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Thank You Daddy

Thank You Daddy Ch. 01

by chinook75©

The birthday/graduation party was the best any girl could hope for. Mom and Dad have been divorced for three years now and, although there is not a competition for my attention, being the only child has them trying to find things to keep me focused on their love for me. They have "shared custody" so I spend half the time at Mom's house and half at Dad's.

I have this special place in my heart for Dad. He's done everything for me. Decorated my bedroom in an African theme, got me a car and taken me on trips all over the country and Hawaii. This was the best party I'd ever had. He had obviously been saving this up for a while.

A private DJ and pizza party at our favorite Italian restaurant; a stretch Limo to take my friends and me to an opening night movie, door to door service with the moon roof opened after the show. Dad had said to invite whoever I wanted to the party as long as we all fit in the limo. I had my pick of friends to invite to the party. It started out as a simple graduation party and since my Birthday fell the week after High school graduation, Dad suggested I invite anyone I wanted to the party. The list grew to 16 people. The total came to be my best girlfriends with their boyfriends and Todd for me. It was going to be an awesome party.

The dancing with Todd got me very excited. I was even thinking of letting him have me for the first time, but my Mom played chaperone and except for some stolen kisses and a good feel of my ass and breasts in the movies, Todd couldn't get to anything serious. Even as we started dropping people off and the crowded limo was emptied, Mom was nearby. I resigned my fate, but I was eighteen and "look out world, here I come". I held Todd's hand against my thigh as we drove to drop him off.

I walked Todd to his door and since we were behind some bushes on the porch, I let him get the best goodnight kiss ever. I was so excited that my hand went to the back of his head to get a powerful lip and tongue experience. He certainly got me going and I felt his hard-on grow. I wished we could sneak away to get more serious. But, Mom was waiting in the limo.

I know he felt the same way as he grew harder against me. I let him go and walked back to the limo. Mom just smiled and said, "That must have been some goodnight kiss from the time you took." Then she gave me the "you'd better be careful" stern look.

I just said, "He's cute and we're just friends." This was the week to stay at my Dad's place and Mom got dropped off to get her car and the driver brought me home. Dad had waited up. I gave him the best hug and kiss when we got inside. I just couldn't thank him enough and I was still so excited from the evening that I actually felt him getting hard. I let him go and went to get ready for bed. I no longer wondered how pretty I was. I must be able to turn a lot of guys on. I giggled to myself.

Yet, I was so confused about my feelings. Todd had gotten me so hot earlier and then I thought about my handsome Dad. I had gotten him hot. I knew he had not dated since the divorce. I had asked him why and he just said so he could concentrate on making sure I grew up with a strong family value. Even though he and Mom were divorced, there was no excuse for me not to grow up a nice young lady and keep from getting into trouble. I thought about what he said and all the things he sacrificed for me and I started to have a plan about how I could really thank him. I started to shake at the idea that had come to me. It had been my "coming out" party tonight. Maybe......

I found my baby doll pajamas that were a little small and sheer panties and I went over to his bedroom. I know Dad sleeps in his underwear since I've bumped into him at night going to the bathroom. I went in and stood by his bed and whispered, "Dad?"

He opened his eyes and looked at me and said, "What is it, honey?"

"I really want to thank you."

And he said, "You already have."

I climbed up on the bed above him with butterflies in my stomach at what I was about to do. I lifted off my pajama top and his eyes just opened up wide. "Honey, No!" 'We can't!"

"Dad, pleas touch me and make me a woman tonight. I love you so much and I know this is the best thing I can give you to really thank you."

He stared at my breasts and slowly raised his hands to touch me. "You are so beautiful. You should be saving yourself for that special boy in your future."

"I don't want a boy. I want you to be my special person; my dad and my lover. I know you would never hurt me and you will always take care of me." His hands softly touched my breast and I let out a sigh. I reached behind me and found his cock was so hard for me. He jerked a bit as I touched him through his underwear. "I want this tonight. It would make this the most perfect birthday I could ever imagine."

My nipples were so stiff and sensitive. The sensations went right down to my pussy. I was wetter than I had ever been in my life. I stood next to the bed for a second and removed my panties. Dad's hands had not left my breasts. I reached down for his underwear and slid it past the bulge. He popped up so hard and long it frightened me.

Dad saw my concern and said, "Touch it. It's all yours, if you want." he continued; "I know it's wanted you for two years."

