonde was saying. Richard’s head shot up when the tall striking dark brown woman walking beside her replied in a deep voice, “You never know, if he gets an opportunity, he might like to try a South American dish.”

Richard watched as the four women walked away. The striking dark skinned woman had a great bum; she wore long stiletto heels that displayed her fine pair of legs. “Yes.” Richard thought, “I wouldn’t mind a slice of that hot South American tart.”

That night as they rolled over to cuddle each other to sleep, he told Asuka what he could remember of the women’s conversation.

“They like the changes in you,” he whispered as his fingers entered her pussy.

“You have made me different,” she sighed as a shudder ripped through her body. “I was ‘a woman doctor’ now I am both a woman and a doctor.”

She lay quiet, then in a small voice asked, “Are you going to fuck the South American lady Richard?”

Sensing she may be jealous and not wanting to hurt her he said, “No, I am going to fuck you.”

His response started another round of love making, that left them both lying wrung out on the floor.

Asuka lay quietly in his arms for a while, then said, “Richard I would like you to fuck her.”

“She might never know the happiness you have given me if you reject her.”

He sat up and hugged her close, “It would be different with her, what we do together is special because of you.”

The conference dinner and award night was black tie.

Asuka looked stunning in a long white silk dress that was cut low in front and back. She had pleaded with Richard to accompany her shopping as she looked for a gown that would signal clearly to her peers that she had changed.

She clung to Richards arm as they walked the red carpet to the head table. He smiled as they moved smoothly across the room .Other than a nervous wobble as she climbed out of the car and clung tightly to his arm, the assembled guests and onlookers would never have guessed that under that slinky dress, Asuka was wearing her first pair of high stiletto heels.

When they first arrived at the conference she had caught Richard staring at an over endowed blonde in high heels. “You like big breasts?” she had asked.

“Oh no, I like stiletto heels, they make a woman’s legs look very sexy.” Richard replied quickly.

That afternoon she had gone out and bought the tallest pair she could find.

Richard found her struggling to walk when he returned to their rooms.

“I have never danced” she cried as she wobbled in Richard’s arms. “I want to dance with you.” From then on at every opportunity she practiced walking and dancing in their room. When they were alone she was proud of Richard’s reaction to her body. She revelled in his attention as she practised walking in little more than heels and stockings. Richard sat watching until his cock was so hard it hurt. When he could stand no more he whispered “come here.”

“Stop looking,” Asuka cried, “you make me stop walking and want fuck, come dance with me.”

Richard could not believe the way his body reacted to the combination of her body rubbing against his as she wobbled in stilettos and hung on to him as they practiced dancing.

Angelique had taught him what she called the foreplay method of ballroom dancing. She had said that it was certain to get a woman horny and ready to fuck. Asuka had no need to learn that method. Each time they practiced ‘dancing in heels’ as she called it, they ended up down on the floor coupled together.

As her confidence grew, Asuka gave Richard his own personal fashion parade. She would start dressed in her ball gown and would gradually remove items of clothing until walking in high heels and stockings and nothing else, she swung around the room her eyes flashing with excitement. “Can you see the love bites? Can you see what you have done to mark me?” “Dance with me.” She cried.

He grabbed her “Let’s fuck first and dance later,” he shouted. He took her in his arms and positioned her so they could watch in the mirror. “I want you to see what I see.”

“I want you to see what we are doing.” her growled.

Looking in the mirror he slid his already leaking cock into her wet soft hole.

“Can you see it?” he moaned “Oh yes” she whispered, as she bucked her body in response to his thrusts. “Look at your new heels,” he groaned. “Look at your long legs in those stockings, my god you’re …….ah!.... oh!... aah.” His words became jumbled as a fantastic orgasm mentally blacked him out for a few seconds. “Oh hell.” he cried as he slumped in her arms.

The ball was a raging success. Many of the young male doctors sought out Asuka. There was a constant line of visitors to their table as they introduced themselves and sought to dance with her. Her beauty attracted them like moths to a flame.

Richard with the experience of his training for the Governors ball was an excellent dancer. He was never off the floor.

Angelique’s foreplay method of dancing had many wives asking for more. One short haired brunette with tits like rock melons, on their second dance together laid her head on his shoulder as his hand slipped down to her rear. “Fuck me,” she groaned.

Richard bent his head and kissed her ear as he moved her further into the crowded floor.

Her hand slipped down to rub his erection through his pants. “No.” she moaned, “lets get off the floor, and I want you to fuck me now.”

They danced towards the balcony door and eased out side, still dancing together.

Her hand had opened his zip and was massaging his cock vigorously.

“Keep that up and I’ll come in your hand” he groaned.

A few smokers watched as he danced her further from the door over to the corner balcony rail. “Turn around,” he whispered, “pretend you are looking out over the lawn below.”

Standing behind her in the shadows he slipped his hands around under the side of her gown and held her full tits in his hands. She moaned out loud as he pinched hard on her nipples.

Her moans had drawn a few glances from smokers who did not need a road map to know what they were doing.

“Shit,” Richard said,” if you don’t keep quiet we’ll draw a crowd of onlookers.”

“Stop worrying just hurry and fuck me,” she urged.

Pushing her forward until her tits were resting on the balcony rail, he used his knee to push her legs apart. Grabbing the lower folds of her gown he threw it up on to her back,

His hand found her thong stretching it to one side as his fingers entered her cunt.

She pushed back hard, “no fingers give me your young cock” she ordered.

His rearing cock needed no urging, it poked up and with her hand taking control, found its mark.

Their coupling was not love it was pure fuck, they fucked like rattlesnakes grunting and slamming into each other until she came. As she did his cock slipped out. It slid around leaving a trail of come over her arse cheeks until he felt it strike home.

“No! Not there! She cried, as he realised it was her rosebud.

But it was too late he had shoved in, stopping momentarily at her blockage and moved deeper.

“Oh shit,” she cried, “that’s terrible, I’ve never had it there.”

Richard moaned, “I’m sorry” and started to pull out. “Don’t “she said as the muscles of her arse tightened on him.

“Gently now,” she moaned, “gently.”

Richard knew he was finished, he would try to be gentle, but he could feel his cock exploding as he came and came in her arse.

They stood together for a few minutes and then moved apart straightening their clothes. As they did out of the nearby shadows a woman appeared, looked hard towards them, threw a cigarette away and moved back to the ballroom.

“Bloody hell I think she was watching us” Richard exclaimed as they kissed and moved back inside.

As they parted she whispered to him, “It’s alright the watcher was Irene, she’s my friend from Nigeria. I told her I was going to fuck you.”

She laughed, “Don’t look so shocked, she wants you to fuck her too before the conference ends.”

“In fact all of our African delegation want some young white cock”

“We are staying for a week after the conference ends.” “We will meet again young man, we will meet again,” she whispered as she moved away.

Asuka was bubbling with excitement as they drove home from the ball, “oh Richard that was wonderful.”

Her eyes sparkled, “I had a wonderful time”

“You really have been marvellous for me”

“I’ve been to dozens of conferences and never been to a ball before.” She was giggling and laughing, her happiness shone in her face.

“I loved it thank you, you’re lovely. “

Early next morning they lay sweating and panting for breath. Richard rolled her over so she could sit on top, positioning her body so she could again take his cock deep inside her no longer sore cunt. Asuka started to cry as she sank down to envelop his cock, “let me talk Richard” she moaned

“What’s wrong? What have I done?” he groaned.

“This Conference is finishing, shortly I must go back to Japan.”

She shushed him when he tried to protest, “Richard I have money, property, power and position, some people would say I have everything. This wonderful time with you has made me realise what I want to make my life better”.

“What I want is a baby.”

Again she placed her fingers on his lips as he tried to speak.

“Let me explain.”

“After seeing Ryoko and some of my Japanese friend’s marriages, I don’t want a Japanese marriage.”

“In my profession at home, marrying foreigners can create problems. Any way you are too young to marry.”

“Oh Richard, I have thought about it for days.”

I want us to make a baby. I want your baby…… I want our baby.”

Looking him straight in the eye, “No more condoms, no more protection. We fuck what you call bareback.”

Richard asked, “Are you sure.”

She blushed and whispered. “I want your spunk in me.” “I want my eggs fertilised, please be my baby’s father.”

Richard was overwhelmed. He truly loved Asuka. His actions told her all she wanted to know. “We will have a son.” he cried out loud. He laid her lovingly on the bed bending her knees so that they ended under her armpits. His body was trembling in anticipation he lowered his head and spoke into her pussy; “we will make a son tonight.”

For the next three days until the conference ended they spent every waking moment fucking. Their fucking took on a new intensity. He acceded to her every request. He ate the special Asian herbs and food she fed him to produce more sperm.

“No more oral sex.” She cried when his tongue entered her sopping cunt.

Time after time they fucked with her on the bottom after she told him, “I don’t want any of your sperm to spill.”

“Stay in me,” she pleaded, when Richard was spent and his cock had shrivelled

Then one morning as they brought each other to a peak, Asuka whispered

“You will always be my love.” “But you are young, you must love others.”

“I met your South American lady yesterday she’s from Jamaica; she is like me, too busy to have love life.”

“I told her you are wonderful lover,” she grunted as his cock hit the back of her pussy

“You what!” he cried as he felt his blood rising.

His cock started pumping his sperm, taking her breath away forcing her to stop talking.

She gasped, her body jolted in a series of little orgasms as his come spurted into her.

Sitting up, impaled on Richards still weeping weapon, she whispered

“She is waiting for you to call her.”

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 22

by mangrove jack©

Asuka harassed Richard as they packed to return home. “Have you rang the Jamaican lady yet?” she asked at every opportunity.

“No I haven’t I’m with you, we are going back to my home town. When and only when you return to Japan will I let you organises someone for me.” He told her angrily.

During the high profile medical conference Richard had heard some women delegates discussing the changes in Asuka. One night as they lay in each others arms, he told Asuka what he had heard.

He admitted that one tall striking very black woman apparently from South America had laughingly suggested to her friends when referring to him, that she wouldn’t mind a little extra conference activity.

Asuka had unbeknown to Richard, sought out that Jamaican doctor. She revealed that she like Asuka had let her career destroy her private life, especially her love life. Richard didn’t know what Asuka had said but the upshot was that Asuka told Richard to “ring the Jamaican lady.”

Asuka took no notice of his anger, “you are not angry, you are good actor Mr Richard,” she said as she walked away. Then Mid morning she approached him grinning widely. “What have you been up to?” he asked.

Asuka smiled with that knowing and mischievous smile he had learned to love. “I have invited some international doctors to come down and visit our hospital.” “Its all arranged they will come down in two groups, a group from Africa and, her eyes lifted to look at him, two ladies from Jamaica.”

Richard and Asuka had discussed plans for the future; they both knew that a long term relationship between an elderly Japanese woman doctor and a young Australian would be fraught with difficulties in Japan. Asuka had made up her mind. She was not only setting Richard free, she was setting him up with a woman she knew needed love.

Richard used to the jealousies of his Boy Scout mums marvelled at the generosity and kindness of Asuka. Lying wrapped in her arms with her legs holding him like scissors he recalled again and again the special love she had showered on him over the last few weeks.

A knock on the door sent Richard scrambling for his trousers and Asuka scuttling into the next room. “Who is it?” Richard called, grinning as he saw a nude Asuka peeking around the bedroom door. His grin broke into a wide smile when he heard the bell boy call, “you rang to have luggage taken down Sir.”

Signalling to Asuka to come back he called, “Can you come back in thirty minutes I’m not finished.” “I’m not finished with you he whispered to Asuka,” sliding his hands up her long Asian legs until they reached her bum, and then pulling her to him.

“Oh Richard” she cried, “don’t use those words finished with me.” “We’ll never be finished, now I have your baby in me.”

“We can’t be certain you’re pregnant yet,” Richard whispered back. He laughed, “We were taking out insurance, or should I say making another deposit when that bellboy disturbed us.” “To be certain your pregnant, I will have to make a lot more deposits,” he said with a grin.

“Let’s start again right now,” he growled as he lifted her and laid her on the sofa. Asuka threw her legs around him, “I won’t be complete until I have your baby,” she whispered. “Once baby born, Asuka and Richard will never be finished. I will always have a little Richard to remind me of you.”

Richard returned to his Boy Scout Mothers cookie run. His mums were waiting. Darlene met him in the airport arrival hall, “I’ll drive you home,” she said as he kissed Asuka and told her he would see her tomorrow.

“My god I’ve missed you:” Darlene grunted as she lay along the seat of her car. “I’ve been dreaming of your young hard cock all morning.” Darlene had driven to the rear of the long term car park at the airport. Within seconds she had Richard in the back seat. “This outfit is really one big zip,” she explained as she opened her short dress from top to bottom. Underneath she wore black stockings nothing else.

Richard had forgotten how beautiful she was. Darlene was one of many trophy wives of the building and developer set that had hired him. Her body was straight out of the pages of a man’s magazine, well oiled and pampered at a myriad of beauty parlours and clinics. Some would call her a bimbo, Richard called her his babe. “No she’s not dumb, he thought, she’s no bimbo she `s got her head screwed on right, she knows what she wants.”

She knew what she wanted and right now she wanted Richard. His protests that he had to get home quickly dissipated. Her clean shaven cunt beckoned him, as she threw herself on the seat and held her legs open.

Richard, his heart beating wildly watched as Darlene wriggled her body so that his cock was rubbing the top of her cunt. “It’s a wonder no one hears us, they surely couldn’t miss this rocking and bouncing car,” he thought as their bodies slapped together nosily.

Darlene knew how to turn a man on. Her perfectly fit body rode and controlled him as their passion grew, exploded and dissipated. He could feel the sweat from their mid afternoon coupling as it ran down his legs. It was sticky and hot, yet magical.

“Oh yes that’s what I wanted.” Darlene said as her voice trembled. “I want more; I’m bloody addicted to cock, your bloody cock.” “I don’t know what’s happened to me, you’re only a boy but I dream of you fucking me all the time.”

“I’m bloody eighteen, nearly nineteen,” he growled as he again rammed his cock hard and fast. I’m not a boy.” “No you’re not a boy” she groaned “you’re a fucking magician you wave that magic wand of yours between my legs and I turn into putty.”

No one was home when he arrived. A note from his mother on the hall table apologised, saying she was out shopping. In the shower he thought of his quickie with Darlene.

By going away to the conference with Asuka he had disrupted his routine. Darlene’s hunger had made it clear that he would have to make up for lost time with many of his mothers.

He was drying himself when the phone rang. “Your home at last,” Angelique exclaimed when he answered. As they talked Richard thought of Angelique. She was a large older Greek lady who had taken him under her wing.

She had taught him to dance in a way to arouse a woman’s passion; she liked him to take her the Greek way, “in the arse” she would cry.

Angelique alone had the best idea of how many mothers he was fucking. Some of the others would have their suspicions but Angelique had recognised and urged him to give some love to bored mums.

“You will have to make a lot of calls and mend a few fences,” she told him. “You have created a stable of mothers who need regular loving.” Richard started to speak. “No don’t try to wriggle out of it, you and your ever willing cock have created the problem!” she continued cutting him off.

“They were neglected, until you came along.” “You can’t just wet their appetite and then disappear.” “Once you helped them make the decision to cheat on their husbands, the die was cast.”

“Get on the phone, ring them all as soon as possible, and tell them how you missed them. Maybe a little phone sex will cool them down or,” she added with a laugh, “hot them up for their husbands when they come home tonight.”

“She’s right” Richard thought thinking of Angelique’s advice. He looked at the clock it was five o’clock, most mothers would be home. Whilst their kids would be around, their husbands would still be at work.

Richard spent two hours on the phone talking to his Boy Scout Mums. He called Melissa first. He realised that he could have been more diplomatic when he asked, “What have you been up to?”

“Waiting for you, you young bastard,” she moaned. That moan intrigued him. “What are you doing now?” he whispered as quiet as he could. “Oh you young shit!” she groaned, “you know what I’m doing; I’m doing what you should be doing. I’m playing with my clit.”

As he rang around he realised that many of his mums relied on him to put a bit of spice in their lives. They needed affection as well as sex. Just the opportunity to talk sexy on the phone would add to their day.

Jackie brought him back to reality when she hissed into the phone, “I don’t want you on the phone I want you in me.” “Didn’t you just say you can’t talk because your husbands in the next room,” Richard whispered his panic showing in his voice.

“Yeah I did” she said more quietly. Richard could hear Jackie husband calling “are you using that extension?” “Listen up,” she said before she slammed the phone down. “I can’t wait, come over to my house tomorrow morning, if you don’t come to me, I’ll find you, don’t fuck about with me.”

Richard sat stunned at the risk Jackie had taken, as he thought about it he shuddered, “What the fucks up with her,” he shouted as he threw his shoes across the room.

He quickly settled down when his mother called, “is that you Richard. What are you shouting about love?”

“Sorry mum I didn’t hear you come in” he replied as he turned to spy her leaning against the door.

Richard was amazed at the change in his mum. Before he left for the conference she had started to change. Now she had a new hair do, new make up, he sniffed, new perfume.

“Mum your beautiful,” he gasped as he studied her new outfit. Her clothes highlighted her legs and small waist, creating to Richards’s amazement, “one fucking horny lady.”

What did you say his mother asked her voice rising? “Nothing mum,” Richard mumbled, “oh shit mum, I don’t know what I said, but what I mean is what a change, your different you’re beautiful, you’re sexy, your legs and boobs are magnificent.

“That’s enough of that sort of talk.” She said with a wave of her hand. “I’m glad you like my new clothes even if your mouth is a little loose.” “Your dad and I have decided that its time we both caught up with the times.” “Well I don’t know about dad but you’ve certainly changed.”

His mum stood with her hands on her hips, “what do you mean?” He thought to himself as he studied her, “it means if I didn’t have a stable of mums I’d be trying to bed you, you’re bloody hot.” But decided to keep that idea to himself.

“Oh mum lighten up I’m not having a go at you, your bloody sexy in that outfit.” “It makes you look years younger and makes me bloody horny.” He laughed dancing out of her way.

As he lay in bed thinking over the day’s events, his mobile rang it was Asuka. “We have very little time left to make sure I’m pregnant,” she whispered as they discussed the good times they had had together.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said as she went quiet on her end of the phone. “Make sure you come back through here on your way to the next conference,” He added when he heard her sob.

