Friday, May 9, 2008

First Time with Dad

First Time with Dad

by naughtynurse18©

Ever since I'd started fucking my brother, I'd been scheming on how to get my dad's cock up my pussy.

My mom and dad had what could be called, at best, a tempestuous marriage. They loved each other like crazy (they're still married to this day), but fought constantly. Dad was a tall, handsome man who made friends easily--everyone was his buddy. He was a construction worker, and often had to leave town to go to where the jobs were. He was also out of work often and, at the time, had a bit of a drinking problem.

Mom was an RN at the nearby hospital. Everyone said I was just like her, smart and gregarious, but with an impetuous, rebellious spirit. Mom was adorable: petite, blonde and sexy, men were drawn to her like sharks to chum. I'd also inherited her competitiveness and her overwhelming need to always be the center of attention; that may have been on of the reasons we fought as often as I grew older.

Most of Mom and Dad's disagreements stemmed from the fact that Dad drank too much and that Mom brought home more money than he did. Mom never made that an issue, but I knew it bugged my dad at times. Still, he seemed content to work when he could and otherwise hang out at bars and strip clubs (one of which his best friend owned), boozing it up with his pals. Both my parents adored me, and I worshiped them in return; despite my frequent flare-ups with my Mom. They could do no wrong in my eyes, and I was always delighted to see them make up after one of their frequent fight over Daddy's drinking or his spending too much money at Rumors or the Pussycat Lounge.

I'd known for years that Mom fucked around on Dad. When Dad was out of town on jobs, and Mom was working swing shifts, I'd sneak home from school at lunch and see if there was a strange car parking near our house. If one was, I'd sneak inside and rub my hot little pussy raw while spying on some doctor fucking the shit out of my wild, reckless Mom.

I realized I was not wired like most other girls because I bore my mom no ill will for cuckolding Dad. I guess I felt that it was mostly Dad's fault anyway, since he was gone so much and because he liked to spend his money at strip clubs, but, as long as Mom treated him as well as she did, I had no gripes.

Since we were so much alike my Mom tried to keep a close watch on me, she knew I was trouble. She caught me drinking at twelve and smoking pot at thirteen, and grounded me for months for both. Dad often said she saw a lot of herself in me, and that was why she was stricter with me than he was. I looked exactly like her too: petite and blonde with pretty eyes. I didn't think my boobs would ever get as big as her's--her 36Cs looked huge on her 5'3 frame--but, by the time I was a sophomore, I had grown to my adult size of 34C.

I quickly discovered that boys found me just as irresistible as men did my mom. Fortunately for them, I was willing and ready to try my hand at sex just as soon as the opportunity presented itself; I'd already figured out that I loved sex even before doing anything.

Alone at home one day, I'd inadvertently unearthed Dad's stack of porno movies and adult novels while looking for a flashlight in his closet. I quickly became addicted to the raunchy material, and would race home every day after school, before my brother got home, and read one of the books or watch one of the movies, rubbing my hard little clit until I came, shaking like a leaf. At night, I'd lie in bed rubbing my furry little slit as I dreamed about Peter North or Tom Byron fucking my cunt then cumming all over my face. Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, and Christy Canyon (my dad had all their movies, I think) became my idols.

It was about two months after getting hooked on Dad's pornos, that I first discovered my mom was a slut. I left school at around noon, not feeling well. Mom was scheduled to work a day shift, so I was a bit surprised to see her car in the driveway. Not thinking much of it, I let my self in the sliding-glass door at the rear of our two-story house. Immediately, I heard loud wails and grunts coming from the family room.

From watching so many pornos over the past few months, I knew exactly what was happening and my little pussy started to tingle like crazy. Sneaking through the kitchen, I peered around the doorway and saw my mom, her back to me, bouncing up and down on some strange man's cock while he pawed all over her big, bouncing tits.

Excited beyond belief, I felt my slender legs almost buckle underneath me. Holding onto the wall for support, I reached my hand under my skirt and rubbed frantically at my already oozing cunt. This was much better than any movie!

My mom was loud and a nasty talker. Wailing and whimpering, she urged "Steve" to "fuck my pussy, "fuck it harder, "fuck me like a little bitch." I watched for ten minutes as Mom energetically rode Steve until he bellowed loudly and came in her pussy as she squealed in delight. I quickly left via the back door and stayed away from home until school let out.

