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The Night I Raped Mom

The Night I Raped Mom

by L.A. Wicker©

I was drunk as hell, I was on a date with a little college cunt. This bitch was so sexy, long blond hair light blue eyes, tits that could poke your eyes out. Her ass was so tight she could crack walnuts with it and I found out, no man had every been in her.

I was pissed, my cock was hard as a rock. It was to late to try and find more pussy. So I just got me a bottle of booze and got drunk. It helped a little but, I knew only one thing would fix my cock, Pussy.

When I got home, I took a long cold shower but, my cock was still hard. Then I thought I needed some thing to eat. I went up to the kitchen. ( I rented the basement from my Mom and Dad, he had a stroke last year, he was in a nursing home, they needed the money.) Being so drunk I was crashing and falling into everything.

I heard something behind me, " What are you doing?" Mom's sweet voice ask.

When I saw her my cock all but shot it's load. Mom was very sexy, 5 foot 8 inches tall, kind of over weight, light brown hair past her shoulders. Brown eyes, with big 40 DD tits, a nice round 38 inch ass and long thick legs. She was wearing a purple see through nitie with matching see through panties.

A small lamp from down the hall way, lit Mom's body just enough to see all of her wonderful curves. Her big full breast could be seen like nothing was covering them and her sexy brown nipples pushing against the nitie. Best of all, Mom's pussy mound must have stuck out 2 inches. I could see her lips and clit, they were a little swollen, they looked like she was horny.

When I turned to face her Mom's eyes got the show of the year, I didn't have a thing on. My monster cock was in her full view. It was a good one, 10 inches of pure grade A beef and 4 inches around. My cock head was huge, it was almost 5 inches round. All of the ladies I know love it..

Some thing came over me, Mom looked so good, I looked in her eyes and said, " I had a bad date. I sure could use some company."

I started walking towards her. Each step I took to her she backed up. " Cum here Mommy, I need to see you."

I jumped to grab her, with tears in her eyes she said, " Let me go, these is wrong."

She was putting up a good fight, but, I worked out a lot. She was no match for me. One hand covered her mouth, the other around her sexy waist, I pushed her into the wall face first. My cock was in her ass crack and I was moving back and forth.

" I need you Mom, you'll like it, I'll be easy with you if you stop fighting me."

She looked back at me mad as hell, " Fuck you, I'll fight you all the way."

I pitched her nipple hard and twisted it, " Good, I love it rough, I'll just tear your little pussy up."

I threw her over my shoulder and started to the basement to fuck my Mom. She was hitting, kicking, trying to bite me everything. I reached my hand up to her round ass and smacked it a good one. When I got to my room I tossed her on my bed, she came up swinging hard. My right hand slapped her down like a bitch dog. It just about knocked her out.

" Are you going to be good now?" I ask.

Last year I had a girl friend that was into hand cuffs and body clips, I went you my dresser and got 4 pair of cuffs.

" No, please don't do this, you'll be sorry." Mom said crying and still trying to get away.

I cuffed her tight to the bed, spread eagle, she couldn't move an inch. It was a site to remember, her breast fell to her sides and her legs wide and that sexy pussy spread out waiting to be taken.

Then I got up on her chest and sat with my big cock resting right on her mouth. I looked in her eyes and said, " Now Mom, I need you to suck this big piece of meat for me."

She answered, " FUCK YOU." My hand drew back and slapped her right tit hard.

" Are you ready now?" She just gave me a dirty look.

" OK, " I went to the dresser again and got my box of body clips, " This mite help break you in." I pulled out a set of tit clips that had a chain connecting them. They were new, I knew this would relay hurt her tits. " Get ready, this is going to hurt." I clamped the first one on her nipple.

" Oh FUCK, YOU FUCKER." She screamed. Her head thrashed back and forth in pain. Then the next clamp, " YOU FUCKING PRICK." She screamed again as her back arched in pain.

" Now, are you going to suck my cock now, Mommy?" I asked.

With a look of death in her eyes she said, " I WOULD NEVER SUCK YOUR COCK." I reached back in my box of clips and pulled out a clip that was about 6 inches long and very tight.

I ask her, " See this? It's a pussy clip. It will clamp the length of you cunt lips and clit, it will hurt a lot. This is your last chance."

Her mouth opened slowly, I leaned forward, my cock was in her mouth. It was so nice and warm, she started sucking it nice all around the head. Her tongue making circles and licking my head. Mom had given her share of blow jobs before. I just start to enjoy it and CRUNCH, she bit me hard.

I jumped off the bed screaming, " You bitch, you fucking bitch."

I grabbed the pussy clamp and shoved it on her cunt hard, " OH MY GOD, I'M SORRY." Mom was in real pain now, her whole body jerking in pain. Her pussy was clamped down up to her hair, the pussy lips and clit looked smashed, it must have hurt so bad. I felt sorry for her.

I ask her again, " Are you going to suck my cock now or do I have to get more clips on you?" No answer.

I got in my box again and pulled out a little clip with teeth on it and ask, " See this? I'm going to clamp it right on your clit if you don't suck me now! It will hurt like nothing you've know before" Still no reply.