He looked at his watch, “don’t cry love,” he whispered. “It’s late but it’s never too late.” “Why don’t you go and get your stilettos and put them on.” “Wear that dressing gown you wore on our first night. “And what else?” she asked as he felt her perk up. “Nothing else just you, I’m on my way over.”

Driving home as dawn broke Richard smiled as he recalled Asuka`s excitement as midnight came and went. “I’m in my ripe cycle for the next few days,” she cried.

He’d had the devil of a job convincing her that he wasn’t able to stay at her place during all that time. “How would I explain that to the Boy Scout mums,” he thought? In the end Asuka told him, “If we haven’t` made baby by now, we must make love every night until I leave.”

At home his mother looked at him knowingly. Where did you go so late last night?” she asked quietly so his father couldn’t hear. He grinned, “You don’t want to know mum.”

The morning sped by, many mums welcoming him back with much more than a kiss on the cheek. He could tell that some were no longer as happy as they had been. Too many lovers had made it difficult before he left, but the trip away with Asuka had really upset the apple cart.

An hour later Jackie lay on the floor of the den her legs wide open smoking as she watched Richard dress, “you know you’re a better lover than I remember,” she said with a sigh. “You’re more experienced, you know how to press all the right buttons and yet you still leave me feeling as though I stole your cherry.”

“You look so young and innocent even when your experienced tongue is playing my body like a musical instrument. She raised her knees then threw her legs up so he could see her leaking cunt, “kiss me lover, don’t leave me like this, use that educated tongue and finish me off.” How he could refuse such a request, he thought as he sank to his knees.

Catching up with each mum had been fun. He had never thought fucking would be hard work, but the enthusiasm of some of the mums after he has spent the night baby making with Asuka had left him tired and a little sore.

Richards’s mother was coming to call him when she heard him talking in the shower. He had left his bath room door open and she stood in amazement as she saw him holding his cock in his hands and obviously talking to it. “My god old fella” she heard him say, “Some of those mothers are unbelievable; we’ve had a week that my mates would not believe.”

She could not believe her eyes at his size and then could not believe her ears when he talked to his cock. Embarrassed at watching she called, “Richard hurry up if you are going to the airport.”

Sitting in the airport VIP lounge, Asuka signalled to Richard to follow her. She headed for the disabled toilet built to take a wheel chair. “Quick!” she said as she locked the door, “one last time.” Down on the floor he did not count, but knew she came many more times than once as they struggled and cried together for the last time.

Richards’s life settled down to a more manageable routine after Asuka departed. Married women with kids could only get free during school hours or when their husbands were away or at work. His nights were mostly free.

His classmates welcomed him back, he was in training again. One down side was that his mother was watching him more closely than ever.

Richard was glad to escape her scrutiny when he made his way to the hospital in response to a call from the administrator. “Asuka told me before she left that you would be prepared to show visiting doctors from the conference around the sights,” she explained when Richard arrived.

“We have five ladies, three from South Africa and two from Jamaica who are visiting for a few days. Will you help?” “They will have early evenings and most nights free.”

“We are busy tonight, we promised them a BBQ. Can you come and bring a couple of friends.” When Richard did not respond she went on “there’s only the three Africans so it won’t be hard to settle them in.”

“We’ll provide the tucker and some grog.” “We can’t be there. So we thought if you could bring a couple of mates you could cook them a steak, have a few drinks and make them welcome.”

Back in the capital three ladies were preparing to leave the conference. “Who’s going to join me, who wants a young Aussie cock?” Irene stood in front of the mirror as she spoke.

When her two colleagues didn’t respond she raised her voice, “At past conferences Asuka was a typical frozen Japanese technocrat; she rarely joined in any conference activity, preferring to stick strictly to the program. She was top of the world in our calling and made it very clear she never needed anyone or any thing until this year.”

“Think about it,” she demanded. “This year she turns up with Richard on her arm, demands a suite and settles him in. She danced, she wore stilettos, she blushed, she kissed, she was a hot bloody woman.” “What changed? As far as I can see, nothing changed only Richard.” “I watched him fuck Anna on the balcony at the ball.” “He was awesome. If we really want to try some young Aussie cock he’s the one.”

“Think about it, we can go back to South Africa and Zimbabwe after this conference to those black bastards who think they are god’s gift to woman hood and the human race. Those snobs who because of their university training think their shit don’t stink.”

“Before we go we could break out.” “No one at home will know. No one at home has ever heard of this small town hospital.” “Asuka went there from the capital to meet with a friend from Japan who runs the local supermarket. I don’t know how she hooked up with Richard but I do know it changed her.”

“She’s off to Japan with a perpetual smile that lights up her whole face, a new wardrobe that will shock our medical colleagues in Japan and if I’m not mistake a bun in the oven.”

“So who’s coming with me on a visit to the Hospital? I’ve rang ahead and used Asuka`s name. They have told me that Richard will use a hospital van to squire us around for the three days of our visit. Tonight when we get there their will be a BBQ meal and Richard has been asked to bring a couple of friends.”

She pushed her breasts up holding them so they stood out. “If you want to try a bit of young white cock, you might never get an opportunity like this again.”

Irene studied her large breasts in the mirror, “I’m going are you coming with me?”

Aretha spoke quietly “I’ll come to keep you company,” but I’m not going down looking for sex.” “I’m married and have been for fifteen years. I am not a cheat, I don’t commit adultery. Its up to you, what you do is your business, but I can’t let you go on your own.”

May sat watching Irene, “how do you know this young man will even want you? This country is renowned for its red necks maybe he won’t like a black woman.”

“Oh he likes them all right, have you forgotten what I told you.” “I was having a smoke and saw them dance into the shadows.” “He had Anna bent over and was fucking her twenty feet from me.

“He wasn’t worried about her colour. He didn’t know if she was married, He was just a randy young bugger.” Irene was breathing heavy as she went on, “I think he saw me watching.” “It was awesome I want some of that boy.”

When May agreed to make up the threesome, she told them to pack while she rang and confirmed the arrangements. At the hospital they were led to the visiting medical officer’s quarters. We have decided to accommodate you here on the hospital grounds as it will make it easy for you to visit our various departments and meet our doctors.”

“You can stay here for free. If you want to be off the hospital grounds we can book you into the hotel down the road. The BBQ tonight is just outside your apartment on the open deck.”

Irene quickly looked around; the quarters comprised a three bedroom ground floor unit with ensuites and its own lounge and kitchen. “This will do, we can have our privacy, and save money and time.”

Richard had a hard time rounding up some mates for the BBQ. “Old South African doctors,” one of his mates exclaimed when he asked them at footy practice. “Shit their not old their Mums age, I haven’t met them but it’s only a BBQ.”

After much argument he finally convinced Dave and Tom to at least come to the BBQ. “If you don’t have a good time then that’s it” he agreed.

They arrived at the BBQ to be greeted by a riot of colour and sound. The three African ladies as Richard called them were dressed in colourful local costumes. They had brought a CD of their homeland music, and were accompanying it on a small drum.

A small jet black woman, who they later learnt was called Irene, was dancing vigorously to the beat of the drums. Tom nudged Richard as they watched, “Shit mate what a body, she’s got every bit of it moving. I’m getting a horn just standing here.”

They jumped when a voice behind them said “Dance with her, she will be very happy when I tell her what she has done to you.” They turned to find a happy smiling member of the group. “I’m May,” she said as she grabbed Tom and Dave and took them over to the dancer. Richard watched as they spoke excitedly while Tom and Dave stood blushing.

Within minutes the two women started to teach Dave and Tom what looked like some tribal dance steps. “We know you,” a striking tall straight backed woman whispered as she took Richards hand. “I’m Aretha; I’m very pleased that you could come tonight.” “We heard a lot about you at the conference, I think one of our group danced with you one night.”

“Oh shit!” Richard thought as he remembered that dance had ended with him plundering an ample arse on the smoking terrace. “Where is she?” he asked looking around the gathering. “I’m sorry; she couldn’t come down with us. She nodded towards one of the dancers, “her friend Irene, who knows you, is looking forward to your company.”

Richard had never been to a BBQ that reeked of potential sex like this one. There were only six people present.

Other than Tom, Dave there was no other men. “Wait till we tell our mates,” he mused “they will be blown away by what they have missed.”

The two visitors who had Tom and Dave dancing to the throbbing beat of their African music were short, not fat but plump, their substantial chests more pronounced than his average Boy Scout mum. They danced so vigorously that their tits swung wildly under their costume obviously free of confinement.

Aretha the tallest of the group stood with him watching. She had he noted, a small chest but a magnificent arse.

Tom had his arm around Irene one hand fondling her large tit when she confronted Richard. “You probably don’t remember me” she said as she kissed him, her tongue massaging his gums. “But I remember what Anna said about you.” “Anna?” I don’t know any Anna,” he said as her hands gripped his waist.

“Oh yes you do, you knew Anna very well on the smoking balcony at the convention ball,” she said with a high pitched squeal. Tom had lifted her long skirt and was massaging her arse. She had no time to question Richard further as Tom moaned “come with me,” and pulled her away.

Richard looked for Dave. He looked again when he caught his eye. He was undressing May. They were standing under a tree in the shadows but in full view of the BBQ. She was giggling as Dave pushed her top down to her waist and took her breast in his mouth.

Out of the corner of his eye he spied Tom an Irene. As he stood watching, Irene’s hands stopped struggling with Tom’s belt and came up to hold his head tight, moving it so his mouth did not neglect each nipple. “That’s it white boy, that’s it,” she moaned. “I love a man’s mouth on my breasts.”

Aretha was amazed at the way Irene and May were performing. She had rarely seen them at parties other than formal parties associated with their work. At home they were respected specialists here tonight they were acting like sluts. She was disgusted, but at the same time excited by the way they were allowing their partners to strip them and fondle them.

She turned to Richard “they don’t seem to need our company” she whispered. Lets go! Richard led her to the hot plate where he grilled a thin steak and poured her a red wine. As they sat and talked they watched the two couples.

Aretha didn’t know where to look. Her two colleagues were quickly getting drunker. Their actions were less and less inhibited. She kept looking shyly at Richard who seemed to be taking little notice of the sex that was happening right before his eyes.

Aretha was sitting on a two seater outdoor lounge. When Richard poured her next glass of wine he casually sat down beside her.

One after the other Irene then May took their partners off to their rooms leaving Aretha and Richard sitting alone in the cool of the evening.

She shivered, “are you getting cold?” he asked. He found his cardigan and draped it over her shoulders. “It always gets cold here in the evenings,” he said as he left his hand on her shoulder.

“Those other two bastards are inside fucking while I’m out here acting like a schoolboy on his first date,” he thought as he looked to see any reaction to his arm.

Aretha was pleased when the others left, she had agreed to come to keep Irene company. She had known that Irene and May were looking for white lovers but never thought they would be so blatant.

She hadn’t expected to see them parade their sexual desires so obviously. At first she was ashamed of the way they carried on but after a while she could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy getting wet. She was feeling the effects of the wine and the sex that she could see and hear.

When Richard didn’t try anything she was pleased. Then as the evening progressed and the others became more boisterous and adventurous she started to get angry.

Her mind raced, “What about me, am I so old so ugly that he doesn’t want me.” “At least he should try. I won’t let him, but he should try.”

Richard finding no reaction to his arm around her shoulder leant forward to kiss her lightly on the lips. “About time,” she thought as she automatically responded. Her lips opening to welcome his probing tongue.

His kiss was sweet and passionate, taking her breath away. “Oh yes!” she thought, “That’s nice.” When the kisses continued she felt herself relax in his arms, “this is better,” she thought. “A few kisses won’t do any harm.”

She kissed him back, as he whispered “you’re beautiful.” She couldn’t help herself, “I thought you didn’t like me.” “Oh no, that’s not true,” he moaned. “Your so beautiful, so aristocratic, the way you stand so straight so beautiful, that I didn’t want to ruin things.”

While he was speaking his hand had moved up to cup one of her small breasts. His fingers tweaked the nipple through her top. Aretha felt her pussy juices flow. She gasped as she realised that she was reacting positively to this strangers hands on her tits.

“No that’s enough” she gasped. “Sit over there behave your self,” she whispered as she straightened her top.

“I’ll open another bottle of wine” Richard said as he took her at her word and moved away.

Aretha was disappointed as she watched him go. It was some time since her university days in Cape Town, but it was not that long ago that she couldn’t remember the way the Uni boys kept coming back, never really taking no for an answer.

Richard intrigued her she could see the large bulge in his pants she could feel the moisture in her pussy, He would know by her response to his kisses that he had stirred her interest, yet he gave in so easily.

A few drinks later Richard refilled her glass and stood over her, “let’s dance,” he whispered. “I can’t dance and drink,” she giggled. “Well let’s drink them down first,” Richard suggested as he skolled his glass down.

As they danced slowly on the uneven surface of the tiled patio Aretha was starting to feel the effect of that last glass of red. She stumbled, her body resting hard against Richard. He held her around the waist and let his hands slip down to what he knew was a fine arse.

She looked up at him and giggled as she felt his hand trying to raise her skirt. “What are you up to?” she slurred. “I’m going to kiss you,” he whispered as their lips met and his tongue sought hers.

“Oh my, that’s nice,” she said as she pulled her head back to look at him. “But your hand?” she moaned. “Oh yes my hand it’s playing with your beautiful bum.” he groaned as his mouth again sought hers.

They stood in the shadows swaying together. While they kissed his hand completed its task, her dress was bunched up allowing him to stroke her bottom. Aretha felt completely relaxed her body was responding to his touch, as his kisses melted her resistance.

Richard felt Aretha relax. Quietly he moved his other hand from her waist lifting the front of her dress seeking her pussy.

“No! No! Not there,” she whispered so quietly that he could hardly hear her. “Don’t worry” he assured her, “we won’t do anything you don’t want to do,” as his hand continued its search. He held his breath as his hand on her arse started to strip her panties down. She moaned “oh no!” as his searching hand found the front of the panties, to push them down over her hips.

With both hands occupied he felt her shudder and give a cry. “You said you wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want to do,” she panted as she struggled to stand up straight.

“That’s right love” he replied as his mouth again sought hers. “If you say stop, we’ll stop.” He felt a tear run down her cheek and quickly let her dress drop back to cover her legs.

“Don’t cry, I’ll behave, Come on I’ll walk you to your room,” he said as he turned her towards the apartment. “No I don’t want to go in there.” “I don’t want to be a part of that.” “I’d be ashamed, if I did anything like they’re doing and anyone knew.” “Sex like that in public would destroy my pride in myself.” “No! Not in there,” she said as she pulled away.

Richard was nonplussed he wanted to fuck Aretha. He felt she wanted him. Her tears had made his horn wilt; He hated the thought of hurting anyone. A woman in tears was not a turn on.

They walked around the side of the building to a cement bench. She pulled him down and kissed him. “You are a lovely young man,” she whispered. “Your kind ways are so different to those of the men in my village, and the men at our hospital.” “They would never say it was up to me, they would force the issue until the woman gives in.”

She took him in her arms as they sprawled on the cold hard concrete bench. “Kiss me sweetheart cuddle me in your arms.” Richard needed no urging. He hugged her too him as they kissed. To his surprise, it was her tongue that sought his. It was her hands that roamed over his back and then around between them to his chest.

He could feel his enlarged cock push up between them and heard her gasp as she recognised what it was. He held his breath waiting for further reaction.

She kept on kissing and her hand moved under his shirt and stroked his nipple His hands were quick to take up the challenge. He felt for her bra then around her back to open it. He struggled with the catch. When he couldn’t get it to open Aretha stood up looked him straight in the eye and undid it.

It was dark and her clothes obscured his vision. His hands and fingers massaged her small firm breasts. Her black face shone in the refected light, her deep full red lips and her white teeth stood out like beacons.

They kissed and fondled each other for what seemed a lifetime to Richard. Then her top came free allowing him to drop his head and take a whole small hard tit in his mouth.

Aretha had been crooning and singing quietly as Richard `s mouth made love to her breasts. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this but it was so lovely. The two girls were inside no one would know.

She couldn’t believe how kind and gentle he was, “oh my god” she thought as his tongue stopped dancing around her nipple. His body slid down hers until he was on his knees, “what’s he going to do now.”

She stood looking down watching as he lifted her dress. She felt her legs move apart to allow him free access to her now sopping wet mound. He’s going to kiss me she thought. “No!” she whispered, “no, not that, I don’t want that.” Richard heard her moan and say no, but he could feel her body reacting, her legs were opening welcoming him.

He kissed his way up her legs. His nose sensed the heat of her arousal. Her legs moved apart to allow him free access to her now sopping wet mound. He pushed in, his mouth devouring as much of the red lips of her cunt as possible.

Aretha melted as his tongue licked her clit and his finger played with her bum. “Yes, yes, kiss me” she moaned “oh my god that’s beautiful that’s wonderful.” Oral sex at home was her sucking her husband. He never ever put his mouth between her legs. Richard’s tongue was lifting her with every stroke. Her body was reacting; she shuddered as a number of little orgasms hit her. Richard tasted her juice as her body bucked.

“Let’s go back to that bench” he moaned leading her to lay her back along the cold hard concrete. “No lets go inside, it will be more comfortable on the bed.”

Aretha pulled him to her holding his head inches from her weeping cunt. Her opposition was gone she wanted him but still she was careful. “Not in their love” she whispered, “I don’t want to remember you like that.” “Love me here where only you and I will know. It will be our secret.”

Their love was wild and yet gentle. Her jet black body intrigued him. He kissed it and stroked it as she rode him. He was overwhelmed.

Aretha could not get enough of his tongue .No one had ever used her cunt muscles on his tongue but Richard swore during the night that her cunt had taken hold of his tongue and worked it against her clit.

Some time during the night they slipped off the bench on to the cold hard floor, but were so wrapped in each other that they did not notice. Early in the morning Richard lifted her in his arms and carried her over to the lounge.

He went and found her clothes and brought them back to dress her. Before he did he had her stand so he could admire her figure. “Your body has a shine, a glow that I have never seen before,” he told her as she moved under his gaze.

As he watched he thought, “it must be her colour,” for her black body glistened with sweat giving off a sexual glow. “You have the darkest black skin I have ever seen,” he moaned as he swooped to kiss her all over.