After that, I became the world's most ardent voyeur. I'd sneak home at least once a week to see if I could catch Mom in the act; and I did on so on several occasions. At night, I'd listen outside my mom and dad's bedroom hoping to hear them fuck. Dad would call Mom a "little fucking slut" and in turn Mom would tell him to "fuck my cunt you big fucking bastard" or "I want you to fuck me in the ass, Baby." Afterwards, I'd crawl back into bed and rub myself to orgasm muttering, "fuck my cunt; fuck it hard and fast; fuck me like a slut" under my breath.

My senior year, the boys at school figured out I had changed. One night, during a party celebrating my 18th birthday, my boyfriend Josh Cenkcik and I were making out passionately in the backyard. Josh and I had been boyfriend and girlfriend since 10th grade. We'd kissed and felt each other up before, but earlier that day I'd seen my mom fucking one of her co-workers, and I was exceptionally aroused. So, as the party continued indoors, Josh received a present from the birthday girl. Pulling him behind the garage, I sucked his cock and swallowed his hot cum as he entwined his fingers in my long blonde hair. It didn't last long, but it thrilled me beyond belief, and soon I was sucking Josh's cock every single day.

Of course, Josh could not keep his mouth shut and other boys quickly found out that I was an eager, avid cocksucker. By the time Homecoming came around, I had already sucked off 19 or 20 different boys from school. Oral sex was as far as it went, though.

That changed at right after Thanksgiving when Dave Grissom got my cherry. He was one of the few boys who knew I liked to watch porn, and one day at school he showed me a porno he'd gotten a hold of with some new girl named Victoria Paris in it. We skipped school after lunch and sneaked over to my house. It seemed as if my pussy dripped the whole twenty-minute walk to my house as I eagerly anticipated watching a new girl get fucked on film.

Because my dad loved his beer, there was always tons of it in a spare refrigerator in the garage. I grabbed about half a dozen, and Josh and I sat on the family-room couch watching Victoria and Aja suck and fuck like cock-crazed sluts. I was half drunk by the time Josh got my top off, and totally trashed by the time he'd stuck his cock in my hot mouth.

Josh became the first boy to make me cum when he acrobatically maneuvered me into a 69 position on the couch without ever pulling his cock out of my mouth. I'd been fingered before, but no boy had ever touched my pussy or clit with his lips or tongue. As soon as Josh started sucking on my hard little clit, I exploded. Wailing and hollering, I momentarily released his throbbing cock from my mouth and it promptly squirted its hot load right into my face. I was pinned under Josh and blast after blast of hot, sticky cum sprayed all over my wailing, sobbing face as my orgasm raced through my body.

Right then and there, I told Josh I loved him forever; he said he loved me too and then got on top of me and shoved his still hard cock into my tight, virgin cunt. I whimpered and yelped as the sharp pain tore through me, but Josh ignored my whining. Slowly, inexorably, the pain faded and soon I was humping back against Josh like the hot little slut I would become.

Josh fucked me every day for about two weeks before he caught me fucking one of his friends and dumped me. After that, it became well known that if you were cute, popular, and knew how to get me alone with a six-pack of beer, you had a pretty good chance of getting into my pants.

By the start of the spring semester, I was pretty much known as one of the school sluts. Since I was in all honors classes with a straight-A average and a pretty good volleyball and field hockey player, none of the older adults ever suspected (well, except for Mr. Skinner and Mr. Davies, but that's not part of this story) that I was a real wild-child outside of the classroom.

One afternoon though, as I was bent over my dresser, legs spread wide, Dan Casey frenziedly pummeling my tight little asshole, I detected movement near my bedroom door. Thinking it was my brother spying on me, I thought nothing of it until after Dan left. When Dan departed, I went back upstairs into my brother's room to ask if he'd enjoyed the show. He wasn't there. Puzzled, I figured he must have left before Dan did.

When Drew got home around 5PM that day, I asked him why he'd left instead of waiting in his room for me.

"I wasn't home, Kathy." He responded honestly. "You must have imagined it."

I guess I had, because the next time I fucked at home, a week later, I remained alert for outside presence, but detected none.

Two weeks later, however, the same thing happened. As I was riding Dan's meaty cock like a horny bitch in heat, I saw a shadow cast in front of my doorway. There was no doubt I was being watched. Drew was at basketball practice, Mom was not due home until 10PM, and Dad was on a worksite at Patrick AFB and would not be home until around 8PM--or so I thought.