"You've wanted me for two years?" I asked.

"Yes. In my darkest desires, I've wanted to touch you for quite a while, but you are my daughter and it has always just been a fantasy."

"What did we do in your fantasy?" I had begun to stroke his cock. I was enjoying the power and strength of it. One of his hands had gone down my side and was at the junction of my thighs. I opened my legs and felt his finger probing my wetness. All the desire and excitement of the night was now focused between my legs. I climbed back on top of dad and he kissed me. He really kissed me. I was lost in that kiss. I savored his tongue and felt his hands travel over my body. Everywhere he touched sent shivers across my body. I nudged downward and felt the tip of his penis at my opening being bathed in my liquids.

Dad pulled me away and said, "I need to taste you first."

My knees went to the sides of his head as he scooted down and kissed my mound. I felt his tongue touch my lips. Lightning shot off in my brain. It was better than I could have imagined. I was moaning loudly now. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. It was deeper than any I had created with my own fingers. He stopped for a second and said. "Turn around."

I turned to face the bottom of the bed and I stared at his penis. I knew what he wanted. I had read an article in a magazine about sucking a cock and I was now so eager and hot, I had to try it. I lowered my body and felt my nipples graze his stomach. They were so sensitive now; I almost came with the extra stimulation.

I tentatively kissed the tip and saw the liquid of his precum at the opening. I began to take him into my mouth as I felt him concentrating on my clitoris. I was so close now. I touched his balls and his tongue stabbed at my clit pushing me over the top. I groaned and clamped on to his cock with my mouth. My orgasm was incredible. I was so weak; I collapsed on to him with my lips still wrapped around him. He pulled out of my mouth, so big and hard; rolled me over to the side and spread my legs.

I felt him come over the top of me and he slowly entered me. I must have broken my cherry horseback riding last year in Arizona, because he stretched me wide and slid all the way in with very little pain. I accommodated his girth and length until he touched my cervix. I felt my pussy strain to hold him. It was so tight and he felt so big inside. I looked up into his face. I hadn't realized my eyes had been shut. He smiled and pulled out and pushed in. The rhythm of life was beginning. I could feel the sensations building to another orgasm.

Dad was moaning as well. "So sweet and tight; my little angel is not an angel anymore."

I learned how to move up to his downward thrusts. I could feel my clitoris grinding against his pubic bone as he rocked into me. I could feel the emotions sweeping me away again as my climax kept building. His cock was growing fuller and wider. I could imagine the sperm building up to become part of my being. I couldn't wait and started moaning my completion of this primordial task.

He groaned and followed me closely with spurt after spurt of hot semen being jetted into my womb and vagina. I couldn't believe that the warmth of his cum sent me higher into my climax and I was soon bathing in the warm afterglow of satisfaction.

"Thank you, Daddy!" I was almost breathless and head him say "No sweetheart, Thank you. You've made an old man's fantasy come true. Let me hold you for a while."

"Don't let anyone say you are an old man. I'll never forget this moment as my first lover."

Sometime in the night, I felt a tug on my nipples. I started to moan and respond immediately. I was so warm and safe in my dreams and I felt a wet tugging at my breast. Dad had bent his head to suck on my nipples. I looked down and smiled as I felt my pussy getting wet again. I felt his hard cock full grown against me and reached down to grab hold.

He was hard and ready and I realized I didn't have to wait or wonder what making love was going to be like anymore. I rolled over on top of dad and pulled his cock right in to me. We started rocking together and I knew I'd be thanking my dad a lot in the future.

Thank You Daddy Ch. 02

by chinook75©

It's been over two months since Daddy and I got together on my birthday. I've stayed at Mom's half that time anticipating the next time with Dad. I get wet thinking about what we've been doing and frustrated that we can't be together at night. The time seemed to go slowly, but, I was in school, studying, interacting with friends, going on dates and soon enough it was time to go to my Dad's house again.

We established a routine; quite exciting once you think about it. I can see how it was quite a treat for Dad. I'd come home from school and usually find him working on the computer. I'd come in the door, unbutton my blouse and take it off. I'd unhook my bra and walk up behind him to hold his head against them and say, "Hi, Daddy. I'm home. What would you like to do now?"