“Your beautiful he crooned your fucking marvellous making love to you was exciting, but if we are to keep it to ourself we must stop.” “Let me dress you.” As he dressed her he stopped after each item of clothing to study her and tell her which part of her beautiful her black body he was going to kiss next.

She was blushing at his constant words of admiration. “Oh Richard you are a real sweetheart I will never forget this night you make me feel so proud that you wanted me, thank you thank you.”

When the BBQ broke up, Richards’s mates were over the moon. “What a night I’m bloody glad you invited us” Dave said as they piled in the car.

Richard grinned, “Remember you really didn’t want to come. “Remember what you said about old black ladies.”

“Rub it in all you like,” Tom laughed. I’ll admit I was wrong, shit mate I’ll never forget those two wild black bitches.” Then looking at Richard he said “but what about you?” “Irene told me that Aretha wouldn’t put out?” Richard didn’t reply.

Shit mate I’m sorry” Tom repeated as they drove home. “During the night Dave and I swapped and we had them both, while you’ve missed out.” “Don’t worry that’s the luck of the draw,” Richard said with a sly smile, as he thought “if only you knew.”

Irene and May surfaced late. “What did you and Richard do,” they asked as they sipped coffee. “Oh we just talked and drank after you dragged those boys into your beds.” “We went for a walk, and then we cleaned up and drank far too much wine while we talked and waited.”

“Well I had a whitey last night,” Irene grinned, “in fact we both had two Whitey`s.” “I don’t know why you didn’t take a chance and fuck young Richard.” “No one will ever know. One you miss is one you never get,” she said. “If only you knew,” Aretha thought.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 23

by mangrove jack©

Richard waited while Darlene got a warm cloth so she could clean her come from his face before he went home. This was part of a ritual they had developed in recent weeks. She would clean him up and give him a blow job to finally send him on his way.

As he waited he tried to recall all that had happened to him since he took on the job of helping the districts Boy Scout mothers.

The troop had been set up to provide some training and companionship for a bunch of boys whose fathers were so busy making money; they had no time for dad and son activities.

Their trophy wives had decided that to make up for their fathers lack of interest, scouting was the way to go. By a twist of fate Richards’s mother became the driving force involving her eighteen year old son.

Richard was forced to help when they started a cookie drive, even though he did so after his mother over rode his complaints. His complaints disappeared when he became more intimately involved with one or two of the mums.

To make a good thing better the husbands, pleased to get the kids and their wives off their hands, paid Richard to look after the mums. Look after the mums, that’s what I do, he though as he smiled and hopped on his bike to head home from Darlene’s.

Richard’s smile grew bigger as he recalled their afternoon together in the spa and then on the floor of her bedroom. Darlene knew exactly what she wanted. “I want you to kiss my cunt!” she would say quietly soon after they kissed on arrival.

Time and time again he had been asked during the afternoon to lick inside the large lips of her completely hairless cunt and tongue her clit.

Each time he not only did so to her complete satisfaction, but in so doing raised her passion to such a level that she demanded he fuck her hard.

Darlene had taught him so much that his tongue was sometimes in more demand than his cock. In the process of training Richard she had become enamoured of his oral skills. She rang him daily and followed him if he did not ‘drop over’ as she called it.

One night after a hard afternoon with Darlene he had Jackie bent over dog fashion reaming her arse when he decided that Darlene was becoming too demanding. The next day after thinking it over he decided licking her horny pussy was not hard work. It was not something that he didn’t want to do; he decided this was a labour of love.

Finally all thoughts of protesting or refusing disappeared when he thought how most of his mates would give their left testicle to be in his position.

They would not believe that he or anyone else for that matter would complain that a sexpot like Darlene was demanding a daily fucking. He grinned, not just one fuck a day either

He had licked and sucked her readily available pussy in every room of her mansion, in every one of the four cars she and her husband owned. They had nearly been caught on a number of occasions when she had contrived to turn up at places where she was not expected.

They had got down to it in the Ladies wash rooms at most of the leading hotels, in each theatre in the movie complex, at a bus stop, on his school sports ground and in the supermarket car park.

Oh yes, Darlene loved his tongue in her pussy. Her shuddering orgasms and her raunchy sex talk when making love drove Richard crazy. She was without a doubt the most exciting fuck amongst his mothers.

Richard pedalled slowly up the hill. Caught by surprise he nearly fell from his bike when another bike came out of nowhere to pass him and swing off the narrow bike track.

He ignored the rider’s stupidity as he was miles away remembering the mothers who had graced him with the ultimate of favours, access to their pussy.

His smile grew bigger and bigger as he thought of a few of them. First there was Mary-Anne with her trim athletic body. Even now, months after they first fucked, she still worried about being caught by her jealous husband.

Richard had no doubt that the cheating and the possibility of being caught added to Mary Anne’s sexual enjoyment. She had recently urged him to fuck her in her kitchen, while her husband was twenty feet away in the garage fiddling with his car.

Then there was Jackie the former beauty queen, the only way to describe her was mad in bed. Not just mad in bed. real mad in bed. She was followed by this afternoons partner Darlene the oral control freak.

She in turn was followed by long legged timid Jennifer. She was so soft, so shy; he fell in love with her every time they met.

Melissa came next. She was a committed hottie after being made over by Jackie and Darlene. Her make over followed the disaster of her husband declaring he was gay and moving in with another man.

He wet his lips and grinned when he thought of Sonya the big breasted Nordic Blonde, who dressed in leather to show her tits and tease his school mates.

His mind was so full of horny reminiscences that he failed to hear a cry of distress and was surprised when over a small crest he spied a rider lying on her side struggling to extract herself from her bike.

“What happened?” he asked as he dropped his bike and ran to her aid. “I had a buster can’t you see,” she responded angrily. Richard did a double take when he heard her voice it was a woman. She wore no make up, her red lips and chocolate brown face shining with sweat from the exertion of her ride.

“Hey don’t bark at me I’m here to help,” he cried as he tried to lay her back down. “What are you doing, let me up,” she shouted as she pushed him away. .“Oh Christ if you’re going to be like that help your bloody self,” he said as he stood up and moved away.

She tried to sit up and yelped. “Oh hell, I’m sorry I’m so angry, it’s not your fault.” Richard turned to look at her, she was crying apparently in pain.

He knew he couldn’t walk away and leave her “Lay still for a minute while I free you from your bike,” he ordered softly. As he removed the bike he took the opportunity to check her out. His prick stirred as he realised that she was one of the Jamaican ladies from the medical conference. Her long brown legs and tight bike shorts highlighted what was obviously a large pair of pussy lips.

Richard took inventory, Great arse, great legs, hard boobs, only her face let her down. Her long nose dominated her face as did a pair of thick lips.

She lay watching him as he asked her to try to straighten her legs and move her toes. “Don’t worry” she said, “nothings broke, I’m a visiting doctor.”

“I know,” he replied. “I met you at the conference in the capital. I was there with Asuka the visiting Japanese guest speaker.” “You’re from Jamaica aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes!” she responded “do you remember us?” Richard recalled how he had overheard some Jamaican ladies at the conference discussing the change in Asuka and remarking that Richard was the probable cause.

“Yes I remember the tall and lovely ladies from Jamaica,” he said with a grim. When she frowned, he hurried to explain. “Most of the conference delegates were boring, dressed in business suits and full of their own importance. I remember your group because I overheard some of your interesting and lively conversations and loved your sexy brown skins.”

“The facts that most of you were tall and seemed to enjoy yourself, whenever you were at a session made me look forward to meeting your delegation.”

“Look I’m sorry I pushed you down before, but I didn’t know you were a doctor and we’re told not to move people after an accident.” He took her hand, “Can you stand now, if I give you a hand?”

“Let’s try,” she said with a wide smile. “That’s a great improvement on that grumpy face when I first tried to help,” he said with a grin as he put his arm around her waist and helped her up.

She was taller than Richard. Her legs were much longer he discovered as he brushed her down. Great legs he told himself, they were not only long but shapely, but they had muscular calves that would look absolutely fantastic when she wore a pair of high heels.

“Do I need all that brushing,” she said with a laugh as his hands wandered across the curves of her bottom, “I don’t know about you, but its doing me the world of good,” he said as he looked up into her big brown eyes.

“Now I remember you, you’re that cheeky young bugger that Asuka brought along as a companion. You’re not a gigolo are you?” she laughed

Richard was angry, “No I’m available but I don’t charge,” he said sarcastically while frowning and blushing as he tried to brush the question aside.

“I shouldn’t have said that, that was nasty and uncalled for.” She whispered anxiously. “It was just that you changed Asuka so much. She had never been seen with a man and you were so young and handsome, some rumours circulated. I’ve just repeated one of them, sorry.”

“That’s OK, I won’t charge an escort fee if you join me for dinner tonight,” he said with a grin. She studied him for a while. “Thank you, I’d like that, that’s a date” she whispered. “You had better call me Chandelle, if we are to go out together, I’m Chandelle Fernandez.”

By the time he got her back to her hotel and had her few scratches attended to, he knew she was 27 and single with no boy friend waiting in Jamaica.

She in turn discovered he was still at college, had no permanent girl friend and worked casually for the local Boy Scouts fund raising committee.

At home to get ready for his dinner date he was again amazed at the transformation in his mother. In the few short months since the mums had started the first cookie drive she had blossomed. She had taken to wearing outfits that highlighted her breasts. Her skirts were shorter, her heels higher.

Her personality had changed with the change in clothes. She now flirted mildly even with Richard, giving him tantalising glimpses of her tiny thong or the flash of a nipple from time to time. The addition of a new hair style on top of the other changes had created one hot babe.

“Dressing up I see.” his Mother said as she pushed into his room. “Yes Mum I’ve got a hot date with a visiting Jamaican doctor.”

“That’s great,” she said with a smile, “just don’t forget the local ladies. Make sure they’ll be here for you when your strings of visiting lady doctors run out.”

“I don’t have a string of lady doctors, there has only been Asuka,” he growled. His growl turned to a grin as he went on, “I did help entertain the visitors from Africa, but my mates took them off my hands.”

“Don’t worry mum I won’t forget the best local beauty,” he said as he slipped his arm around her waist, “You’re looking so hot these days I don’t want to leave home.”

She laughed as she pushed him away, but not before he had slipped his hand up to cup a surprisingly firm breast. “Your naughty!” she squealed as she slipped away, her skirt flicking over her pert bum.

Richard borrowed his mum’s car to pick up Chandelle, “I can hardly use the jeep,” he explained. “Especially as it only has a canvas hood and provides no protection for a ladies hair.”

Dinner was a blast. Chandelle was lively and entertaining. Dressed in a short white mini dress with her hair cascading down over her shoulders she was so beautiful every man in the room watched their progress to their table.

They lingered over coffee afterwards before Tom suggested they visit the local casino’s disco. “Oh no,” she whispered as she took his hand, “lets just go for a drive you can show me the sights.”

“I’ll take you to Picnic point; it is the highest spot overlooking the town. It looks back down the valley towards the capital, its nice at night,” he said as they drove down Main Street.

At Picnic point she jumped out of the car and ran over to the lookout. “It’s beautiful,” she called as she looked around.

The lookout was deserted; A few cars were parked in the more isolated spots. “They’re making out aren’t they?” she laughed. . “I haven’t made out in a car, most young Jamaicans from the poor area where I grew up don’t have cars.”

She stood with her back to the cities lights; “did you plan to take me parking?” Richard started to explain bur gave up when she started to giggle. “All right,” he said “you’ve discovered my dastardly plan.”

“I don’t think it’s so dastardly,” she whispered as she walked towards him her smile flashing in the dark. Richard took her hand and edged her closer until he could lean forward and let his tongue brush her lips.

“May I invite you to join me in the back seat beautiful lady?” he whispered as he slipped his arm around her and drew her closer.

She slipped away from his arms and pirouetted around, her short dress splaying out letting his eyes feast on her long shiny brown legs and her tiny white thong.

“Let’s climb up to the top of the lookout.” she said with a smile. “You’ll be sorry,” Richard warned. “It has very steep stairs, there are over a hundred. It’s a hard climb in the daylight. In the dark it’s harder still, but when you get to the top the views are magnificent.”

Chandelle slipped of her shoes and threw them in the car, “let’s go!” She went first, Richard followed. The stairs were so steep his head was nearly up under her dress when he was a couple of steps behind.

Every ten steps there was a one man platform. Both of them crowded together to rest on the first. Richard taking advantage of their position squeezed up behind her. He slipped his arm around her and kissed her on the back of her neck and bit her on the ear.

She jumped at his touch, and then leant back against him, “that’s nice,” she murmured. Before he could do it again, she said “let’s go,” and started to climb.

Richard followed close behind, slipping on occasions when he failed to watch his footing, because he was staring at the brown shiny cheeks of her well rounded arse.

At the next one man rest point Richard was ready he slipped his arm around her, his hand sliding up the shiny material of her tiny dress to feather touch her breast.

He heard her gasp and kissed her again on the back of her neck, this time sliding his mouth down on to her shoulder. She shuddered “are you cold?” he asked. “No your mouth tickles,” she replied as she again leant back hard against his body.

That’s better he thought. But as soon as he started to move his hand on her breast, she said “let’s go!” and started to climb once more.

Richard was getting more and more excited. He had not expected after tonight’s dinner to end up climbing the fire warden’s lookout. His excitement wasn’t from climbing; it was Chandelle and the prospect of nailing her that was turning him on.

Each one man resting point gave him another opportunity to work on Chandelle. She was becoming more and more relaxed, accepting his kisses to her neck and shoulders and allowing him small liberties with her breast.

“I think this is stop nine,” he said as they came to another one man rest area, He turned her so she faced him for the first time on the climb. “I want a kiss, a proper kiss. Those shiny red lips are made for kissing, why are you keeping them from me?” he asked.

She laughed out loud, “You’re a real smooth customer, no wonder you were a hit with Asuka.” She took his head in her hands and kissed him. “My god,” Richard gasped when she finally let him go. If you continue to kiss like that I won’t have the strength to make it back to the ground.”

She laughed again. “That will be no good; you’ll need all your strength to show me how you make out in a car.”

Finally they both reached the top where she stood panting, waiting for him to close the trap door.

“What a view,” she cried as she leant over the rail and struggled to catch her breath. “Yes it’s magnificent,” he replied, although he was looking at her not the view.

“Your not looking,” .she whispered, “oh yes I am,” he growled, “Yes I am.” You’re the nicest view. I can’t get over how beautiful you are.”

She had enjoyed their climb into the darkness of the night. Stopping on each little landing had given her time to catch her breath and see how far Richard would go.

Just us, she thought, as she looked down into the darkness below. This is nice; no one down there can see us up here. It was so black she couldn’t see their car in the car park.

Richard had crouched down to close the trap door as he stood he ran his hands up her legs. “I’ve wanted to do that all night,” he whispered. “Is that all?” she asked with a laugh.

“No! That’s not all, I want to take off that dress,” he said as he lifted it by the hem until it was up over her boobs. He waited a minute expecting her to complain and move to stop him. She just stood there grinning and let him lift it further until he raised it over her head.

Still expecting her to object he slowed and studied her body, which was now clearly on view. Only her head and shoulders remained covered where he had lifted her dress high. She surprised him again when she held her arms up so he could remove the dress completely.

Richard was stunned, Bloody hell this is too easy he thought, as he stepped back to study her in the moon light. The moon shone on the sweat of her body making parts shine while her pussy and face remained in a shadow. “Turn around,” he pleaded. “I want to see the moon highlighting your big breasts.”

She turned ever so slowly. Richard could feel his cock pushing hard against his trousers. She was fabulous, she took his breath away. In the half light her body swayed and trembled. “Come here” he said as he laid his coat and shirt down. “Lay here so I can kiss you.”

She did as he asked and gasped in surprise when he did not kiss her on the mouth, but moved her legs apart and kissed her pussy.

“Oh shit,” she groaned as his tongue found her clit and his hot breath stirred her juices. He kissed and licked her pussy, his tongue stirring her clit, his fingers massaging her inner thigh and her pussy lips. She lay back letting him have his way.

I’ll stop him if he gets rough, she thought to herself. But he is so kind I can’t imagine he will.

Every minute or so Richard would lift his head from her pussy and look at her as she lay naked in the moon light. “You’re magnificent,” he would whisper, “I love your pussy.”

Then before she said or did anything, he would commence a pattern of licking and sucking that Darlene had taught him. Richard couldn’t believe it, when she showed little or no reaction to his tongue as it moved up and around in her pussy. As a result he became more sensitive to her bodies movements, working every trick he had been taught, as he strived to get a reaction.

Unbeknown to him, his tongue was driving her to distraction. Chandelle had never had anyone spend time loving her pussy with his tongue.

She had had to study long and hard to break away from her poverty stricken background. Sex had not been fun; it had been a way to pay for her studies so she could become a doctor.

When she needed money her foster mother would set her up with a visiting foreign business man and give her some weed to smoke. Sex was not fun it was a chore.

Her customers only wanted her to make them hard and let them fuck her. Her foster mother used to tell her, “They paid their money and all they want is cunt.” Those experiences made her wary of men. She was not used to loving and kissing, especially men kissing her pussy.

Tonight something was happening. She felt an excitement building in her stomach; her nipples were tingling and growing hard. She was flabbergasted; she was experiencing a feeling extremely new to her. She was starting to want Richard.

Her plan had been to reward him if their night was fun, by letting him fuck her. “Just a fuck, no emotional attachment, just a fuck,” she kept saying to herself as her body stirred under Richards tongue.

She thought about Richard as her passion stirred. He was not like any man she had met before. He really was only a boy. A nice boy, a gentle boy who was making her feel good.

Unlike men who had pursued her in the past, when he told her she was beautiful she knew he was not bullshitting, he meant it and she believed him.

This is silly, I only met him this afternoon and I’m mooning like sixteen years old. Shaking herself she decided to bring things to a head He’s probably just like the rest they all want one thing.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “Fuck me.”

“No!” he replied. “You teased me all the way up those steps and I’m not giving in that easy.” “Your not eh?” she laughed surprised at his refusal.” we’ll see about that.”

She sat up and forced him to stand. She pulled his trousers down around his feet.