After Dan left, I roamed through the house looking for Drew. Of course he wasn't there. Going into the kitchen, I saw an empty beer can on the counter. Grabbing it, I went to toss it into the trash when I noticed it was still half full and cool to the touch. Looking into the trash, I noticed there were five other empties in the bag.

"Weird," I thought. "Mom had Drew empty the trash into the big can in the garage before he left for school."

Suddenly it hit me. My Dad had been the one spying on me! Shit! My heart must have been pounding 200 beats a minute as I realized what had been happening. Fuck! My Dad had just watched me get fucked!

I decided to keep this knowledge to myself. Drew didn't need to know that Dad was spying on me, and I sure as hell didn't want Dad to know about Drew and me. Therefore, I had a dilemma; how to keep my brother and Dad from knowing about the other.

It turned out to be pretty easy. Obviously, my father did not want to get caught spying by his son, so he only risked coming home early when he knew, unequivocally, that Drew would be away. Since I was supposed to tell Drew when I was going to have guys over, he presumably knew my schedule and would not show up unexpected.

Once I realized that Dad was spying on me, I started to relentlessly tease him and Drew around the house when Mom was gone. I'd walk around in just panties and bra a lot more and if Mom went to bed early, or was working a mid shift, I'd watch TV with Drew and Dad in just a baby-doll nighty, making sure to show plenty of leg and hot glimpses of my plump tits. My shorts became shorter and my bikini's smaller as I pranced around the house, seemingly oblivious to the erections I was causing my father and brother.

Drew of course, could take out his frustrations on my hot little cunt and tiny little ass whenever we were alone, but I often wondered how Dad was coping.

One fateful Friday night, Dad and I were alone watching TV in the family room. Mom was at work and Drew was upstairs with his friend Mark playing video games. I came downstairs in a light blue baby-doll with matching panties. My dad, well into his third six-pack, looked up at me from his leather recliner and softly remarked, "You better cover up. Drew's got a friend up there."

Little did Dad know that Mark and Drew had seen it all before and that later, when he passed out on the couch (as he often did) after all that beer, Drew and Mark would be joyously fucking all my hot little holes well into the early morning hours.

Giggling, I sat cross-legged on the couch next to his recliner, my shaved pussy already damp under the semi-transparent panties, and pretended to be engrossed in the horror movie he was watching. Every now and then, I'd give a little shudder or shriek as the suspense built in the movie, making my dad laugh and call me a chicken. After a twenty minutes or so had passed, I told Dad I was really sacred and got up and sat on his lap.

At 5'0 98 pounds, I must have felt like nothing to my 6'1, 200 pound father. Sitting there quietly, I pretended to be absorbed in the movie and would squirm every so often as if scared by something in the movie. As expected, my barely covered ass, squirming on my dad's lap, quickly aroused my drunken father. I frequently caught him staring down the top of my baby-doll and I felt his cock grow beneath me as he peeked at my firm, young tits.

Leaning back into him I ground my tiny ass hard against his swelling dick in an unmistakable display of intentional cock-teasing.

Dad moaned softly as he shifted in his chair

Squirming harder, I put one of me bare feet on his thighs and melted back against him.

He grunted as my firm little ass pressed against his rigid cock.

Throwing caution to the wind, I whispered without looking at him. "I know Daddy."

I felt him stiffen. "You know? What do you know?" he asked cautiously.

"I know you watch me with boys." I whispered seductively rubbing my panty-covered ass against his throbbing cock.

At a loss for words, my father just sat here silently.

"I know you come home, drink beer, and watch me in my room." I went on, leaning harder into him, my voice barely a whisper "You watch boys fuck me. Does it make you hard to watch?"

My dad groaned helplessly and his hands began to gently stroke my bare legs.

"You like watching me fuck them?" I asked teasingly, squirming slowly on his lap. "Do I fuck them good?"

"K-K-Kathy..." My dad groaned in despair. "I'm sorry. I can't help it. Don't tell your Mom. Please. I just had to look...and now...well...I'm sorry. Look, don't say anything to anyone; I won't watch you anymore."

Grabbing my Dad's hands, I pulled them up over my tits and put my other foot up on his empty thigh. Writhing more forcefully against him, I promised, "I'm not gonna tell on you if you don't tell on me. You can watch me anytime you want."

Wickedly, I continued to torment him. "Do you wanna fuck me like they do? Do you want to fuck me too, Daddy?"