He would turn his chair and look up into my eyes as he started to kiss my breasts. Up to my neck and around the soft underside of each one as my pussy became wet for him. He knew just how to drive me crazy by staying away from my nipples. There were times I would lift my arm and rotate my body for him to kiss and caress my back. Sometimes, he would lower my pants and pay homage to my ass. Dad says I've got an ass to dream about. Sometimes he would stand and take his shirt off and I can feel his strong chest against my back and shoulders.

Today he stood, took off his shirt and leaned down to kiss my neck. He whispered I my ear with a warm breathy voice that he loved looking down on my breasts from this angle and enjoyed seeing what his hands were doing to them. I enjoyed the feel of his strong hands engulfing them and squeezing the nipples as they made their way around and around the flesh. I was dripping with excitement and he was out of control. I was so happy that my daddy loves me.

I reached behind me to find his cock so hard and straining against his pants. In just a little bit, my dad's cock will be inside me. I felt his hand reach down and finger my pussy. My clit was so ready for his touch. All day long I'd been thinking about getting laid and I remember in economics class I spaced out for just a minute thinking about the way his cock just opens the lips of my sensitive labia and I just tingled again.

"Dad, I need you inside me!" It was a long breathy growl as he slipped a finger deep inside. I squeezed his cock and began to turn around to finish undressing him.

"I'll put on the answering machine and meet you upstairs, Sweetheart." I could hear he was out of breath as well. I pulled away and picked up my clothes to go upstairs. I passed my room and realized, for over two months on rotation with my Mom's place, I hadn't even slept in my bed here. Wow! At least two weeks of every month I don't sleep alone. Not something a sixteen year-old can brag about to her friends, but certainly something I can feel warm and loved about inside.

Dad grabbed my hand and we smiled at each other. Both naked now we went to our bedroom and embraced. Dad looked at me and said; "I've got a surprise for you."

I laughed and said; "I like your surprise every time I stay here." He pulled back the bedspread and I saw satin sheets just like in the movies. They were all silky and glistened in the afternoon light. I sat down and he stood in front of me as the satin texture just caressed my ass. I looked up at him and knew what he wanted. I'd only done it a few times, but, it was becoming one of my favorite things to do.

I reached for his penis and brought my head close to kiss the tip. It was wet with pre-cum and I brought it to my lips. I slowly kissed and licked it like an Ice cream cone and took more and more into my mouth. I opened up and brought my head forward. It's interesting to think that I feel my father's balls against my chin as I swallow the head of his cock. I wondered what it meant when someone said "Cocksucker." Now I am one.

I heard my dad groaning with the pleasure of my ministrations. One of his hands caressed the back of my head as I bobbed forward and back again bringing him closer to a climax. Yes; he's going to cum in my mouth and I looked up to see him bending forward with his eyes closed. His other hand sought and found my breast. He's getting closer as I felt his balls rising tighter to his body. Now the flared tip of his penis was expanding and getting firmer. I reached up and squeezed his balls and a moment later the first squirt of semen hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as more and more cum unloaded. My breast was in a firm grip and the hand at the back of my head grabbed my hair as he fired four solid blasts of cum down my throat.

I popped his cock out of my mouth and lay back on the satin sheets glowing with a sense of accomplishment. Dad rolled in next to me and kissed me as his hands swept over my body. It was an electric touch and he started to focus again as his tongue entered my mouth. Passion raged into a higher flame as my legs spread for his hand to attack my pussy. I was wetter than ever and his kisses traveled down the side of my neck to my breasts. My nipples were pointed and sensitive as he sucked them to prominence. One finger entered my cunt and his thumb began to stroke my clit.

Gradually he moved down my body. I knew what was coming. Daddy was going to give me a lickin'. His head moved down as he reversed himself against me. I felt him lift me and my legs spread over his head. He leaned forward and I felt his tongue slide up and down my soaking slit. The sparks flew. I was so turned on I knew it wouldn't be long until I came. Just as I started to peak, dad slowed and concentrated on my clit. Both his hand squeezed my ass to bring me forward. I felt his breath and I really came! Oh, god did I come.

He rolled me on my back again as I slowly recovered from such a huge orgasm. His face was wet as I looked at him and weakly smiled. "Ready?" He said. I just spread my legs and he aimed his hardened cock for my wet hole. The incredible sensation as he slid in so deep. I love the feel of my labia opening for him. A feeling of warm satisfaction comes over me as the head angles deeper and touches the entrance to my womb. My Womb! I flashed in a picture in my mind of millions of semen flowing through my uterus and searching for an egg to fertilize. Good thing I went to planned parenthood and got on the pill.