“Naked, I want you naked,” she cried. “I want to inspect you like a piece of meat like you did me. Now turn around so I can see your butt.” Richard tried to pirouette around. She gave a low wolf whistle. “Now come over here and let me kiss you. ”

He too was surprised when Chandelle didn’t kiss his lips but sank down on her knees and kissed his cock.

Her tongue took him by surprise. It circled the head of his cock teasing lightly and moved on as her mouth sought his balls and sucked on them.

Just as he was relaxing, she licked along his cock up to the head and looked up at him with what he could only say was the cheekiest grin you could imagine,

He gasped as she lovingly took his prick deep into her mouth until he could see it no more. With his prick fully within her mouth and throat she looked up at him and winked.

He started to grin until he felt her tongue and mouth start to work on his cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off hers; she worked his cock with her hands mouth and tongue all the while her eyes were glued on his.

He watched her cheeks move in and out as her head moved backwards and forwards. He felt her finger and thumb moving up and down from the base of his cock following every movement of her head.

Richard felt his blood start to boil. He could hear his own breathing becoming more erratic. She snorted and snuffled breathing through her nose. Her mouth worked all of his cock in a way it had never been loved before.

He tried to pull away as he started to come. But he couldn’t, her fingers held the soft part of his butt so hard they hurt. He gave up as his excited prick emptied its load into her hot receptive mouth.

He held her head by her long jet black hair and pulled her face into his groin, “My god Chandelle that was fantastic,” he grinned as he kissed her, his tongue seeking his come.

Chandelle was full of differing emotions. She had started out to give him a good time; she didn’t expect to have a good time herself.

“Oh shit!” she whispered when Richard once again laid her back on his bundle of clothes and his mouth sought her clit. She ran her fingers through his hair as she felt her body respond.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as she realised that a man for the first time in her twenty seven years was turning her on. She quietly cursed her body for letting her down. “I’m not supposed to enjoy it,” she moaned under her breath as she started to cry.

Richard was overcome, Chandelle was crying. Her few early tears turning into a flood as he cradled her in his arms and kissed her. He wrapped her in his shirt and held her close. He didn’t know why she was crying but knew it was something very important.

“Don’t cry sweetheart,” he crooned. I’m sorry, I apologise if I’ve done something to hurt you.” “Oh my god you’re just too lovely” she cried as she kissed him and hugged him back.”

“You’re cold,” he said as he held her and felt her shivering. “Dry those tears and let’s get dressed.” He kissed around her eyes and across her cheeks. “Let me remove any evidence of tears, I don’t want anyone to think I’ve been belting you,” he said as he tickled her and made her laugh.

Later after many stops on the one man rest areas they reached the ground. They stood kissing like young lovers. “Let’s go back up there,” Richard said with a giggle. “Those rest stops every ten steps are my cup of tea.”

Chandelle led him to the car. “I’m sorry for crying and mucking up your fun up there,” she whispered. “I want to get in the back seat with you.”

In the car Richard marvelled at the change in Chandelle. She had become so much more warm and cuddly that he found it impossible to keep his hands off her.

Richard had been so much fun as they climbed down from the tower that she had forgotten the past and enjoyed the moment. He worshipped her body, treating her like royalty. He was so gentle and appeared so sincere that she believed him.

His actions and words revived her, then they relaxed her. Finally his words and his actions set her on fire sexually. By the time they stripped each other off in the back seat she was putty in his hands, She held his ears and lifted his head to look into his eyes “I love what you have done for me tonight,” she told him.

“I’m not finished,” he cried as he pushed his face back between her legs. Speaking with his mouth full he asked, “How many more days and nights do we have until you leave?” While he waited for an answer, he licked from the edge of her arsehole along her pussy lips pushing his tongue in to flick her clit before surfacing to ask, “How many?” She answered, “Ten.”

“Ten days is not enough time for what I want to do to you,” he said as his finger played with her warm pussy.” “Oh Richard.” she cried. “I’m glad I found you, you make me feel so good.”

They lay in the back seat discovering each other. She laughed when Richard promised to kiss every little bit of her hot body. They giggled and struggled as he made her roll over, on her back then on her front then on to her side so he could reach what he called, “all her hidden bits.”

He sucked her toes and her fingers, bit her ears and her neck, licked her back, stuck his tongue in her bum, and made love to her belly button before returning to her clit.

“This is the best little bit,” he cried as he mouthed it and pulled her close. “I love your musky odour. Your pussy is so hot it smells hot. It tastes hot. It responds so quickly I think I’m in heaven.”

Chandelle was in heaven, she had finally met someone who could help her eliminate the ghosts of her student days.

In the back seat of his mother’s car they laid to rest her doubts and her worries. For the first time she wanted a man to fuck her, no she thought, I want to fuck a man.

Daylight woke them as they lay naked in each others arms. Early morning joggers, old people working their dogs and students taking a short cut to cricket had all passed the car unaware that Richard and Chandelle lay naked in each others arms sleeping after a night both would never forget.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 24

by mangrove jack©

Richard's mother was waiting in the kitchen when he arrived home. "Its eight thirty, where have you been all night?" she asked a frown on her face.

He grabbed her and waltzed her around the room. "You know where I've been and who I've been with," he smiled, "you asked me last night and Mum, I've had a night I'll never forget."

She laughed and tried to escape from his arms." you're a silly young bugger." she cried, "let me get breakfast."

He kissed her on the lips. "You had better wash up, you reek of sex," she said as she pushed him away.

Richard was still horny after along night with Chandelle. He found his mothers opposition exciting. He looked at his mum, "I think you're jealous," he cried.

He moved over and kissed her on the neck. "Stop it" she cried as she felt a tremble in her thighs. He ran his hands up over her tight bum. "Wouldn't it be great if I could spend the night with you one day," he said as he kissed her hard.

"Oh no never," she cried as another tremor of excitement sweep over her body. "I'm your mother, that's incest, it's against the law, so don't be so stupid" she cried as she ran from the room.

Richard stood in the shower his hand holding his throbbing cock. He could not forget Chandelle. He had only left her an hour ago, but his cock was rock hard and his balls bursting.

She was tremendous, she let me do anything, she seemed so happy; she just let me do anything, he thought as he remembered their night together.

He fooled around for a while making up his mind, before he rang Chandelle's mobile.

A sleepy voice answered after it had rang for some time. "Is that you?" he asked. "Richard? Oh Richard, what's wrong love?"

"Can I come over?" he whispered "What, so soon? It's only an hour since you left," she cried her voice gradually becoming clearer and more excited.

"I don't care, I want you," he whispered. "I m as hard as rock and I want you." "I want to kiss your pussy:" he whispered "I want to suck on your magnificent breasts." "I want to stroke you and touch you." "I want to fuck you."

. How long will it take you to get here?" Chandelle moaned. "Fifteen minutes, be ready," he cried as he rang off.

Chandelle stretched her long brown body and thought of Richard. Last night had been the most exciting sexual experience of her whole life.

It wasn't just the physical sex that had turned her to butter in his hands. It was the way he treated her, the respect he paid her body. The love that filled her ears when he spoke.

Richard was an inventive and enthusiastic lover. Lover was the word. He loved her in every position, in every way. At no time did she feel used. Like she had felt in the past.

He had immediately taken her in his arms and cuddled her close when they slipped into the back seat of the car. There was no sense of rushing, no hurry. He kissed and stroked her before and after they made love.

He talked to her, whispering what he would like to do and how much he had enjoyed what they had already done. She was overwhelmed, he was so loving so considerate of her feelings, she had felt as though she could just cry.

Never once did she feel neglected never once did she feel he had had enough and wanted to go home. He kept returning to take her in his arms time after time.

She smiled as she remembered how he had been nervous when he asked her to do it dog fashion the first time.

She hadn't like doing it that way; it was an animal's position where the man was in control. Last night she had felt so good that she agreed readily, when he asked.

She recalled how he stood behind her in the car park as he positioned her so she stood with her feet on the road. She had let her head fall down on the back seat and waited.

Richard bent over her back and reached around to massage her clit for so long that in the end she was willing him to fuck her dog fashion or not.

His hand had never stopped running around in little circles on her clit even when she started to buck and push back when they both came.

His fingers were like feathers. They stroked her pussy and her clit, so light, so soft, that she was a bundle of nerves always tingling, always expecting.

Finally when her body had reached a peak unknown to her in the past, he had leant over her back and bit her on the shoulder.

"You're wonderful," he had whispered. "I love the sight of your body from this angle. You have the shape of a classic artist's model. it's perfect. Your brown skin excites me, especially your tiny waist and those lovely cheeks."

She trembled as she remembered how he had stroked her bottom with one hand and sighed," Your perfect," as his cock entered the mouth of her pussy.

Chandelle shook her head and struggled to her feet, reliving the night's experiences had made her heart beat faster and her juices flow; she would have to shower before Richard arrived.

Richard rushed out of the elevator and hurried to her room. When he knocked the door was not locked and swung open allowing him to slip in quietly.

Chandelle had showered. She was lying naked on the bed, her legs open allowing him full view of her black pussy.

Richard could not recall later how he got out of his clothes, or what he had said or done. He knew he had the most mind blowing orgasm that he could ever remember.

He knew that Chandelle had kept him alive time and again, until he was so completely drained that he didn't believe he would ever get hard again.

He remembered how he lay on his back holding Chandelles beautiful tits in his hands as her body bounced on his, until they both collapsed in a sweaty cum soaked heap.

Down stairs he steered her to a table in the coffee shop. The cold leather seat reminded her that Richard had kept her underclothes the night before. "Where's my thong?" she whispered after the waitress left with their order.

His hand ran up between her legs and touched her pussy. "You don't need it." "Maybe not," she grinned, "but where is it."

"Oh hell, don't you remember, I hung it on the limb of that tree in the car park. You know the one with that big low branch that you laid over for me."

She blushed, making him laugh. He kissed her ear and whispered quietly, "Yes that's the one, remember, not dog fashion, gorilla fashion. It wasn't very successful but it was fun. Remember?" he asked licking his fingers from her pussy.

Remember, how I could forget,"" she cried I have never had so much fun in my life."

"Me too, what a night." Richard's fingers returned to play with the lips of her pussy under the coffee shop table. "I'll have to go back up there and rescue it, if someone hasn't already taken it.

"Would you like to come with me?"

"What now?" she asked her face showing her surprise.

"No! Its daylight, people would see what I want to do with you, let's go up to your room first," he whispered as his hand flicked her clit making her body jump.

"Behave the waitress is watching," she said as she squeezed her legs together trapping his hand.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon when Richard kissed Chandelle and headed home. He had the afternoon cookie run to look forward to as he strode out of the elevator into the lobby.

He heard a voice call, "Richard," and turned to see coach Jorgensen's wife Bettina waving across the lobby.

Shit what's she doing here, he thought as he made his way over to her corner booth. "Hi," she whispered. "I'm waiting for a friend, she's very late. Will you sit and have a drink with me I don't like sitting on my own." she whispered as she waved for a waiter.

Richard ordered a drink and sat back studying Bettina Jorgensen. She ran a fitness centre with her husband as a sideline to his coaching position at school.

Her body reflected the hours she put into the fitness business. Her body didn't carry an ounce of fat. Her legs and arms were hard and muscular, she was one fit lady.

"My god you look great, he said "I don't think I have seen any one who looks so fit. How do you do it?" "Thank you, I work at it," she said smiling at his compliment.

"I'm not into gyms or exercise centres, coach Jorgensen keeps us pretty fit at school."

"You look pretty good." she said, "a few days with me and you'd be much fitter. You would loose that little flab on your hips."

Richard looked around, "have you got x-ray eyes," he whispered "I though my shirt hid that. Don't tell coach he hasn't noticed yet."

"Sit beside me," she ordered and I'll check you out while we are waiting." Richard had been sitting opposite her in the booth. He stood up and slid on to the seat beside her.

"You're quite tall," she said, you can carry a bit of weight. She ran her hands over his arms, "lift up your shirt." "Hey," he growled "this is a lobby bar."

"Stop being a wimp," she cried, "no one is sitting nearby so there is no one who can see over here."

She pulled his shirt out of his trousers and grabbed a handful of skin, "this is flab you haven't been training."

Richard sat looking down at her hand and the handful of fat she was holding. "I can't leave you alone for long," a woman`s voice said with a laugh.

Both Bettina and Richard jumped and turned around to find a small tanned blonde woman standing a few feet away.

"Oh Harriett," Bettina cried, "You startled me." "So I should, when I find you undressing a young man in a bar." Harriet replied.

Bettina wasn't embarrassed, "this is Richard he's one of my husband's footballers, we were looking at his extra flab around his waist."

Harriet gave a little laugh, "Is that what you were doing?" She pushed Richard over and slid in so the three of them were occupying the bench seat.

Her hand joined Bettina's on his stomach, "yep he'll have to work that off," she agreed.

Richard was keen to get out of the booth, but they ran their hands all over him, laughing as they checked him out. "Harriett is going to work in the fitness centre," Bettina said as they moved to let him escape.

"Drop down after school and we'll get you fit". "Thanks I'll think about it," he called as he left.

Harriet and Bettina huddled together in the booth. "He could be the one we want," Bettina said as they raised their glasses.

Harriet and Bettina had planned to meet to talk about sex. Both were fed up with their non performing husbands and the big chested ego trippers at the fitness centre.

They were looking for a bit of excitement, something different.

They had met over coffee on two other occasions to talk of new sex partners and where to find them, but accomplished nothing;

Today Bettina had stumbled on Richard. He was young clean cut, and well built. He was what locals would call a decent young man. Harriet, who had run her hands over him thoroughly, swore he was well hung.

How to catch his eye and his interest was the question. How to have him satisfy their needs. How to let him know they were interested in a threesome.

Richard was late on his cookie run. The mums looked forward to his visits to collect cookies for the markets. Most of them arranged for him to visit at times when they would be alone.

He would look for their signal before proceeding inside where they waited. He would always kiss them thoroughly and run his hands over their bodies before a word was said. Richard had become the highlight of many bored mums day.

He was still recovering from his long sessions with Chandelle. He was going to see her again tonight. His plan for the cookie drive was to kiss and cuddle, lick a little pussy and do his best not to end up fucking.

Thirty eight year old, long legged Jennifer had been a virgin when she married. She had been shy and timid when she met Richard.

Three months later her pussy tingled when she thought of him. He had made her so proud of her body especially her long sexy legs that she now was in full control of her life.

She had a new confidence in herself and it showed in the way she walked and appeared in public.

She waited for Richard inside her front door. He grabbed her and kissed her running his hands down her body to hold her by the cheeks of her backside.

"Behave" she whispered, "didn't you see my signal, cooks out in the kitchen she's used a different recipe for her cookies today; She has waited to let you taste them before you deliver them to the market."

"I want to taste you," Richard whispered. He dropped to his knees and lifter her skirt. "Good girl he whispered no panties."

His hands held her buttocks as his tongue and lips kissed and licked around the edge of her clean shaven pussy.

"That's nice, you've shaved," he whispered as his hands eased her legs apart.

Jennifer didn't know what to do. She loved the way Richard licked her pussy. At night she lay beside her snoring husband and played with her clit.

She would recall, as her hands worked her pussy, how Richards tongue felt as it urged her body to respond with shuddering gasping orgasms.

"Cook," she gasped, "stop it, cook's out in the kitchen she'll hear." Richard had slipped his finger into her pussy and moved it with his tongue as it licked her clit.

Jennifer shuddered, "Oh hell," she groaned. "That's nice but please stop we can't get caught." Richard knew she was right. "Where's the maid and your sons," he whispered. "They're out, it's only the cook," she moaned.

"Ok, go up to your bedroom. I'll come up shortly. Remember our first time, strip off and wear those tall stilettos, put on your black stockings and a garter belt.

Nothing else just you, put your hair up and use some of that sultry red lipstick I bough you." "Hurry I'll go and see cook, try her cookies and send her home."

Richard snuck up behind Jennifer's cook, she was singing low as she washed dishes in the sink. He slipped his arms around her and held her large soft tits. "Guess who?" he whispered.

"It could only be you master Richard," she giggled, "You're the only one cheeky enough."

Jennifer had employed a Pilipino maid and cook. Richard had befriended the cook when they started. She was the best cookie maker in the group.

She loved cooking; the trouble was she loved food. She had started to put on a lot of weigh from eating her own cooking.

Richard liked her large soft body. He turned her around and kissed her. His hands squashed between them, still pinched her nipples and rolled her tits "Be careful" she whispered "the Mistress is home."

They packed the cookies, stopping to kiss when his hand ran up under her skirt and fingered her pussy. She rode his finger. Her body moving back and forth, "you always tease me," she cried "when are you going to fuck me?"

"Soon, soon," Richard said as he thought of Jennifer upstairs,

They kissed while he helped her gather her things "I'll have to call on your mistress," he said as he kissed her and watched her walk to the gate.

Upstairs Jennifer stood in front of the mirror. She ran her hands up under her breasts and pulled her nipples, she was wet. She had one or two minor orgasms as she undressed and remembered her first time with Richard.

Richard loved her long legs and her mouth. She loved the way he would kiss her and whisper to her for hours, telling her how horny her legs made him.

When they had both become so horny they could scream, he would suck on her lips and whisper, "Your legs are beautiful but now I want those luscious lips wrapped around my cock."

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard him coming up the stairs. She checked herself in the mirror and turned as he came in the door.

Richard stopped "my god you're beautiful," he moaned "you're just fucking magnificent." He licked his lips; her tall slim body was taller still in a pair of very high heels.

The black stockings and garter belt stood out in stark contrast to her smooth white skin. Her hairless pussy gleamed in the shallow shadow between her legs.

But it was those lips, wearing a lipstick he had bought, that made his cock rear. Those lips that had sucked his cock so often in the past beckoned him, making him moan. "I want those lips wrapped around me."

She moved over and knelt in front of him. "I knew you would want me, I can't wait to taste you," she whispered as she looked up into his eyes,'

She watched him as his trousers dropped around his knees .Her hands pushed his boxers down until his cock sprung free. She took it in her hands and stroked it, all the time looking up into his eyes.

"I love your cock," she groaned. "I love sucking it and kissing it it's beautiful."

She seemed to wet her mouth before she moved forward until her lips encircled the head. Her tongue flitted out and in, her mouth lightly touching his slit then backing off.