Even while fondling his half-naked 18-year old daughter's boobs as she grinded away on his lap, my drunken father played the admonishing parent. "No. No. I can't do that. I shouldn't even be watching you. Get off my lap and get your ass upstairs right now. Go on. Stop acting like a slut."

I notice happily that my father's words had no force behind them and I giggled softly to myself as I obeyed his order.

Two hours later, Drew came into my room, Mark in tow, and announced that Dad was indeed passed out on the couch. Within minutes, I had a cock in my hot ass and one in my slippery cunt while my brother and his friend DPed me into ecstasy. Whimpering and moaning non-stop, I came and came as while they tagged- and double-teamed me for hours.

Dad and I never mentioned that night again, but we came to an accommodation: I'd make sure he knew when I was going to be "entertaining" in my room as long as he kept Mom off my back about chores and my under-aged drinking and occasional pot-smoking.

I knew that my father watched me at least seven times after that night from the collection of beer cans I'd find in the trash can after I was done and from the stiff, matted spot on the carpet in front of my bedroom door. It excitedly me greatly to know that my Dad was jerking off watching me getting fucked, and I made sure to put more into it when I knew thought was there.

One day, though, I guess the beer and the moment got to him. Gary Rivers and Matthew Hurlenson, my current boyfriend and his best friend, had scored some good pot one afternoon. We left school at 2 and went to a nearby park where we drank two six-packs of beer and smoked some pot. By the time we walked to my house, I was staggering like crazy.

I was naked as soon as we got into my bedroom and, for the next two hours, my boyfriend and his pal took turns plowing my pussy and throat as I submissively whimpered and begged for cock. I vaguely remembered Gary and Matt leaving me alone, and then I must have fallen asleep from all the beer and pot.

In what seemed like just a few minutes later though, my eyes fluttered open and I found myself moaning with pleasure. Either Gary or Matt had returned and was expertly eating my cummy little cunt. Pushing his face into my pussy with one little hand, I urged him on; "Ohhhhhh yeah, Baby! "Eat me!" As I came fully awake, I realized with an astonished start that it was my dad between my legs, licking out my wet, messy cunt!

Moaning loudly, I begged him, "Suck it! Suck my pussy! Suck it!"

Guiltily looking up at me, my drunken father slurred, "I can't help it. I just can't any more," before burying his head back between my quivering thighs.

Dad wasn't a very good pussy-eater--maybe that's why Mom cheated--but having him suck Matt and Gary's cum outta me was the nastiest thing I'd ever experienced to that point.

"Lick it! Lick it!" I chanted mindlessly, my smooth little pussy already on the verge of climax. "Make it cum, Daddy! Make it cummmmm!"

My daddy licked and slurped my hot, slick eighteen year-old cunt. He peeled my swollen cunt-lips wide apart and drove his tongue deep inside me, lapping up all my oozing pussy-cream. Locking his lips on my clit, he sucked hard making me buck my ass all over my stuffed-animal ringed bed. When he slid a finger in my tight cunt, I exploded.

"Agggh fuck! Ohhhhh God!" Yessss! Yesss! God!!"

As I came down from my climax, I finally noticed that my Dad was naked from the waist down. Staring at me determinedly, he kneeled in front of me, hard cock in hand.

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" I purred in a sweet, questioning tone.

"Do you want me to?" My dad asked, seemingly dreading the answer.

"Uh huh," I nodded my head slowly before adding in my little girl voice as I pouted at him, "I want you to fuck me, Daddy! I want you to put it in me!"

It's a good thing my Dad was drunk, otherwise he'd have cum as soon as he shoved his dick up my snug little cunt-hole. Muttering under his breath, he slotted his hard cock between my plump pussy-lips and pushed.

"Ohhhhhh!" He grunted as his cock speared into my teenaged cunt-tunnel, "You're so fucking tight."

Quickly wrapping my legs around his back, I held on for dear life as he rammed my cunt harder then it'd ever been fucked before.

"Fuck me!" I encouraged shrilly. "Fuck me hard like that! Do it hard! Fuck me hard!"

Harder and faster, my dad slammed his cock into my willing pussy-slot, making me wail with pleasure. I was surprised to feel another orgasm welling up inside of me so quickly, and I clung desperately to the pumping man as he filled my fuck-slot with his thick, hard cock.