He was soon thrusting and grunting to build to a climax as I soon followed his downward stroke with a tipping of my hips to greet his long hard cock. My head flared with another orgasm and I gripped his cock tighter. He just groaned and released his virile spew deep into me. Warmth went through my core as his semen was readily absorbed into my body. Half his DNA made me and a sense of naughty pride went through me for making him release his seed into my pussy.

We talked like lovers and giggled like school girls and shared the intimate feeling of our bodies. Soon we fell asleep for an hour until the phone rang. The answering machine picked it up, but I could swear it was Danielle's voice.

Dannie and I had been friends since 3rd grade and we were always doing things together. All the intimate details of our teen age lusts were whispered at lunchtime in school or at sleepovers in greater detail. Danny had confided in me that she had a crush on my dad since she was twelve. Being over six months older than me, her hormones have been raging for well over four years. She's been to shy to go out much and, when we go out together, I can tell she is ready to find the one from the dreamy look in her eyes staring at the hunks we see in the mall.

I wonder what would happen if.....?

Thank You Daddy Ch. 03

by chinook75©

Realizing Fantasy

Dannie had called to see what I was up to and I called her back. Dad and I had just finished our shower together and I had just finished sucking him off again. That man seems to have an endless supply of sperm for me. Anyway, the thought had come to me that I might be able to make two fantasies come true; one for my dad and one for Dannie.

I knew Danielle had a crush on my dad for years. When we had sleepovers at her or my house, she would ask if I had seen him naked. I giggled and told her she was crazy, but the last two times we were together things got way out of hand.

About two and a half weeks ago, Dannie and I were done studying, sitting in her room and listening to music when her Mom said she had to go out and her Dad was going to be really late. We said it was OK and we were alone. Danielle turned the topic to my Dad and I started teasing her.

"Dannie, I think you have the hots for my Dad. I thing that next time you come over, I'm going to leave you alone with him and let you try to seduce him." I really started to describe what Dad and I had been doing and Dannie turned bright red. I noticed her breathing get a little faster and I told her to close her eyes. I started to describe what she thought was a fantasy story, but I knew was really what Dad and I did when I came home from school in the afternoon.

"You are going to open the door, come inside and take off your blouse and bra. Then, walk over behind my Dad and rub your tits against the back of his head. He'll turn around, and be very surprised to find your beautiful body exposed to him." I kept going by telling her how he would suck her breasts and drive her crazy.

Danielle asked, "Do you really think it would work? You've really got me hot thinking about it. I can't believe it would actually work."

She was staring into my eyes when I said, "Close tour eyes! This is your fantasy. Keep quiet and go with it." I opened her shirt and peeled the fabric away from her tits. I bent down and ran my tongue and lips over her very pointed nipple. I was getting so hot describing all the things my Dad would do, that I couldn't keep my hand off her. Soon we were kissing, touching and feeling each other all over. We were naked and lost in the sensations of lovemaking only two women could know.

Dannie moaned and said, "Make me come! I need to come!" I pulled he over the top of me in a classic 69. Only my Dad had eaten me out before and he I was driving my tongue deep in the exotic wetness of my best friend. Her hips moving in time to my tongue; thrusting up to offer me the core of her sex for sweet satisfaction..

I felt her tongue imitating my stroke and passage over the labia to he clitoris. The crescendo was building and nothing was going to stop this joy from happening. Dannie came first. I felt her body go rigid and liquid honey from her depths washed my face with nectar. I will never forget that first time of sight, sound, taste and smell. Her long satisfying moan was like a long drawn out note from a bassoon; smooth and with a slight shrill that can give the audience goose bumps.

Dannie inhaled deeply and attacked my pussy with incredible zeal. I was lifted up on the magic carpet of my own orgasm and I growled my satisfaction and fell limp on top of her. It was almost a minute later I rolled off my now best friend and lover and said, "Wow! That was the most incredible orgasm I've ever had. Dannie, you are so beautiful and I got so hot telling you what you should do to my Dad. I can't believe what we just did."