Her lips left a trail of lipstick that he would marvel over later in the shower, when it would remind him of the hours they spent together while she sucked his cock.

She rolled her head from side to side, a lump formed in her cheek letting him see where his cock pushed hard against her cheeks.

She would take him all in until she would gag and then slowly ease back until she was once again licking its head.

"Like that?" she whispered as she looked up at him once more.

"Oh yes," Richard moaned, "oh yes that's lovely."

Her lips and tongue concentrated on the head and nothing else for a few minutes, until still looking him straight in the eye she slipped her lips down his length to his balls.

He grunted when she took one then the other into her mouth and sucked gently.

"Oh my god," he cried "your wonderful."

Richard felt weak in the knees. In three short months shy timid Jennifer had become an expert at sucking his cock. At first she had been tentative, or maybe the word was indifferent.

In those early days she worked his cock so vigorously with her hands and mouth that it was obvious she wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible. It would take a couple of minutes before he would come.

She didn't swallow, making it obvious that it was distasteful or maybe dirty. She would quickly take it out of her mouth and let it blow on her hands or his clothes. She treated it like a chore.

Now after many afternoons of loving she couldn't get enough of his cock. To be truthful he thought I can't get enough of her mouth, she's fantastic.

While he day dreamed, Jennifer stroked his now near pulsing cock, running her finger nails lightly up and down its length and around the head.

Her tongue kept returning to lick around its head; she had found a little patch under the head where it joined the shaft that drove him crazy when she kissed it.

He held her hair back to watch as she let her tongue flick that patch lightly. He felt his balls tighten, He started to breath heavily. His toes tingled.

"I'm going to come," he whispered. She looked up at him, her eyes saying yes do it.

Her hands came round to hold his arse, pulling him in tight as he felt his juices spew into her mouth. She looked up at him with love in her eyes as she swallowed.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 25

by mangrove jack©

Richard though back over his time with the Boy Scouts mothers. He smiled as he recalled how his mother had pushed him into volunteering to help their first cookie drive. His smile grew into a grin as he drove down to Jackie's home. Even in his wildest dreams he would never have thought that the decision to help deliver cookies would provide him with a sex life so varied and so intense that even now he found it hard to believe.

As the job developed he had been hired by a few rich husbands to look after their wives and kids. Those leaders of the local community lusted after young local cheerleaders little knowing that their wives were seeking consolation in Richards arms.

Jackie was the ring leader her husband Ron had hired Richard saying he would get the other husbands to pay Richard sufficient to see him through college. In return Richard was to keep their wives off their back and see they get what they want.

I'm sure he didn't realise that by giving them what they wanted I would have to keep most of the wives on their backs, he mused as he turned into Darlene's drive way.

As the days and months went by he had developed a regular schedule that allowed him quality time with the hottest and horniest wives on a regular basis but left time for occasional and opportunistic meetings with other mums.

This morning Jackie had rung inviting him to join her at Darlene's. "We have a special treat for you," she whispered in that throaty voice that always gave him a horn. He was horny now as he knocked on Darlene's door wondering what Jackie had planned. Within minutes he knew. They welcomed him in the door and led him to the den. Shutting the door they dropped their gowns to stand naked dressed only in high heels.

"We've decided to share you as a special treat," Jackie said as she removed his shirt. "We have all day" Darlene whispered as she sank down on her knees and stripped his pants down nuzzling his cock as it appeared.

Jackie laughed at the surprise on his face, "We are going to have a threesome my horny young friend, and we are going to share you, but not spare you. We have decided to celebrate our pregnancies."

"Pregnancies," Richard gasped, "both of you." She poured him a glass of red wine. "Don't look so surprised. Yes we are both pregnant. We both gave up taking the pill months ago. We didn't tell you, so you have been riding us bareback for the last couple of months and it was only a matter of time."

"When Darlene and I compared notes we knew that our babies had to be yours. We decided to celebrate with you before we tell our husbands. We wanted you to know that you are the one responsible when they run around telling their mates how they put us in the family way. So drink up lad lets celebrate."

She drank deeply and indicated he should do the same. "Come on my young Daddy don't look so worried." She raised her glass in a toast. "Drink up; lets wet your new babies' heads." As she spoke they both moved to stand close, their bodies touching their hands stroking him lightly.

Richard took the opportunity while they poured more wine to study their bodies looking for any indications of pregnancy. Neither showed any evidence of the baby growing inside their bodies.

They were both looking remarkably well their faces and bodies shone in the light from the window. Darlene was tall probably over six feet. Her long jet black hair hung down her back reaching the cleft of her arse. She was built big but in proportion. Her long legs were thicker than Jackie's as was her thighs. As always she was flawlessly made up with her distinctive deep red shiny lipstick highlighting her soft thick lips.

Jackie was smaller all over, probably about five foot eight. Her body had carried her to many state and nationals beauty titles. She had been a model and today after her marriage and the birth of a son she could still grace any Playboy or Penthouse page.

Richard enjoyed himself studying each in turn. He loved the contrasts. Darlene's breasts and nipples were larger than Jackie's whereas Jackie's while smaller appeared firmer. He dropped his eyes to compare pussies. Again Darlene's was larger the skin darker where she had shaved. Jackie's pussy had that golden sheen of a fresh shaved blonde.

"You are very quiet. What are you thinking?" Darlene asked as she sipped her wine her body swaying sexily to the beat of the Latin CD playing in the background. He shook his head "I was looking at you two and thinking how glad I am not a judge that has to choose between you. You are both so beautiful so horny that it's impossible to choose." Jackie laughed, "You always were a young smoothie but I swear you've grown worse since we first met,"

Richard was bemused he had thought they were taking precautions, A few of his mums had told him when they wanted to have another baby. He was pleased to help he loved the soft sexiness of a pregnant mum. Jackie and Darlene were different they just loved to fuck. They had really surprised him with their announcement.

Their pregnancy wasn't the only surprise. He had not expected these two to offer to share their bed with him and didn't know whether to make the first move or wait. He didn't have to wait long. Darlene was the first to move. "Enough of this talk," she groaned. "I want you in me now. No foreplay just a raw fuck. We can talk later."

She pushed him down on the bed her knees either side of his legs as she knelt over his body. Even though she had warned him, Richard still gasped when she took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down in the moist mouth of her pussy. She eased it in and slowly lowered her body to take it all inside. "Oh my god you're wonderful," she groaned. "Your cock always makes me feel so full."

Richard didn't move he lay enjoying the sensations her warm wet pussy was creating. Darlene stopped for a moment licked her lips and started to move slowly at first then faster and faster grunting and breathing heavy as she rode his cock. Richard was surprised to see sweat appear on her brow. It shone on her face as she worked her body and concentrated on making sure his cock kept massaging her clit.

"You're beautiful," he cried as her bouncing breasts and long nipples drew his eyes and eventually his hands. "Let me kiss them," he moaned as he struggled to reach up and hold them before trying to lift his head to kiss them. He slumped back with a groan when it became obvious that the vigour of her movements made it impossible to hold them let alone kiss them.

He had forgotten Jackie was in the room and was startled to hear her voice. "Lean forward love, he wants to play with your nipples," she whispered as she came into view and pushed Darlene's body forward so he could grab hold of her swinging tits..

Richard turned to look at Jackie and was surprised to see she held a camera. As he looked she pointed the camera at their bouncing bodies and clicked each time his hands sought Darlene's Breasts. When his hand closed on a breast she made a noise to attract his attention and winked as he heard the camera click.

The knowledge that Jackie was not only in the room but taking pictures of them fucking made him all the more excited. He lifted his head to suck and nibble on a nipple while he arched his back pushing up to make sure every inch of his cock was ramming her pussy.

Darlene felt the change in his actions, "don't you dare come," she warned "I want your come in my mouth." He gave a loud groan, "oh shit don't make me stop. I'm ready to blow." Jackie surprised him by taking things in hand. She slipped around behind them and gripped his balls hard the shocks making him squirm. It worked her tight hard grip stopped him from coming.

"Climb off him," Jackie groaned. "If you're going to swallow his load you had better get his cock in your mouth. Do it quick he's hot." Darlene didn't need any more urging she swung her leg back knocking Jackie away as she dived for his spurting cock.

"Oh hell that's wonderful," Richard moaned as her warm wet lips encircled his cock and she sucked his spurting come. "Glad you like it lover," Jackie whispered as she leant over beside Darlene and kissed him her tongue working in his mouth. Raising her head and biting his lip she whispered, "It's my turn next."

"Bloody hell." he groaned as he realised that his wilting cock would need to be revived for Jackie.

Minutes passed before Darlene's sucking slowed. Looking him in the eye she took her time and licked his cock clean. "My god you're amazing," she groaned as she lifted her head away from his cock. "I have never met anyone that comes like you, it's a flood."

"I hope you've left some for me," Jackie growled as she threw herself on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. "Make me come with your magical tongue," she whispered. "Kiss my pussy like you did the first day we made love."

Richard loved pussy. He especially loved Jackie's pussy. It reminded him of a ripe golden peach its skin soft and furry after a shave. Like an over ripe peach its insides were lush and sweet when opened. He knew exactly where to lick, where to caress, where to kiss to make Jackie respond. It was like playing a fine musical instrument. If you played well it responded with rich melodies just as Jackie's body responded when his mouth and tongue hit the right spot.

He loved pussy. He had never kissed one he didn't find intriguing and exciting. When he compared pussies and the response he received he knew Jackie's was special. He had told her so, so often that she believed him and lay awaiting his pleasure, letting him do what he liked, knowing that she would be rewarded with the sweetest exciting orgasms possible.

Much later Darlene laid her hand on Richards back. "You're just fantastic," she said as she sat beside him on the bed. What you have been doing to Jackie for the last hour is something I will never forget." She kissed his ear and ran her tongue down along his face till she found his lips "oh yes," she moaned. "I knew that Jackie's juices would be all over your face. I knew it would have to be hot and sweet after the way you have made her come."

Darlene's hands ran lightly over his back and down over his but making his cock twitch. Her lips were soft, her kisses gentle, as she moved her body closer and closer. "I want your mouth," she whispered into his ear and her tongue made him jump. "Yes sweetie, make love to her pussy," Jackie groaned "make her come like you make me."

Richard slid down, kissing down her body until he could smell Darlene's arousal. He loved the smell of a woman on heat. He could not wait to taste her juices. Darlene groaned and shuddered as his tongue found her clit. "That's it," Jackie whispered as she lay watching. She ran her hands up to Darlene's breasts and tweaked a nipple. "Isn't he great don't you just love that tongue?" she asked.

The room grew quiet only Darlene's moans breaking the silence until Jackie sat up. "Did you take photographs?" she asked. Darlene whispered. "Yes. I have a little canon printer that prints post cards. Print some copies. You two were so hot you made me come."

Richards tongue and finger were driving Darlene mad. She bucked her body up against his face twisting and turning on the bed wanting more but at the same time trying to escape. "Enough," she moaned. "It's too much. I can't stand any more. My heart is beating so fast I'll have a heart attack."

Jackie returned with the printed cards. "My god your right." she cried. "They are so hot I came while I was printing them. They are too hot to keep. Just imagine the scandal if they fell into some ones hands and they made them public. She licked her lips. "My god they make me hot. I have never seen photos of myself being fucked." she giggled. "Or should I say me fucking somebody." She gave another girlish giggle. "I will just keep this one. It doesn't show our faces. Its just Richards tongue licking my pussy lips."

Darlene poured more wine. They sat on the bed together studying the snaps she had taken of Richard and Jackie. "Look he's as stiff as a poker," Darlene cried. "Bend over; better still get up on the bed so I can get a snap of him taking you from behind."

Jackie crawled up on all fours. "Make sure you get a good one of his cock as he slips it in," she ordered. She positioned herself so Richard could stand beside the bed ordering Darlene to make sure she took the hottest shots. Satisfied that Darlene was in position, she cried, "Come on young daddy fuck me hard,"

The grandfather clock in the hall struck twelve as Richard's cock slipped out of Jackie and he slumped back on the bed. "I don't know about you two ladies but I've had it," he groaned.

Jackie slumped down beside him "you're fantastic," she whispered. "That was awesome. I have told you a dozen times that no lover has ever made me come like you do. I really can't get enough of you, I love the way you treat me."

Darlene joined them with hot face towels. She stood back looking down at their sweat covered bodies. She winked at Jackie as Richard struggled to sit up. "Stop feeding his ego. You're not bad yourself; look at him he can't even sit up."

She laughed at the look on their faces and helped them up. "Let's clean up, my maid and the cook are waiting to serve lunch."

Richard stepped out of the shower calling for a towel. Hearing a noise he turned to see Sonya the maid staring at his semi erect cock. "Sorry sir," she said as she handed him a warm towel "my mistress told me to warm it for you." She kept staring at his cock then blushed when she found he was watching, "the towel I mean"

Richard took the towel and started to dry off. He was humming to himself as he threw the towel on the rack. He smiled as he thought of his morning partners. They had worn him out with their demands "I can't believe they're both pregnant," he whispered as he studied his body in the mirror. "Oh shit," he cried and turned to see the maid was still in the changing room. Pulling on a pair of boxers he cried, "I'm sorry I thought you had gone."

The maid had stayed to gather clothes but had found Richards young hard white body with his semi erect cock exciting lingering longer to get a last look. Caught by Richard she blushed grabbed some wet towels and rushed from the room. As she did Darlene came in through another door.

Spying the maid's confusion she broke into a laugh. "My god don't tell me you want more." She brushed aside his denials. "You will have wet young Sonya's appetite with that display. She will be down telling the cook about you. I probably won't get any sense out of both of them until you pay them a visit."

Sonya and the cook provided personal service during lunch blushing and leaving the room when Darlene accused them of flirting with Richard. "He loves flashing his tool" she told them. "He won't show it to you here in front of us, you will have to catch him when we are not looking."

Jackie waited until things were quiet. "We want to talk to you about Marion Jones," she whispered as they led him into the lounge. "Her husband John is a real bastard. We are told he is insanely jealous. He treats Marion like shit. He has destroyed her self esteem. He doesn't let her go out or mix with people."

Darlene grabbed him by the arm "We are worried that she might do something stupid. We have tried to convince her to make cookies again. We have told her you will call to arrange pickups. That will give you an excuse to call on her on a regular basis. You know what to do. Flirt with her, make her feel good. Find out what is happening then tell us. We will help."

Richard was surprised to hear their stories about Marion. She was a Boy Scout mum who had supplied cookies in the early days. He had been surprised when she rang and said she was not making cookies anymore but had been so busy with other mothers that he did anything about it.

It was mid afternoon when he dressed again and kissed Jackie and Darlene goodbye. "I'll drop in on Marion on my way home," he called as he drove away.

Marion Jones opened the door keeping the safety chain in place, "What are you doing here," she cried. Richard could see fear in her eyes, "Darlene and Jackie told me that you are going to make cookies for the cookie run, so I've called to find out when to call."

A large ruddy faced man appeared behind her and pulled the door open. "Don't worry She will cook for the scouts again. My boss Ron has asked why she stopped." Glaring at Marion he snapped. "She won't stop again." He turned his back and went inside calling over his shoulder, "Work it out with her."

Richard could see that Marion was scared. "I'll come back later," he whispered. "When does your husband go to work?"

Marion looked over her shoulder to see if her husband could hear. "He works evening shifts from four to midnight he will leave shortly."

Richard waited down the road until Mr Jones left for work then knocked on the door. Marion opened the door timidly and invited him in. asking if he wanted a drink. Richard had rarely seen a woman so timid and scared. He really did not know what to do but tried talking about her son his scouting activities and the cookies. "I will call when ever you have made cookies. Leave it to me I will pick them up myself so you are not disturbed," he told her as he sipped his drink.

Richard had to work hard to get her to talk. It became obvious that she was not used to visitors. After a while he remembered Darlene's instructions to flirt with her and make her feel good. He couldn't tell her age. She looked in her late thirties early forties but thought it unwise to ask. "How tall are you?" he asked changing the subject.

"I'm five eight," she whispered. Richard was surprised. "You're not are you? You look smaller. Stand up and let me see," he said with a smile.

He was surprised when she immediately stood up then remembered she was used to being ordered around. "Yes you are a real surprise you're quite tall," he said as he studied her closely. "You would look lovely in high heels. If you don't mind me saying you have a good figure hidden under those clothes."

Marion blushed "you shouldn't talk like that my husband wouldn't like it." Richard ignored her words looking her straight in the eyes. "He's not here, surely you don't object to a man telling you are beautiful."

"I'm not beautiful," she whispered her face flushed. Richard was not to be denied now he had her talking." Oh yes you are, turn around and let me look at you." She turned slowly looking at him as he whistled softly. "You're very beautiful," he groaned. "Very beautiful, you should do your hair differently and wear high heels they would make you look sexy."

Marion didn't know where to look. She had not had anyone talk to her like this since she married. Her husband never had a word of praise for her or for anything she did. She looked at young Richard. He was saying things that she loved to hear. She knew he should not be saying those things here in her house with her husband away.

"I think you should leave," she whispered. "My husband wouldn't like you here alone with me."

"I'm sure he wouldn't," Richard said quietly. "But I will be back to see you every time you make cookies." He handed her his card. "Ring me when you bake and I'll be right over." He took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "It's up to you whether you see me again."

Richard was surprised when the days passed without a call from Marion. He told Darlene and Jackie that he had made contact and failed. "She's scared stiff," Darlene said when they discussed how to help her. "Ron and his cronies may do something to help her if they found out she was being abused. If they won't we will fix him ourselves." she gave a nervous laugh. "Don't think we won't we are tougher than you think."

Richard knocked on Marion's door at four thirty the following afternoon, He became alarmed when he th0ought he could hear a woman sobbing inside but no one came to the door. He rushed around the house and found a Patio door open. Calling out he pushed it open and entered.

Inside Marion lay on the floor crying. Rushing to help her up Richard became angry when he saw her condition. She had been beaten. The sleeve of her dress was torn her lip split and a dark bruise was forming on her cheek. "Who did this?" he cried as he laid her on the couch.

Marion became agitated, her sobs increased, "keep out of it, leave me alone, nothings wrong," she cried as she struggled in his arms. Richard held her tight, "I won't do anything to hurt you" he whispered, "just let me help you."