I moved to her pussy, it was all bunched up from the big clamp. I saw her clit, it was very red and swollen. I opened the clip, down on her clit it went.

" OH MY GOD, OH, IT HURTS, OH, TAKE IT OFF PLLLEEEAASSEE." She screamed loud. Her body was thrashing and kicking like crazy.

"OK, I'll suck you right, ppllleeaase take it off, oh please." She begged.

I reached and took it off and moved my cock to her mouth. She sucked me good this time. Big tears running down her face while she sucked.

I whispered to her, " That's it Mommy, suck my big cock." Mom took all of me in her mouth and down her throat, sucking hard and fast and then back to my head, I was in heaven.

" Now Mom, I need some pussy!" I said to her.

She looked back at me crying, " No, baby this is wrong."

I replied, " Not if we don't tell anybody." I moved to take the clip off her pussy, her sweet pussy was red and looked like it was wet. Then I took the cuffs off her feet.

" You start kicking, fighting or try any shit, the clit clamp goes back on, YOU HEAR ME?" I said to her in a firm voice. She shook her head yes.

I moved her ass and hips to the edge of my bed, I got on my knees on the floor. Mom's big red pussy was right in my face, I was going to eat her out before I fucked her brains out. My tongue did one long lick right up the middle of her pussy. She jumped and her back arched up.

I looked with surprise and ask, " Did Mommy like that?" But she said nothing. Then another long lick up her panty covered pussy pushing my tongue in between her pussy lips.

I started kissing her soft white thighs all the way up to her pussy, LICK, all the way up pussy her pussy crack. Then I put my whole mouth over her sweet pussy and flicking my tongue up and down her pussy lips. She must have been getting horny, her panties were getting wet. LICK, from her ass all the way to her clit, she jumped again.

I licked and kissed on her pussy for a half hour or more, she just laid there. I think she liked it, her pussy sure did get wet and was swollen up.

I looked up at her and said, "Mom, I don't know about you but, I'm ready to fuck.."

All she could say was, "No baby, no." I took the other cuffs off her hands and pulled her up on her hands and knees.

She started to fight me again, " Come on Mom," I took a deep breath, "You want me to clip your pussy again?"

My hands tore her little wet panties off her shaking body with one pull. Mom's pussy was right in front of my hard cock, I moved the head just inside her wet, swollen pussy lips. She was trying harder to get away, her feet kicking and her hands pushing me away from her.

"No, no," She was crying, "Baby no."

With a firm voice I said, "Stop it Mom, you need it to. Dad hasn't made it with you in a year."

She just kept fighting me, my cock was still ready to get her "Doggie style". I reached to pulled her to me, she jumped at the same time. We fell on the bed, me on her back, my cock drove deep and hard inside her body.

She screaming loud, " OH MY GOD, IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO BAD."

I covered her mouth with one hand and the other held her face down on the bed. Every muscle in her body was jerking and twitching. Her pussy locked on my cock so hard I couldn't get it out. Her long sexy legs were also jumping and kicking. It was like fucking a " Wild Woman".

Then it all stooped except her pussy, it still was having spasm's. It was great, just like being sucked.

" I hate you," She cried, " I hate you."

I pulled her hips back up to fuck her from behind and started moving in and out of her. She had one nice pussy, it was so hot inside her and very wet for not wanting to get some cock.

As I pumped her, my hands caressed her ass and hips telling her, " Come on Mom, you know this is good."

Then I would pump her faster and then stop " Tell me you like it Mommy." She wouldn't say a word, just lay there. Faster I pumped her, driving my long cock in her.

"Tell me you like it MOM." Nothing, She didn't say a word.

I stopped and turned her on her back, I needed to see her face, I think she was having fun. My hands spread her legs and my cock slipped back inside her.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, " Mom, you've got the best pussy I ever had. You're so sexy, so hot. I get hard just watching you." I picked up was pace pumping her.

" You are so pretty, A face of an Angle, Your breast are so sexy." A little faster and deeper thrust in her, she closed her eyes tighter and started biting her lower lip.

" Is that your spot Mom?" I kept pushing in her harder, " Tell me Mom.

" Deeper inside her I went, " Is that it Mom?"

Nothing from her. " Come on baby girl, relax, enjoy." I said softly.

I laid on her, taking her breast in my hands. Slowly started licking and sucking her nipples and pushing in her harder.

" Is this good Mom?" Her head started moving back and forth, "Tell me honey so I can do what you like." I sucked her nipples hard, pulling them as I sucked.

Then it happened, her hips started to thrust up, at last she said, " Oh yes, do it, yes faster, faster. I'm cummming"

I pumped her like there was no tomorrow, driving my throbbing cock deep inside her. Her hips pushing and meeting mine as we came together. Her pussy was muscles were jerking and holding my cock. I humped and fucked her hard.

We made love the rest of the night and into the morning. Each time was better then the ones before. She also told me when see had seen my cock in the kitchen, she had to have it. But, she couldn't look to EASY...


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