A tear was rolling down Dannie's cheek when she said, "Did you really mean what you said? You are going to let me seduce your Dad. When I came, all I could think about was how your Dad's tongue is going to feel between my legs." She opened her eyes wide and stuttered, "D.D..Don't get me wrong, I loved what you did. I never came so hard in my life and I think I want to do it again. But, the thought of your Dad sucking and fucking me is making me shake with anticipation. Do you really think we can make it happen?"

I looked over at Dannie's clock and said, "We've got to clean up and get respectable before my Mom and brother get back." We grabbed our clothes and headed for the bathroom. Touching and tickling each other all the way. We took a shower together and explored our bodies under the spray. I never knew how good it was to rub your naked and soapy body against another person. I confirmed our plan to give Dannie to my Dad and thought about a guy's number two fantasy; watching two women making love.

We got through the sleepover knowing we would find secret ways to continue to touch each other in intimate ways and seal our friendship forever. The next sleepover was going to be at Dad's and my house.

Thank You Daddy Ch. 04

by chinook75©

My best friend, Danielle and I have been making plans. We're going to realize some fantasies; hers, mine and my Dad's. The last sleepover was at her house and was it ever great. We got each other so hot we couldn't keep our hands, lips and tongues off each other. Once we discovered how much fun two horny teenagers can have together, we realized that the next step was to make other fantasies come true.

Dannie has the hots for my Dad. She admitted as much last time we were together. In fact, I got her hot by imagining what could happen if she seduced my Dad. Now, Friday night was coming and we scheduled a sleepover that her Mom OK'd for two nights. We were so excited we could hardly pay attention in class. I kept whispering about how big my Dad's cock was and how she was not going to be a virgin after this weekend.

We got off the bus and headed for my Dad's house. My Mom and Dad divorced over two years ago and share custody of me. Two weeks a month with Dad; two weeks with Mom. Since Dad and I get it on regularly, I'm beginning to prefer my Dad's place. Mom would have a fit if she fund out what Dad and I have been doing.

Anyway, Dannie and I walked up the driveway to the house when I asked, "Are you ready to do this? Be quiet when you come in the door and do it just like we planned."

Dannie nodded and said," I've been wet all afternoon. It's a good thing we didn't have gym class or I'd be so embarrassed with the wet stain I would have left in the gym shorts." We quietly closed the door and Dannie took off her blouse and bra.

She slipped out of her shoes and socks and peeked around the corner into my Dad's office area. He was busy at work. Now I was going to get my fantasy of watching two people make love and Dannie was going to get her chance to make it with my Dad. I just hope my Dad goes with this and doesn't freak out.

Dannie snuck up behind him and pushed her tits into the back of his head. She placed her hands over his eyes and said, "I've been wanting to do this all day." Dad jumped a bit and then said, "I hadn't thought about it, but, I'm not going to turn down anything that feels this good." I almost bet he thought it was me playing around with him.

Dannie rubbed her firm breasts against his head and neck stopping only to kiss the top of his head. Her hands reached down the front of him to unbutton his shirt. He swiveled slowly around in his chair and I almost laughed at the look on his face when he finally realized who it was. He stared openly at her naked breasts and said, "Danielle, I'd often wondered what they would look like, but I never realized how beautiful and firm they are. Why... how... where did you come from?"

Danielle smiled and moved in to kiss his lips and he just wrapped his arms around her. I certainly knew what it felt like to have Dannie's breasts against my chest. Now, Dad knew the feeling as well. The kiss went on. I could see the battle raging as the passion rose in the fervent movement of the lips, tongues and eyes of the two newly found lovers. Her hand ran up his back to the back of his head to embrace and force pleasure out of the union. His hands began to explore the feminine contours of her back, shoulders and dipping into the confines of her pants to squeeze he firm buttocks. I heard the occasional gasp for breath as continued contact was almost prevented the need for oxygen.

I saw his hand move up the side of Dannie's body and grasp the entire breast in his palm. He squeezed the nipple between his middle and ring finger and Dannie pulled away to moan out loud. She moved her hands down to his shoulders and gazed in his eyes. Caught between a whisper and a sigh for fresh air Dannie said, "Now I know what his feels like, I can't stop. I want to take you to bed and have my fantasy come true. Take me to bed. I want to feel it all just the way I've always imagined."