Marion didn't know what to do. John had changed. He was no longer the man she had married. She did not know what had made him so bad tempered and angry. Their sex life had deteriorated until she hated having him touch her. He was rough and spiteful, abusing her. When she cried out he hit her, when she refused to have sex he bashed her. He refused to take her out locking her in the home.

Today he had drank most of a bottle of whiskey before berating her about her failure to keep in with the cookie crowd. "You're a fucking lazy slut." He bellowed when she tried to remind him that he had made her pull out of the roster.

"They're the people that run this place they control my life without them I'd be out of work." When she tried to reason with him he had shouted, "You'll do as I say you slut," punching her in the mouth and throwing her across the room before rushing off to work.

She felt secure in Richards's arms but knew he shouldn't be holding her. She tried to push him away but he wrapped his arms around her and held her all the time speaking softly, his face next to hers his mouth whispering in her ear. It felt good. She knew it was wrong but it felt so good, she felt so safe that she gave in and stopped fighting.

Richard felt her surrender. "That's it;" he whispered "let me care for you, just relax while I get some help." Richard was surprised at her reaction to his words. "No! No! No! She groaned .I don't want help, only you. I don't want anyone else to know what's happened."

He held her tight until she stopped struggling. He surprised himself when he kissed her lightly on the lips. "Don't worry, no one else, just me," he whispered as he continued to kiss across her face.

Marion was soothed by his kisses and his words. "Just you," she whispered as her hands crept around him.

She felt Richard's hands running over her back his lips kissing all over her face. She sighed if only John treated her like this. Tears started to flow. She tried but could not stop them.

Richard saw the tears and picked her up like a feather carrying her to the bathroom. "I want you to shower and get cleaned up," he whispered as he tried to unbutton her dress. She struggled pushing him away. "Oh no! No!" she groaned. "I'm ugly, don't touch me."

He groaned as he pulled her to him and kissed her on the forehead. "You're beautiful; a few bruises won't change that. She started to cry and he realised that she was not ready to let him see her without clothes." I'll leave you to shower and change. I'll wait in the bedroom."

Richard rang Jackie whilst Marion was in the shower. When he finished telling her about Marion she was spitting chips. "Just look after her." she whispered down the phone. Leave that bastard to Darlene and I, we'll fix him."

Marion was a different woman when she joined Richard. She had changed into a pretty floral dress it was old fashioned but it had shrunk and hugged her figure in places giving him an inkling of the body hidden under its folds. She smiled when he whistled. "Stop it," she whispered when he told her she looked very sexy.

Her hair was still wet giving Richard a lead on how to relax her further. "Let me comb your hair," he said as he sat her down in from of the dressing table mirror. She relaxed the tension leaving her body as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Richard didn't say a word just concentrating on combing and blow drying her hair leaving her time to gather her thoughts. Marion felt tired, the warm air and Richards hands making her sleepy. She had not slept properly for days scared that John would do something terrible in his drunken stupors. She nodded off as Richard massaged her scalp finally falling asleep.

When she awoke later she was in her bed in her nightie. She had been vaguely aware of going to bed but was unaware that Richard had carried her to her bed stripped off her dress and slipped on her nightie.

John was having breakfast when the phone rang he answered it and handed it to Marion, "it's that cookie boy." She started to tremble as she took the phone. "Hi it's me," Richard whispered. "Can he hear me?"


"Are you all right?"


"I will come over this afternoon after he goes to work."


"Remember; ring me if you need me."

She whispered "yes" and hung up.

John had sat listening. When she hung up he grabbed her hand and pulled her over towards him. "Make friends with that kid. Make sure you get back in their good books" he said his voice menacing.

Marion could not concentrate all morning. Richard must have seen her body when he put her to bed. I must have looked awful she thought as she decided to shower and change her clothes. In the shower she ran her hands over the bruises on her body thinking how nice it was to be dressing to please somebody.

She stood in front of the mirror as she tried on a low cut bra. She threw it away thinking I'm being silly he's just a boy. Finally she decided there was nothing wrong with dressing up for his visit. I'm not trying to seduce him; she told herself. I just want him to see me when I look good.

It was four thirty when Richard rang Marion's door bell. When the door opened he pretended to be stunned for a minute before giving a wolf whistle. He placed his hand over his heart, "you are so beautiful I can feel my heart beat speeding up," he groaned. "Stop it," Marion laughed, "come in side before the neighbours hear you."

He followed her inside studying the curve of her thighs as they moved under the light cotton dress. "The neighbours can't hear now," he whispered as he reached for her and pulled her close. "A kiss would be a nice way of saying hello don't you think." Before she could answer he lowered his lips to brush them lightly across hers, and then pulled her close. They stood quietly holding each other, Marion trembling her heart beat thumping in her ears.

My god this is silly she thought. I'm acting like a teenager on my first date. She felt Richards's hands moving down her back until they held her backside. They stopped for a minute then drew her body closer until they were tight together and she could feel his erection squashed against her stomach. At the same time his lips sought hers, his mouth closing over hers as she heard him moan.

She tried to say this is wrong but his mouth stopped any words and she surrendered to his kiss. Marion did not know what to think or what to do she loved kissing. John hardly kissed her anymore. She could feel her body responding to his kiss.

Richards tongue was creating havoc with her senses she felt her nipples harden and her pussy grow moist. She struggled for a minute then kissed him back her hands coming up to pull his head down to hers.

She groaned as she felt his hands working her dress and panties up until his hand was on the bare skin of her but. She knew she should stop him but she was enjoying the way he was treating her, it was nice to be treated as a woman not just something to abuse. She shuddered as his hand ran along the crack of her but and fingered her tight hole.

Richard knew he had to take charge. He wanted her and he was sure that she wanted him. He kept his mouth over hers and picked her up in his arms. He felt her take a deep breath and stopped kissing to allow her to object. She moaned but said nothing. Her eyes were closed and remained closed as he carried her over to the couch.

On the couch he knelt beside her and started to undo the buttons of her dress. He had opened the buttons to her waist when she opened her eyes and asked, "What are you doing?"

Richard continued opening buttons. "I'm taking your dress off.

I want to look at you. I'm going to kiss every inch of your beautiful body."

"I'm married," she groaned.

"I know," he whispered, kissing her lips softly as his hands ran lightly over her ribs and up to cup her breasts in her bra.

"We shouldn't," she groaned as she felt the moisture seep from her pussy.

"I know," he whispered as he opened her bra and freed her breasts.

"This is wrong," she groaned as his mouth closed on her nipple and she felt his teeth graze it lightly.

"Your breasts are lovely," he whispered as he moved to kiss the other.

She closed her eyes tight and gasped for breath her conscience still bothering her. "I'm married," she whispered.

"Help me," he whispered as he tried to removes her panties.

"Oh no," she groaned but lifted her hips as he pulled them away.

"Oh yes," Richard groaned as he kissed along her legs until he knew she could feel his hot breath on her pussy.

They both lay waiting both knowing what was going to happen. Marion's conscience was telling her this is wrong but her body was urging him to kiss her. "Do it," she moaned ever so quietly, "do it."

Richard was surprised when he heard her moans. He had not wanted to force himself on her but knew if he lay with his head so close to her pussy he would find it impossible to wait.

He licked her inner thigh. His fingers playing in the curly black hair that hid her pussy lips. "It's Beautiful," he whispered. When she did not respond he repeated himself "it's beautiful." Them with his fingers parting the hair he extended his tongue and ran it up from under her pussy along the hot moist lips until it reached her nub.

She shuddered and her legs twitched, a low moan escaping from her lips. "You taste beautiful," he whispered as he slipped one finger inside. She was wet and hot exciting him and driving him on. He moved his finger in and out slowly curving his fingers until they were creating tremors in her body on each stroke. At the same time he sucked her clit his lips pulling and stretching it in time with his inquisitive fingers.

Marion lay back as Richard's mouth found her pussy. Her mind was in turmoil. At first she worried about being found out, and then when Richard's fingers and mouth started to work she forgot John and let her self go. Time stood still. Everything seemed magnified. She could hear her heart beat thumping and her breathing growing louder, then a small shudder hit her followed by another then another until she was coming like she had never come before.

Richard felt her hands creep up along his side as her body shuddered and bucked into his face. His cock reacted to her orgasm and grew rock hard. He wanted to get in a position where she could touch it. He lifted his head to look up at her face. She was licking her lips her eyes were closed.

He kissed over the slight swell of her belly his tongue teasing her belly button before moving on to her breast. A dark blue bruise under her left breast caught his eye. In the heat of the moment he had forgotten how badly she had been treated.

Now seeing the bruise and remembering how Darlene had said Marion's husband was insanely jealous he realised what a strain it must have been for her to allow him the liberties he had just taken.

He ran his tongue up over the bruise then kissed and licked it lightly. His heart jumping when she flinched and pulled away. "Sorry," he mumbled as he moved to kiss her lips. "You are fantastic." he told her as she opened her eyes to look at him. He kissed away a tear that ran down over her bruised cheek. He nibbled on her lips. "That was wonderful you taste so sweet I could stay here forever."

Marion felt completely relaxed. It had been a long time since she had felt so good. This young man that she had only really known for a few hours had brought her to her first full blown orgasm with a tongue. He had been so gentle so kind that she felt loved and safe for the first time in years.

Never the less she felt guilty. Her conscience kept reminding her that she was a cheat that she had committed adultery. She laid back her conflicting thoughts torturing her when she felt Richard feed his rock hard cock into her hand. "See what you have done to Me." he whispered as he kissed her. "I don't think I have ever been so hard before,"

Her heart started beating madly. Her mouth went dry. She ran her fingers up the shaft and felt the sticky moisture on its head and made up her mind. She wanted him. "Put it in,"she groaned. "Make love to me," she stammered "fuck me."

"Come on top," he groaned. "You can control things; it will be better that way the first time." When she looked up at him he said "yes, the first time. We will make love many more times today." Embarrassed by the bruises on her body she rolled out from under him and pulled her dress around her as she climbed back on top.

"You don't need that dress," he growled. "I want to see all of you. I want to kiss your beautiful breasts, play with you little clit, stroke your firm arse and fuck you. He looked up at her, "no I am not going to fuck you. I'm going to make love to you."

Yes he did make love to me Marion thought later as she showered. She shook her head and smiled. They had tried many positions before he finally left at ten o'clock two hours before John was due home. She didn't feel guilty she felt loved. She was no longer scared. Richard had talked to her throughout the afternoon. He had wrapped her in love. It was marvellous she decided as she prepared the material to cook cookies for Richard to collect in the morning.

John was having breakfast when Richard knocked on their door next morning. When Richard leant in to kiss her she became flustered signalling quietly that John was inside. He smiled and ran his hands up her arms before nibbling her lips "don't worry," he whispered "I won't disturb him."

"Is that the Boy scout?" John called from the kitchen "Its Richard," she called back "he `s here for the cookies." She whispered to Richard "he calls you a boy. You are more of a man than him."

"You should know," Richard replied as one hand cupped her breast. "Your beauty makes me a man." As he spoke he led her hand down to his erection straining in his pants. "Stop it," she groaned, "he will hear us." Richard shushed her with a kiss "let me kiss you pussy," he whispered.

"Oh no" she cried as he slid to his knees and lifted her skirt. "You mustn't we'll get caught." It was too late. Richard had pushed her panties aside and his tongue was seeking her clit. She groaned and grabbed him by the ears trying to pull him up and away. "Oh my," she whispered looking around frantically. "Be quick he might come out." Richard needed no urging his tongue was working miracles his fingers joining his tongue bringing her to a shuddering orgasm.

Marion's knees had turned to jelly. Her orgasm had been intense spurred on by the excitement of cheating on John when he was in the next room. She fell back against the wall breathing heavy. Richard stood and kissed her. "Can you taste your juice," he whispered. Then called out "see you later Mr. Jones," as he kissed her again gave her nipple a squeeze and left noisily through the back door. "He seems to be a good kid see you keep him on side," John said as he finished breakfast.

Marion could hardly wait for Richard to call that evening, "I don't know what's happening John has been called in early His boss wants to talk to him" Richard knew. Jackie had told him that Ron had agreed to have his company sponsor a series of lectures across the city featuring speakers from government and community organisations on issues such as domestic violence, parental responsibility, anger management, homelessness and crime reduction.

He had been convinced by Jackie and Darlene that this would improve his image and help his political standing. Jackie laughed as she sucked on Richards's balls and told him she had suggested John Jones should be given responsibility for the program. "Ron is announcing it today He will also announce funding for a crack down on Domestic violence. She held his balls between her teeth stretching them back as she laughed. "Don't you think that`s great. Jones will be sent to do a domestic violence counsellors course and will travel around the city with two counsellors that I will pick, I can assure you when they finish with him he'll be knackered if he even shows any anger or hostility to women."

Marion had dressed carefully no bra and no panties her silk dress clung to her body. She was still nervous and felt guilty about committing adultery. She had been brought up in a strict church going family. Her parents had taught her that adulterers would roast in hell for their sins. "Making love to Richard is not a sin," she told herself as she dressed. God didn't put me on this earth to be bashed and raped. I'm sure he wanted to me to be loved and Richard loves me."

Her time with Richard was the highlight of her day. She had never thought much about sex before but now Richard and what he had done to her and what he would do to her was never far from her thoughts. For the first time in her life she had found her hands straying under her dress to caress and finger her pussy as her thoughts returned to Richard. The loving was better every time they met. Today he had stripped off her dress inside the front door and lifted her up until he could lower her on to his rock hard cock.

She had wrapped her legs around him as they fucked against the wall. It was wild and raunchy different from anything she had ever experienced. She blushed thinking of how the wind was forced from her lungs as he banged her body hard against the wall and his teeth bit her neck. There wasn't a bit of her body that he had not licked sucked or penetrated. They had done things that she never believed she would do nor ever expected anyone to ask her to do. She had become his sex slave waiting for his call lusting for his body and she loved it.

The transformation in Marion had overwhelmed Richard. He couldn't believe how she dominated his time. He had tried to keep up his mum's roster but knew he was starting to neglect some of them as he called on Marion each night and at breakfast time each morning.

"Don't worry," Jackie told him, "she's new and she has been a challenge. Take your time, something will come up and you will move on. Enjoy it while you can just don't neglect me."

He knocked on Darlene's door and was surprised when Sonya opened the door "The mistress is not here," she whispered as she shut the door behind him and took his hand as they walked into the lounge. His cock started to grow as he recognised the look of a woman intent on sex.

He knew that Darlene would not object to him bonking her maid if anything she would be disappointed if she could not watch. "Where are you from?" He asked as his hand found her hefty breast. Sonya licked her lips suggestively. "I'm from Indonesia."

Richard became excited "I have never fucked and Indonesian," he whispered as he freed her breast from her top. "NOW's your chance," she groaned as she pulled him down on the floor.

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 26

by mangrove jack©

Richard was in a panic his mum had said she was thinking of calling a general meeting of the Boy Scout mothers to discus the future of the cookie making team. She had told him at breakfast that even though sales at the supermarket, the corner stores and the Sunday markets were still good. "We must keep thinking of new ideas. There may be a better way than having all those mothers bake cookies for you to collect and deliver. "Its time we changed things." She had said as he left.

He could not wait to ring his special mothers. He alerted them of the threat to 'change things.' He knew that none of those mothers would want things changed let alone Richard. He had developed over time a routine of calls that provided each mum with an excuse to entertain him in private. Any change to that routine would destroy his extremely active sex life and deprive his mums of their regular hyperactive sex sessions.

Jackie took the lead as usual. "Leave it to me," she told him "I'll fix it." In the end, his mum agreed that Richard should meet first with the cooks and maids that did most of the cooking. "The mums want to keep the existing scheme. You are very popular. They don't want to lose you." His mother told him at breakfast the next morning.

Jackie lay back on her bed gradually regaining her breath, she looked up at Richard, "Help me up," she moaned. "A session with you is better than a session at the gym." She ran her eyes over Richards's young fit body and sighed. "We could market it. Richards sex aerobics, guaranteed to make you fit or pregnant." She laughed, "Maybe that's the way to make more money for the Scouts."

He trailed his fingers down her back and fingered her pussy from behind. "Thanks for heading mum off," he whispered. "She could have buggered things for us." Jackie pushed back against his hand. "You will have to hold a meeting with the cooks. You need to get to know that very dark girl with the funny name. I think she is called Omarosa that works for Martha Jackson she is the spokeswoman for the local Philippine domestic workers."

"Why don't you talk to her, what we need is something to supplement the cookies." She squeezed his cock. "We have a good system. The women, whose husbands can afford domestic help, arrange for the cookies to be made by their cooks. We have just about everyone in town selling them for us and of course, she giggled and dropped down to kiss his cock. "We have this fantastic distributor who calls on us in our homes."

He cut his morning with Jackie and drove out to talk to Omarosa. She laughed at his pronunciation." Call me Rosa," she said as they sat in the kitchen drinking tea. "The girls will love to meet with you." She smiled her deep red lips highlighted by her strong white teeth. "We have heard a lot about you and your cookie run. I think some of us know a lot more about you than they are prepared to admit. Most of us go to the Roman Catholic Church down near the park each Sunday morning and then straight after mass gather as a support group for a picnic in the park Drop down on Sunday we'll be waiting."

Richard could not help staring at Rosa. Her beauty took his breath away. She was the most strikingly beautiful black woman he had ever encountered. She noticed his stares and smiled. "It's my color isn't it?" she asked. "In the Philippines, it does not stand out like it does here."

"My mother told me my family has a history that contains both Spanish and African blood." She laughed, "It was not helped when she took a big black American sailor as a lover. "So I am black. Do you have any trouble with that?" Richard was embarrassed. "Oh no," he cried. "I am sorry I stared. It wasn't just you color, it is your bearing, your figure, your makeup, your clothes you are truly magnificent."

She laughed again, "Thank you, do you pour on the charm like this for all your lady friends or are you just trying to impress me." Facing a beautiful woman who called a spade a spade Richard told the truth, "A bit of both I suppose." Then as she relaxed under his steady gaze he surprised her when he asked, "can I join you in church this Sunday."

A buzz went through the crowded pews of the local church when Richard sat with Rosa and the Philippine workers. As they left he tried to take her hand, "let's give them something to gossip about."