At first my Dad's eyes were tightly closed as he hammered his big fucking dick into my tiny cunt-hole. Finally opening them, he glared down at me, eyes ablaze; "Is this what you wanted you little slut?" He hissed. "Teasing me all the fucking time so I'd fuck you like this? You're a cock-teasing slut just like your mother."

Even at my young age I knew what made men tick. Fine. If Daddy wanted to make believe this was entirely my fault, I'd play along and absolve him of responsibility. I didn't mind being called a slut--the word just meant that lots of guys wanted to fuck me and I let some of them do it--nothing wrong with that as far as I could see. The fact that he called Mom a slut had me wondering, though; did he know she fucked around?

Dad continued drilling his fat fuck-stick up my clingy cunt-hole while comparing me to my mom. "You're just like her. You can't blame me for wanting to fuck you. You look like her and act like her; always flirting and teasing. Always wanting guys to fuck you. You're gonna be a slut just like her."

So that was going to be his game. I reminded him of Mom, that's how he was going to rationalize it.

Excitedly, I played along. "I'm not really a slut, Daddy; I just like to fuck guys, but I'll be your slut if you want me to. Me and Mom can be your sluts."

My father groaned loudly at hearing me call myself a slut.

"Yes you can, Baby," He whispered back. And I love both my little sluts! Say it again; tell me what you are!"

Leering up at him, I teased him mercilessly. "I'm daddy's little whore; daddy's fuck slut. I like being a slut for guys--just like Mom!"

I must have said the magic words because my dad bellowed loudly and rammed my cunt harder than ever. Grunting and groaning uncontrollably, he hammered a huge load of daddy-cum right up my little cunt-hole.

As my father lay on top of me, panting and gasping for breath, I nipped on his ear and whispered hotly, "Do it again...please...fuck me again."

Groaning deep in his throat, my father replied, "Hey, I'm not as young as your boyfriends; it's gonna take me awhile to recover, Honey."

Not wanting to hear that, I escaped out from under my dad's body and rolled him on his back. Kneeling next to him, I quickly sucked his slimy, semi-flaccid cock into my mouth. Moaning wantonly, I sucked and licked eagerly and was soon rewarded with the thickening and lengthening of my Dad's fat cock.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, you're good," My dad whined in delight "God you're a good little cocksucker."

Slowly at first, I slid my lips up and down my father's stiff cock-meat, wetting it with abundant amounts of hot spit. Twisting my head back and forth, I thrilled as my father grunted and moaned in appreciation at my hot blowjob. Shifting slightly, I crawled between his widespread legs until I was kneeling before him. Looking up at him, I let his cock slide to the back of my mouth and then, with a loud groan, I shoved it past my tonsils all the way down my throat.

My dad jerked liked he'd touched a live wire. His hands balled into tight fists and he gasped and panted loudly as I forced every inch of his cock into my pliable throat. My eyes teared-up slightly from the pressure, but I started straight at him as he whined, "Kath! Kathy! Fuck! Baby! All the way! All the way down!"

Five...ten...fifteen seconds went by with me just staring at him, his cock wedged far down my gullet. Finally, with a wet coughing sound, I pulled my head up off of my father's throbbing cock. Deliberately, I licked the accumulated drool and pre-cum from the head and shaft as Dad sighed in pleasure.

Pouting up at him, I once again sunk his cock deep into my mouth and forced it back down my throat. My father's legs trembled and shook as he watched his petite daughter expertly deep-throat his thick cock.

Once more, I held it in the tight confines of my throat for long seconds before expelling it with a gagging cough. Again, I licked off the copious quantity of slobber sliding down his veiny cock-shaft.

Lightly slapping his cock against my face, I went into full cock-teasing mode, "Like that Daddy? Can Mom do that? Can Mommy suck your cock all the way down her throat? Do those dancers you spend your money on suck your cock as good as I do?"

Before he could answer, I again slammed my head back down on his rigid boner and then bobbed up and down on it rapidly, taking it to the balls on each stroke. Soon my father was making helpless whimpering sounds as I let his cock fuck back and forth down my flexible throat. As his sounds became louder and more urgent, I lifted my head off his dick and quickly straddled him.

Taking his stiff cock in one hand, I rubbed it against my bald little pussy and impishly questioned him again. "Do Mommy and your dancers suck your cock that good? Tell me I'm the best, Daddy. Tell me I'm better than they are."