My Dad stood up and took her in his arms. He bent down and kissed her as he opened her pants and slid both the slacks and panties off her hips. She reached forward and unbuckled his pants. As they fell off his hips she made her move and reached in for his long hard penis. Dad reached down and stripped off his underwear as Dannie looked down at his cock. "It's bigger than I imagined." She said. He countered with, "Aren't you glad?"

With a giggle and a big smile, I saw them head for the bedroom. I kept out of sight a few steps behind. Fortunately they didn't close the door and I could see my Dad sit on the bed. He pulled Dannie close and began to kiss her breasts. They were light kisses at first with quick licks at the nipples. They became deeper and longer and soon concentrated on sucking first one nipple then the other as his right hand moved between her legs. Dannie threw her head back when his finger entered her pussy for the first time. It was the same sound I had forced out of her when I put my finger inside her for the first time.

By this time I was dripping wet watching the action displayed in front of me and I began to strip off my clothes to get at my hyper-sensitive breasts and pussy. My excitement was running down my thighs. My clit was full and swollen and I took matters into my own hands as I continued to watch them. I rubbed my right nipple with the fingers of my left hand and my left nipple was being stimulated with my left forearm. My right hand and finger traveled to my clit and mound and began to rub in a circular motion with a finger being inserted in my vagina about every fourth rotation. I wanted to time my climax with those of the lovers in front of me.

Danielle's legs were shaking and she reached down to pull his hand off her clit. She kneeled down and grabbed his firm member to stroke it up and down. Her face came closer and her tongue we her lips. "Suck him!" I shouted in my mind. Her mouth opened and enveloped the head as her tongue stroked the underside of his helmet. I wondered where she learned her technique as my Dad said, "Ohhhh, that feels soooo good! Take it in deep!" Her head moved forward and I remembered how smooth and firm that sensitive skin felt wedged in the back of my throat the last time we made love.

It was only a minute later I saw him pull her lips off his cock and say," I want to come inside your pussy this first time. Come on top of me." He laid back on the bed and pulled Dannie over the top of him. Dannie was looking between her legs as he lined up cock and cunt. As wet as she was, I was surprised how long it took to get in just a few inches. Dannie groaned and said, "Easy, easy, it's so tight it hurts to stretch. Slow, slowly, ouch! That hurts!"

Dad looked in her face and said, "You're a virgin? I'm your first? It'll be OK. You let it go in until you can take it, but it will hurt the first time." She just moaned and pushed down. I heard her yelp as the barrier gave way. Then, I saw what I've always wanted to see. Danielle had all of my Dad's cock deep inside her. All I could see was his balls and her spread pussy lips. Soon, a slow thrusting began. I saw pink at her opening as the piston and the cylinder began to rev up the engine of love. Dannie was now grunting and moving downward with each upward push of my Dad's hips. Dad was reaching up to play with her breasts and he even moved his head up to suck on the nipples above him. Dannie's eyes were closed and a grimace forced her lips tight together. All of their concentration was on reaching a common goal. One I was about to reach as well. My hand was squeezing my breast and two fingers were pumping in time to the movements on the bed. My clit was at the point of no return. I could see them straining to reach the top.

Dannie called out, "I'm coming! It's coming! This is incredible!" Dad just groaned out his lust as he emptied his full load inside my best friend. He held his cock tight up to Dannie's cunt as each warm shot of semen was delivered to the end of the vagina, through the cervix and into the womb. Dannie's arms gave out as she collapsed on top of my Dad. I backed up two steps and slid to the carpet out of range of the lovers hearing.

I couldn't make out the words, but the soft whispers were interspersed with the sound of kissing. There was some movement on the bed and I heard Dannie say, "Oh yes, kiss me there!" I stood up and peeked into the bedroom. Dad was licking and kissing Dannie's pussy slowly and gently; almost reverently.

I couldn't hold back any longer and moved into the room to say, "Doesn't Dannie taste sweet. I know first hand just what she tastes like, but I can't say I've tasted both you and her at the same time."

Both of them turned to see my naked body coming toward the bed. Dad spoke first. "You helped set this up, didn't you? I almost got angry at you for letting our family secret out, but how can I be mad after what just happened?" Danielle looked at me; then, at my Dad at the word "Family" and I saw a light of understanding flash across her eyes as she finally realized that Dad was my lover as well."

She just shook her head and I hugged her and said, "I'll bet we can wear him out this weekend and then he'll get another fantasy realized. He can watch us together."


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