Rosa had the group well organized. They always went to the same area in the park after church setting up a wide selection of food and drink on the picnic tables. Rosa started to introduce Richard but gave up when most of them started to laugh and call out that they knew him from the cookie run. Richard did know most of them. He could hardly recognize some of them they looked very different in their Sunday best compared to their uniforms when working in their kitchens.

He explained his mothers concerns about the cookie run. "I want your help," he said as he looked around their smiling faces. "I will come down here again next Sunday to see if you have any ideas. In the meantime, if any of you think of anything give me a ring and I'll drop around and see you when I make my calls."

It soon become apparent that not only did most of them know him but many either knew or suspected what he and their boss's wives did during his regular visits. Rosa saw that he was becoming embarrassed. "Don't worry, they won't tell," she whispered when he was left alone for a minute. "Women from the Philippines love a lover. We are in love with love itself. You are young single and unattached. You are expected to sew your wild oats before you settle down and get married. They love and admire you for it. I am sure many of them wish you were calling on them."

"I'd like to call on you," he whispered when they were alone." Would you now," she laughed. When she saw he wasn't fooling she went quiet, then looked at him under her long eyelashes. "I'll have to think about that."

Richard took the time to study them as they laughed and talked together. Most of the workers were small and petite. Rosa was the tallest her height and her color made her stand out in the crowd. A big plump woman with a round pretty face looked to be the oldest. She gradually worked her way over to join him. "I'm Stella," she said as she lowered her big body into the chair beside him.

Breaking some cake, she fed it into his mouth. Her tiny voice had surprised Richard he had expected something quite different because of her size. He ate the cake from her hands waiting for her too talk. "You never come into the kitchen at Mrs. Marsh's house, you should." Her big hand gripped his leg. "I am sure with a little urging Rita would love to entertain you."

Richard wanted to ask whose Rita was but Stella was feeding more cake into his mouth. She wiped his brow with a wet cloth, brushed cake crumbs from his clothes and said, "I shouldn't monopolize you. They all want to talk to you. Come and see me, I want to tell you about Rita." Pushing herself up from the chair, she winked. "You'll love her."

He took much longer to complete his daily cookie run during the next week. He was a lot more careful making sure no one was looking when he slipped into more than one or two bedrooms. In addition, the maids and cooks now waited for him. They all loved to chat. They made him welcome offering suggestions or showing off some special item they had baked. By the time Sunday came around, he felt that he did not need to go to Church or attend the picnic but wanting to see them again; he decided that he would keep his promise.

He saw Mrs. Jackson driving away as he turned into her street. "That's good, he thought. Rosa will be home alone." She met him at the kitchen door. Her red thick lips broke into a smile showing her strong snow-white teeth, "what are you doing here?" she asked. "We don't make cookies and my mistress is out." "I know. I saw her leave. I wanted to see you," he cried. "You are so beautiful I can't get you out of my mind. I am starting to dream about you."

"Oh yes," she whispered. "I worked in a bar in Manila. I've heard all those old lines before." Then she seemed to make up her mind. She reached out and pulled him inside. "Why don't you just tell the truth? You called around on the off chance that you might sneak into my pants. Come on let's go down to my room."

Richard started to object, when she turned to him. "Just shut up and come with me." In her room, she turned to him. "You have quite a reputation. I have watched you. I know you try to be discreet. But you do take risks." She smiled, "you must be a good lover for so many of our boss's wives to take the risk of wanting you in their beds." She hushed him quiet. "Don't try to fool me. I am not going to cause you trouble."

She stood up, moved over to take hold of him by the ears and kissed him. Her tongue and lips creating havoc in his pants. They stood in her tiny room attacking each other's mouths when she stepped back. "You know those cheating wives who are enjoying your body will never countenance you sleeping with the hired help. Especially one of their cooks."

"If they ever found out that you were doing that, most of those toffee nosed bitches would run a mile to get away from you. Some of them must know that they are not your only lover. But sharing you with a big black Philipino lover who was one of their cooks would be a real no. no."

She opened the buttons one by one down the front of her dress. Until he could see, a large black breast standing high and very round. "So young Richard is this big black body worth the risk." Her hands kept opening buttons until her dress just hung on her shoulders wide open, displaying her breasts with their long nipples. She moved her legs slightly apart now showing what looked like a forest of hair between her thighs. Shrugging her shoulders, she let her dress slide to the floor. She now stood totally nude as she watched his eyes devour her body.

"You're worth it," he cried as he pulled her to him and ran his hands down to her firm round backside. "You're worth the bloody risk," he moaned. His heart was thumping in his chest as they kissed. Her kisses were fantastic. Her mouth doing things he had rarely experienced before. She was groaning now her hands removing his clothes as they stood kissing.

He felt his jeans slip down his legs and kicked them away when her hand reached his cock. "My goodness," she whispered giving it a tug. "It's a nice hot hard one; I'm going to love having that in me." They kissed wildly as they explored each other's body until she broke away and led him to her bed. "No man has shared this bed since I came here to work," she whispered as she moved her body on the bed so he could join her.

"How long have you been here," he growled as she fed him into her pussy. "Eight months," she gasped as he pushed home. "Eight months with out a man, be gentle lover be gentle." They rocked together soaring to new heights of passion ad they pounded each other's bodies. They hit a rhythm their bodies in harmony driving harder and faster towards the ultimate mutual orgasm.

Richard tried to think of other things so he would not come too soon. He noticed how her bed squeaked loudly in time with every thrust. Noticed how the bed head started to bump against the wall. We would never keep this secret if anyone were home, he thought. His efforts were to no avail. He groaned realizing that nothing he could do was going to help him stop coming, help him stop the volcanic flow of his hot-blooded sperm.

Rosa was grunting. He felt his cock start to pulse. He could feel her hot juice lubricating and heating his cock. He felt his cock grow harder and groaned giving up as he started to come. His body bucked and shuddered making him catch his breath. His cock started to spasm spurting come into her hot welcoming pussy. Rosa recognized the signs her fingernails bit into his back. Her pussy muscles gripped and milked his cock. She moaned words he could not understand.

Exhausted he started to let his body collapse. Rosa would have none of it. She pushed his body back up. "Don't you dare," she cried. Her body was not spent. It was still moving, still seeking more and more of his cock. She pushed her head back against the bed. Her body arched upwards grinding her body up against his. She pushed a finger between their bodies and ran her finger in circles around her clit.

She became frantic. "Don't stop now," she moaned, "don't stop." Galvanized into action by her cries, Richard kept moving. Her pussy tightened around his cock keeping it hard. His legs seemed to gain new power. He grunted as his strokes became stronger and stronger.

He looked down at her face and what he saw gave him new strength. Her eyes were unfocussed staring off into space. Her mouth lay open. He could see her tongue moving seemingly out of control. He felt her body stiffen, heard her guttural unrecognizable groans, felt her fingers grip his hips and knew she was ready to come again.

He was now bashing his body into hers determined to push her over the top wondering how long it would take. Then Rosa gave a shriek. Her body wriggled and bucked until he found it hard to stay connected. "Bloody hell," he groaned in amazement at the heat and quantity of her release. Her orgasm seemed to drain his strength. This time he did collapse. His body laid on hers then slipped down to lie beside her, their perspiration making them slippery and hot.

They hugged each other as they lay gathering their breath. Rosa spoke first, "no one must know," she whispered, "it must be our secret." Richard did not answer he was nearly asleep.

It was twenty-four hours before Richard called at the home of Mrs. Marsh. Stella met him at the back door. When he was seated drinking hot chocolate and eating cake, she sat beside him. "Thank you for coming she said in the tiny voice that intrigued him. " Its funny but I would have never thought of you. When I saw you last Sunday I immediately knew you were the one I needed. I want to talk to you about my boss. Her name is Rita; she is a wonderful woman, kind, and considerate. She is a real lady."

"I want you to help her. She is very sad and heart broken at present. Her husband has left her for his twenty-year-old secretary." "That is sad," Richard said, "but how can I help." Stella hushed him. "Let me finish," she cried as she poured him another cup of coffee, "She doesn't go out. She mopes around the house. She needs friends," she looked at him, "men friends. Now that is where you come in. That's where you may be able to help."

Richard knew what was coming he had been asked to help mums in need before. Stella took his hand, "I want you to do to Rita what you do to some of those other wives. Make her feel wanted. Make her feel that her life is not finished." She gave him a wink. "I am not asking you to do some of the things you do when you make some of your calls, just butter her up, flatter her a little."

She squeezed his hand her eyes pleading. "Can I call her and tell her you are here to talk about the Boy Scout cookies? Just talk to her, tell her of your plans, and give her an update. "Please," she added when she could see he was edging for the door. She pulled him back," please." "All right I'll talk to her." Richard cried.

Stella moved remarkably quick for her size. She was on the phone immediately telling Mrs. Marsh that Richard was here to see her. She hung up and turned to Richard. "She will be a few minutes. Just wait in the lounge." She took his hand pulled him against her large plump body and kissed him, "thanks," she whispered.

Richard was unprepared for Rita Marsh. He did not know what he had been expecting, but he most certainly had not been expecting one so young and so beautiful. She looked fragile but there was no evidence of crying in the deep brown eyes that shone from under her long brown lashes. Her skin was smooth as silk, milky white against a tumble of jet-black hair. Her white skin and the classic shape of her face reminded him of one of his mother's exquisite china dolls.

She moved to him her small body clothed in a long white dress that stopped just short of her tiny feet. She spoke softly, "I am pleased to meet you Richard I have heard a lot about you," Her voice was warm and truly welcoming. She gave his hand a little squeeze. "Won't you join me here on the sofa?" Richard would have joined her anywhere. He was smitten.

Stella served tea winking at Richard as she left. Rita put him at ease. She asked questions that made him realize that she was not just a pretty face. As they talked, she told him she might be able to help him, as she knew marketing and promotion. He smiled he had came into the room to help her and within minutes she was offering to help him.

Rita was enjoying her talk with Richard. He was a good-looking young man. His wide chest and strong shoulders were the opposite of her husband who had only recently taken up dieting and was now nearly anorexic. Thinking of her husband depressed her and brought a forlorn look to her face. She shook herself, I must not think of him I have to get on with my life.

Richard noticed the mood change and broke into her thoughts when he asked. "How do you know so much about marketing?" Her face brightened at his question. "Both my Mum and dad started and built up the states largest packaging business. I was an only child so it was only natural that they wanted me to follow them into the business. They sent me to college to study marketing and promotion. I spent a little time working in advertising. Her face fell when she added, "that's where I met my husband."

Noticing another mood change Richard took her hand. "You said you might be able to help me." She did not let go of his hand when she replied. "Have you considered new packaging that would give your cookies a fresh home made look on the shop and supermarket shelves?"

Richard moved closer on the couch still holding her hand. He was happy to see a smile light up her face when he squeezed her hand."Can we work together on this?"

Rita felt good. She needed something to take her mind off her problems. She was enjoying Richards happy smiling face he made her feel quite warm and lovely. She loved his deep sexy eyes. She did not have a son in the scouts and knew little about their fund raising ventures. She really did not know why he came to see her today but was glad that he did.

She had seen Richards's photos in the local paper after the local team won football games. It was nice to sit here with this happy young man holding hands like school kids. My god she thought as she let his hand drop. I have been holding his hand for the last half hour he must think I am terribly forward.

They met each morning to work on the marketing proposal, but it quickly became more than work. Richard made her laugh. He was so full of fun she smiled every time she thought of him. It was like being a teenager again. She grinned to herself; he took every opportunity to touch her. His hands firm on her back, he kissed her on the cheek when they met and again when they parted. She knew he wanted to kiss her and knew she would not object if he did.

Richard drove down for their morning meeting. This is stupid he thought you are horny every time you think of Rita; you know she is not going to start anything. He ended up deciding he would have to become a little bolder, take a few chances.

Things were different this morning she did not meet him at the door. He called as he went inside and found her crying in the office. Taking her in his arms he whispered, "What's up love?" She was very nervous stuttering. "My husband is threatening to destroy me. He has just found out that he has no chance of obtaining a share of the family business through the divorce because it's not in my name. I had promised him I would do the paper work to change it into my name but did not have time. So he gets nothing. He went mad he has been ringing me repeatedly threatening me if he doesn't get half the business."

She felt secure in Richards's arms. He held her tight his hands running up and down her back. Now he was kissing her forehead. She held her breath as his hands lifted her chin and he kissed her his tongue seeking to open her lips. "Oh yes," she moaned letting his tongue worm inside. They stood together kissing when the phone rang.

Rita cried our in alarm, "it will be him." Still holding her in his arms Richard answered. listening for a while. "Now listen," he said. "Who I am doesn't matter. What matters is that I will be a witness having heard your threats when Rita seeks protection orders against you. Wait until the people you do business with hear about your threats, it will be the end of you in this small town."

He hung up and kissed her hard. "Don't worry he was starting to back down when I finished." His hand slipped down to caress her tiny round backside. He lifted her in his arms and sat her on the desk. Spying a long mirror on the back of the door, he raised her chin and looked her in the eye. "Look at yourself in that mirror. You are beautiful. Even when you have been crying, you're still very beautiful." She kissed him. "Its you, she groaned, you make me feel so good."

She felt Richard sigh, and then felt his hand cup her breast. Without thinking, she said, "they're small." "They're not," he whispered, "they're beautiful." She felt him fumble with her shirt lifting it until his hand could touch her skin. She felt him shudder and groan, "I want you," he whispered Suddenly the enormity of what they were intending to do hit her. "Not here," she moaned "not now." "Yes now," his hands stroking and playing with her belly button. She did not say another word shaking her head as she fell back in his arms.

He kissed the back of her neck. He unfastened her bra then watched in the mirror as it dropped away letting her small hard breasts fall free. He held them as though he was taking their weight stroking her nipples until he felt them grow hard and taut.

She moaned, watching him play with her breast had stirred her body arousing her like she had never been aroused for months. His eyes seemed to shine as his hands caressed and fondled her breasts. She had always felt they were too small. But Richard's eyes told her he loved them. "Just a lovely handful," he whispered as her tiny pink nipples grew and tightened responding to his touch.

To Richard used to his regular trysts with his Boy Scout Mums she seemed innocent, some how ignorant of what his kisses and hands had been doing. He enjoyed touching her, waiting for her responses. Kissing her and fingering her then waiting for her moans or little signs that somehow he had done something new and exciting. He loved the way she let his hands roam over her body. It was obvious that she wanted to please him, her body responding as if his lips and tongue had set her on fire.

He kissed and sucked her nipples then kissed between her thighs. She opened them wider welcoming and encouraging his kisses. She groaned wriggling and writhing against him her body twitching as his kisses hit home.

She leant back running her fingers through his hair as his tongue explored her pussy. She looked over watching him in the mirror when he took her clit in his mouth. It made her feel so passionate that she dropped her head and bit down on his shoulder harder and harder until he cried out. When she heard his cry and felt his tongue buck in her pussy she moaned, "Don't stop," closing her legs to squeeze his head between her thighs.

He pulled her body forward on the desk. "Is this his desk?" he asked quietly. "Yes," she moaned realizing what he wanted to do. "Let's make love here," he whispered. Would you like that?" Rita was sitting on the desk her clothes scattered over the desk and the floor his fingers still rolling her clit. She closed her eyes shaking her head, "yes," she groaned." Yes. Yes."

He entered her gently. Slowly working his cock until it could go no further. Rita opened her eyes wide and cried aloud, no longer worrying if anyone could hear or knew what she was doing. She wanted people to hear how excited she was. This fine young man with this strong young body wanted her. All her worries disappeared. This was magic this was a release from the past.

Richard was unaware of the feelings his cock had released in Rita. He started to stroke in and out slowly savoring the feeling her tight pussy was creating. He had just started to speed up when Rita started to cry out, her body convulsing, her head thrashing around on the desk.

Bloody hell, She's coming already, he thought as he watched and heard her seemingly loose control. She gave a little scream her fingers gripping his arm. She fell back as if she had fainted. Her body was shaking, her legs were twitching her mouth was moving as he felt her pussy pumping.

Minutes passed before she opened her eyes. She lay staring at him for a minute. "Thank you," she whispered. "Nothing like that has ever happened to me before it was fantastic."

Suddenly she giggled. Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 27

by mangrove jack©

Richard was nervous his mum had called another meeting of the Boy Scout mothers group to discuss plans to lease some government land for a scout's camp. "We will need twenty thousand for the legals and first annual payment," she told the assembled mothers as they sipped their morning teas.

She looked around the assembled mothers wondering how many of them were visited on a regular and private basis by Richard when their husbands were not home. Oh well she thought they all look happy he must be doing something right. She clapped her hands to get attention. "I know you will think we have enough money. But that's not true. Now that have we added new products, Richard's cake and cookie run covers the day to day running of the group with a little over for maintenance but we need to try something new to raise an additional fifty thousand dollars."

"Has anyone thought of a concert," Jennifer called when the room had rejected every other idea put forward. Long legged Jennifer was one of Richards's favorite mothers. When he first met her she had been timid and shy. Because of her fears and uncertainties it had been weeks before she let him make love to her now she was not only a confident woman in public but a highly inventive and cheeky lover in private.

"What do you mean by a concert?" Jackie asked as they all sat up and listened. Richards heart skipped a beat when Jennifer walked out to the front so they all could see and hear her. She was so beautiful he could not stop a gasp of admiration escaping from his lips. His mother frowned at him and whispered, "Leave the room if you can't behave," as Jennifer started to speak.

"Most of you will remember the turn of the century theatre in the old school of arts; it was popular as a venue for movies as well as ballroom dancing plays and concerts. Today its part of that multiplex theatre and movie complex. When the Macintyre's applied for planning permission for all those movie theatres and restaurants they agree to not only keep the concert hall but restore it to its former glory."

"They did a good job. It still has those private boxes on the first floor looking down on to the stage." "Oh I remember them," Darlene cried. "They were great places for making out in private when your parents would only allow you to go down town on Saturday night."

"All right behave," Richards's mother called as a number of mothers started to speak. "Its all right to talk about the fun you had there but how do we use it to make fifty thousand." She looked over at Jennifer, "have you any further suggestions."