His voice catching, my father responded as he watched me rub his bloated dickhead all over my drooling cunt-lips, "No they don't! No one's ever sucked my cock all the way down before. I don't think anyone's even ever tried. How'd you learn that?"

I didn't think my father really wanted to know that my Calculus teacher had taught me how to deep throat his cock earlier that year, and that I'd perfected the technique by practicing on dozens of my school-mates, so I just slotted the head of his thick cock-shaft between my swollen pussy-lips and sank down on it.

I moaned softly as my pussy grudgingly gave way to Dad's invading pussy-splitter, and I smiled naughtily at him as it filled me.

"There! All the way in!" I chirped.

Mr. Skinner had once told me that sticking his cock into me was like sticking it into a hot, wet, velvet glove. Evidently that was a good thing, because he sure spent a lot of time trying to put his cock in me. Dad seemed to like it too, and he groaned loudly with pleasure as I started to swivel my hips while on top of him.

Around and around I twisted my hips in small circles, forcing my daddy's cock to follow.

"Damn, Kathy!" He murmured in lustful bliss, "You move like one of those girls down at Rumors."

I know I did. One of those girls was a fellow senior who lived down the street and she'd taught me how to dance after volleyball practice. I envied her for being able to afford her own car, buy all the latest clothes, and get any older man she wanted. Actually, think I practically idolized her.

Now, the lessons she'd given me where put to good use, and I swirled my hips around and around as my father groaned quietly underneath me.

Leaning forward, I rubbed my pert tits in his face and demanded he pay proper attention to them.

"Suck 'em," I moaned. "Suck my tits, Daddy!

As I slowly posted up and down on Dad's fat cock, he sucked first one, then the other tit in his mouth, making me gurgle in pleasure. Grabbing my little, hard ass in both hands he pumped up against me while sucking and licking my now rock-hard nipples.

As the pace of our fucking increased, my dad sucked and nibbled my tits more voraciously. Up and down I rode, my firm ass colliding with his upper thighs again and again with a sharp smacking sound. Dad started moaning louder and louder and then bit down slightly on one of my stiff tit-tips.

Immediately electric sparks raced through by body and I squealed loudly, "Eiiieeee! Do it again! Do it again! Bite it again!"

"You mother likes that too," Dad grunted before moving his mouth over and biting down on my other nipple.

I came unglued. I'd never had anyone pinch, twist, or bite my nipples before, and it felt like a pleasure path had been blazed directly from my nipples to my clit as my dad bite down on one hard, pink tip, and rolled and pinched the other between the fingers of his right hand.

My trim hips went into overdrive and I slammed down hard on Daddy's pumping cock. Throwing back my head as best I could, I whined and whinnied loudly as my little teenaged cunt rippled and convulsed in surprised orgasm.

My Dad knew immediately what was happening. Removing his mouth from my sensitive nipple, he grabbed the spit-wet nub between his fingers and twisted it like he was its twin. My mouth hung open and I sobbed and squealed in exquisite pain as I came like crazy.

"Cum you little bitch!" My dad leered up at me as I bucked and twisted all over his probing cock-meat. "Cum all over that cock! Louder! Let me hear you cum, you little slut!"

He heard me all right, as would have anyone who might have been standing outside our house. Shaking and twitching, I howled and bleated as my dad twisted and pinched my aching nipples. Over the din, I heard my father roar and felt him lift me up as he pounded his hard cock furiously in and out of my clenching, spasming fuck-hole.

My father's grunts mingled with my wails and whimpers as he once again blasted me full of molten cock-cream."

"Ungghg! Unghgh! Unghh! Yesss! Fuck, yessss!" He sighed as he shot his load deep inside me. "That's it Baby. That's the way to fuck!"

Too soon, my orgasm peaked and faded. I collapsed against my father's chest, my breathing ragged and forced. With a little mewl; I started to lick and suck on his neck and ear as he too crested down from his climax.

"Whew! That was awesome!" I moaned into his ear after I regained my breath. "Did I do it good? Am I the best fuck you ever had?"

"You're up there," Dad chuckled, "You're definitely up there. You're one hot little fuck."

Sticking my tongue playfully in his ear, I started to squirm and rock against him as he panted hoarsely.

"Do it again. Daddy." I purred into his ear. "I don't want to be just "up there;" I wanna be the best. Let's do it again."

Unfortunately, age, beer and Mom's impending arrival home precluded my Dad from doing it again. least that day.


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