Richard marveled at Jennifer's poise as she again took the floor. "We have a young local band that has just won one of those competitions on TV. We have the local drama society and dance studios. Our schools have dance and drama groups that are always looking for places to strut their stuff. If the Macintyre's will let us have the theater for free we can ask those groups if they will perform for free. We can then ask our husbands to be sponsors and make it a celebration of our home grown talent."

She paused to look around at the doubting faces. "We probably won't make fifty thousand but I'd reckon we could make thirty." Before anyone could speak she continued, "If we ran a major art union in conjunction with the event with the prizes sponsored and drawn on the night we could possibly make it. To make it popular and ensure local support we can propose that it be an annual charity event with other groups sharing the benefits in future years."

After a long discussion the idea was adopted. Everyone was given jobs and asked to report back to another meeting in a week's time. Within days his mother told him that they were finding it difficult to contact Mr. Macintyre. "Those who know the family reckon she wears the pants. So I have asked Jackie and Darlene to see what they can find out about her." She looked at him sternly, "Keep your wandering hands off Jennifer and go and help those two to check out Mrs. Macintyre."

Jackie and Darlene were more than pleased when his mother told them she had ordered Richard to help. Jackie giggled down the phone; "send him up to Darlene's this afternoon we both need a lot of help." Richard thought he knew what to expect when he walked in the door but he was still surprised to be greeted just inside the door by both Jackie and Darlene completely nude teetering on very long red stilettos. "We have had a few too many drinks and shaved while we waited," Darlene said as she led him over to the settee her fingers running slowly up and down the cheeks of his arse.

Jackie had wobbled ahead to wait on the couch. Licking her lips as she looked up at him and giggled, "Come here sweetie, I am going to suck you while you eat Darlene's pussy." Without another word they took over stripping him off and positioned his body so they both could use it for their pleasure. Richard did not argue. He knew that these two pampered ladies would more than satisfy him while they satisfied themselves. He was not wrong.

Hours later when they had swapped positions many times they commenced competing to see who could make him come the fastest. Then when he stood with his cock shriveled and used they told him they both wanted his cock in their pussies once more before he left. Richard tried to tell them he was buggered but they just laughed taking turns to play with his cock and balls before tossing a coin to see who would go first.

Jackie won the toss and was riding his cock her hands stretching around Darlene's body to hold her tits while Darlene lowered her pussy on to his face when the phone rang. Darlene leaned over her knees closing on his ears to retrieve the phone before handing it to him, "it's your mother."

Looking back at Jackie she smiled, "This could be interesting; she doesn't know her son's cocks in your pussy and she doesn't know my pussies in his face." "Hi mum what's up?" Richard asked as he watched Darlene sit back on his chest and let Jackie who was staked out on his cock play with her large brown breasts."

For a minute he thought they would keep quiet and still while he was talking to his mother. He should have known better. Darlene winked at him as she slid her body back up his chest until her pussy was touching the phone in his hand. He struggled to push back but she held him with her legs while she rubbed her finger round and round on her clit and worked the muscles of her pussy under his nose causing some of their combined secretions to ooze out onto his chin.

Richard was breathing heavy his nostrils full of the steamy aroma of Darlene's pussy when his mother asked, "What are you doing?" Trying to hide the giggles from Jackie and Darlene he groaned, "This connection is real bad." "No its not," Jackie cried, "Our connection is very good." As if to prove it she started to move faster on his cock her body jolting up and down making him grunt.

"What was that?" his mother asked. "Oh just Jackie mucking around in the background," he groaned as his body started to respond to Jackie's vigorous pounding. "Well," his mother said, "I just rang to tell you that Angelique has found out that Mrs. Macintyre meets with a small group of women each week for tennis. They play on the indoor court at her home and party on playing bridge afterwards."

"I don't think I have met her. I don't even know her first name. Angelique says she prefers to be called Mrs. Macintyre and doesn't go out much. Angelique thinks it should be you that approaches her." When Richards reply was muffled by Darlene's pussy she groaned, "You're right this line is bad. I think I'll let you get on with what you're doing and talk to you when you get home."

At home his mother looked him over, "clean yourself up and come back down I want you to come with me to talk to Felicity Goldberg. They tell me she knows Mrs. Macintyre. I think we should ask Felicity to help." She smiled, "maybe her pig of a husband will help us again."

Richard could not take his eyes off Felicity Goldberg happily studying her body while his mother explained what they were after. He remembered their first angry fuck in her husbands wash room and how Jackie and Darlene had hid him in a closet when Arnold nearly caught them screwing on her bedroom floor. He licked his lips as he recalled her luscious pussy. He had been neglecting her lately but promised himself he would remedy that as soon as possible.

"It will be a pleasure to help," Felicity said as they prepared to leave. "Richard can drop over tomorrow and I'll make an appointment to see Arnold, then if that works I will try to arrange for him to meet Mrs. Macintyre." Felicity was more than happy to help. No matter how hard she tried she had found it hard to find time to spend with Richard. Her inability to find an excuse that would satisfy her domineering husband had virtually made it impossible for them to meet regularly. To her delight Richard's mother was offering a ready made excuse.

Felicity was dressed and ready to go when Richard arrived. "You look very lovely," he whispered as he escorted to his jeep. "Behave," she growled. "Arnold has his spies watching me all the time." Once they were away from the house she relaxed. "We have two hours before we can see Arnold. He has meetings this morning take me somewhere private."

For a few minutes Richard could not think, his mind went blank as he tried to think of somewhere private, then he remembered shifting some new gymnasium mats into the cubs den and headed there. "Where are we going?" she asked. "Down to the cubs den. It will be cold in there but we will have to take your clothes off so we don't crush them or get them dirty."

She laughed anxiously, "that's a new approach my horny young friend but are you sure it's safe;" Richard realised she was worried about Arnold finding out, "don't worry I'll lock the door from the inside and anyway I have been given the only key because I'm moving in the new mats."

Inside the den they were all hands as they stripped each others clothes away kissing and feeling each others body in the process. Richard stepped back when he removed her bra leaving her standing in her garter belt and stockings. "My god that's one sexy woman," he growled. "I should have brought my camera so I can have something to look at when I play with myself while thinking of you." He shook his head and grinned, "Maybe it was providence that I forgot the camera, now I'll just have to kiss you all over so I can remember every sweet little bit of you."

Felicity loved the way this young man treated her. She had never thought she would have a lover who was young enough to go to school with her son; Instead of being concerned at his age she gloried in it, loving the athleticism of this lovemaking.

She smiled as she recalled how she had freaked out the first time his cock remained hard and continued to plough into her well after they both had come. But it was the way he looked at her and the way he spoke to her that made her heart beat faster and made her take silly risks to be with him. He made her feel beautiful, made her feel wanted.

She laughed as he stood totally nude and told her he loved her body. His cock standing out from his thick brown legs seemed to be waving and nodding in agreement. "I'm glad all of you agrees," she whispered as she sank down on to a pile of mats. "Come here my lover boy; let's not waste any more time talking."

No one would have known when they walked into reception in her husband's office that they had spent the last hour and a half locked together on the floor of the local cub den. Richard had not let her clean her pussy up before dressing. He licked her as clean as possible with his tongue then told her not to wear her bra and panties.

When she started to speak he stopped her words with his tongue holding her underclothes up for her to see before he stuffed them in his pocket. "Just think how hot you'll feel when you sit in your husband's office and I look at you and smile. He won't know why I'm smiling but we will." Later as they waited to be shown into Arnold's office he whispered, "Is it wet?" She blushed, "yes very."

Arnold was his usual grumpy self. He sat them down complaining that he didn't have much time and ordered Richard to, "Get on with it." Richard had come prepared. He had rehearsed and changed his spiel after Felicity had told him that Arnold was seeking to make his name more known with the ultimate aim of a political career.

It didn't take long to convince Arnold of the benefits of adding his name and influence to an annual charity gala weekend where the community honored those who had made a name for themselves in the world of the theatre, music, art and culture.

Arnold immediately saw the opportunity for him to promote himself in the media as a community leader supporting the people who needed local charities or participated in the various performing arts societies. "We could add Sport and Business and just about anything that will bring money or audiences to the various events," he said as he took over the idea as his own.

Felicity sat back and watched Richard work. She felt a little wicked as she watched his long legs move as he strolled back and forth making his presentation. Her mouth was dry as she recalled how this morning she had ran her hands up and down those legs while she sucked his young cock eventually forcing him to come in her mouth.

The memory created a minor surge in her body forcing her to squeeze her legs tight together when her pussy lips leaked come on her leg. Surely they can smell it, she thought as the scent of her arousal reached her nostrils.

When no one seemed to notice she relaxed recalling how Richard had rode her doggy fashion on the den floor until her legs collapsed under the battering and her face ended up buried in the mat. It had been so fabulous that even now her pussy was starting to weep just from thinking about it. She was planning to go to the restroom to clean up when Arnold spoke her name. I'm depraved she thought as she sat up like a dutiful wife and looked at Arnold her mind still reliving the mornings thrilling episodes with Richard.

Arnold was speaking when her thoughts returned to the present. "My wife Felicity knows Mrs. Macintyre she will help you. He looked over at her, "I want you to help this boy. I will work on Lachlan Macintyre it will be the boy's job with your help to butter up Mrs. Macintyre. We will need her help if we are to secure the theatre for free."

Bonnie Macintyre was a tall austere scotch woman. She made it her business to know everything that was going on in her business. Her family had a proud Scottish history and money tons of money. She was rich when she married Lachlan and was disappointed when he turned out to be a wimp both in business and in bed. They had no children because she couldn't stomach the idea of breeding another wimp.

She ran the business with an iron hand brooking no interference from Lachlan. She had laid down the rules early in their marriage. "You can be the public face and attend the meetings but I'll make the decisions in this family. I want to be known as Mrs. Macintyre. I will not use my maiden name or my first name, I am Mrs. Macintyre." Lachlan had meekly agreed.

Felicity took a week to arrange for Richard to meet Mrs. Macintyre in the meantime to her delight she was able to arrange to meet Richard at least once daily and sometimes when she had a new urge twice daily.

Mrs. Macintyre had heard of Richard. Her indoor tennis group had speculated about him after they saw him leave the Governors ball with the Governor's wife. One or two of her clubs members had joined the scout's mothers group when their boys joined the scouts. For some time after they joined the cookie club they seemed to lack concentration making a series of unforced errors in their tennis. Punctual women started to arrive late explaining that they had to wait for a cookie collection and Richard had held them up. They all spoke extremely well of Richard stirring her interest.

Felicity had the well flushed look of a woman in heat when she called to ask her to meet Richard. Mrs. Macintyre also noticed many small changes in Mrs. Goldberg's normally impeccable appearance that gave her the impression that Felicity had dressed rather hurriedly. My god she thought as she studied Felicity, she reeks of sex. She nearly dropped her cup of tea when she realised that all the evidence pointed to Felicity having been with a man before she joined her for morning tea.

"Is that young man outside in your car?" she asked as she tried to come to grips with this new thought? "Yes, yes," Felicity stuttered, "he drove me over." That's not all the young buggers done Mrs. Macintyre though as she eyed the now nervous Felicity. She was right, Richard had pushed Felicity's tits up out of her bra sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy in the car before she came inside.

She rang for the maid. "There is a young man out in the car ask him to join us."

"So this is the young man that you have been telling me about," Mrs. Macintyre said when Richard joined them. "I've heard a lot about you from the ladies in my tennis group and Felicity has been singing your praises all morning. Maybe I should get to know a little more about you before we do business. Lets start today, I am having lunch with my husband would you like to join us."

Richard had been studying her as she spoke. Her Scottish accent intrigued him as did the plaid Scottish wool skirt and the white blouse. It was hard to judge while she was sitting but she would have to be over six foot tall. As far as he could see she had small hard tits a broad pair of hips and long legs. She wore dark glasses hiding her eyes. He decided her most striking feature was her curly red hair and her freckles. He spied freckles through her makeup and on her neck and arms wondering if they were all over her body smiling when he thought I have never seen a pussy with freckles.

Felicity couldn't join them for lunch. "I'll take the jeep and you can travel into town with Mrs. Macintyre. Have a good time," she said as she reluctantly left.

The driver held the door of the black limo for Mrs. Macintyre and Richard settling them in before closing the panel between the front and back seats. "Its dark in here," he stammered when his body slid down on the cool leather seat close to hers. She took off her dark glasses, "Yes I keep it dark. I have a problem with the sun, I have very white skin and I burn easily." She laughed, "I would turn in to one big freckle if I wasn't careful." Richard reached out and touched her arm running his hand lightly over her freckled forearm before holding her hand. "You have lovely soft skin," he said. "Thank you," she replied leaving her hand in his.

Richard enjoyed the feel of her soft white skin. He stroked her wrist and hand waiting for Bonnie to stop him. When she did nothing he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. "It's so beautiful and soft," he whispered.

"You are a wicked young man," she whispered squeezing his hand, "did you seduce Arnold's wife." He returned the pressure squeezing her hand. "If I did," he whispered "it was because she needed some real loving," he looked down at her body and groaned, "like you she was made for loving." He was pleased when she sighed, "That's true, we all need loving." Nothing more was said as they sat together holding hands deep in thought.

Bonnie could not believe that she was holding hands with Richard on the way in to meet her husband. My god we've just met and I would have let him kiss me if he had tried, she thought as she studied his young hard body.

Lachlan had run to fat from too much of the good life. Their sex was rare and awkward it always left her dissatisfied. She knew he had a policy of hiring girls to work in their cinemas who gave good head. She had been told of the few staff that visited his office each week before pay day. She was aware that some girls were given bonuses if they made him hard and he stayed hard. She was aware and she didn't care.

I'll never forget what you did to me on this desk but it is uncomfortable, lets go to my bed. Richard helped her up and cuddled her. As they moved to the bedroom, he thought he heard Stella clapping as they went.

She smiled to herself young Richard was hard now if the bulge in his pants was any indication. She felt good as she looked down at his bulge it was great to think she could make a young man horny. Now I've made him horny what do I do she thought as he again raised her hand and kissed it.

Events over took them. Arnold had worked fast when he recognized the opportunity for self promotion provided by the role of chairman of the annual gala charity weekend. He had spoken to the Mayor the head of the tourism authority and the minister in charge of arts and culture.

When they all agreed he had a good idea he asked them to join him for lunch to discuss how to proceed. With their support under his belt he had called Lachlan who had liked the idea but said he would have to ask Mrs. Macintyre. "She is coming in to lunch at the Hilton, I'll ask her." "Great idea," said Lachlan who immediately changed his luncheon venue to the Hilton.

Arnolds planning was spot on creating a jam in the lobby when they all arrived together. They were still standing in the lobby when Arnold broached the subject of the old restored theatre. Mrs. Macintyre listened quietly waiting until every one had finished before she spoke. "I haven't been there since the opening after it was restored. All I know is that it's a bit of a white elephant rarely paying its way. Maybe involving the local cultural groups in your gala will give it a new lease of life, it needs something." She turned to Richard, "have you seen it?" Taken by surprise while he was studying her rear he blushed, "no never."

"That's good you and I can inspect it after lunch. I'll have Lachlan make the necessary arrangements for you to be given the keys." During lunch a number of local business leaders took the time to call and pay their respects to Mrs. Macintyre. The interruptions made it impossible to develop a proper conversation annoying Mrs. Macintyre. In the end she just stood up and made her goodbyes. "Its time I looked at the theatre," she said as she signaled Richard to move.

"What are all the people doing here?" she cried when they reached the theatre. The theatre manager had never met his boss's wife before but knew of her reputation. He stuttered and stammered that he had accepted a late booking from a traveling drama group from interstate for this one afternoon.

"Because of falling attendances on tour the group management wanted to try out a few new acts before they moved on to the next city. This was the only venue vacant. They asked me to I invite members of the local senior citizens club to volunteer as an audience and booked it for this afternoon. They are nearly finished I can hurry them along if you like."

Mrs. Macintyre told him not to worry, "Richard and I will have a quick look around and go," she said as the manager went off to answer a call from the stage. "You're not interested in the back stage area are you?" she whispered as she led him around the foyer and up on to the first floor.

They were discussing seating when the manager came back "I told the director why you were here and they would like you to come down and meet the cast when they finished." Mrs. Macintyre brushed him off gently, "tell him thanks." She looked at Richard, "I don't think we will be here when they finish if we are you come and get us."

She led Richard along a plush corridor and used a key to open a door. "This is the area where you may be able to get sponsors to buy a box for your event. They are beautifully set up for private entertaining and viewing."

Richard walked into the first VIP suite and it was like being in another world. The full glass front afforded a wide view of the stage but because of its design it would be impossible from outside to know who was watching. He moved to a small control panel and threw a switch and the sound system flooded the room with voices from the stage. He turned to Mrs. Macintyre "you're right we could sell these private boxes to the highest bidders. We could tell them how they could sit in here with their cronies in air-conditioned comfort, serve themselves from the private bar and no one would know who they were entertaining."

He took her hand and pulled her down in the lounge beside him, "it would be a great place to entertain a beautiful lady." "Is that so," she sighed her hands coming up to try to hold his head as he moved to kiss her.

Watching her tiny breasts move as she sighed Richard reached out and cupped one in his hand. Before she could object he held her nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled and pulled it through her clothes as he felt it grow firm and stand up.

When she groaned he bent his head and kissed along the top of her dress while his hands undid the cloth covered buttons of her vest and reached in to open the press studs on her sheer blouse. Mrs. Macintyre looked out through the glass windows at the senior citizens acting as theatre patrons before drawing Richards's head closer holding his head so he could reach her nipple.

Richard was on a roll easing his fly open he freed up his swollen cock and took her hand wrapping it around his erection. Mrs. Macintyre who had been relishing Richards kisses jumped in fright "oh no," she growled, "Not here someone will see."

Richard was not worried expecting her reaction he had checked and knew no one could see into their box unless they opened the door and stepped inside. He smiled to himself with her reputation no one would dare invade her privacy.

He held her tight to stop her pulling away and dropped his head to allow his mouth to reach hers. He maneuvered his tongue in her mouth and she immediately responded her mouth opening to receive him her tongue joining in. "We can't," she groaned as she felt his fingers rolling and pinching her nipples, "maybe later but not here, oh my god not here." Her body was trembling but not in fear she was kissing him back her hands holding him close.

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